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Governor Orders Firing of Prison Guards Pictured Giving Nazi Salute

(TMU) — Following the release of a photo showing employees at the West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation making a Nazi salute, several employees have been suspended while the governor is calling for all those involved to lose their jobs. The image, which shows over two dozen trainees with Basic Training Class Number 18 […]

(Deep State Liar)Fiona Hill Penned Washington Post Op-ed Against Giving Ukraine Weapons in 2015

Fiona Hill Penned Washington Post Op-ed Against Giving Ukraine Weapons in 2015   Source Article from Related Posts Cheney warns US against Middle East pullout as even Washington Post digs up proof his War on Terror was ‘UNWINNABLE’ Cheney warned a rapt Dubai audience that “American disengagement” from the Middle East would play The […]

Top Addiction Expert: Giving Your Child a Smartphone is Like Giving Them a Gram of Cocaine

The world is changing at a dramatic pace. It’s shifting so fast, in fact, that the childhood you remember is vastly different than the one your own kids will experience. This is largely due to the development and saturation of technology in modern society. While there are perks to being hyper-connected, allowing children access to […]

Why Is Saudi Arabia Giving Up A Tract Of Land The Size Of Massachusetts For "The World’s First Independent International Zone"?

Under the leadership of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a $500 billion “mega-city” is being constructed in the northwestern corner of Saudi Arabia.  This city has been named “Neom”, and when it is fully completed it will be approximately “the size of Massachusetts”.  The Wall Street Journal was able to recently examine […]

Addiction Expert Claims: Giving Your Child A Smartphone Is Like Giving Them A Gram Of Cocaine

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times The world is changing at a dramatic pace. It’s shifting so fast, in fact, that the childhood you remember is vastly different than the one your own kids will experience. This is largely due to the development and saturation of technology in modern society. While there are perks to being […]

Global Research: Giving Voice to Unspoken Truths

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Against Call of Duty’s Russophobia, gamers are the voice of reason Infinity Ward’s latest first-person shooter has made ‘realism’ a selling point, featuring landscapes and missions Face-scanning AI hires based on your facial movements, words and voice Your resume may not be the […]

EFF Sues AT&T, Data Aggregators For Giving Bounty Hunters and Other Third Parties Access to Customers’ Real-Time Locations

SAN FRANCISCO — The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP filed a class action lawsuit today on behalf of AT&T customers in California to stop the telecom giant and two data location aggregators from allowing numerous entities—including bounty hunters, car dealerships, landlords, and stalkers—to access wireless customers’ real-time locations […]

EA apologizes for giving a ‘Nazi’ character in Battlefield V the name of real-life anti-fascist hero

The game maker issued their apology in response to a Vice Magazine article on the topic this week, explaining that they were unaware they had given the explosives-wielding soldier from their hit first-person shooter the same name as a real resistance fighter from Dresden, who’d been arrested by the Gestapo in 1944. Also on White Helmets and […]

CointelPro, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Introduction We are going on a bit of a ride here. In an attempt to keep interest, a very few, I hope a “lucky few” will gain some insights. For the real majority of relatively normal people who are offended by living among the insane, do realize we know you […]

Just an ad: I am not giving Gillette’s cynical new trans promo the satisfaction of my ‘outrage’

There is actually little wrong with the minute-long spot itself, starring Canadian Samson Bonkeabantu Brown (“It’s not just me transitioning, it’s everyone around me transitioning”) and his supportive father (“Shaving is about being confident”). While the pseudo-spontaneous documentary approach is so much artifice, at least the tone is positive, even touching. It might all be […]

How Feminism Tricked Women Into Giving Up Their Power

Women want love, marriage and family. Men want Sex. Before second-wave feminism, the watchword for women was “No sex before marriage.” Feminists like Brown duped women into giving sex in exchange for NOTHING. Thanks partly to her, almost 50% of American women are childless today. She deprived women of their honoured natural and social roles […]

Only 2% of Amazon shareholders vote against giving facial recognition to government

The proposal to stop selling Amazon’s “Rekognition” program to authorities was rejected by 97.6 percent of the company’s shareholders, according to a regulatory filing released on Friday, while a proposal to study Rekognition’s negative impact on civil rights and privacy repulsed 72.5 percent. CEO Jeff Bezos, who controls 16 percent of the company’s stock, […]

Feminism Tricked Women Into Giving Up Their Power

From Aug. 14, 2012By Henry Makow Ph.D. In 1965, Helen Gurley Brown, the editor of Cosmopolitan, said that a housewife was “a parasite, a dependent, a scrounger, a sponge or a bum.” She didn’t call them whores because she respects whores. Her sister-in-arms, Betty Friedan, compared homemakers to “concentration camp inmates” because of the lack […]

EU giving Venezuela ultimatum, not trying to mediate the crisis – Russian FM

“The EU believes it has the right to dictate conditions for international mediation efforts,” Lavrov said during his visit to Bishkek on Monday. “It is not mediation. It is an ultimatum.” The Russian foreign minister also criticized the bloc for setting up a contact group in Venezuela, which includes several EU and Latin American countries. […]

President Trump Argues That We’re Giving the Jews So Much Money We Don’t Need to Fight Eternal War for Them

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 27, 2018 Finally, the New York Times has come out and admitted that the entire backlash to President Trump’s pullout of Syria is a Jewish backlash based on the interests of the Jewish state. What Israel most needs from the U.S. today is what it needed at […]

Bethesda Rats Attempt Apology for Refusing Fallout 76 Refund, Giving Free Old Games

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 24, 2018 The disgusting rats of Bethesda have stuck to their guns on their “no refunds” policy on Fallout 76, but have decided to make the miniscule Christmas gesture of giving the game’s victims three free old games. #HappyHolidays! ANYONE who logged into the full release of […]

Are Doctors Actually Giving Patients Any Up-to-Date Vaccine Safety Information?

The Facts: Maurice Chatelain designed and built NASAs Apollo communication systems. He wrote a book detailing his experience with the Apollo programs, and said that all of the missions experienced UFO activity and other strange anomalies. Reflect On: It seems that there is an overwhelming amount of witness testimony from insiders, how has this gone […]

6 Signs Of Growth To Start Giving Yourself Credit For

The Facts: Narcissism, in a nutshell, is self-absorption to the extent that it will adopt any set of rationale to protect the ego which often includes a degree of self-deception. Is this happening to many in spiritual trends? Reflect On: There is authentic being, and then there is self-absorption which pretending to be authenticity, are […]

Russia! The gift that keeps giving for the BBC, even on the streets of France

Dear failing leaders of France, are basement-level ratings getting you down? Are violent riots spooking the tourists? Are running street protests at the height of the holiday season placing a drag on consumer spending? Have no fear because the BBC is here with a one-size fits all bogeyman to explain virtually everything. Please have a […]

Don’t laugh at how ridiculous the MSM has become or you’re giving Putin what he wants

     The BBC has published an article titled “How Putin’s Russia turned humour into a weapon” about the Kremlin’s latest addition to its horrifying deadly hybrid warfare arsenal: comedy. The article is authored by Olga Robinson, whom the BBC, unhindered by any trace of self-awareness, has titled “Senior Journalist (Disinformation)”. Robinson demonstrates the qualifications and […]

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