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German woman 19 claims two Israeli men raped her in a Crete hotel room

German woman, 19, claims two Israeli men raped her in a Crete hotel room Ryan Fahey For Mailonline 02/09/2019 Two Israeli men in their thirties have been arrested in Crete on suspicion of raping a 19-year-old German woman. The teenager met the two men in a club on the Greek holiday island and claimed that […]

China summons German ambassador after Berlin hosted Hong Kong protest activist

Clemens von Goetze was summoned to the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, according to Wu Ken, Beijing’s envoy to Berlin. The move came one day after Joshua Wong, who is spearheading the anti-Beijing protests in the former British colony of Hong Kong, showed up in Germany and met Heiko Maas at an event hosted by […]

Beijing lashes out at Berlin after German foreign minister meets with Hong Kong protest activist

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas met protest leader Joshua Wong in Berlin on Monday, at an event hosted by German newspaper BILD. On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China was “extremely dissatisfied and resolutely opposed” to Germany allowing Wong to visit the country and meet with Maas. “China has already lodged stern […]

German Citizens Begin Arming Themselves as Violent Crime Rises

A growing number of German citizens are applying for permits to carry guns amid escalating violent crime in the country. In today’s Germany, around 640,000 citizens are legally permitted to carry a firearm. This figure has grown massively since 2014 when there were just 260,000 citizens with permits to carry a gun. reports: That’s […]

Hot cops under investigation by German authorities for steamy Insta selfies

Police Commissioner Barbara Slowik has commissioned an internal audit of officers posting under hashtags such as “#instacops” blurring the line between their activities as police officers with those of influencers. Instagram users such as Mehtap Öger and Adrienne Koleszár present a combination of beauty and authority in a trend that appears to be on the […]

German far-right party ousts regional leader for membership in extremist group

The far-right Alternative for Germany party has expelled one of its regional leaders following a lengthy standoff over her support for a group described by intelligence officials as extremist. Alternative for Germany (AfD) said a national party tribunal decided Wednesday to boot Doris von Sayn-Wittgenstein because of “behavior damaging to the party.” Von Sayn-Wittgenstein resigned […]

"No Need Right Now": Bundesbank Pours Cold Water On German Fiscal Stimulus Hopes

One of the pillars of support that has helped propel European stocks higher in recent days was violently yanked this morning, when Bloomberg reported that Germany’s Bundesbank refuted repeated trial balloons by Spiegel, saying it doesn’t see a need for fiscal stimulus at this time, even though it expects the economy to shrink again this […]

German Interior Minister floats evicting Syrian refugees who practice holidaymaking at home

“Syrian refugees that regularly spend holidays at home can’t seriously talk about being persecuted in Syria,” Horst Seehofer told Bild am Sonntag, adding that those following that logic “should be stripped of asylum.” ‘Your land, your future’! Germany offers migrants cash to go home in controversial ad campaign Immigration authorities are closely following recent developments […]

‘If you go home, take your nukes with you!’ Top German MP taunts US threat of troop withdrawal

German lawmakers have reacted to threats made by the US envoy to Berlin, Richard Grenell, saying that Berlin may use the ultimatum as an opportunity to push for the withdrawal of all American assets from Germany. “The US ambassador is right: US taxpayers should not have to pay for US troops in Germany,” Bartsch said, […]

Russia accuses German broadcaster & foreign NGOs of meddling in election protests

   German broadcaster Deutsche Welle and several foreign NGOs interfered in Russia’s internal affairs by calling on people to join the unsanctioned protests in the capital, Russian authorities say. “Such media escapades are against to the norms of professional journalist ethics and constitute an attempt by the German media corporation to meddle in the internal […]

German precision: WATCH controlled DEMOLITION of Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear plant tower

