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Black Lives Matter Slay 4 Police Officers Amid Bloody Shootout

Four police officers were killed on Thursday night as Black Lives Matter protestors opened fire on police in protest against the recent shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.  Two snipers shot at ten police officers in Dallas during a BLM protest/rally. Video from Dallas Morning News reporter Michael Bautista captured the slaying as it happened. […]

Putin: GMO Food Is Now Illegal In Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has outlawed GMO food in Russia, making it a criminal offence to import or produce it in the country.  Following Putin’s order to halt the production of all GMO-containing foods last year, the Federation Council has finally approved a bill that will heavily fine anybody caught producing or importing such foods in Russia. […]

Dershowitz approves Clinton’s ‘muscular foreign policy,’ and Sen. Warren is a ‘surprising Israel hawk’

Hillary Clinton is gaining the support of the neoconservative establishment. Alan Dershowitz is for her “muscular foreign policy.” Robert Kagan is holding a fundraiser for her. Jennifer Rubin tells other neocons to get on board now so that Clinton can end the Obama chill to the Jewish state. Alas, even Elizabeth Warren is caught up […]

Big Food Seeks to Exempt Itself from the Freedom of Information Act

Alex Pietrowski, StaffWaking Times “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” the famous quote attributed to Hippocrates, is probably more important today than ever before as a handful of corporations, dubbed Big Food, gain more control over the food industry. Hippocrates’ statement brings up a very complex question: Is food as ‘healthy’ […]

Michel Chossudovsky: US-NATO war games target Russia only indirectly; main target is Middle East

     Anakonda 2016, NATO’s large-scale military exercises underway in Poland, is meant to kill two birds with one stone – intimidate Russia, but more importantly help Washington to “wage wars” across the globe, particularly in the Middle East, Canadian economist and author Michel Chossudovsky told PressTV. The war games, launched on Monday, will run until […]

What’s The Big Difference Between USA/NATO’s Moderates And Extremists In Syria? There Isn’t One

What’s The Big Difference Between NATO’s Moderates And Extremists In Syria?   By Brandon Turbeville So what’s the big difference between the “moderate” terrorists and the extremist terrorists running rampant in Syria today? At one time, we were told there were no terrorists at all. Then, we were told terrorists were indeed present but that […]

March Against Monsanto In A City Near You On May 21

Hundreds of thousands are expected to gather across 38 countries and 428 cities to join in peaceful protest against the Monsanto Company as a part of the ‘March Against Monsanto‘ grassroots campaign on May 21, 2016. A complete list of events can be found here: Find March Against Monsanto in your city Natural Blaze reports: […]

Looking For A Good Documentary? Here Are 19 That Will Have An Impact On Your Life

Picture source. Documentaries hold a power unique to any other type of film. They have the remarkable capacity to shift our understanding of the vast and complex world in which we live, most of the time presenting us with powerfully relevant information, a previously unknown perspective, and hopefully, a new choice to make a difference. The following list of documentaries […]

Russia To Restore Early Warning Radar Station In Crimea

Russia are to restore a missile attack warning station located near Sevastopol in Crimea, in response to increasing NATO activity in the Black Sea. The early warning radar station will be modernized to detect possible missile launches from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, according to a report by Izvestia newspaper, quoting a source from […]

Banker implicated in one of history’s biggest frauds says boss beat him with a tiny baseball bat

Mathew said Johnson also had a 12-inch baseball bat on his desk, which he sometimes used to hit him on the back of the head or knuckles. “It wasn’t particularly hard, it was more designed to humiliate me,” said Mathew in court. His boss also called him a ‘deaf git’ and in emails referred […]

The pinnacle of hypocrisy: Israeli general calls for tolerance

A few days ago the Israeli army deputy chief of staff gave a speech in which he called on Israeli society to engage in self-reflection because, according to him, the atmosphere in Israel is reminiscent of 1930’s Germany. Then, as people were still scratching their heads in amazement, the Israeli army embarked on yet another […]

RT visits injured Nagorno-Karabakh kids in hospital amid reports of ongoing hostilities (VIDEO)

Escalation of hostilities in disputed Nagorny-KarabakhLIVE UPDATES “We were heading to the school when suddenly there was a blast. I fell. We started calling for help and then were brought to the hospital,” one of the wounded boys told RT’s Murad Gazdiev. According to the child, he received a serious thigh injury in the attack, […]

Monsanto Has Always Been Evil

Monsanto, best known for it’s genetically modified seeds (GMOs) and roundup weedkiller, is one of the most hated companies in the world. In a 2013 poll, Monsanto was named the most evil corporation in the world, even managing to beat rivals like McDonald’s and the Federal Reserve by a wide margin. But many people are […]

Failed political candidate and generally useless asshole JEB! (aka bozo) Bush gets taken down, by his antichristian endorsement of “lying Ted” against The Donald in the presidential race

Failed political candidate and generally useless asshole JEB! (aka bozo) Bush gets taken down, by his antichristian endorsement of “lying Ted” against The Donald in the presidential race Just look at the evil, disingenuous smirk on the face of the failed politician Jeb (aka bozo) Bush, who has endorsed lying Ted Cruz in a vindictive attempt […]

This Drink Melts Kidney Stones, Cures Liver Cancer And Cleans And Destroys Cancer Cells

This is the most powerful food of the 21st century. It has the ability to reduce inflammation, improves digestion and boosts immunity. Ginger is rich in a number of essential oils, which create its taste and aroma. It is extremely powerful anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial, good with cardiovascular problems, treats asthma, boosts the immunity, […]

