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Could antibody generation change medicine?

We’re living through a global pandemic and one thing on everyone’s mind is antibodies. Everyone is talking about them, everyone is testing for them, and we’re all wondering what impact this focus will have on the future of medicine. What are antibodies, how do they help us fight diseases like COVID-19, and how do they […]

We don’t have to lose a generation to COVID, or anything else

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The Man Who Inspired A Generation

Above photo: Basil (right), and the author, in the lead-up to the freedom riders. NOTE: This is from Mazin Qumsiyeh of Palestine who is featuring stories of people who inspire us. You can follow him at – MF Basil of Al-Walaja: RIP. My encounter with the Al-Araj family began in 2009, the year I met Basil […]

Generation Identity UK Co-Leader Fired from Job After Smear Campaign

Generation Identity (GI) UK co-leader Tom Dupré was fired from his banking position at the City of London firm Standard Chartered earlier this week following a campaign by far-left activist group HOPE not Hate (HnH). Mr. Dupré, who has been co-leader of the UK branch of the Identitarian movement, was found in breach of Standard […]

Generation X and the Tranny Transition

I recently realized that Generation X was a kind of intensified transition phase of the hundred-year-old Jewish Agender. I’ll share here two ways the gender bending programming of the 1970s and ‘80s led me personally on a destructive path. And then I present a video montage of a Gen X personality who may well be […]

France: 6 Reds Arrested for Aiding Invaders Cross the Alps after Generation Identity Protest

Six anti-white activists from the crypto-communist “Tous Migrants” group have been arrested by French police for assisting nonwhite invaders cross over from Italy via the Alps during the past weekend’s demonstration at the scene by the pan-European Generation Identity organization. According to the prosecutor’s office in the Alpine town of Gap, the six—four with Italian […]

France Deploys Troops to Alpine Border after Generation Identity Demonstration

The French Interior Ministry has announced the deployment of troops to “protect the integrity” of its Alpine border with Italy after a dramatic demonstration by the Generation Identity (GI) organization which involved hundreds of activists, aircraft and a standoff with an anti-white group involved in smuggling nonwhite invaders into France through the previously unprotected border. […]

Generation Identity Launches New Defend Europe Mission in the Alps

Illegal migrant routes – Col de l’Échelle – Alps Generation Identity blocks the Franco-Italian border crossing. The “Defend Europe” Alps Mission has started! This Saturday, April 21st at 9am, a hundred Generation Identity activists took position in the Alps at the Col de l’Échelle, 25 km from Briançon, to block the path for illegal migrants. […]

Windrush Generation and The Zionification of the British Sphere

April 18, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon By Gilad Atzmon It shouldn’t take us by surprise when a country that drops bombs on Syria on behalf of Israel engages in Israeli style racist anti immigration anti black policies. A lot has been written about the deep cultural and spiritual bonds between Britain and Zionism. Some have cited the […]

Bill Maher on How Every Generation Could Be Called the “What Were You Thinking?” Generation. Cell Phones in Pockets Included In Current List of Senseless Behavior.

By B.N. Frank On April 13, 2018 Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO), Bill provides the audience with a long list of what was once considered normal that now makes us ask “What were we thinking?”  At the 4:30 mark, he stated, You are tolerating things right now that will make you cringe […]

Ann Coulter: Militant Leftists are creating a generation of ferocious conservatives

     Conservative commentator Ann Coulter had an interesting take on young people when she appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday. Coulter told Tucker that leftists are “creating, without realizing it, this really hilarious and ferocious generation of right-wingers.” WATCH: “Has there ever been a more obedient little cadre of robots than college students?” […]

My Generation Fell Victim to PLAYBOY

Pornography as Social Engineering At age 68, I am only starting to understand the harm  I did to myself by my youthful addiction to PLAYBOY. It wasn’t called sex addiction then but it was.  PLAYBOY made me see women in terms of my sexual desire.   When you dehumanize them, you cannot relate to them in human terms.  Paradoxically […]

March For Our Lives: A New Generation Sets Aside Tribalism for a Progressive Cause

WASHINGTON — Google the name “Tallulah Bankhead” and you will be regaled (or mortified if your mores tend to the Victorian) with tales of the actor’s libertine appetites, her breakout performance in the Hitchcock classic Lifeboat, or her half-camp, half-vamp villainess in the 1960s Batman television series. Wikipedia references her patrician mien — dahling not […]

Iran’s young generation better fit to face enemies: Leader

Tasnim – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei hailed the current young Iranian generation for its readiness to push back the enemies more vigorously than their fathers. In an address to a gathering of students in Tehran on Saturday, Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted the current young Iranian generation’s success to protect the Islamic […]

Rothschild Passing Dynasty on to 7th Generation, Marking 200 Years of Banker Family Rule

March 3, 2018 By Rachel Blevins The Rothschild banking empire will ensure that its control continues to stay within the family for a seventh generation as David de Rothschild, 75, is set to hand the role of chairman over to his son, Alexandre de Rothschild, 37, in June. The banking dynasty […]

From father to son: How Palestinian struggle is passed from one generation to the next

