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Taste of freedom: Paris chocolatier tears down towering edible Berlin Wall (VIDEO)

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The unbearable heaviness of finding freedom outside Gaza

‘I have developed a strange belief that things might go wrong. I am afraid that I will be questioned or stopped. I am seriously unable to believe that I have the right to move.’ By Salsabeel H. Hamdan A Palestinian family sits in their destroyed home in the At-Tuffah district of Gaza City, which […]

Police State Escalates War on Freedom of Speech

November 2, 2019 By Kurt Nimmo According to the MAGA nationalists, the “deep state” only persecutes “conservatives” while liberals get a free pass. The Gestapo-style raid of liberal journalist Max Blumenthal earlier this week demonstrates quite vividly that the state does indeed attack leftist or left-leaning activists and journalists, not only MAGA supporters and “New […]

Experience the Heart Freedom Method: Live Your Most Inspired Life – FREE Online Event

Does it sometimes feel as though there’s something working against you, keeping you from accomplishing what you want so badly in your life? It’s likely because your internal “operating system” is running the show: your subconscious is trying to protect you, but in doing so, it’s limiting your opportunities. What if you could dissolve the beliefs […]

Freedom Rider: The Baghdadi Scam

Freedom Rider: The Baghdadi Scam Above Photo: From The Democrats and corporate media don’t really oppose what Donald Trump is doing in Syria or anywhere else. “In the end it doesn’t matter if Baghdadi is dead or when or how he died.” Donald Trump says that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by the United […]

Mumia Abu-Jamal Just One Step from Freedom

From the minute Mumia picked up a microphone and a pen at the age of 14, Philadelphia’s notoriously racist police department has been seeking to silence him.  Just look at the FBI files- documenting that the Philadelphia PD Civil Disobedience Unit Red Squad trailed him — and the Police Chief Frank Rizzo targeted him — feeding […]

Who is using the Florida MSM to mislead the health freedom and anti-vax movements?

    FACT CHECKING FL’s FAKE NEWS: Lauren Book’s SB 64 ‘Mandatory Vaccine’ Bill Was NOT Withdrawn by Sayer Ji [NOTE: They changed the titled to “Senator: Bill seeking to end religious exemptions for vaccines won’t be heard” within hours after our inquiry. This is still not true. See article for details.] The media […]

Food Is Freedom: How Washington’s Food Subsidies Have Helped Make Americans Fat and Sick

By Brian Miller Farm subsidies are perhaps the ultimate, but secret, third rail of American politics. While entitlements are discussed out in the open, farm subsidies are rarely talked about – even though they are the most expensive subsidy Washington doles out. All told, the U.S. government spends $20 billion annually on farm subsidies, with […]

Africa is Becoming the Latest Battleground in the Struggle for Palestinian Freedom

On September 16, I visited South Africa, a country where many Palestinians have always felt welcomed, if not overwhelmed by the degree of genuine and meaningful solidarity. While having the honor to address many audiences in six, major cities, I have also learned a great deal. An important and sobering lesson is that while apartheid […]

The Price of “Freedom”? US Drone Massacres Dozens of Afghan Farmers as They Slept

By Matt Agorist Jalalabad, Afghanistan — Imagine for a moment that you had just finished a long day’s work with two hundred other farmers. You were settling down to relax for the night, when out of nowhere, Hellfire missiles rain down from drones in the sky and blow up dozens of your coworkers, maiming and […]

New US envoy Kelly Craft says she will be voice for freedom

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Kelly Craft presented her credentials Thursday as the new US ambassador to the United Nations and said she is coming to the world organization “as a voice of America’s unwavering commitment to democracy, freedom, human rights and, whenever possible, peaceful resolution of conflicts.” A longtime Republican activist from Kentucky who previously […]

Better hungry than eating meat? UK school goes veg-only, no packed lunches… or freedom of choice

Oxford is known as the City of Dreaming Spires, but it could soon have a new nickname. The ‘city of the schoolchildren not allowed to eat meat or fish at dinner time or bring in their own packed lunches.’ Ok, I admit it’s not as catchy, but it could be just as appropriate. The newly-opened […]

A Proposed Healthcare FREEDOM Rights Amendment To The U.S. Constitution: We Need It NOW; Work To Enact It

By Catherine J. Frompovich The current oppressive and progressively mandated healthcare issues, matters and disputes U.S. citizens are grappling and suffering with, i.e., denying, under penalty of law, the right to self-determination and individual sovereignty pertaining to personal health and one’s children’s healthcare choices, imposed by CDC/FDA ‘dictates’ actually result in a profoundly active “medical […]

Gaza Fights For Freedom: Sneak Preview Of Empire Files Documentary — Rebel Voice

The story of Gaza is one that deserves to be told. Sadly, Zionism has gotten its bloodstained claws upon the western MSM and is refusing to let go. Israel and its supporters know that if the truth were to find its way into the minds of the population of this planet, then the rogue Zionist […] […]

Several Reasons Why West Papua Should Get Its Freedom: Immediately!

Several Reasons Why West Papua Should Get Its Freedom: Immediately! Above Photo: D. Mika Hitam M. Wayar/Flickr More than ten years ago, in Nadi, Fiji, during a UN conference, I was approached by the Minister of Education of Papua New Guinea (PNG). He was deeply shaken, troubled, his eyes full of tears: “Please help our children,” […]

Boots On The Ground For Freedom

Boots On The Ground For Freedom Above: Tarak Kauff, left, and Ken Mayers will do a series of walks to highlight their plight. By Alan Place for The Sunday Times (UK). Note: We have been following the prosecution of Tarak Kauff and Ken Mayers in Ireland for their protest at the Shannon Air Force Base. Ireland […]

Calling World Revolution for Planetary Freedom!

. . Calling World Revolution for Planetary Freedom! . This video (below) is a repeat for our community, but one that has a great shelf-life. We recommend that you share it among your circle of influence to begin waking them up to the EVIL EMPIRE and how it attempted to overthrow a United States President. […]

Abby Martin’s Film Gaza Fights For Freedom Humanizes World’s Largest Concentration Camp

GAZA, OCCUPIED PALESTINE — In her new documentary film, Gaza Fights for Freedom, journalist Abby Martin places the Gaza Strip under a microscope for the viewers to see. The result is an excellent movie that is difficult to watch, and disturbing at times, precisely because it presents a true, realistic view of life in Gaza. […]

’50-year-old Palestinians… have never lived in freedom their whole lives,’ Rivera says on Fox, defending Tlaib “Liberal Democrat eyes aid cuts to Israel after Omar, Tlaib denied entry” The Hill, August 15/19 “A leading progressive lawmaker is eyeing funding cuts to Israel to protest the country’s stunning decision to bar entrance to Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar (Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (Mich.). “Citing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘disrespect’ for the U.S. […]

Tlaib and Omar’s Denial of Entry by Israel Is Not a “Freedom of Speech” Issue

For how long will discourse on the plight of the Palestinian people be hostage to the notion that “impartial observers”, i.e., the silent majority on Israel, must be addressed in a manner that accounts for “where they are, not where we’d like them to be”? And who defines where these people are in the first […]

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