U.S. General Lori Robinson to Become First Woman to Lead Combatant Command

U.S. General Lori Robinson to Become First Woman to Lead Combatant Command March 18th, 2016 For big false flags in the U.S… Via: Reuters: President Barack Obama will name the first woman to head a U.S. combatant command, selecting Air Force General Lori Robinson […]

BREAKING: This LEFTIST HATE Group Threatens To Do THIS To Trump Supporters, And OBAMA Is Funding Them

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – We have another anti-Trump group of scumbags that are calling themselves “Democracy Spring” and they have issued a threat to the patriots that are fed up with the way America has been trashed by Obama and the filthy liberal agenda. They are threatening to stage marches along the East […]

Survival Under Threat, Canada’s Indigenous Unite Against Tar Sands Pipelines

Print Friendly Above Photo: A climate march in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2014. (Photo: Chris Yakimov/flickr/cc.) The Grand Chief of the Mohawk Kanesatake First Nation calls the proposed Energy East pipeline ‘risky and dangerous’ to indigenous peoples’ survival Indigenous people in Canada are rising up together in greater numbers than ever before to oppose tar sands pipelines […]

Photographs That Are NOT For People With Anticipatory Anxiety

Well these photographs are just cruel! Photographers Aaron Tilley and Director Kyle Bean teamed-up to get your anxiety into full swing for Kinfolk Magazine‘s “Adrenaline” issue. They were asked to stage a moment when something really terrible is just about to happen. I think they achieved their goal. Just by looking at these photos, anticipatory […]

There Were 88 Media Companies… Now There Are 6 — All Get Their News from Rothschild

by Jeff Rense These are the 6 media companies that exist today. There used to be 88. These 6 all get their news from Reuters and the Associated Press. Reuters owns the AP and Rothschilds own Reuters. The following information is in circulation on the net. The originating source is not known, nor have all […]

Top Medical Journal Classifies Fluoride As Dangerous ‘Neurotoxin’

A report from one of the world’s most respected medical journals, The Lancet, has confirmed that fluoride is a dangerous neurotoxin – confirming what alternative media outlets have said for decades.  A report published in The Lancet Neurology, Volume 13, Issue 3, says that fluoride should be put into the same category as arsenic, lead and […]

Obama Unleashes Open Border Free-For-All, Could Be The END Of America As We Know It…

  The days of civil unrest seem to be closing in. Will the system collapse on its own weight? We’ve seen the strain that unrestricted mass migration has put on the whole of Europe. It is nothing short of cultural shock and awe. Now.. it’s coming soon to a town near you, as U.S. Customs […]

NYPD Cop Arrested for Running Elaborate Prostitution Ring

Nick Divito | Courthouse News Service BROOKLYN (CN) – A former New York City police officer was arrested on charges of running an interstate prostitution ring after his daily shifts. Eduardo Cornejo, an 11-year veteran with the department, was fired on Jan. 29, the day a federal complaint against […]

36 children die in war-torn Syria from UN measles vaccines; government claims vaccines were intentionally sabotaged

(NaturalNews) It isn’t as if the current civil war in Syria has not already taken a ravenous toll on the Middle Eastern country’s children, but so, too, has a recently administered measles vaccine that the Assad government claims was sabotaged. According to a mid-September report by Britain’s Telegraph newspaper, at least 36 children […]

Factbox: Iranians in U.S. prisons to be released in exchange deal

Eight Iranians jailed or facing charges in the United States for sanctions violations are to be released under an exchange deal for Americans held in Iran, according to a lawyer, court records and people familiar with the matter. The following is information on the eight Iranians: * President Barack Obama has pardoned Bahram Mechanic, Khosrow […]

Ancient Egyptians knew Algol was a variable star

     Ancient Egyptians wrote Calendars of Lucky and Unlucky Days that assigned astronomically influenced prognoses for each day of the year. The best preserved of these calendars is the Cairo Calendar dated to 1244 – 1163 BC (Ramesside Period). According to scientists at the University of Helsinki, this papyrus is the oldest preserved historical document […]

Flogging for fashion? Cross-dresser faces prison or lashing in Saudi Arabia

The man in his 20s wearing an abaya – traditional Muslim women’s clothing compulsory for all women in Saudi Arabia – was arrested in a shopping mall in the city of Taef in western Saudi Arabia.  Puzzled by his appearance, one of the visitors followed him and discovered that he was a man. The shopper […]

Putin and Jews: A Complex Relationship

  December 23, 2015 When I read that Putin and Netanyahu had agreed to cooperate in fighting terror, I thought WTF? Doesn’t he know that Israel is the #1 source of terror (along with the CIA and MI-6)? In a long article published today, “The Saker” explains that Putin has to play stupid. There is […]

BREAKING: Terrorist Attack In Afghanistan Kills 6 U.S. Soldiers, Here’s Obama’s SICK Response…

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Obama is in Hawaii for Christmas vacation living the good life on OUR dime again which, in itself isn’t out of the ordinary for a president to do. I mean, everyone needs a little R&R and after all he has to be exhausted from all the race-baiting, lying, fundraising and building […]

Happiness – As Simple as Counting Your Blessings

  December 22, 2015 Comments for “Happiness – As Simple as Counting Your Blessings” Agnes said (December 22, 2015): Hi Henry, a thousand thanks for the article by John Bilyk, what a breath of fresh air! With a light touch he describes how simple it is, though it doesn’t feel like that to me, and […]

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