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Pro-Life Black Group Commends Trump: ‘You Have Fully Demonstrated Your Commitment to Support Black Life’

The pro-life organization known as Every Black Life Matters (EBLM), a Christian alternative to Black Lives Matter, has sent a letter of commendation to President Donald Trump as he leaves office. In a press release Tuesday, EBLM announced its open commendation letter, signed by the group’s co-founders, Kevin McGary, president; Neil Mammen, executive vice president; […]

5.2 Million Israelis To Be Fully Vaccinated By Late March

By the end of March, Israel will have vaccinated 5.2 million citizens against the coronavirus, according to a plan drawn up by the Health Ministry. Health officials told Channel 12 Monday that based on the recent agreement reached with the Pfizer pharmaceutical company, each week will see shipments of hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses […]

Pompeo: Thanks to POTUS, the Chinese Communist Party Is Now Fully Exposed

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised President Trump for fully exposing the Chinese Communist Party as the most significant threat to the United States in recent history. Speaking to Breitbart News, Pompeo said China’s coverup of the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and its covert influence operations across the US and the world, are now public […]

First fully carbon-neutral cargo flight set to take off from Frankfurt airport

For the first time in commercial aviation history, a CO2-neutral cargo flight is set to take off from an airport. Lufthansa Cargo’s Boeing 777F will depart from Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday and head to Shanghai, China, with its fuel requirements using only Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Peter Gerber, the CEO of Lufthansa Cargo, one of […]

New Study Finds Only 2% of Millennials Fully Adhere to Biblical Doctrine

Christian Headlines recently lamented how few people in America actually adhere to a Biblical worldview –  6% of Americans overall and only 2% of Millennials. This is a drastic drop from previous decades. where over twice as many Americans believed believed the whole Bible. Just so we are clear, the majority of Americans are still […]

Virus czar: Contact tracing program may not be fully operational for 2 months

Coronavirus czar Ronni Gamzu on Sunday told the Knesset that the military-run contact tracing system to cut chains of infection may not be fully operational until November 1. “The task has been transferred to the IDF, and by November 1 there will be a full and functional system to cut the chain [of infection]. It […]

PEDOGATE Fully Explained

794 Shares PEDOGATE- The people in power are pedophiles. They’ve been in control of mankind for many centuries. For those hundreds of years they’ve hunted for power and youth. They’re willing to do anything for a taste of innocence mixed with fear. [embedded content] Recently the death of Jeffrey Epstein brought the sinister underworld of sex […]

Don’t Call It Fake News! Facebook to Fully Fund Streaming Mainstream News Shows

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA – Facebook is pressing its ongoing offensive against “fake news” with a novel idea: it will fully shoulder the costs of producing what it claims are “high quality” news shows by a handful of mainstream media outlets. In so doing, it hopes to kill three birds with one stone: please the traditional […]

Syrian Government Declares Capital Fully Under Its Control

Syria’s military on Monday captured an enclave in southern Damascus from Islamic State militants following a ruinous monthlong battle, bringing the entire capital and its far-flung suburbs under full government control for the first time since the civil war began in 2011. The gains freed President Bashar Assad’s forces to move with […]

Vice president: Iranian diplomats should be fully supported in negotiations with Europe

MNA – Iran’s first vice-president has called for full support for Iranian diplomats who are negotiating with Europeans on the future of the nuclear deal. Speaking in a meeting of the Central Headquarters of the Economy of Resistance in Tehran on Monday afternoon, Es’hagh Jahangiri said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pursuing its […]

Enbridge Fined For Failing To Fully Inspect Pipelines After Kalamazoo Oil Spill

The Canadian oil pipeline company responsible for one of the largest inland oil spills on record has agreed to pay a $1.8 million fine for failing to thoroughly inspect its pipelines for weaknesses as required under a 2016 agreement. Federal officials say Enbridge, Inc., did not carry out timely and thorough inspections on one of […]

Leaked document: Abbas fully recognises Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas accepts Abu Deis as Palestinian state’s capital as part of US President Donald Trump’s peace plan known as the “Deal of the Century,” President of Wold Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder has said. In a letter, a copy of which was leaked to the Middle East Monitor, Lauder, said he […]

Erdogan hopes Kurdish-held Afrin town to be fully captured by Turkey Wednesday evening

‘Breaking point in relations with US’ – Turkish FM The statement came as Erdogan addressed local administrators at the presidential compound in Ankara. He also said civilian residents of the area were being evacuated through humanitarian corridors organized by Turkey. Ankara launched an operation in northwestern Syria two months ago after the US announced that […]

Pentagon: We Are “Fully Prepared” For A Russian Nuclear Attack

The United States accused Russia of being an “irresponsible player” for boasting about an array of new, mostly hypersonic weapons, that President Putin said would make its nuclear arsenal invulnerable to interception by the US. State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters it was “unfortunate” to watch a video animation depicting “a nuclear […]

Illegal US Base at At Tanf, used to train terrorists, fully blocked by Syrian troops

US Base in At Tanf Fully Blocked by Syrian Troops US Base in At Tanf Fully Blocked by Syrian Troops; chief of Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov launches serious accusations against US The US base in Syria’s At Tanf is fully blocked by the Syrian army, Russian General Staff Chief Army General Valery Gerasimov told […]

