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Fake Christian Real Sadistic Pedophile Pope Sits In Front of His Satanic Cross-Cabal Member Which is Why He is Promoted!

By infostormer -October 21, 20200 Pope Francis is a very evil man. He is a fake Christian and has proven it once again by coming out and supporting civil unions between two gay faggots. What I don’t understand is how Catholics aren’t pushing back against this satanic figure and demanding he be removed as the head of […]

Indigenous Defenders Are Front-Line Essential Workers

Canada – Expect to work 24/7 on-site. There are no benefits, no days off, and shelter is not provided. You will likely face threats, violence, criminalization, and arrest. So, why are some of the most passionate, informed, brilliant, and resourceful people in Canada dedicating themselves to work that is insecure, dangerous, and unpaid? Indigenous cultures […]

Ivory Coast opposition in united front at 30,000 strong pre-election rally

Opposition leaders and supporters in Ivory Coast gathered at a stadium in Abidjan to reject a third mandate of Alassane Ouattara, the current president of the country who is running for another term in office. The opposition supporters, who came from different cities to the Felix Houphoubet Boigny stadium, carried banners reading “Civil disobedience. No […]

Analyst: An Islamic and United Front against Normalization

By Nour Rida There has been recent agreements between the UAE and Bahrain with ‘Israel’ to open formal diplomatic ties as total departure from the Arab consensus over the resolution of the Palestinian issue. ‘Israel’ and the UAE on August 13 reached a deal that will lead to full normalization of diplomatic relations between the […]

Yet another front line MD on the official CV narrative

Let’s see how long this lasts EWR Image by Darko Stojanovic from Pixabay Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Hits: 14

Protesters Stage Mock Guillotine with Trump Doll in Front of White House

Protesters put a guillotine in front of the White House with a doll resembling President Trump in it, as the president prepared to deliver his speech to accept the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday evening. According to video posted by the Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott, protesters put a piece of paper on the Trump doll […]

Former City Councilman With Trump/Pence Sign in His Front Yard Murdered

Veteran publicist Ed Lozzi says that the middle class and wealthy are fleeing Los Angeles, noting that whereas the town once smelled of orange blossoms, it now smells of urine. Lozzi noted that coronavirus was just the final blow to a city already reeling as a result of its progressive attitude towards homelessness. “Hollywood has […]

Controversial Video Shows Pole Dancer Performing in Front of Young Children While Adults Clap, Cheer

A controversial video that has been viewed millions of times shows a female pole dancer performing with a number of young children watching front and center, while adults look on unfazed — and actually clap and cheer. While there is not much information about the video, which is stated to be from Poland, the footage […]

On Libya’s front lines, Sirte is focus for regional rivalries

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NATO’s ‘Unified Front’ At Breaking Point

NATO’s ‘Unified Front’ At Breaking Point Last month, a Turkish warship came one step away from firing missiles at a French naval vessel off the coast of Libya. In response, Paris suspended its involvement in Operation Sea Guardian — a multinational maritime effort to provide security in the Mediterranean Sea and halt the arms trafficking fueling Libya’s ongoing civil […]

USA Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers

USA Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers The kosher Military of the Jew World Order… keep raping children, everywhere they go. Now, over a decade later the evidence of these events are beginning to surface, but the Department of Defense is still doing their best to keep it under the radar. December 19th, […]

Now Test and Trace will knock on your front door: Under-fire NHS scheme ditches a third of its call centre staff in radical shake-up after only reaching HALF of at-risk people on the phone

Britons who fail to answer calls from the NHS Test and Trace service may now face a knock on the door after staff only reached half of at-risk people on the phone.  In a dramatic bid to improve the beleaguered scheme, the Government’s army of call centre contract tracers will be slashed by a third […]

Military Escalation in the Middle East: Is Israel Planning a Multi-Front War against Its Arab Neighbors? — SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM – سلام القدس عليكم

Source July 31, 2020 If you watch the US mainstream media’s 24 hour news coverage on recent events around the world no matter what time of the day it is, Covid-19 and China dominate the headlines while ignoring recent escalations in the Middle East involving Israel and its Arab neighbors as they come closer to […]

Military Escalation in the Middle East: Is Israel Planning a Multi-Front War against Its Arab Neighbors?

