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The "British" Used "Appeasement" to Trap Hitler in a Two-Front War

 Halifax, Life Magazine, July 17, 1939) (Edward Wood, Lord Halifax) The pre-war British establishment was Communist (Freemason) to the core. They put Hitler in power and maneuvered him into a two-front war that would destroy Germany once and for all.  They were all Freemasons (i.e. Cabalists, Satanists.)  The goal of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism—  the political […]

Australian Newspapers “Censor” Their Front Pages in Protest Against Government Secrecy Laws

By Mong Palatino In an unprecedented show of unity, Australian media outlets ran similar stories and redacted front pages featuring the ‘right to know’ campaign in response to government actions that undermine the work of journalists. Australia’s Right to Know coalition said that rival media groups have joined forces to defend press freedom: The media […]

The Strike Against General Motors Is One Front in a Much Larger Class War

Above: David Garcia, a United Auto Workers (UAW) member who is employed at the General Motors Co. Flint Assembly plant in Flint, Michigan, pickets outside of the plant as they strike on September 16, 2019. (JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP/Getty Images)   Nearly 50,000 General Motors (GM) auto workers left their posts and marched off the job en masse […]

Ashura has played significant role in Resistance Front’s victories

Speaking during Friday Prayers sermon in Tehran, Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Hassan Abutorabifard said that the Ashura school of thought has helped the Islamic Republic to flourish over the past forty years since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. He was making the remarks a few days after the anniversary of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (PBUH) in the battle […]

“If War Erupts with Hezbollah in Northern Front, Resistance in Gaza to Engage in Confrontation”

Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza (archive) A source within the Palestinian Resistance warned that the resistance in Gaza will engage in confrontation if a war erupts between Hezbollah and the Zionist entity. Palsawa news agency reported that the source told Doha-based Al-Jazeera TV channel that the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza to engage in confrontation in […]

Trump-Hating Madonna Sings About ‘Assassination’ in Front of Her Kids

Madonna posted a video on Instagram Thursday singing about assassination in front of her children. The Trump-hating singer changed the lyrics to her song “Holiday” and sang about assassination in front of her four kids. It wasn’t too long ago that Madonna was boasting about blowing up the White House. reports: Everything she has […]

WTF? Feminist strips naked in front of children for art display (explicit)

(Natural News) A feminist art exhibit sparked outrage after photos surfaced of the installation’s artist undressing in full view of young children. (Article by Adan Salazar republished from In a photo of the exhibit circulating on social media, European artist Mare Tralla is seen removing a robe as four young children […]

Watch as Cops Taser, Pepper Spray Dad in Front of His Kids, for Filming

By Matt Agorist Chicago, IL — In the land of the free, there are ostensible checks and balances which are in place to prevent corrupt and power drunk government officials from overstepping their authority and depriving people of their rights, especially for filming in public. The largest ostensible restraint on this power is the Constitution. […]

4 Year Old Russian Girl Speaks 7 Languages In Front of Judges and Leave Them Stunned

Bella speaks languages belonging to three different groups: Indo-European (Russian, French, English, Spanish, German), Semitic (Arabic) and Sino-Tibetan (Chinese) – which in short means that they are very, very different to each other and lack structural similarities. That doesn’t stop Bella from thinking clearly in each language, however, and she correctly answered age-appropriate questions on […]

Florida couple’s front-yard garden legal after 6-year battle

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article from Related Posts Journalist: Newsweek Suppressed OPCW Scandal And Threatened Me With […]

Insider: Facebook is a Front for Deep State Surveillance & Mind Control

Mark always had panic attacks and would break down frequently due to the brain-washing – according to Mark. He would cry about his mother and the “torture” she let “them” do to him.–Mark Greenberg (Zuckerberg) did not write one single line of programming source code for Facebook. Those are lies and propaganda generated by his […]

Front Line Battles, Climate Change And Chaos Investors

Front Line Battles, Climate Change And Chaos Investors Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ Updates from two front line climate fights – in the ancient forests of northern California and the harbor of New York City. Next, the biggest polluter on the planet is also the largest terrorist organization. Here’s what we need to reckon with […]

Behind the Syrian Network for Human Rights: How an Opposition Front Group Became Western Media’s Go-To Monitor

The Grayzone — The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) portrays itself as a neutral “monitor” of Syria’s bloody war. In recent years, the group has become a go-to source for corporate media outlets. Major US newspapers, human rights organizations, and even governments have credulously echoed SNHR’s dubious reports. But not once have these institutions […]

Behold Operation Bagration, D-Day of the Eastern Front

Crucially, Overlord (D-Day) and Bagration were planned and undertaken as part of a coordinated effort on the part of the Grand Alliance to break the back of German resistance in Europe with a determination that was equally held by the Soviets, British and Americans to force the unconditional surrender of Hitler’s Germany. In his book […]

The new D-Day? Donald Trump brings a delayed Second Front with UK visit

Donald Trump’s visit to the UK coincides with the anniversary of D-Day, and while the two events may seem worlds apart, George Galloway examines the very real threat Great Britain is facing exactly 75 years later. June 6, 1944 marked D-Day, the launch of the Second Front intended to liberate the western part of Europe […]

From Glyphosate to Front Groups: Fraud, Deception and Toxic Tactics

Environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason has just written to the Editor-in-Chief of the British Medical Journal and the British Medical Association Council Chairman, Chaand Nagpaul. Her purpose is to not only draw attention to the impact of biocides, not least that of glyphosate, on health and the environment but also to bring attention to the corruption […]

Far from quiet on the US vs Russia-China front By Pepe Escobar

Far from quiet on the US vs Russia-China front Source Article from Related Posts US Moves To Sanction Russia-led Gas Pipeline Nord Stream 2 U.S. lawmakers have included sanctions on companies helping Russia’s gas giant Gazprom to complete Iran plans energy exchange with Russia Tasnim – Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian unveiled plans […]

US Soldiers Accused of Raping Boys in Front of Their Mothers at the Infamous Abu Ghraib Prison

Now, over a decade later the evidence of these events are beginning to surface, but the Department of Defense is still doing their best to keep it under the radar. by John Vibes According to a number of global mainstream media sources, the Pentagon is covering up a disturbing video that was never made public […]

Iran’s defense minister: ‘We will defeat the American-Zionist front’

Iran’s defense minister said Wednesday his country would defeat the US-Israel alliance in the region, amid rising tensions and fears of potential war between Iran and the US. “We will defeat the American-Zionist front,” Amir Hatami told a gathering of military intelligence officials on Wednesday, according to the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). Iran’s […]

A Wolf In Electoral Reform, Medicare For Some & Healthcare’s Front Lines

A Wolf In Electoral Reform, Medicare For Some & Healthcare’s Front Lines Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ First off, some GOOD NEWS! From the environmental justice front lines and the streets of Queens, here’s some inspiration to fuel your activism. Next, could it be true that the House introduced progressive legislation to address our painfully […]

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