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Pandemic has ‘destroyed’ the rights of the dying, Franco-Israeli academic says

AFP — The coronavirus pandemic has “destroyed” the rights of dying people, renowned Franco-Israeli sociologist Eva Illouz told AFP, lamenting the absence of meaningful human contact in many patients’ final days. “Think of a patient on a hospital bed: what do they see? They have no contact with their family, they are not accompanied by […]

Franco-German split scuttles EU budget summit

France’s desire to preserve the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) matched the demands for continued development aid by the EU’s less wealthy members, but ran into determined opposition by Germany and the “frugal quartet” of Denmark, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands. “Unfortunately, today… it was not possible to reach an agreement,” said Charles Michel, president of the European Council. “We […]

NFL Legend Franco Harris: Traitors Like Kaepernick Would Have Been Beaten by Teammates In My Era

NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris says national anthem protests would not have been tolerated by players in his day. In fact, he said that overpaid jackasses like Colin Kaepernick would have got their ass beat for pulling attention-seeking stunts like kneeling during the anthem. In an interview with Mediate, Harris was asked about NFL players refusing […]

Exhuming Franco: Spain’s Immemorial Divisions

“Of course there’s one Spain.  If there was another, we’d all be in that one.” — Joke on Franco’s Spain, in London Review of Books, 37, July, 2015 Beware the corpse that never truly expires.  General Francisco Franco might well be entombed in the Valley of the Fallen (Valle de los Caídos) – at least for […]

FEMEN activists in topless stunt against fascist Franco commemoration (VIDEO)

With “legal fascism” and “national shame” written on their bodies, the women interrupted the group of 200 commemorators by running through the crowd. Angry supporters made attempts to stop the women, while others shouted insults along with “Franco! Franco! Franco!” Footage of the stunt shows one of the Femen activists storming a podium. However, she […]

Going Underground – Franco Frattini

Going Underground – Franco Frattini Going Underground with Afshin . LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… View the original video for Going Underground – Franco Frattini at Posted in Analysis & Review, Civil Rights and Privacy, Politics, Television Video & Film. Tagged with Afshin Rattansi, Going […]

Brazil Gov’t: ‘Probable’ Police Involvement In Franco’s Murder

Brazil Gov’t: ‘Probable’ Police Involvement In Franco’s Murder Above Photo: A protest against Franco’s shooting one month after her death, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil April 14, 2018. | Photo: Reuters Brazil’s government declared Monday that human rights activist Marielle Franco was “very likely” killed by “militias,” according to Minister of Public Security Raul Jungmann. “There are […]

Going Underground – Former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on EU Failure, Libya War & Italian Elections

Going Underground – Former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on EU Failure, Libya War & Italian Elections Going Underground with Afshin We speak to the former Italian Foreign Minister and European Commissioner Franco Frattini about the outcome of the Italian elections. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… […]

COMMENTARY: Freemasonry In Spain – Why Did General Franco Hate The Freemasons So Much?

A few weeks later, a Spanish bishop suspended a priest for being a mason, while the Catholic Church’s Infovaticana magazine accused the organization of a range of crimes, including murder. Spain’s Grand Lodge brushed off the incidents in a humorous article in its publication, El Oriente, pointing out that the founders of three of the […]

‘Has Spain reverted back to Franco-style military dictatorship?’

Two million Catalans, or 90.09 percent of those who voted, said ‘Yes’ in the banned referendum on independence from Madrid on Sunday, according to the Catalonia regional authorities. The Catalonian government said the result reflects only the ballots that “were not seized” during police raids on polling stations throughout the day. Police also used brutal […]

Echoes of Franco in Spain’s ‘political repression’ of Catalonia – 70 academics incl Chomsky

In an open letter, tweeted by referendum supporter Julian Assange, Chomsky et al decried the Spanish government’s handling of the issue. The academics, from the fields of political science, law, economics, human rights, sociology, and history, compared the current government’s actions to that of fascist dictator Francisco Franco, who ruled Spain for almost forty years […]

Immigrants Are Building Trump A Wall — But Not The One He Wants

Print Friendly Above Photo: Pedro Lopez came to Cleveland to protest from Phoenix, Arizona CLEVELAND, OHIO — Hundreds of immigrant activists and their supporters from as near as Cleveland and as far as Arizona marched on the Republican National Convention arena on Wednesday and erected a wall with their bodies and banners that stretched down several blocks. The fabric […]

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