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What Really Happened Between Eve And The Serpent In The Garden Of Eden?

Recently this issue came up among our regular readers, so we would like to offer Sheldon Emry’s sermon “Eve And The Serpent In The Garden Of Eden: What Actually Happened?” for your consideration. The main thrust of Emry’s thesis is that the contention that Eve and the Serpent engaged in actual sexual intercourse and created […]

The Superfood Garden – FREE 3-Day Online Event

Do you want a life-style of simply getting by or do you want to THRIVE, worry-free? Sometimes life’s day to day activities can be overwhelming… especially if one of your goals is to be in charge of your own food supply. That means gardening and preserving the harvest – but if you’re new to gardening, […]

Like a Rocket in the Garden: The Unending War in Afghanistan

People in the United States continue to pretend that the despair and futility we’ve caused isn’t our fault. Photo credit: Abdulhai Darya Late last week, I learned from young Afghan Peace Volunteer friends in Kabul that an insurgent group firing rockets into the city center hit the home of one volunteer’s relatives. Everyone inside was […]

Indigenous Knowledge Revives Ancient Clam Garden Practices

Above photo: The Swinomish Department of Environmental Protection aims to protect and restore the natural environment, and the health and welfare of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. Facebook. La Conner, WA – Tribal communities are reviving 3,500-year-old eco-friendly practices to create sustainable beaches along the Pacific Northwest Coast. Teams of tribal members and scientists in […]

Will Madison Square Garden feature “Cuomo v. de Blasio” before the election?

Cuomo said crime in the city is ‘a problem’ By Audrey Conklin | Fox News Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday took a swipe at Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, saying crime in the city is “a problem,” and “everybody has a sense that crime is worse.” Daylight shootings doubled through May and July compared to the […]

The Snitching Begins: Nosey Neighbour Calls Police on Wake in Pub Garden

Britons have already starting snitching on each other over perceived breaches of the coronavirus ‘rule of six’, with one woman grassing on people at a wake in a pub garden. Ministers this week had urged members of the public to inform on their neighbours if they were suspected of gathering in groups of larger than […]

Could the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem be the Site of Jesus’ Resurrection?

Jerusalem is an ancient city, founded as the City of David in 1010 BC, but there is evidence of settlements going back to 4500 BC. It has been conquered more than 40 times by various nations, including the Ottoman Turks, Persians, Romans and the British. As a result, it is home to religious sites that […]

Photos: Pahlavanpour Garden of Yazd

This is one of the nine registered Persian gardens that were collectively registered under the name of Persian Garden in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2011. The heavenly garden was built more than 170 years ago by Ali Pahlavanpour, a well-known merchant in the Qajar era in the 19th century. The garden includes a […]

Medicinal Ginger for Health and Garden

By Rady Ananda One of the world’s most potent disease-fighting spices, ginger, is easy to grow and comes in a variety of over a thousand different species.  Medicinal ginger most often used is Zingiber officinale. The Real Food Channel reminds us, “Pharmaceutical companies would have you believe that their expensive and potentially toxic medications are the way to treat […]

Southern California: Man Rents Garden Sheds in His Backyard for $750/Month

Southern California: Man Rents Garden Sheds in His Backyard for $750/Month April 4th, 2018 Via: Craig’s List: I have three small PRIVATE resin cabins right behind my home for professional Adults Working males only. That work away from home and/or travels a great deal. […]

Ouch! Woman, 26, chopped off boyfriend’s penis with garden shears

     A woman has been arrested after she allegedly cut off her boyfriend’s penis in a rage after a sex attack. Brenda Barattini, 26, is accused of using garden shears to chop off the manhood of a man known only as Sergio F, 40. Teenager ‘goes too far’ in quest to look like Angelina Jolie […]

How to Make a Garden at Your Apartment

Daily Stormer July 17, 2017 This quick and easy howto tutorial will show you how to make a garden at your condo, mobile home, or apartment. This entire project was done with merely $15. Self sustainability is something crucial for our people to learn. The more you, your family members, or your […]

Danish family threatened with fine over American flag in their garden – media

The Hedegard family from the town of Kolding had an American flag waving from a flagpole in their garden for one month, violating a more than hundred-year-old Danish ban on flying foreign flags. “We feel we are a part of American culture in Denmark,” Rikke Hedegard told Jydske Vestkysten newspaper, as quoted by The Local. […]

Bee-friendly plants sold at garden centers found to be heavily contaminated with deadly pesticides

(Natural News) Bee-friendly plants sold at garden centers may not be so friendly after all, as new research found that a vast majority of these plants were laden with toxic insecticides. As part of the study, a team of researchers at the Sussex University in the U.K. examined leaf specimen of 29 plant samples — such as dahlias, allium, bellflowers […]

Jew “Conservative” Mark Cuban Says He’ll Vote Hillary Over Trump

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 17, 2016 Alleged “Jewish conservatives,” commonly known as “kikeservatives” within the Alt-Right movement, are struggling to come up with reasons why they are against Donald Trump. The known reason is that Trump represents a resurgence of White culture and White identity, but they obviously can’t say that directly if they’re playing […]

