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Blain: "It Makes Me Wonder Where All The Liquidity The Fed Is Pumping Is Going"

Blain’s Morning Porridge, submitted by Bill Blain “Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.. pass me a penny.. ”  The global markets continues to wobble along. Trade deal or no deal..? Lots of talking heads saying it might happen, it might not, the potential credibility costs if its not.  Meanwhile, all eyes on Hong […]

Brace For Impact! The U.S. Economy Is Going Down, And It Is Going Down Hard…

By Michael Snyder I have so many bad economic numbers to share with you that I don’t even know where to start.  I had anticipated that the U.S. economic slowdown would accelerate during the fourth quarter of 2019, and that is precisely what has happened.  The Federal Reserve is trying to do all that it […]

The NBA is going vegan, one player at a time

   During both the off-season and their time on the court, NBA players are looking for the best way to get their bodies in top shape while maintaining energy and performance at optimal levels. More and more professional tough guys are realizing that choosing vegan is the way to go. And animals are winning because […]

Adam Schiff: I’m Going to Send “Charlatan” Trump Back to His “Golden Throne”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff boasted on Saturday that he’s about to send “charlatan” President Trump back to the “golden throne he came from.” In a speech at the California Democratic Party State Convention in Long Beach, Schiff proclaimed, “two years ago I stood before you and I urged you to resist and you […]

To save himself, Netanyahu is going to war with Gaza

Even as Israel becomes chronically unable to form a government, the ‘Gaza consensus’ — the endless pounding of the strip into oblivion — persists. It could tip the scales in Netanyahu’s favor. Palestinians evacuate the wounded from Israeli air strikes in Gaza City on November 12, 2019. Earlier in the day an Israeli air strike killed Palestinian […]

I was a liberal NY prof, but when I said the left was going too far, colleagues called me a NAZI & treated me like a RUSSIAN SPY

My break with the left began in the fall of 2016. I was a professor at New York University, a left-liberal, and an active social media participant. My skepticism and resentment at my political tribe’s insistence that I affirm its increasingly crazy claims had been growing steadily to this point. Much like Jordan Peterson, my […]

Iran court has ‘on going’ case regarding American who went missing on CIA job

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran is acknowledging for the first time it has an open case before its Revolutionary Court over the 2007 disappearance of a former FBI agent on an unauthorized CIA mission to the country, renewing questions over what happened to him. In a filing to the United Nations, Iran said […]

America’s Fifty-Fold Increase in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – What’s Going On?

The Facts: This article was written By Dr. Alan Palmer, a contributing writer for Children’s Health Defense. Reflect On: Why have we been misled? Why does mainstream media simply ridicule thee types of arguments instead of actually addressing and countering the points made? Why is Facebook censoring vaccine safety information? Throughout the 20th century, the […]

“Ukraine” whistleblower suddenly not going to testify before Adam Schiff’s secret committee — so what’s the “impeachment inquiry” really for?

(Natural News) The CIA official who reportedly filed what was a second-hand “whistleblower” report regarding a phone call President Trump had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over the summer isn’t going to testify before a secret panel headed by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. The official — […]

If It’s a Boeing, I’m Not Going

During the Senate hearing into Boeing on October 29, Senator Jon Tester told the company’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg: “I would walk before I would get on a 737 MAX. I would walk.” He added: “There is no way … You shouldn’t be cutting corners and I see corners being cut.” That’s all fine and well, but […]

Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio: Going Deep

Mercury begins its latest retrograde process on October 31st, which will last until November 20th/21st. In the weeks (and especially days) leading up to it we start to notice its influence as Mercury slows down and comes to a stop before moving the other way. This is known as the ‘pre-shadow’ period which began on […]

Are We Going Deeper Into The Middle-East… Or Coming Out?

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via, Imperial Capital But America-First Nation “Let someone else fight over this long blood-stained sand,” said President Donald Trump in an impassioned defense of his decision to cut ties to the Syrian Kurds, withdraw and end these “endless wars.” Are our troops in Syria, then, on their way home? Well, […]

What is going on all over the world with the violent protests?

Related Posts A clip from the Dublin newspaper Sunday World in 2000 linking Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell to a ‘hookers and pimps’ party… Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article Kissinger: Inevitable Conflict Between USA and China “Will Be Worse Than World Wars” Former US secretary of […]

Hillary’s going down—BIG TIME!

Related Posts Meghan Markle Invited ‘Fan Girl’ Hillary Clinton For ‘Very Warm, Sweet Meeting’ At Her Windsor Cottage Meghan Markle secretly invited Hillary Clinton to her Windsor home on Tuesday. The former first Wither Democrats; Enter Hillary For a generation, American political reformers have been obsessed with the idea of ‘money in Hillary Clinton: I’m […]

KURDISTANgate: What is really going on in with the Kurds?

      THE KURDISH CRISIS: ANNOTATION Michael Brenner Here we are again: a major series of events in the Middle East accompanied by thin and misleading media coverage. Admittedly, the MSM in this instance have gotten the basic facts right – for the time being, anyway. It is the background, context and interpretation of […]

Trump: Going to Middle East worst decision in US history

Related Posts Deval Patrick has unequivocally supported Israel at the height of its worst human rights abuses Former Massachusetts Governor (and managing director of private equity firm Bain Capital) Deval Patrick has State Of Emergency Declared As Venice Hit By Worst Floods In 50 Years The mayor of Venice has called for the city to […]

Zombie Food: What’s it going to take for you to stop eating canola oil?

(Natural News) What if a certain “food stuff” ingredient was really cheap, preserved your food longer, but clogged your blood so bad that it made you gain weight and eventually suffer from dementia? Would you say it was “worth the money” you saved? Corporations sure think so. What if you found out there […]

Biden Tells Trump: "You’re Not Going To Destroy Me"

After weeks of brutal commentary and viral campaign videos from President Trump and his campaign spotlighting allegations of nepotism and corruption in Ukraine and China, former Vice President Joe Biden lashed out Wednesday night, telling Trump “You’re not going to destroy me.”  “Let me make something clear to Trump and his hatchet men and the special interests funding […]

“They’re Murdering My Son” – The Father of Julian Assange Tells Us What’s Really Going On

The Facts: John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father, recently gave an interview to the Strategic Culture Foundation sharing the latest on Julian Assange and how he’s being treated. Reflect On: What is Julian Asssange and Wikileaks really a threat to? Is it corporate and political elite interests? Is this why all of this is happening to […]

Why Israelis are going to the polls for a second time this year

Five things you should know about the second Israeli national elections in six months. By +972 Magazine Staff Israeli citizens cast their ballots at a voting station in Jerusalem, during the Knesset elections on April 9, 2019. (Hadas Parush/Flash90) How do Israeli elections work? Israel is a multi-party system, which means several parties […]

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