A bad day for the USA & israel, Iraq Fully Liberated from ISIL

Iraq Fully Liberated from ISIL “Our forces are in complete control of the Iraqi-Syrian border and I therefore announce the end of the war against Daesh,” Abadi told a conference in Baghdad on Saturday, Iraqi News reported. The Iraqi armed forces later added in a statement that the country has been “totally liberated” from Daesh. […]

Islamic State collapses as Syrian Army fully liberates Deir Ezzor city

     After two months of intense fighting, Syria’s last major ISIS stronghold of Deir Ezzor city has been fully liberated by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), and this comes just as the terror group is losing its final stronghold across the border in Iraq as the Iraqi army and paramilitary units liberate the city of […]

Syrian Arab Army declares Deir Ez Zor city fully liberated from Islamic State

nsnbc : The Syrian Arab Army, on Friday, announced that the city of Deir Ez Zor has been fully liberated from the Islamic State […]

Robotic Farm Completes 1st Fully Autonomous Harvest

Robotic Farm Completes 1st Fully Autonomous Harvest October 8th, 2017 Via: LiveScience: It’s harvest season in many parts of the world, but on one farm in the United Kingdom, robots — not humans — are doing all the heavy lifting. At Hands Free Hectare, […]

GUN CONTROL: The fully-auto machine gun used by the Las Vegas terrorist is nearly impossible for people to own

Stephen Paddock ‘allegedly’ had hundreds of rounds of ammunition and 23 guns (Image: Boston 25) Natural News| As authorities continue to piece together information that will help them better understand the motives behind the Las Vegas murders, one thing has become abundantly clear already: The fully automatic firearms the shooter is believed to have used are extremely rare, […]

Iranian forces fully prepared to protect regional security: Commander

Tasnim – Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari highlighted the military might of the Islamic Republic and said Iran’s armed forces are a hundred percent ready to protect the security of not only the country but also the region. “The Iranian Army Ground Force is unique in terms of possessing […]


UPDATE [8.09.2017 23:42 CEST]: Dear friends, few moments ago removed one of the two “Community Guidelines strikes” from SouthFront’s channel and restored our video “Syrian War Report – September 8, 2017: US-led Coalition Rescues ISIS Commanders From Deir Ezzor?”.  This means that SouthFront is now able again to upload new videos to our Youtube channel. […]

In ‘Open Effort To Escalate Racial Tensions,’ Trump To Fully Militarize Police

Trump’s plan to reverse ban on transfer of military equipment to police denounced by civil rights groups as “exceptionally dangerous and irresponsible” In what critics are characterizing as a “dangerous” move in the direction of a fully militarized police force, the Trump administration is reportedly gearing up to reverse a partial ban on the transfer of surplus […]


  Click to see the full-size map The Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have liberated the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar from ISIS terrorists, the War Media Cell, the Joint Operations Command’s media wing announced on Sunday. Earlier, reports appeared that the army and the PMU liberated all city neighborhoods from ISIS, including the historical Tal Afar […]

Key Syrian town fully liberated from ISIS, opening way to Deir ez-Zor – Russian MoD

As-Sukhnah, liberated on Sunday, was the last major city held by IS in the Syrian province of Homs. “The liberation of As-Sukhnah from IS opens possibilities for Syrian government forces to advance and unblock the city of Deir ez-Zor,” the ministry said. The final push to liberate the city began on Tuesday, when Syrian troops […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield Pays Your Doctor a $40,000 Bonus For Fully Vaccinating 100 Patients Under The Age Of 2

If you are a parent looking for a pediatrician or looking to find a new pediatrician who actually has your child’s best interest at heart, you’ll want to read this. For those of you who don’t know, pediatricians all over the country have begun refusing to accept families who don’t vaccinate, who partially vaccinate, or […]

Larijani: Parl. to coop. fully with new governmnet

MNA – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said presence of high-ranking foreign authorities at Rouhani’s ceremony indicates a remarkable support for the Iranian government. Larijani made the remarks at the press conference of heads of three branches of power in Iran held as a follow up to Hassan Rouhani’s inauguration ceremony. Speaker of Iranian Parliament said […]

BREAKING: Syrian Army and allies fully secure strategic site from ISIS in eastern Homs

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:30 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied paramilitary forces continue to roll back ISIS in eastern Homs, fully securing a strategic site from the terrorist group today. After one week of battling the Islamic State for control of the al-Hayl gas field, pro-government forces have managed to secure the energy […]

Aleppo province fully liberated from ISIS – Syrian Army to RT

“Syria’s Army has entirely liberated Aleppo – both the city and the province. ISIS is not in the province anymore,” General Suleiman told RT over the phone. Earlier on Friday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters have abandoned the last area they held in Aleppo province.   […]

CNN now fully exposed as fake news central after senior producer calls Trump-Russia narrative “bulls**t” in new undercover video

(Natural News) CNN is having a bad week. A few days back, the network was forced to retract a story based on an “anonymous” congressional source claiming that Anthony Scaramucci, a member of the transition team’s executive committee, as well as a fundraiser and adviser for the president’s campaign, was under congressional investigation. The story claimed, […]

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