Ride against terror: Belgian bikers’ rally pays tribute to Brussels attacks victims

READ MORE: ‘ISIS, go away. Belgium isn’t yours’: Thousands march against terror & hatred in Brussels (PHOTOS) Between 300 and 500 bikers took part in the rally, according to Belgian media. The demonstration was partially organized by the bikers group “Motards en Colère” (Angry bikers). The bikers arrived in Belgian capital to “to honor the […]

Detroit’s corrupt healthcare system exposed: Crittenton oncology nurse goes berserk when probed about cancer fraudster Dr. Farid Fata

(NaturalNews) Michigan’s Detroit-area healthcare system is entangled in a web of corruption, industry collusion, medical malpractice and under-the-table ownership exchanges that allow it to be absolved from accountability. Home to cancer fraudster Dr. Farid Fata, who was sentenced to 45 years in prison for an extensive list of unspeakable crimes, Michigan currently has […]

‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"


Viewers of VAXXED documentary in New York describe emotional roller coaster and stunning revelations in this year’s most censored medical film

(NaturalNews) When film-goers walked out of the Angelika Film Center in New York City last weekend, they were visibly moved, many of them with tears in their eyes. It wasn’t one of the latest big box office dramas that inspired such emotion; it was a 91-minute documentary called Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe. […]

Israeli MK calls for reinforcing maternity ward segregation

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Far-right member of Israeli Knesset Betzalel Smotrich has called for reinforcing ward segregation between Arab and Jewish women in Israeli hospitals. Smotrich, from the Israeli Jewish Home, which is part of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, is an extremist Jewish settler who does not hide the real Israeli sentiments towards the […]

The 20 biggest cancer lies you’ve been brainwashed to believe by the criminal fraudsters who run the for-profit cancer industry

(NaturalNews) You’ve been taught all sorts of lies about cancer by the “cancer profiteers” — the institutions, cancer doctors, oncology centers and chemotherapy drug makers who profit from cancer. In order to keep their profits flowing, they have to keep you in the dark about cancer truths: How it originates, how it can […]

The Brussels Terror Attacks Prove the War on Terror is an Epic Failure

The sanest thing we could have ever done after the two hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Towers in 2001 was ask why. What motivates people to take so many lives and their own so spectacularly? After all, when a crime is committed, the first thing any law official looks for is a motive. But […]

Breath Awareness: 4 Insights On How Breath Can Provide Mind-Body Healing Benefits

How many times have you been worked up, and had someone tell you to “breathe”? That one word holds so much power. As soon as someone brings to our attention that we’ve escaped our breath, we immediately take an indulgent inhale. Breathing is innate. We do it without thinking simply because our bodies require it […]

America’s junk food diet could lead to fatal heart attacks in majority of children, suggests vegetarian doctor

(NaturalNews) Dr. Charles R. Attwood, a board certified pediatrician and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, has spent 35 years teaching the world about the impacts of nutrition and fitness. His involvement in national health and nutrition policy is the reason the 1996 U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans acknowledged for the first […]

Endangered Species Monday: Bombus occidentalis |Extinction is Imminent.

Endangered Species Monday: Bombus occidentalis |Extinction is Imminent. Endangered Species Monday: Bombus occidentalis “1/3 bites of food we eat comes from a plant that was pollinated by a bee” What are we humans doing to Planet Earth?, We are destroying so many pollinating animals, that soon they’ll be none left. When or if that day occurs, […]

North Korea ‘To Invade Europe’ Through The Arctic After Signing Treaty

The rogue state of North Korea has apparently given itself the right to conduct economic and industrial activity on the Norwegian territory of Svalbard after signing an ancient treaty. The country signed the Svalbard Treaty on 25 January according to The Korean Central News Agency. The Sunday Express reports:. The agency said in a news […]

Ash Carter: US Sailors Made ‘Navigational Error’ Into Iranian Waters

The US Secretary of Defense said on Thursday that the US sailors who trespassed into Iranian waters had made a “navigational error.” Ashton Carter said the information came from debriefings of the sailors, who were flown on Wednesday to a U.S. military facility in Qatar after Iran released them along with their two riverine boats. Press […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Liar’s Award for 2015: US brought peace to Syria!

     The United States government can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but it cannot fool all of the people all of the time. That’s why when State Department Spokesman John Kirby bragged up Washington’s sordid achievements of 2015, even things that they […]

Ants have been domesticating cultivated crops for 50 million years, research reveals

(NaturalNews) Humans have been domesticating and cultivating agricultural crops for only slightly more than 10,000 years. In contrast, species of ants have been cultivating crops for 50 million years — so long that the ants and their crops have co-evolved to become dependent on each other, according to a study conducted by researchers […]

Ants have been domesticating cultivated crops for 50 million years, research reveals

(NaturalNews) Humans have been domesticating and cultivating agricultural crops for only slightly more than 10,000 years. In contrast, species of ants have been cultivating crops for 50 million years — so long that the ants and their crops have co-evolved to become dependent on each other, according to a study conducted by researchers […]

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