Source  July 31, 2020 If you watch the US mainstream media’s 24 hour news coverage on recent events around the world no matter what time of the day it is, Covid-19 and China dominate the headlines while ignoring recent escalations in the Middle East involving Israel and its Arab neighbors as they come closer to another war […]

RT “Accidentally” Busts Assange and Wikileaks as CIA Front

RT “Accidentally” Busts Assange and Wikileaks as CIA Front By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor – March 1, 2018 Introduction by the Senior Editor – Rupert Murdoch at the peek of his power [ Jim Dean Note: When we first started digging into Assange’s shorts, on the familiar grounds that if it is too good to […]

A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on May 31

The top story in many newspapers today was an Iftar (fast-breaking) ceremony hosted by President Hassan Rouhani and attended by numerous artists and cultural figures. The ceremony was boycotted by many of the artists who were invited by the president’s chief of staff but declined it to protest against what they called Rouhani’s failure to […]

Cop Punches Girl’s Head Repeatedly In Front of Her Family Over Unopened Cans of Beer

 A disturbing video posted on social media shows a police officer slamming a young woman onto the ground at the beach, punching her in the head repeatedly, and then placing her into a chokehold while surrounded by witnesses, including small children. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon and was posted on Twitter by Lexy Hewitt with […]

Evidence Suggests America’s Foster Care System Is A Front For Child Sex Trafficking

Next Story As much as no one wants to talk about it, it’s important that we do. Unfortunately the sad reality is that child sex-trafficking is an epidemic in this day and age. While many people would consider this crime as bad as homicide, more often than not, we as a society are turning a […]

A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on May 5

The top story in all papers today was the remarks made in a video message by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif about the European countries’ idea of a new deal on Tehran’s missile program. Also a top story was President Hassan Rouhani’s strong criticism of the Judiciary’s move to block the popular messaging app […]

A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on May 3

Thursday was a day between two holidays in Iran, and thus many newspapers were not published. However, the few papers published today mostly covered the ongoing reactions to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent anti-Iran show. Also a top story was Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s criticism of the opponents of the Rouhani administration for […]

Iran rejects Morocco’s claim of ties with Polisario Front as baseless

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Wednesday that there is no cooperation between the Iranian diplomatic mission in Algiers and the Algeria-backed movement. On Tuesday, Morocco cut its diplomatic relations with Iran, with its Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita accusing Tehran and Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah of training and arming Polisario members via the Iranian Embassy […]

A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on April 21

Iran Front Page- IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Saturday, April 21, and picked headlines from 21 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy. Almost all newspapers today covered the remarks made by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif about […]

Facebook User Shoots Live Footage Of Multiple UFOs In Front Of Her Condo In Baja, Mexico

Next Story Recent release of multiple Department of Defence videos of UFOs from several countries has sparked more interest in the UFO phenomenon, the latest example came from the United States, with a quick release of three UFOs shot by military pilots. In all cases, the observed phenomenon displayed characteristics that are not consistent with […]

How the "British" Used "Appeasement" to Trick Hitler into a Two-Front War

 Halifax, Life, July 17, 1939) (Edward Wood, Lord Halifax) The pre-war British establishment was Communist to the core. They put Hitler into power in Germany and then maneuvered him into a war that would destroy Germany as an independent country once and for all.  They were all Freemasons. The goal of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism.  (from Sept. […]

American Medical Association now pushing for transgender troops on the front lines of war

(Natural News) The nation’s largest physicians organization has made it a top priority to demand that men who think they’re women, and women who think they’re men, be allowed to brandish high-tech weaponry and fight on the front lines of America’s proxy wars around the world. According to the American Medical Association […]

5G Wireless: A Ridiculous Front For Global Control

By Jon Rappoport First, two quotes to give a bit of background. 5G speed, for people who must download a whole season of their favorite show in two seconds: “It’s the next (fifth) generation of cellular technology which promises to greatly enhance the speed, coverage and responsiveness of wireless networks. How fast are […]

A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on April 5

All newspapers today covered the remarks made by the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a letter to Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh, in which the former reiterated Tehran’s strong support for the Palestinian nation’s resistance against the Israeli regime. Also a top story in most papers today was the trilateral talks […]

YouTube employees suddenly find themselves on the front lines of a shooting war that they started via censorship and oppression of speech

(Natural News) A shooting at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, turned out to be the work of an angry Youtuber who was censored and demonetized by YouTube, after which she sought to murder YouTube employees in an act of revenge. See the full details about Nasim Aghdam / Nasima Sabz […]

Who’s Knocking on my Front Door?

I would like to share here a cheering video of Hitler in color at his Berghof. Here I leave the lyrics of the accompanying song: Who’s knocking on my front door? It’s just a friend of mine, just an ordinary friend of mine, he likes to come around sometimes. It’s only the friend of beggars, It’s only […]

Police policy: Cop pulls gun, shoots family dog in front of kids, lies about it

     A police department has determined that its officer acted within policy when he opened fire on a dog in front of two children and then proceeded to fire a stray bullet into a neighboring house. The department has determined that Officer Traevon Williams should face no consequences for his actions and has simply recommended […]

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