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Germany to Fine Parents €2,500 if They Fail to Vaccinate Children for Measles Starting Next Year

Measles vaccinations will be made compulsory for German schoolchildren from next year. The Bundestag – Germany’s parliament – yesterday passed a law that means parents who do not vaccinate school-age children face fines of up to €2,500 (that’s about $2763 or £2,140). The new rules – which come into force in March – will also […]

Homelessness In Germany On The Rise; Migrants Hit Hardest

The number of homeless people in Germany jumped over 4% between 2017 and 2018 – an increase of approximately 30,000 people, according to government figures cited by DW. Some 678,000 people in 2018 did not have permanent accommodation, up from 650,000 in 2017, according to Germany’s BAG, a nationwide consortium aimed at helping the homeless. Of that number, […]

Sleeping With The Third Reich: America’s Unspoken “Alliance” with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union

Image: Adolph Hitler together with Prescott Bush, grandfather of former President George W. Bush. Prescott Bush was a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co and director of Union Banking Corporation which had close relations with German corporate interests including Thyssen Steel, a major company involved in the Third Reich’s weapons industry.  “…[N]ew documents, declassified [in 2003], […]

Europe should consider renewed sanctions on Iran, Germany suggests

Reuters – Germany, Britain and France should be ready to consider starting moves to reinstate international sanctions on Iran over breaches of its 2015 nuclear deal, Germany’s foreign minister said on Monday. Europe’s position is vital as the United States has withdrawn from the deal and the other signatories, Russia and China, are allies of […]

Why Did Former Israeli Mossad Spy Chief Rafi Eitan Endorse Germany’s AfD ‘Far Right’ Party?

Shortly before his death in early 2019, Rafi Eitan, a former high-ranking intelligence officer with the Israeli Mossad who was the mastermind behind the notorious ‘Apollo Afair,’ gave a ringing pubic endorsement of the German ‘far right’ party, AfD, which many Jews have accused of being a magnet for ‘neo-Nazis’: Dear Friends of AfD, Alternative […]

380,000 Soviet troops in East Germany were told not to interfere with bringing down the Berlin Wall – Gorbachev

Socialist East Germany, officially known as the German Democratic Republic (GDR), remained riddled with Soviet bases after the end of WWII. “There were 380,000 Soviet soldiers stationed in the GDR at the time. They obeyed orders to refrain from intervening,” Gorbachev told Der Spiegel on Friday. “My main responsibility was to rule out the possibility […]

Germany marks fall of Berlin Wall but forgets DDR lessons – US ‘socialist defector’ Victor Grossman

Following the fall of the wall, which was seen as the most vivid manifestation of Europe’s division during the Cold War era, the Germans – and arguably the rest of the world with them – happily and unquestionably embraced the ideas of western capitalism in hopes it would offer a bright future for them. Yet, […]

Pompeo heads to Germany as he faces tumult in Washington over impeachment probe

Related Posts (Deep State Liar)Fiona Hill Penned Washington Post Op-ed Against Giving Ukraine Weapons in 2015 Fiona Hill Penned Washington Post Op-ed Against Giving Ukraine Weapons in 2015   Source Article US-initiated ‘world war’ against Iran has failed and Washington has gone mad, IRGC militia commander says “A full-fledged world war against the system and […]

Artist erects bronze statue to honor Germany’s drug dealers in response to PEGIDA protest (PHOTOS)

Artist Scott Holmquist set up his “Last Hero” sculpture on Sunday in Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg. Known nationwide as the “drug park,” the memorial stood for 24 hours, as agreed with the city. Holmquist, who produces expressions of “complete depravity” according to his Twitter bio, said the piece was designed to reflect “solidarity and human […]

Iran, Germany discuss regional developments, JCPOA

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of German Parliament Norbert Röttgen reviewed the latest regional developments. During the meeting which was held on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference Core Group Meeting in Doha, Qatar, both sides discussed current situation in Syria, Iran nuclear deal […]

Shocking murder in Germany: Woman run over & then HACKED to death in broad daylight by her HUSBAND

The 31-year-old victim was out for a walk when she was rammed by the suspect, who reportedly dragged her nearly 30 meters (98 feet) until his vehicle hit the wall of a house. The cold-blooded killer then got out of his car, retrieved an ax from the trunk, and proceeded to savagely hack at woman’s […]

Germany seeks military involvement in the Greater Middle East

The German delegation arrives in Cairo The Munich Security Conference is holding two seminars between Arab and German leaders, the first on 25-26 October in Cairo and the second on 27-28 October in Doha. Egypt – alongside Syria and Saudi Arabia – is engaged against the Muslim Brotherhood, while Qatar – together with Turkey and […]

Can Germany supplant US imperialism?

The German Defense Minister and President of the CDU, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, caught her partners and allies off-guard when, on 21 October 2019, she announced her intention to deploy an international military force in Syria. Her mentor, Chancellor Angela Merkel, was the only one in the loop and voiced immediate support. Her tossed-off announcement gave rise […]

WORLD GOVERNMENT: UN flies African ‘refugees’ into Germany

THE UNITED Nations has started flying African ‘refugees’ directly into Germany. Did they ask the German people, who are already reeling from the 2015 influx of ‘refugees’? Of course not, because ‘they’ know better. In 2018 the United Nations persuaded many nations to sign the protocol for managed migration which gives migrants the […]

Angela Merkel Admits Multiculturalism Has ‘Utterly Failed’ In Germany

It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help. Source Article from Related Posts Washington’s Utterly Failed Diplomacy   © Photo: Wikimedia   There seems no longer any attempt, or semblance, of seeking Japanese zoo’s utterly bizarre lion escape drill goes viral (VIDEO) Staff armed with nets and poles at […]

Strike by airline employees grounds flights in Germany

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Iran, Germany to cooperate on seed production

Tasnim – Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives of Iran (CORC) has started new cooperation with a German agricultural company to import and produce six new varieties of canola and sugar beet seed, Iranian Deputy Minister of Agricultural Jihad Hossein Shirzad said. Shirzad, who is also the chief executive officer of CORC, noted that his organization […]

Germany halts arms exports to Turkey, following offensive in Syria – Foreign Minister

“Against the backdrop of the Turkish military offensive in northeastern Syria, the Federal Government will not issue any new permits for all armaments that could be used by Turkey in Syria,” Mass told Bild am Sonntag. Mass stopped short of announcing a complete halt on weapons sales to Ankara, instead stating that weapons that could […]

Merkel’s Germany: Syrian Migrant Truck Attack Designated An ‘Act Of Terror’

A Syrian migrant shouting in Arabic about Allah ploughed a stolen truck into traffic in the German city of Limburg, injuring 9 people. The suspect, a male Syrian national in his 30s, dragged the driver of a white Mercedes truck from his vehicle before accelerating into other cars at a traffic light. Witnesses told local media […]

‘1ST FOOTAGE’ of shooting in Halle, Germany shows suspect step out of car to fire weapon

At one point, the man appears to stand behind the car to reload before firing again, though it’s not clear from the camera angle what he’s shooting at. The weapon’s intense recoil seems to shake the shooter, who stumbles backwards after firing the first shot caught on camera. Also on Two people killed in […]

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