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Project Veritas investigation reveals how tech giant Pinterest labeled top pro-life site “porn” so it could censor and ban its content

(Natural News) If you needed anymore evidence that the top tech giants are purposely targeting conservative, Right-leaning, and pro-Trump voices online, this should help you. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has become famous as an undercover journalist organization exposing Left-wing bias and hate against conservatives, and his organization has struck again, this time […]

Giant Pleistocene wolf discovered in Yakuti, Russia – still snarling after 40,000 years a

   Sensational find of head of the beast with its brain intact, preserved since prehistoric times in permafrost. The severed head of the world’s first full-sized Pleistocene wolf was unearthed in the Abyisky district in the north of Yakutia. Local man Pavel Efimov found it in summer 2018 on shore of the Tirekhtyakh River, tributary […]

High Radiation Levels Found in Giant Clams Near U.S. Nuclear Dump Site on Marshall Islands

From 1946 to 1958, the U.S. carried out 67 nuclear weapons tests at Bikini and Enewetak atolls, including the 1954 “Bravo” hydrogen bomb, the most powerful detonated by the U.S. It was about 1,000 times bigger than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II, according to Aljazeera. Radioactive ash fell more than 7,000 […]

Facebook co-founder: Break up social media giant

One of Facebook’s co-founders has called CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s power “unprecedented and un-American,” adding that Facebook should be broken up into multiple companies.  In an article for The New York Times on Thursday,  Chris Hughes wrote that Zuckerberg has a “staggering” influence at the company, which controls three major platforms — Facebook, Instagram and […]

Duterte speech unexpectedly interrupted by giant COCKROACH (VIDEO)

The 74-year-old was mid-sentence when his aide tried to shoo the bug away but it merely scrambled down Duterte’s chest before he nonchalantly swatted it away.   Not missing a beat, Duterte exclaimed: “It’s Liberal!” seizing the opportunity to take a pot shot at his political rivals in the main opposition Liberal Party, before he […]

Flying bulldog’? Researchers uncover GIANT BEE thought to be extinct for 3 decades (VIDEO)

A Global Wildlife Conservation search team found and photographed Wallace’s giant bee (Megachile pluto) nesting in a termite mound in the forests of Ternate, an Indonesian island in the North Moluccas, in January. They had spent years researching where the ideal habitat for the long-lost creature – which co-discoverer and bee enthusiast Clay Bolt affectionately describes as a […]

California’s electricity giant PGE accused of being arsonists… "clear-cut pattern of starting fires"

(Natural News) Electricity giant Pacific Gas & Electric is being called to task by a judge for its role in serially setting fires. U.S. District Court Judge William Alsip, who has been tasked with overseeing the firm’s probation for safety violations that brought about felony convictions for a 2010 gas pipeline explosion […]

Vancouver one giant Trump Tower, Soviet Chabad laundro-mansion

By Timothy Fitzpatrick Jan. 19, 2019 Anno Domini If we take Trump Tower to mean a place where Sino-Soviet oligarchs can launder their blood-soaked cash, consider Vancouver to be the biggest. It is one of the most Soviet-penetrated ports in the Western world: Vancouver, the gem city on Canada’s West coast—a once beautiful city now […]

Sheldon Adelson was a giant loser in midterms — and Trump is letting him know it

A lot of people are scratching their heads over Trump’s recent moves distancing himself from Israel. He announced that he was pulling troops from Syria, thereby nettling Israel’s friends who counted on him to take on Iran in Syria. Iran, Iran, Iran, say Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham, and Bret Stephens. Trump overrode John Bolton, his […]

Banking Giant HSBC Divests From Israeli Arms Manufacturer Following Pressure From Human Rights Campaigners

Banking Giant HSBC Divests From Israeli Arms Manufacturer Following Pressure From Human Rights Campaigners Above Photo: From HSBC confirmed to campaigners that it has fully divested from Israeli drone manufacturer Elbit Systems, which sells weapons to the Israeli military used in attacks on Palestinians. Over 24,000 people emailed HSBC with concern over its investments in […]

How They Do It– ‘Trump’s surprise Syria pullout a giant Christmas gift to our enemies’

The Ugly Truth ed note–and, here we go again, ladies and Gentile-men… The author of this piece, Max Boot– Is a lying, Zionist gangster whose job as an asset working for Israeli intelligence is to seduce Ma & Pa Kettle of America into singing onto the thousand year mortgage known as the ‘clash of civilizations’ […]

Giant dust is spreading across the world, defying the laws of physics

     Giant particles of dust are being spread across the globe, and the physical forces responsible are still up in the air, hidden somewhere in the wind. Whatever it is, this mysterious influence is so strong, it can transport particles 50 times bigger than we ever thought possible, carrying these huge pieces all the way […]

Google’s Earth: How the Tech Giant Is Helping the State Spy On Us

Google’s Earth: How the Tech Giant Is Helping the State Spy On Us December 20th, 2018 Via: Guardian: The purchase of Keyhole was a milestone for Google, marking the moment the company stopped being a purely consumer-facing internet company and began integrating with the […]

Amazing Miracle: Christian Actor Kevin Sorbo Says That A Giant California Wildfire Stopped 3 Feet From His Home

Amazing Miracle: Christian Actor Kevin Sorbo Says That A Giant California Wildfire Stopped 3 Feet From His Home Michael Snyder End Of The American Dream December 4, 2018 This story is absolutely amazing. Like so many others, actor Kevin Sorbo and his wife were forced to evacuate from their home during the recent California wildfires, […]

Diabetes UK’s £500,000 tie-up with soft drink giant

     The country’s leading charity for people with diabetes has been criticised over a £500,000 partnership with the soft drinks giant Britvic, which sells brands such as Tango and Pepsi. Diabetes UK said it has agreed the three-year deal with the beverage producer despite the link between consuming too many sugary soft drinks and the […]

Amazon staff forced to work in sub-zero temperatures in giant warehouse in Scotland

     There have been 440 accidents at firm’s UK sites since 2015 alone, according to Freedom of Information data. STAFF at an Amazon warehouse have been forced to work in sub-zero conditions, according to shocking claims revealed today. Workers at the facility in Dundee had to fill out orders for the US retail giant in […]

US fines Brazil’s oil giant Petrobras $853mn for bribery

Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski said in a statement that Petrobras executives at “the highest levels,”including board members, orchestrated hundreds of millions in bribes “and then cooked the books to conceal the bribe payments from investors and regulators.” The payment includes a tentative deal to pay $682.6 million to a Brazil fund, and an additional $170.6 million […]

Banned TED Talk: The Giant Ceremonial Astrological Mound Builders of Ancient North America

The Facts: Strong evidence points to the reality that giants existed on earth. Many ancient cultures recognized this. Many of these beings had great knowledge of the stars and astrology. Reflect On: How much of our history is actually true? How much has been held back? When you begin to stretch your consciousness outside of […]

Startup Giant Invests To Shut Down Factory Farms

The Facts: Multiple sources show how what we call “Dark Matter” might actually represent the quantum vacuum, a ‘substance’ that could make up the large majority of our universe. Yet it’s an invisible Force: massless, neither solid nor liquid. Reflect On: We are currently going through the next scientific revolution, where non-material science is getting […]

The Social Media Purge of Conservatives Is A Giant Election Meddling Scheme

It can no longer be denied that there is a coordinated, sustained agenda to censor and silence conservatives by social media Silicon Valley giants as part of a giant election meddling scheme. It is widely acknowledged that Facebook and Google both backed both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the last two presidential elections. Obama’s […]

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