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German War Art – The Campaign in the West

Your generosity is very much appreciated and needed. MAKE CHECKS OUT TO: Kyle Hunt PO Box 1052 Sorrento, FL  32776 BITCOIN ADDRESS: 1AfppjYZddJzc2C15PXKMsnyBPjPJQezwA Source Article from Related Posts German anti-Semitism chief must resign, say Jewish and Israeli scholars Ali Abunimah Lobby Watch 13 July 2020 Jewish and Israeli scholars are calling for the resignation […]

German anti-Semitism chief must resign, say Jewish and Israeli scholars

Ali Abunimah Lobby Watch 13 July 2020 Jewish and Israeli scholars are calling for the resignation of Felix Klein, a German federal official who has falsely smeared critics of Israeli policies as anti-Semites. Wolfgang Kumm DPA Almost three dozen prominent Jewish and Israeli scholars are calling for the resignation of Germany’s top official responsible for […]

State funded feminist porn could be future of German sex ed

The porn could even be made available on the websites of public broadcasters, and be referred to during sex education at school, according to the proposal by the Social Democratic Party (SPD), which is part of the coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian-Democratic Union party. ‘Not your toy’: 5,000 feminists go on topless SlutWalk in […]

Putin speaks German to ask Austrian journalist stop interrupting him

     During a televised interview, Austrian journalist Armin Wolf repeatedly interrupted Russian President Vladimir Putin while discussing the MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine. As President Putin was trying to lay out his opinion on the MH17 tragedy in Ukraine that the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) blamed on Russia, Wolf couldn’t help but constantly interrupt […]

Top quotes from Putin’s Austrian interview – so tense he had to resort to German to make his point

Putin is meeting Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache on Tuesday. The visit to Vienna will be his first trip abroad since his inauguration for the second consecutive term – and the fourth in total – in March. Before arriving in the Austrian capital, Putin spoke to Armin Wolf from the state ORF […]

German aerospace expert says that electric planes may be in our very near future

(Natural News) Tesla e-cars are prowling the U.S. highways, while the roads of Chinese cities are filling up with electric buses. Soon it will be the turn of the electric plane to take to the skies. In a Deutsche Welle article, a German aerospace expert believes we will see e-planes offering short-range regional flights within […]

Former German Foreign Minister: ‘The U.S. President Is Destroying the American World Order’

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,959 other followers Source Article from Related Posts President Trump Declares Black Lives Matter a ‘Marxist Group’ President Trump has officially declared the far-left Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization a “Marxist group.” Speaking during an interview […]

Trump Plans Total Ban on German Luxury Carmakers From US Market

Having cornered his European allies over the Iran sanctions, and tightened his grip on the EU economy over metals tariffs, an exclusive report by German magazine WirtschaftsWoche claims that President Trump is taking direct aim at Merkel and is preparing to impose a total ban on German luxury carmakers from the U.S. market. Citing several unnamed U.S. and […]

Big Cats That Escaped German Zoo Have Been Found

Drone discovers animals still inside zoo in flooded western town of Lunebach Two lions, two tigers and a jaguar that escaped from a German zoo on Friday afternoon have been found, local media reported. Residents have been warned to stay inside. — CBC News (@CBCNews) June 1, 2018 The animals escaped from a zoo […]

German MEP threatens Troika may ‘invade Rome,’ but told to ‘mind own business’

The finger-wagging came from German politician and member of the European Parliament Markus Ferber. He claimed that the almighty Troika – the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, and the European Central Bank – might be forced to take extreme measures and ‘invade’ Italy. For its own good. “In the worst case scenario, Italy – as Greece […]

‘Not a German or EU colony’: EU’s budget chief Oettinger slammed for telling Italians how to vote

“My concerns and expectations are that the coming weeks will show that markets, government bonds and Italy’s economy could be so drastically impacted that they would serve as a signal to voters not to vote for populists on the right and left,” Oettinger told DW in an exclusive interview. Although the EU Commissioner was swift […]

87-year-old German grandma shocks world by doubting Holocaust

Video plus full transcript From Russian Insider (May 9, 2018) Questioning the Holocaust can get you in serious trouble in Germany, a country which takes great pride in its democracy. The German government cares so much about democracy, that it unstintingly supports all of America’s and Israel’s democracy-spreading regime-change wars in the Middle East, often gladly selling the […]

Guns & 57k rounds of ammo stolen from German military – report

A total of 75 assault rifles and pistols and nearly 57,000 rounds of ammunition have gone missing since 2010, the German magazine reported, citing a classified document.  German military wants staggering €12bn amid US calls for Berlin to boost defense – reports The year 2014 saw the biggest amount of equipment go missing, resulting in […]

Cartoonist Fired From German Newspaper Over Netanyahu Drawing

Renegade Editor’s Note: It’s incredible how insulated Israelis are from any kind of criticism, including this rather tame political cartoon. If the jewish supremacists keeping getting their way, such a cartoon will get someone locked up for hate speech anywhere in the West. By Middle East Monitor A leading German daily fired a cartoonist over […]

‘Ice age’ must end: Anti-Russia sanctions harm EU companies, says chair of German Left Party

Merkel & Putin speak to press after meeting in Sochi (VIDEO) Speaking to Germany’s Osnabrucker Zeitung newspaper on Saturday, Sahra Wagenknecht said the ice age in relation to Russia has to be ended. “It is in Europe’s interest to come together and talk about how we can achieve security and disarmament,” she said, noting that […]

