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Germany: Afghan Migrant Arrested for Rape of 11-Year-Old is Released Within Two Weeks, Commits Second Rape of 13-Year-Old

It seems that mind-fucked German judges want little German children to be raped by Taliban goat herders. Daily Mail: A man who raped an 11-year-old girl in Germany was released from custody after 12 days and then went on to rape a 13-year-old just five weeks later, it is alleged.   The Afghan migrant’s alleged sex crimes have […]

Science Success: Germany Successfully Trains Corona-Sniffing Dogs

Sounds Healing

With the coronavirus in the process of killing everyone on earth, we are running out of time to save ourselves. We need to cry safety and let slip the hounds of public health. CNBC: Dogs have smell receptors up to 10,000 times more powerful and accurate than humans. That allows certain trained dogs to […]

Vatican Germany waging new Cold War using Canadian government funded propaganda forum and Trump-Russia dossier

The United States and Canadian governments have murdered the people they were elected to represent by willfully, deliberately and maliciously inflicting them with cancer, disease, viruses and/or bacteria or by inducing a heart attack? If cancer and infectious diseases in animals can be induced, at will, at thousands of medical research labs around the […]

France, Germany, UK demand US to refuse from sanctioning their companies in Iran

The politicians want to allow European enterprises to collaborate with Tehran, first of all, in such branches as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, power industry, civil aviation, infrastructure, and banking sphere. “An Iranian withdrawal from the (nuclear agreement) would further unsettle a region where additional conflicts would be disastrous,” the ministers stress in the joint letter, dated June 4, Addressed to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and […]

Emperor’s new clothes? Germany’s Gauland ridiculed after theft leaves him in his underwear (PHOTO)

It was 32 degrees Celsius (90 Fahrenheit) last Tuesday when co-leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) Alexander Gauland went to bathe in Heiliger See in Potsdam which is close to his apartment. While the politician enjoyed warm waters of the lake, a stranger approached his clothes. Shouting “This is no swimming place for Nazis!” […]

US Missiles To Germany – Defense Or Warmongering?

US Missiles To Germany – Defense Or Warmongering? Rumors continue to spread that the US is preparing to deploy its THAAD anti-missile system in Germany for the first time. What’s the threat? Iran, we are told. Particularly as the US pulling out of the deal has increased tensions. But is this really about defense of […]

Asylum Scandal Jolts Germany, Unsettling Merkel’s Government

Lax and possibly corrupt control of migrants triggers probe, sows new political tensions A scandal over the handling of asylum requests is threatening to destabilize German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s fractious coalition and trigger a parliamentary inquiry into her open-arms migration policy. A criminal investigation into alleged corruption at Germany’s migration agency has uncovered serious flaws […]

Review of Thomas Goodrich’s “Summer, 1945—Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate”

Published on the Occidental Observer By Thor Magnusson Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we think.  Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we act. Sometimes a book comes along  that changes the way we think and the way we act. Such a book was Hellstorm—The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944–1947. […]

Muslim "sex mob" hoax leads to gruesome murder in Germany

     The body of a mother in her late twenties was found in a park in Frankfurt earlier this month. Irina A. owned her own real estate company. Originally from Moldova, recent photographs show a pretty woman with swept-back bleached blond hair, a no-nonsense expression, and a bling Star of David pendant. One of the […]

Germany and EU partners scramble to save Iran deal

EU leaders are keen to salvage the deal shaped by Obama’s administration after President Trump on May 12th pulled the US out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The deal, in which Iran committed to denuclearize in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions, was signed by Iran, the US and the international […]

Germany Is Occupied Territory

Germany Is Occupied Territory Jewish Agenda Articles, Holocaust Hype Articles Germany Is Occupied Territory May 16, 2018 © YouTube Link Watch On +BN’s Own Channel ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________ More +BN Videos! Trump’s Little French Poodle Here Trump–The Art Of Breaking A Deal Here The Jewish Occupation Of Germany (Article) Here Notes From A Gas Chamber […]

GERMANY – Protest Erupts Calling for Release of ‘Nazi Grandma’

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RIPI, Germany’s Raschig strike NDA

SHANA — Iran’s Research Institute of Petroleum Industry and Germany’s Raschig have signed a non-disclosure agreement about gas sweetening with amine solution. The agreement was signed on Monday at the Iran Oil and Gas Show in Tehran between Mansour Bazmi, deputy head of RIPI for international affairs, and the director for business development of Raschig […]

GERMANY – Israeli Flags Hung in Major German Cities Are Taken Down and Thrown Away

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Germany: 200 African Migrants Riot to Prevent Man Being Deported, Police Flee

Germany: 200 African Migrants Riot to Prevent Man Being Deported, Police Flee Shocking breakdown of law and order Paul Joseph Watson May 2, 2018 200 African migrants rioted in the German town of Ellwangen to prevent the deportation of a Congolese man who was subsequently released as police fled the scene in fear. The […]

Germany: Violent African Invader Mob Prevents Deportation Action

There are now so many violent Africans in Germany that they are able to prevent the deportation of nonwhites with patently bogus “asylum seeker” claims from that country by simply using violence and death threats against police, an incident this week in Baden-Württemberg has shown. According to a report in the Stuttgarter Zeitung, around 200 […]

More than half of migrants in Germany fail language proficiency exam after ‘integration’ courses

