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Law Enforcement To Flag & Spy On Future Criminals

America’s fear of mass-shootings is about to take a truly bizarre turn. That’s because our law enforcement will soon be used as fortune tellers to spy on future criminals. How will law enforcement be used as fortune tellers? A recent Albuquerque Journal article revealed that law enforcement will flag people that they think […]

Law Enforcement To Flag and Spy On Future Criminals

By MassPrivateI America’s fear of mass shootings is about to take a truly bizarre turn. That’s because our law enforcement will soon be used as fortune tellers to spy on future criminals. How will law enforcement be used as fortune tellers? A recent Albuquerque Journal article revealed that law enforcement will flag people who they […]

Pakistan’s Black Day of Awakening — Eurasia Future

One of the primary differences between developing and developed nations is that developed nations are defined by the accomplishments of their past whilst developing nations are defined by their present day struggles. Since 1947, Pakistan’s primary struggle has been to unify occupied Kashmir with the rest of its western territories. […] The post Pakistan’s Black… via […]

Sayyed Nasrallah on “Grand Victory Day”: Any Future War Will Witness Live Streaming of Destroying ‘Israel’

Zeinab Therefore Beirut – Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a televised speech during the Lebanese resistance party’s celebration of the 13th anniversary of the “Grand Victory” during the ‘Israeli’ 33-day July 2006 war on Lebanon. Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that “The resistance took advantage of the July 2006 war experience, setting a developed […]

Afghan president: Our future cannot be decided outside

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says he does not want outsiders to meddle in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, as the United States attempts to negotiate a deal with the Taliban militant group. In a televised speech on Sunday, Ghani said that Afghans had to decide their fate, not outside powers, even if they were allies. “Our […]

Frenchman on hoverboard finally heralds the future Marty McFly promised

My view on when to get worried about the threat technology poses for humanity has always been based on Back to the Future 2, and more specifically Marty McFly’s hoverboard. As long as that hoverboard remains science fiction, then in my mind the future hasn’t arrived. That hoverboard, way back in the 80s, seemed like […]

A Shamanic Bridge to a Better Future

24th July 2019 By Sergey Baranov Contributing writer for Wake Up World When we understand human history and our evolutionary processes, it is clear that the core shamanic tradition worldwide is rooted in plants, just as plants are rooted in the earth. This is our connection to the Pachamama, the Mother Earth, which has been severed by […]

Killer Heat In The United States: Climate Choices And The Future Of Dangerously Hot Days (2019)

Regional and state-specific information (press releases) Northeast (CT, DE, DC, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT, WV) Southeast (AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MI, NC, SC, TN, VA) Midwest (IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, MO, OH, WI) Southern Great Plains (KS, OK, TX) Northern Great Plains (MT, NE, ND, SD, WY) Southwest (AZ, CA, CO, NV, NM, […]

The Infallible AI “Oracle” and the Future of “One Shot” Answers

July 11, 2019 By Melissa Dykes Apparently in the next phase, your AI “oracle” voice assistant will do most of the heavy thinking for you… and the Internet will slowly morph into a place where there’s only one “right” (read: “official”) answer. On a related side note, did you know the definition for “oracle” is […]

Liberman: Future peace deal with Palestinians must include Arab Israelis

Yisrael Beytenu chief Avigdor Liberman on Monday said Israel could come to no peace agreement with the Palestinians unless such a deal also addressed what he called the Jewish state’s even more intractable conflict with its Arab citizens. “We do not have a separate conflict with the Palestinians, and anyone who claims so, does not […]

US-led conference in Bahrain detached from reality, has no future: Palestinian PM

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has censured the recent US-led conference in Bahrain in support of President Donald Trump’s controversial proposal for “peace” between the Israeli regime and Palestinians, saying the summit was detached from realities on the ground and has no future. Shtayyeh said on Friday that the so-called “Peace to Prosperity” workshop on June 25 and […]

Iran Rising: The Survival and Future of the Islamic Republic

When Iranians overthrew their monarchy, rejecting a pro-Western shah in favor of an Islamic regime, many observers predicted that revolutionary turmoil would paralyze the country for decades to come. Yet forty years after the 1978–79 revolution, Iran has emerged as a critical player in the Middle East and the wider world, as demonstrated in part […]

Hilton: Future hotels will talk to visitors’ microchip implants

Century Noted A hundred years ago, Hilton opened its first hotel. Now, in celebration of the momentous anniversary, it’s looking 100 years into the future, sharing its predictions for the hotels of 2119 in a newly released report — and some of those predictions are downright wild. Space Tourism One of […]

Putin at SCO Summit: Pakistan Is Integral to the Eurasian Future

The Eurasian future that President Putin articulated during his keynote speech at the SCO is made possible by Pakistan’s leading role in this vision. President Putin’s keynote speech at the SCO was brief but concise, laying out Russia’s envisioned future for Eurasia during its new year-long presidency of the organization. His address comprised two main parts, with […]

Chris Hedges: No future for our grandchildren unless we ‘overthrow corporate power’ (VIDEO)

Appearing on George Galloway’s political talk show ‘Sputnik’, Hedges decried how the “psychopaths” who run the world’s largest multinational corporations are “hurling us all over a cliff” in the pursuit of “short-term profit.” We’re going to talk about the destruction of the ecosystem that sustains life. And [that’s] what is happening in the hands of […]

Join IONS In Creating Humanity’s Future NOW At The Possibility Accelerator Conference

The Facts: Tulsi Gabbard’s speech at the California Democrats Convention this year shows us exactly why the establishment media is not giving her much attention. Hint: her ideas are in the right direction. Reflect On: Does our system and the infrastructures that support it truly give humanity a choice? Does it show us what is […]

What Does the Future of Mobile Gaming Look Like?

Mobile phone technology has come a long way. It feels like it was just a few years ago that we were rocking giant plastic bricks that couldn’t really do much aside from what they were intended for. Fast forward a few years into the future and the only thing modern […]

Orwellian Future: Facial Recognition & Mass Surveillance Is Coming To U.S. Schools

By Mac Slavo We are staring our Orwellian future right in the face.  Beginning in New York, facial recognition is coming to schools in the United States and it’ll be switched on for testing next week. The dystopian future George Orwell warned about in his accidental historical predictions book, 1984, has arrived. According to an […]

European Progressive Future? Failures of the Leftist Parties

One cannot and should not turn away from the disastrous results of the recent European Parliament elections, especially considering that Leftist parties across the European Union (EU) expected to gain 38 Members of the European Parliament (MEP), achieving around 5% of the vote. The leadership and organizers of European Left needs to think thoroughly over […]

Trumponomics: America First, the US-China Trade War, and the Future of Global Capitalism

“The value chains that link China into Western markets are value chains that are of course Chinese, but they’re closely integrated with the international investment banks and the multi-national corporations. And people who therefore see the current world, in terms of a resurgence of inter-imperial rivalries between states, don’t tend to see I think, the […]

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