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CNN: Moms Who Voted for Joe Biden Voted for Glenn Youngkin

CNN’s Pamela Brown found some Virginia mothers who voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election but ended up voting for Republican Glenn Youngkin in the governor’s race last week. Brown interviewed four Virginia moms – one Democrat, two Independents, and one unaffiliated – but three of whom admitted to voting for Biden in […]

Trump Praises Republican Glenn Youngkin on Election Day Eve: ‘Flood the System and Get Out and Vote’

Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the eve of Virginia’s highly anticipated gubernatorial election, urging Virginians in a statement on Monday to “flood the system and get out and vote” for Republican Glenn Youngkin. Trump bashed the “fake news media” for “trying to create” a false narrative about Trump’s relationship with Youngkin, accusing media […]

KKK Member Posing By Glenn Youngkin’s Bus Turns Out To Be Ralph Northam

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—A KKK member posing outside Glenn Youngkin’s bus, ostensibly to support the gubernatorial candidate, has turned out to actually just be Governor Ralph Northam in his trusty Klan hood. “We’re all in for Glenn! We’re all in for Glenn!” the man in the white hood chanted as Youngkin’s bus pulled into a campaign stop […]

Opinion | What It Means if Glenn Youngkin Wins

Former President Barack Obama gives a fist bump to Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, during a rally in Richmond, Va. on Saturday. | Steve Helber/AP Photo A Youngkin victory, though, would be significant. It wouldn’t just send tremors of fear through Democrats nationally, presumably making the party’s agenda that much more difficult […]

Biden: Glenn Youngkin an ‘Acolyte’ of Donald Trump Hiding Behind ‘A Smile and a Fleece Vest’

President Joe Biden tried to tie Republican candidate for Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin to former President Donald Trump at a rally for former Gov. and current Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe. Biden spent most of his time talking about Trump, not McAuliffe and Youngkin — echoing the Democrat strategy to insert Trump into the race. “How […]

Glenn Youngkin Brags About Support From Advocates of Total Abortion Bans, Opponents of LGBTQ Equality

Republican Glenn Youngkin is continuing to rally anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ extremists in his bid to become Virginia’s next governor. Most Virginians support legal equality, including marriage equality, and most Virginians believe abortion should be legal in all or most circumstances, but Youngkin continues to seek and tout endorsements from groups that oppose LGBTQ equality and […]

Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Choice Groups Mobilize to Elect Glenn Youngkin Virginia Governor

Anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice religious-right groups and leaders are mobilizing to help Republican Glenn Youngkin win this year’s Virginia gubernatorial election in which voting is already underway. Youngkin has bragged about endorsements from national religious-right groups, including the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List and National Right to Life. Another right-wing anti-choice group, CatholicVote, told supporters in an […]

Resisting Covid Tyranny, with Dr. Glenn Dormer and Friends

Dr. Glenn Dormer, Fritjof Persson and Eli James discuss the economic and political aspects of the covid plandemic and lockdown Share this: Source

Journalist Glenn Greenwald: ‘Merger Between the Democratic Party and the CIA’ Results in Endless War Cheerleading From Liberal Media

Renegade liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald recently appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight where he explained why the fake news media desperately wants troops to be put back into Afghanistan. He explained why he believes the media is turning on Joe Biden, who removed troops abruptly from Afghanistan with the Taliban taking over even faster […]

Democrats Furious After Glenn Beck Raises Over $20M To Rescue Christians Trapped in Afghanistan

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck has triggered Democrats after raising a whopping $20 million to help rescue Christians trapped in Afghanistan. Beck’s Nazarene Fund seeks to ensure that thousands of Christians will be safely evacuated from the country before they are killed by Biden’s newly-empowered Taliban terrorist regime. The fund aims to extract over 5,000 people currently […]

Critical Race Theory ‘Ground Zero’: Republican Glenn Youngkin Rallies Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia

ASHBURN, Virginia — Republican Glenn Youngkin, who is running for governor, announced Wednesday night the opening phase of his proposed education plan in Loudoun County, a location he described as “ground zero” for Critical Race Theory (CRT). Youngkin rolled out the first of what he said would be three phases of his plan to a […]

Critical Race Theory ‘Ground Zero’: Republican Glenn Youngkin Rallies Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia

ASHBURN, Virginia — Republican Glenn Youngkin, who is running for governor, announced Wednesday night the opening phase of his proposed education plan in Loudoun County, a location he described as “ground zero” for Critical Race Theory (CRT). Youngkin rolled out the first of what he said would be three phases of his plan to a […]

On Contact: Securing Democracy With Glenn Greenwald

 On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to the US journalist Glenn Greenwald about how his reporting exposed the corruption that is rife among Brazil’s political, judicial, and economic elite. Greenwald was able to show, through a trove of documents, how President Jair Bolsonaro and his crypto-fascist party manipulated the legal system with […]

Glenn Greenwald Called “Transphobic” For Commenting on Results of Gallup LGBT Survey

Journalist Glenn Greenwald was called “transphobic” for pointing out that although a new Gallup survey shows a surge in the number of Americans identifying as LGBT, almost all of the increase comes from those identifying as trans or bi, not gay or lesbian. The poll found that one in six people under the age of […]

Glenn Beck Criticized for Comparing Deplatforming to the ‘Digital Ghetto’

Conservative radio and television host Glenn Beck compared the deplatforming of conservatives to the “digital ghetto” in a January 12 appearance on Fox News. Speaking on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Beck, who founded the conservative website The Blaze, said, “This is like the Germans with the Jews behind the wall, they would put them in a […]