In August 2002, two years into the Second Intifada, Israeli forces closed in on a local Hamas leader in the West Bank village of Tubas near Jenin. Nasser Jarrar was in a wheel-chair having lost both legs and an arm in an explosion. A 19-year-old neighbour of Jarrar, Nidal Abu M’Khisan was given a flak […]

One generation later, another war crime

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 19 January 2018 The rubble of a home destroyed during a massive military raid in Jenin, leaving one man dead, 18 January. Shadi Jarar’ah APA images An overnight military operation between Wednesday night and Thursday morning in Jenin, a city in the northern occupied West Bank, was not the […]

“Generation Zapped” documentary exposes MASSIVE health risks associated with wireless technology

(Natural News) As of 2017, there were an estimated 4.77 billion cellphones in use around the planet out of a population of roughly 7.6 billion. And while most users hail the technological advancement these and other wireless devices offer, a new film called “Generation Zapped” examines the huge health risks to humans posed by wireless […]

The top 10 rules for the next generation of liberty movement leaders (part 4 of 4)

(Natural News) This is the fourth installment of a four-part series in which Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, presents his 10 powerful rules for the next generation of liberty activists, bloggers, journalists and truth-tellers. After fighting for truth and liberty for over 15 years as one of the world’s top publishers, Adams […]

The Next Generation Of Currency Wars: Private Vs State-backed Crypto

Recently Russia announced that it will be unleashing a CryptoRuble, just a week after Vladimir Putin strongly criticized Bitcoin and other private cryptocurrencies.  When announcing the move, Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov acknowledged that it was in part inspired by the aim of getting ahead of other governments: I confidently declare that we […]

US publishes Russian New Generation Warfare Handbook, Moscow alarmed

nsnbc : The United States have published a new military handbook entitled Russian New Generation Warfare Handbook, describing Russia’s hybrid warfare strategy. Moscow states […]

A New Generation Of Small Farmers Is Emerging In Atlanta

Not only is most of our food grown from genetically modified and hybrid seeds and sprayed with toxic chemicals, but it is also shipped to us from an average of 1,500-2,000 miles away. The longer food stays out of the ground, the more it loses nutrients that are vital to our health. We have no idea […]

AFGHANISTAN: “Colonialism Corrupts One Generation after Another in all Conquered Countries” ~ Andre Vltchek

Italian troops took over ancient Citadel in Herat City. @AndreVltchek Andre Vltchek Interview with Alessandro Bianchi, Chief Editor of Anti-Diplomatico Alessandro Bianchi: The geographic location of Afghanistan has always occupied a central role. The April peace talks between Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Russia and China seemed to have put an end to the persistent and dominant American presence […]

Georg Kolbe – Leading German Figure Sculptor of his Generation

Tänzerin From Faces of Ancient Europe Georg Kolbe (15 April 1877 – 20 November 1947) one of the most successful sculptors of his time in a vigorous, modern, simplified classical style similar to Aristide Maillol of France. Career In 1905, Kolbe joined the ‘Berliner Sezession’, which in 1913, he left to join the ‘Freie Sezession’ […]

Weeding Out Vaccine Toxins: MMR, Glyphosate, and the Health of a Generation

Next Story By Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at MIT, printed here with permission from The World Mercury Project. Glyphosate, often sold under the brand name “Roundup,” is the most widely used weed killer in the U.S. Glyphosate is a “non-selective herbicide,” which means it kills many plants, not just weeds. It kills them […]

Reflections of a daughter of the ’48 Generation’

In 1983, one year before she died, as part of putting her things in order–and perhaps as part of her preparations for death–my mother presented me with a large plastic bag in which she kept my letters to my family in Hadera, ever since I left home at the age of 16 in order to […]

Paris Generation Identitaire Leader: ‘This is the Last Election We Have’ to Make Powerful Solutions for France’s Future

Paris Génération Identitaire leader Pierre Larti gave a rare exclusive interview with Breitbart London saying harassment towards ethnic French by migrants is now commonplace in parts of Paris and the problem will only get worse if Macron wins. In a small cafe in Paris’s 13th district, leader of the Paris branch of Génération Identitaire (GI), […]

2 Constitutional Court judges arrested in Turkey, all military judges suspended

Over 100 members of Turkey’s Constitutional Court, including prosecutors and other judiciary members were arrested on Wednesday, Turkish national broadcaster NTV reported. Two Constitutional Court judges, Alparslan Altan and Erdal Tercan are among them. The same day, the Turkish Defense Ministry also suspended at least 262 military judges and prosecutors. #TurkeyPurge: Post-coup crackdown The judiciary […]

Cop Poses With Black Man Below Him as a “Hunting Trophy” – Thinks He Shouldn’t Be Fired

David Wells | Courthouse News Service CHICAGO (CN) – A former Chicago Police detective should not get his job bac after being fired for posing in a photograph kneeling over a black man as though he were a hunting trophy, an Illinois appeals court ruled. Timothy McDermott appealed a […]

Emil Doepler’s Illustrations of Germanic Mythology

A portrait of Emil Doepler by C. W. Allers (1877) Emil Doepler “the Younger” (1855 – 1922) was an illustrator, decorative artist, and art teacher in the German Art Nouveau style. Doepler’s design of the German eagle was the official coat of arms from 1919 until 1928, after which it was still used in a […]

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