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Trump: Democrats Hellbent on Eliminating ‘God-Given Right to Self-Defense’

President Trump has slammed “radical” Democrats for trying to take away guns from law-abiding Americans. During his September 16, 2019, rally in New Mexico, Trump warned of “radical left Democrats” who are hellbent on pushing regulations, higher taxes, and restrictions on free speech. He also warned that “left-wing Democrats want to confiscate your guns and […]

Telcos given powers to block websites

A new direction in the push for censorship. Photo: LDR The Australian government has passed new laws allowing internet services providers to block domains that promote “harmful and extreme” content. Authorities have accepted new recommendations from the final Digital Platforms Inquiry report — empowering telecommunications companies to restrict access to specific websites hosting ‘extremist content’. […]

Jeffrey Epstein Was Given Three 12 Yr Old Girls to Abuse As A Birthday Gift, Unsealed Court Documents Claim

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims that three 12-year-old girls were flown in from France for him to abuse as a sadistic birthday present, according to unsealed court documents from a 2015 lawsuit  The gift allegedly came from Epstein’s longtime friend and top model scout Jean-Luc Brunel  The Mail Online reports: Giuffre made the […]

President Trump: Major Consideration Given to Declaring Antifa ‘ORGANIZATION OF TERROR’

President Trump has had enough of the violent thugs at Antifa after the far-left group gathered for a day of clashes in Portland, Oregon on Saturday. “Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.’ Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!” […]

The Cancer Epidemic is Caused by a Viruse That Was Put in the Polio Vaccine and Given to 98 Million People (Also Transmitted Sexually)

In 1960, medical studies determined that the Salk injectable polio vaccine (IPV) contained the Simian Virus 40 (SV40). SV40 is a cancer-causing virus originating from minced rhesus monkey kidney cells that were used to manufacture the polio vaccine. From the mid-50s until 1960, the SV40-tainted vaccine had been administered to about 98 million adults and […]

Given that Maurene COMEY of the Southern District of New York is prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein, Trump is being targeted.

      Prosecutor in 2019 Epstein Case Is Maurene Comey, Daughter of Fired FBI Director James Comey — Who Participated in 2017 Pussy Hat March by Jim Hoft The Gateway Pundit Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein Florida billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Saturday in New York for sex trafficking of minors, reported The […]

Why are dads given ZERO rights when it comes to unborn babies? (Hint: Never fornicate with a progressive feminist unless you want your baby slaughtered)

(Natural News) Whenever liberals are challenged for heartlessly supporting the barbaric practice of legalized baby murder, also known as abortion, they usually trigger into maniacal tirades about women’s “reproductive rights.” But how come men’s reproductive rights are never considered as important or even valid in the conversation about the sanctity of unborn […]

New Cars To Be Equipped With Breathalyzers, Drivers Given Mental Health Assessments

By MassPrivateI If you thought the TAPS Act was bad, wait until you read this. Our politicians are hard at work introducing bills that promise to turn America into a mirror image of China. Rep. Kathleen Rice’s H.R. 3374 bill, otherwise known as the End Drunk Driving Act, would put breathalyzers and ignition interlock devices in every new car. […]

India: Three men accused of the rape, torture and murder of little girl given life sentences

   Three men who raped and murdered an eight-year-old girl in a case which sparked outrage across India have been spared the death penalty. The Muslim girl, Asifa Bano, was drugged, held captive in a Hindu temple and sexually assaulted for a week before being strangled and battered to death with a stone in Indian-controlled […]

Life-threatening rash that makes your skin burn, bubble, and fall off is a known side effect of a medication given to teens for mood swings

(Natural News) There are lots of reasons you might want to avoid taking mood medications. Antidepressants, for example, not only have a pretty poor track record when it comes to effectiveness, but they also come with a concerning list of side effects. Now, another type of mood medication is in the spotlight […]

We Build The Wall org given “green light” to restart construction of border barrier after Leftists fail to derail the effort

(Natural News) With Democrats, some Republicans, and Obama judges on federal courts aligned against POTUS Donald Trump’s efforts to build new walls along the U.S.-Mexico border, a private organization has stepped in to erect new barriers were it can. We Build The Wall, a group started by triple amputee and U.S. Air […]

Taiwan military drills significant given US-China trade war: Press TV correspondent

Press TV correspondent Steven Ribet says Taiwan drills are very significant this year given the fact that the US-China trade war is escalating. Source Article from Related Posts Iran, Turkey agree to increase use of local currencies in trade: Chief banker The governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says use of local […]

The Israelis Now Claim God Given Rights, Whereas Before Their Claims Were Political

Christopher Jon Bjerknes The Israelis used to claim their supposed right to exist were based upon such mundane instruments as the Balfour Declaration and United Nations Resolution 242. They have changed tactics. They now claim a biblical right to exist. This enables the Israelis to assert ancient rights to vastly greater territories and justify the […]

MSM Divide Tactics on Full Display as More Concern Given to MAGA Hat Than Standing Rock Abuse

(Support Free Thought) – Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last several days, you have likely seen what could go down in history as one of the most mischaracterized, yet most divisive videos ever reported in the media. The video, showing an odd confrontation between a white teenage boy and a […]

Keanu Reeves Has Secretly Given Away Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

Keanu Reeves has suffered a series of tragic events in his life, before and after becoming a popular film star, yet that hasn’t stopped him quietly and selflessly giving away hundreds of millions of dollars to those in need, including children’s hospitals, without ever seeking any kind of credit for his selfless actions. Throughout his […]

Nobel Peace Prize Could Be Stripped From Obama; Given To Trump

The Nobel Peace Prize given to Obama could soon be stripped from him and handed to President Trump instead, according to reports.  The Norwegian Nobel Committee controversially chose to honor Obama around ten years ago “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” much to the dismay of politicians and Nobel officials […]

Trump asks for, and is given, resignation from Attorney General Jeff Sessions

     US President Donald Trump has requested – and received – the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Department of Justice will be led by his chief of staff Matthew Whitaker until a permanent replacement is nominated. “We thank Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his service, and wish him well!” Trump said on Twitter […]

Ecuador foreign minister: No help to be given to Assange

     Ecuador will not help Julian Assange leave the UK, the country’s foreign minister said, claiming its only duty was to look after the WikiLeaks founder’s “well-being” after Assange sued them for restricting his rights and freedoms. Ecuadorian FM Jose Valencia told Reuters that Ecuador is not responsible for helping Assange leave the London embassy […]

Nobel Prize committee says future awards should be given to women who didn’t earn it, just to make sure more women are award recipients

(Natural News) You don’t have to actually invent anything novel or make some groundbreaking new discovery to receive a Nobel Prize, these days. According to new reports, all you have to do is be a woman. The Nobel Prize Committee recently made an announcement that, from now on, it would rather embrace […]

Congress Given Evidence That 100% Exonerates Kavanaugh, Lawyer Claims

Congress has been given evidence that completely exonerates Kavanaugh from false sexual assault charges, according to a Harvard lawyer.  President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Ed Whelan, tweeted that Feinstein will likely end up apologizing this week to Kavanaugh due to new evidence that has just come to light. reports: This would be […]

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