Thousands protest as German police given powers to open mail under new laws

Organizers expected some 7,000 protesters to take part in the rally which is underway at Munich Marienplatz, the city’s central square and transport hub. Footage of the rally shows a crowded central square. Due to the high number of protesters, Munich police took to Twitter to urge new arrivals to go to nearby Odeonsplatz as […]

30,000 protest as German police granted powers to open mail under new laws

Police now estimate that 30,000 people have turned out for the protest – a figure far in excess of the 7,000 expected by event organizers. Emergency services are on hand to offer water to protesters stuck in the stationary march, according to police. READ MORE: Angela Merkel’s longevity masks the disintegration of Germany’s political center […]

GERMANY – Israeli Flags Hung in Major German Cities Are Taken Down and Thrown Away

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,932 other followers Source Article from Related Posts DoD Doctrine on Nuclear Operations Published, Taken Offline DoD Doctrine on Nuclear Operations Published, Taken Offline July 26th, 2020 Via: Federation of American Scientists: Height of Burst (HOB). […]

German military wants staggering €12bn amid US calls for Berlin to boost defense – reports

According to German Bild am Sonntag, the defense chief is otherwise threatening to put the plug on an international arms project. Von der Leyen’s department has already worked out several items for the “kill list,” which, according to Der Spiegel, include cooperation on submarines and the purchase of 6 C-130 transport planes desperately needed by the […]

Drones & fighter jets on display at German expo as opposition says people ‘want peace’ (VIDEO)

RT’s Peter Oliver visited the major exhibition for the aerospace and defense industries in the German capital, which kicked off this Wednesday.  Crisis-hit German army to spend millions on weapons & hardware – report One of the richest NATO members is showcasing the ultramodern Euro-MALE RPAS, developed in collaboration with France, Italy, and Spain. The […]

Berlin should foot bill for multi-billions lost by German firms in Russia due to US sanctions – analyst

     Politicians in Germany are not held responsible for multi-billion euro losses faced by their country’s businesses as a result of US sanctions against Russia, and that is wrong, an analyst told RT. “Why is it that only the economic sector is liable for the consequences of political decisions? If it is the political will […]

Nazi pedophile sect: German prosecutors visit Chile for updates on sex crimes investigation of a WWII immigrant ‘colony’

     The progress of an investigation into an infamous Nazi pedophile sect that abused and tortured children has prompted German prosecutors to visit Chile. Colonia Dignidad was initially established as an immigrant community by a group of Germans after World War II. The 13,000-hectare (50 sq mile) mountain “colony” lay in an isolated region 350km […]

Nazi pedophile sect: German prosecutors probe sex crimes of Chile’s WWII immigrant ‘colony’

Colonia Dignidad was initially established as an immigrant community by a group of Germans after World War II. The 13,000-hectare (50 sq mile) mountain “colony” lay in an isolated region 350km (217 miles) south of Santiago. It was home to approximately 300 people from Nazi Germany and their descendents. In 1961 it was taken over […]

Peace In Europe Only Possible With Russia Say German MP’s Who Want Moscow Back In G8

German lawmakers say that the West should resume meaningful dialog with Moscow on all major international issues, and that Russia should be invited to return to the G7. Sahra Wagenknecht, the head of the parliamentary faction of the Left Party, told the DPA news agency: “If the West seriously intends to engage in a constructive […]

Situation in Syria like ‘terrible sci-fi film’ starring Trump – German Left Party chair

The Wednesday comments by Sahra Wagenknecht of Die Linke (Left Party) came on the same day that the party held a rally in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to protest against the airstrikes carried out by the US, France, and the UK in Syria last weekend. Members of the party waved peace flags […]

German theater investigated over free ‘Mein Kampf’ tickets for swastika wearers

The Konstanz Theater in the state of Baden-Württemberg has been offering a controversial deal for the upcoming performance: theatergoers can either pay for their entry or get in for free if they agree to wear a swastika in the auditorium. Patrons who opt to pay for their ticket will be asked to put on a […]

German Police Shoot Dead Man in Bakery Rampage

Police in the central German city of Fulda said they shot dead a young Afghan refugee who went on a violent rampage in a bakery early Friday. The 19-year-old allegedly attacked the driver of a delivery truck at the bakery at 4:20am (0220 GMT), before smashing the shop’s windows, local police and prosecutors said. As […]

Backlash as rap album with Holocaust lyrics takes major German music gong (VIDEO)

At the ECHO music awards, which saw tops artists such as Kylie Minogue and Rita Ora attend, the rap album ‘Young, Brutal and Handsome 3’ by Kollegah and Farid Bang was recognized for selling more than 200,000 copies. However, the decision by organizers to award the record, which contains the lyrics “I’m doing another Holocaust, […]

Far Reich: Terrorist cell aiming to bring back German Empire raided by cops

Searches were carried out in three German states after police found evidence that the alleged members of the group held a meeting in the summer of 2017. Reichsburgers, which translates to “Reich citizens,” do not recognize the Federal Republic of Germany as a state, and instead identify with the German Empire that existed from 1871 to […]

German court decides jailed Catalan ex-president to be released on bail

nsnbc : Carles Puigdemont, the former president of Catalonia, must remain in Germany until his extradition trial. However, the State Court of Schleswig Holstein […]

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