     Every second migrant attending integration courses in Germany fails to reach the expected level of language proficiency at the end of their training, authorities have said. About one in ten doesn’t have a basic command of German. Out of all migrants who attended integration courses in 2017, only 48.7 percent managed to reach the […]

Only 4 of Germany’s 128 Eurofighter Typhoon jets ‘ready for combat’ – report

Spiegel’s Wednesday report said the problem with a critical device installed in the tips of the jet’s canard delta wings makes most of German Eurofighters unfit for service. The device, known as Defensive Aids Sub-System (DASS), is designed to detect a missile attack and warn the pilot of the inbound threat. It also serves as […]

Osama Bin Laden’s ‘Bodyguard’ Living On Benefits In Germany

A Tunisian man who was allegedly once a bodyguard for Osama Bin Laden is living on benefits in Germany, sparking major criticism from anti-immigration politicians. The information was revealed following a question posed to the regional government in Bochum, where the 42 year old lives, by the Alternative for Germany (AfD). According to a report in German […]

Germany: Attempt to Outlaw Polygamy among Refugee-Invaders

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder has announced an attempt to get that country’s national parliament to outlaw polygamy in Germany among the fake “refugee” population—even that it is already illegal for German citizens. According to a report in the Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper, Söder said that a special law was need to deal with the […]

Germany’s Largest Public TV Station: ‘Chemical Attack In Syria Was Staged’

Germany’s largest public TV station, ZDF heute, stunned millions of viewers during a report from the ground in Syria after claiming the chemical attack in Douma was ‘staged’.  Brave veteran reporter, Uli Gack, interviewed multiple eyewitnesses who all refuted Western reports of an April 7 chemical weapons attack. In a moment of refreshing honesty, Gack […]

Germany facing new form of anti-Semitism from refugees & people of ‘Arab origin’ – Merkel

“We now have another phenomenon, as we have refugees or people of Arab origin who bring another form of anti-Semitism into the country,” Merkel told the Channel 10 network in a broadcast on Sunday,  as cited by Die Welt. Migration & radical European Muslims stir up antisemitism in Germany – parliament chief No Jewish nursery, […]

Germany shouldn’t buy the F-35, Europe needs military independence – Airbus Defense CEO

“As soon as Germany becomes an F-35 nation, cooperation on all combat aircraft issues with France is dead,” Dirk Hoke, the CEO of Airbus Defense and Space at Airbus Group, told Welt am Sonntag newspaper. “Europe needs to define its sovereignty more clearly and state that we need to remain independent in defense and space,” […]

Chlorine From Germany And Smoke Bombs From England Found In Syria

Syrian troops have discovered containers filled with chlorine and smoke bombs manufactured in England in the East Ghouta region of Damascus. “In the liberated areas of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian government troops have found containers with chlorine – the most horrible kind of chemical weapons – from Germany, and also smoke grenades produced – please pay attention […]

Containers with chlorine from Germany, smoke bombs from UK’s Salisbury found in E. Ghouta – Moscow

“In the liberated areas of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian government troops have found containers with chlorine – the most horrible kind of chemical weapons – from Germany, and also smoke grenades produced – please pay attention [to this] – in the city of Salisbury, the UK,” Zakharova told a news conference in Moscow on Thursday. The […]

Wolfgang Eggert: The Cabalist Jewish Plot to Islamize Germany

(Left, At 2008 B’nai B’rith banquet, Angela Merkel uses a Masonic sign  to communicate her loyalty to Masonic Jewish world tyranny.)  Jewish revenge? Their agent, Angela Merkel has used Muslim men to invade Germany.  Historian Wolfgang Eggert believes  that if the destabilization of Germany continues,  a civil war will be inevitable. This is a compilation  of information from his […]

1 dead, 24 injured after fire engulfs care home in western Germany

The blaze engulfed the Domicil retirement home in Offenbach, close to Frankfurt-am-Main, on Monday morning, local media outlets said. Fire brigades were scrambled at around 3.40am local time, and arrived at the scene to deal with the emergency. One man was found dead inside his room on the second floor of the building, while 24 […]

Why Germany Was Forced Into Invading Greece, Crete, North Africa & Yugoslavia: It Was Not For Territorial Expansion

By John Wear Italian military incompetence was also the reason Hitler had to send troops to North Africa… Germany’s participation in North Africa was not about German territorial expansion…    Operation Merkur (Mercury) – The airborne invasion of Crete May, 1941. Many German paratroopers died before they could reach the ground; others, their equipment tangled […]

Rare Letter From Einstein Thanks American Who Helped Jews Escape Nazi Germany

In 1939, Albert Einstein wrote “thank you notes” to a few people for helping Jews to escape Nazi Germany. While historians only knew about two of those letters, a third recently surfaced in Chicago, according to WGN. Nearly 80 years after it was penned on June 10, 1939, Enid Bronstein is sharing the letter Einstein wrote to […]

Mother and son found dead at home in Hanover, Germany after mauling by dog

     A 52-year-old woman and her 27-year-old son have been found dead at their home in northern Germany after apparently being mauled by their Staffordshire terrier, police said Wednesday. The pair were discovered at their flat in Hanover, capital of Lower Saxony, on Tuesday evening, after a relative saw the bloodied body of one of […]

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