Glenn Greenwald Blasts Big Tech for Censoring ‘Unilaterally, with No Standard, Accountability or Appeal’

Journalist Glenn Greenwald has criticized Silicon Valley tech companies for an increase in censorship following the recent suspension of President Donald Trump’s social media accounts. Greenwald expects the Masters of the Universe to quickly escalate their censorship as the belief that ” tech oligarchs should police our discourse is a virtual consensus.” In a number […]

MUST SEE interview of Glenn Greenwald MUST SEE

Via The Saker October 29, 2020 Note: listen to what a REAL progressive/Leftist thinks of the Dems and what they represent! [embedded content] Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Related Filed under: USA | Tagged: “illusion of democracy”, “illusion of freedom.”, Biden, Censorship, CIA, Deep State, Mainstream Media Lies, Neocons, Trump, USA DEMOCRATS, Yellow journalism […]

Glenn Greenwald Resigns From The Intercept After They Censor His Content

The Facts: Sangulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso has invented an electric system that runs off a battery. The unique thing is the battery charges itself with electromagnetic radiation that’s present naturally in the environment. It can run forever. Reflect On: Why do these technologies never see the light of day? Why are they usually ridiculed and brushed […]

Time is NOT the fourth dimension: Glenn Jessome in the latest episode of CounterThink with Mike Adams

(Natural News) As far as we can remember, the concept of time has always been there. But what really is time? Is it truly the fourth dimension that comes after space? Joseph Glenn Jessome of the Jessome Society shared his insights on the real meaning of time in the latest episode of […]

Glenn Greenwald: Is fake news used by Russia or is it about Russia?

     Every empire needs a scary external threat, led by a singular menacing villain, to justify its massive military expenditures, consolidation of authoritarian powers, and endless wars. For the five decades after the end of World War II, Moscow played this role perfectly. But the fall of Soviet Union meant, at least for a while, […]

Glenn Beck announces mass layoffs at The Blaze

Source: The Hill The Blaze will be conducting mass layoffs in an effort to “become more nimble” and “keep pace with the massive changes” in the media business, Glenn Beck, the company’s founder, said Thursday. “Today, we said goodbye to just over 20 percent of the combined workforce of Mercury Radio […]

Glenn Greenwald warns “Trump opponents should be careful of what they wish for, as it might come true”

During his successful 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump, for better and for worse, advocated a slew of policies that attacked the most sacred prongs of long-standing bipartisan Washington consensus. As a result, he was (and continues to be) viewed as uniquely repellent by the neoliberal and neoconservative guardians of that consensus, along with their sprawling network of agencies, […]

Glenn Greenwald: Julian Assange’s Arrest Threatens Press Freedom For All

American journalist Glenn Greenwald has warned that the imminent arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will likely see an end for press freedoms in the U.S. Speaking with Democracy Now, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist warns that if Assange is extradited and incarcerated, it will mark the end of press freedom for all media organizations and […]

PAUL RYAN IS A JEW! Pro Immigration Stance solved.

IF IT WALKS LIKE A JEW AND TALKS LIKE A JEW AND LOVES MASS THIRD WORLD IMMIGRATION AND WHITE GENOCIDE THEN IT’S A JEW! No one could understand how yet another supposed Irishman (Jew John Kerry (Kohn) being the other) could act and behave and think so Jewish and have such Jewish views. But now we know. […]

Hey, Guys: Let’s Raid NRO Again

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 23, 2016 Presently, NRO only publishes articles attacking Trump. They do not publish articles on other subjects. Totally objective writers include people like (((Levin))) and (((Goldberg))). At first, when I saw the backlash that the National Review was getting over their attack on ULTIMATE SAVIOR, I was like: “Well, I’ll leave […]

Defrosted tiny animals come back to life, breed after 30 years in freezer

These microscopic creatures – also dubbed moss piglets – were collected in Antarctica in 1983 during Japan’s 24th research expedition there. In 2014, a team at the National Institute of Polar Research in Tokyo decided to defrost samples of tardigrades that spent over three decades in the institute’s freezer as a part of their long-term […]

Negress Jada Pinkett Smith Calls for Boycott of Oscars Because Not Enough Blacks

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 18, 2016 The SJWs and their hordes of confused colored folk continue to spin in a tizzy over the fact that all 20 of the actor nominations for the Oscars have gone to Whites. Despite the consensus that these were the people who deserved the nominations, SJWs continue to assert that […]

If You Want to Limit the Power of the Super-Wealthy, Stop Using their Money

Reformers have suggested everything from a global tax on wealth (Piketty) to publicly owned banks to limiting the pay to play circus of campaign contributions. None of these will change the power structure or limit the super-wealthy. as I explained last week, If We Don’t Change the Way Money Is Created and Distributed, […]

10-20-15 — Ron Paul – Tone Vays (MP3 & VIDEO + BONUS LOADED)

Guests:  Ron Paul Topics:  Mises Circle Event – Phoneix  Hour 1 — Ron Paul comes on the show to promote the Mises Circle Event in Phoenix Nov 7th, where he is the keynote speaker  Hour 2&3+BONUS — Tone Vays (trader, risk analyst, blogger; Columnist @ BraveNewCoin) in studio discussing the Housing Crisis and […]

Glenn Beck to offer tv show for kids

Hey kids! Sick of Bert and Ernie and Dora and Disney? Uncle Glenn is here to help!  Starting Monday, Glenn Beck’s GBTV Internet television network will be broadcasting a kids program titled Liberty Treehouse. Just in case your children weren’t conservative enough. Beck won’t be hosting the show, but it will lead into his own […]

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