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Woman & Husband Brutalized by BLM Thugs While Protecting Friend’s Business (Video)

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Blockbuster: FBI Names Trump’s Friend, Mussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah as Saudi Mastermind of 9/11

Iran’s Fars News and Turkey’s Anadolu, both of which tend to represent the government’s official view, highlighted a report that asserts the US mistakenly revealed the name of a Saudi official linked to 9/11 hijackers. “The FBI leaked the identity of a Saudi official at the Saudi Embassy in Washington who allegedly supported two al-Qaeda […]

Dog Upset After Family Leaves Him at High-Kill Shelter, but Then New Best Friend Adopts Him

This dog was abandoned at a high-kill shelter and cried.. At the Carson Animal Shelter in California, a lonely Pit Bull whimpered and cried in his kennel for his family. Blue King or Blue, had lived with his family in California for approximately a year until they decided to move. When they moved, they decided […]

Belmarsh ‘barely functioning’: Assange tells friend Covid-19 is raging through British prison

   Julian Assange has revealed to a friend the harrowing details of his life in Belmarsh. WikiLeaks founder is still confined at the UK maximum security prison, despite it being stricken with the novel coronavirus. Covid-19 has spread around Belmarsh to such an extent that the prison is “barely functioning” any more at all, British […]

Epstein Cut Ties With Close Friend Harvey Weinstein for Abusing “One of His Favorite Girls”

(TMU) — As more details continue to be uncovered about the crimes of both Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, it appears that the pair had a much closer relationship than investigators initially realized. According to Chauntae Davies, a woman who was trafficked by Epstein between 2001 and 2005, the convicted pedophile used his connection with […]

Attentive Dog Only Eats Half the Food in Her Bowl, Saving Some for Her Best Friend Who Recently Passed Away

They used to share half of the food in the bowl… Dogs are social animals and are known for their unwavering loyalty to their family members. Be it a human or another dog, their loyalty is never questioned. Like us, dogs do grieve and miss their family members who have already passed on. Some even […]

Severely Neglected Tiger Cub Rescued from Circus. When She Meets a New Friend, Everything Changes

When Aasha, the nine-month-old Bengal tiger was first spotted, she only weighted 30 pounds. She was undernourished and missing patches of her coat. Her rescuer, a woman named Vicky Keahey who is the founder of an animal rescue in Texas called In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center said how Aasha was a part of a […]

A friend took a photo of her spreading her dog’s ashes – and it caught

Losing a dog whom we loved and cared for with all our heart is a devastating experience, but the thought that these incredible animals always keep an eye on us from the sky helps ease the pain. When Ashley Lang’s 12-year-old Golden Retrieved named Wagner crossed the rainbow bridge, her heart broke. But she now […]

A drone’s best friend: Pet lover finds ingenious solution to coronavirus lockdown (VIDEO)

After the unfortunate news that the first dog diagnosed with coronavirus infection died in Hong Kong Wednesday, pet owners are more worried than ever. But, it’s a dog’s life after all, and man’s best friend needs their exercise. One Twitter user shared an ingenious compromise which limits human exposure to the outside, fulfilling their civic […]

Petition: China – Owner drives dogs to be sold as food at friend’s restaurant: Watch video now!

On a chilly morning at around 7 o’clock, motorists on a highway in Guangzhou, China were left speechless after spotting a white Audi Q5 SUV vehicle carrying an unusual load According to the netizen who took the photos, the driver was a male and was accompanied by a woman. Most likely, these fellow were destined […]

Prince Andrew’s Millionaire Friend Peter Nygård…

Prince Andrew’s Millionaire Friend Peter NygÃ¥rd… February 24th, 2020 Via: Daily Mail: Pictures of Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard partying with women in the Bahamas have emerged just days after he was accused of luring at least 10 teenage girls to the compound and sexually assaulting them. Millionaire Nygard, who has links to Prince Andrew, […]

Owners Watch as Their Dog Returns from the Woods With a Bear Friend

The trip this family took turned into one of the most memorable ever. As they were driving near the woods, their dog felt like he needed to take a potty break, so they pulled over and let him do the job and explore the surrounding for a while. But, what they didn’t expect was for […]

Dog Sits and Guards Injured, Pregnant Friend as Cars Continue to Fly By

One dog’s compassion for a friend in need touched us to the core. It’s not that we didn’t know how special and caring canines are already, but it seems they want to show that to us over and over again. As the injured and pregnant German Shepherd stood on the side of a busy road […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Confided To Friend: ‘Epstein and I Have Everyone On Videotape’

A socialite with links to the British royal family has revealed that she has spoken to FBI about her friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged pimp Ghislaine Maxwell She claims that Maxwell told her that she and Jeffrey Epstein had “everything on videotape” In an interview with the New York Post, socialite Christina Oxenberg, […]

Hugh Jackman tells bullied schoolboy Quaden Bayles: ‘You’ve got a friend in me’

A mother named Yarraka Bayles live-streamed a video of her nine-year-old Quaden on Facebook as he sobbed uncontrollably following an incident with another pupil at his school. Quaden was born with achondroplasia – the most common form of short-limbed Dwarfism – which Yarraka says has resulted in constant teasing from his peers, SBS‌ reports. The […]

"Jeffrey And I Had Everyone On Videotape" Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Told Friend

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged ‘madam’ told a former acquaintance that she and the now-dead pedophile had “everything on videotape,” according to The Telegraph. The acquaintance, socialite and distant relative to the royals Christina Oxenberg, said that Maxwell also told her that Epstein bought a private helicopter because commercial pilots were “eyes and ears” he did not […]

Tiny Puppy Rescued from Puppy Mill Makes a New Friend

It’s fair to say that the rough past these adorable furry friends shared was what brought them together. Ruggles is a Shih Tzu that was saved from a puppy mill a year ago. Being very tiny and fragile, his life would be in great danger if the kind rescuers didn’t take him out of the […]

Brave Dog Risks His Own Life in House Fire to Save His Little Feline Friend

No matter how much we try to fight against natural disasters, we are often helpless to control the nature. The same counts for fires. Recently, a defense industry company in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine went up in flames and firefighters could do nothing against the devastating fire that spread from building to building. But […]

Monster man who ran over tiny dog in his car to make his friend laugh

The person in the photo is still driving his vehicle around town without restrictions and who knows what he might do next? Clearly he has been watching too much of the Fast & Furious franchise lately. The scene in Argentina. This person in the photo wanted to make entertain his best friend and therefore pressed […]

Amazing video of a dog protect and tries to warm her dying friend who was abused in fighting ring with him

When passers-by found two Pit Bulls dumped in a park right outside Philadelphia, they couldn’t believe how horrible of a condition they were in. Nobody thought they would survive for long. Layla would protect Gracie with her body, not letting anyone touch her, even if someone tried to come closer to them. It was as […]

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