Follow RT on Built between 1975 to 1986 and situated on the river Rhine, the plant’s 80-metre (262-foot) high cooling tower, which had been a local landmark for decades, disappeared into dust in a matter of seconds. ‘), link: “” }, events: { onReady: function () { if(ga) { ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘JWPLAYER-GA’, ‘CLICK PLAY’, location.href); […]

German Jews accuse prominent news magazine of spreading anti-Semitic stereotypes

The primary Jewish communal representative body in Germany has accused popular news magazine Der Spiegel of propagating anti-Semitic stereotypes after it ran a cover illustration portraying local Jews as Eastern European Hasidim. The group, known in German as the Zentralrat Der Juden, tweeted on Friday that the image “unfortunately uses stereotypes of Jews,” raising the […]

German historian who fabricated family’s Holocaust history found dead at 31

German historian and blogger Marie Sophie Hingst, whose invention of a family Holocaust history was outed in a Spiegel Magazine article in June, has died in Dublin at the age of 31. She was found dead in her apartment on July 17. Police have not confirmed the cause of death, but said no foul play […]

German Churches Lost 430,000 Catholic and Protestant Members Last Year

The Catholic and Protestant churches both lost over 200,000 members last year. The losses have hit the churches hard, as members of both churches pay up to 9% of their taxable income as church taxes. Germany’s Catholic Church lost 216,078 members and Protestant churches lost some 220,000 in 2018, according to data published on Friday […]

German Jewish group slams Speigel article on pro-Israel lobby as anti-Semitic

Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine is facing a storm of criticism over its claim that pro-Israel lobbying was behind the country’s parliament recent rejection of boycotts against the Jewish state. A July 12 Spiegel article titled “targeted campaign” purported to uncover unethical practices by pro-Israel lobbying groups to steer German politics: The non-partisan German-Jewish “Values Initiative” […]

German Jewish leader condemns anti-Semitic items on Amazon

The Central Council of Jews in Germany denounced online retail giant Amazon on Saturday for allowing the sale of anti-Semitic books and pro-Nazi merchandise, calling for the practice to immediately stop. It is “absolutely unacceptable that T-shirts and stickers be sold via Amazon that glorify the Nazis or incite hatred against minorities,” council president Josef […]

Action vs. U.S. Nuclear Weapons On German Soil – Activists Bring “CEASE AND DESIST” Order to Buechel Nuclear Weapons Base In Germany

Action vs. U.S. Nuclear Weapons On German Soil – Activists Bring “CEASE AND DESIST” Order to Buechel Nuclear Weapons Base In Germany Above Photo: Tsega Of Jesus/Flickr ACTIVISTS BRING “CEASE AND DESIST” ORDER TO NUCLEAR WEAPONS BASE BUECHEL, Germany — Eleven international peace activists entered the Büchel Air Base southwest of Frankfurt early this morning to deliver […]

Judge Releases German Rescue Ship Captain, Saying Carola Rackete Was Fulfilling ‘Her Duty to Protect Life’

Julia Conley, Common Dreams Waking Times In a rebuke of far-right Italian leader Matteo Salvini’s anti-immigration policy, a judge on Tuesday ordered the release of Carola Rackete, the captain of a German rescue ship, who had been arrested for bringing African migrants to Italy. Rackete should not be held in custody, Judge Alessandra Vella said, […]

US Call for German Troops in Syria Angers Berlin

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Center-2019: 128,000 troops participate in massive Russia, China & India drill (VIDEOS, PHOTOS) The Tsentr-2019 (Center-2019) drill, which kicked off on Monday, amasses around 128,000 troops, with more USA Troops Protecting Opium/Heroin USA Troops Protecting Opium/Heroin Zionist Bankers / Governments created the War on Drugs […]

Washington wants German troops in Syria to help fill gap left by departing Americans

Washington has formally asked Berlin to take its place in the Syrian conflict, replacing a certain portion of the US contingent, Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey told Die Welt’s Sunday edition and DPA news agency, adding that he awaits a response from the German government this month. He said the request directly related to […]

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