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"David Goldberg" Admitted he was Jewish Agent

  September 5, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts Are Jewish Slumlords & ‘Ghetto Profiteers’ Causing Orthodox Jews To Be Attacked In Brooklyn?   A recent article in the Jerusalem Post analyzes the recent ‘uptick’ in so-called ‘antisemitic’ The Jewish Progressive Agenda According to Bernie Sanders GILAD ATZMON • NOVEMBER 14 The Jewish Progressive […]

"David Goldberg" Delivers a Challenge from the Illuminati

  September 2, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts Sabbateans are the Illuminati   November 12, 2019 Source Article from Like Jeffrey Epstein, NXIVM is Tip of Illuminati Iceberg   November 9, 2019 By Kyle Mantyla | June 25, 2019 11:24 am Last night, right-wing journalist Patrick Illuminati Linked President Trump Begins “Fireside Chats” Directly To […]

In latest round of Iran provocations, Israel is missing a top gun — Jeffrey Goldberg

As the Trump administration pursues a policy of provocation with Iran that could result in a war few Americans want, we should recognize that we’ve been here before. In 2010-2012, Israel and Saudi Arabia wanted the U.S. to attack Iran, and then too Americans had no stomach for war, and President Barack Obama refused to […]

Where is Jeffrey Goldberg?

Thanks to Benjamin Netanyahu, the “hasbara culture discourse” that the journalist Jeffrey Goldberg cultivated and lorded over (and that I have anatomized for years) is being discredited among good thinking people. And that is because Benjamin Netanyahu has become a “hasbara culture” Frankenstein. Under “Bibi” Netanyahu, Israel does what it wants without a care in […]

Goldberg, reinvented, asks Clinton zero questions about Israel

This is remarkable: Jeffrey Goldberg interviewed Hillary Clinton last week for the Atlantic festival and did not ask her anything about Israel or Trump’s rightwing policy shift on Israel. He had nearly 40 minutes with her and Jerusalem never came up. Because he knows, the brand is toxic on the left. Time was when Israel […]

Whoopi Goldberg: Women Almost NEVER Lie About Rape

According to “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg, women almost never lie about being raped, which is why the discredited accusations against Brett Kavanaugh must be believed.  In a new low-point for the ABC show, the panel started off mocking a clip of Donald Trump Jr. describing how he fears for the future of his son […]

Unhinged leftist, Whoopi Goldberg, implies that Trump Jr.’s kids may have ‘tendencies’ to abuse women

     The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg has said that the only reason Donald Trump Jr. would need to be worried for his sons’ safety in the #MeToo era would be if he believed his sons had the “tendencies” to abuse someone. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail TV, Trump Jr. said that he […]

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel was brought to you by Jeffrey Goldberg

A reckoning among American Jews who have been Netanyahu’s enablers for so long must take place now, before his successor takes office. Another Israeli leader must never again be allowed to use and abuse American Jews in such a way and take the Diaspora for granted. –Anshel Pfeffer in the Forward. On August 3, 2018, US Senator […]

ABC Considers Firing Whoopi Goldberg For Spitting In Jeanine Pirro’s Face

ABC executives are considering firing Whoopi Goldberg after she spat on Judge Jeanine Pirro during a heated interview on The View.  According to a complaint submitted by Pirro, ABC’s Goldberg told her to “get the f*k out of here” following Thursday’s appearance on the show, and then spat in her face. Following the complaint, an online […]

New 9/11 Trailer – Featuring Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg

21st Century Wire says… Everything changed on 9/11. Overnight, it transformed US foreign policy, the geopolitical chessboard, the global police state, a not to mention the laws of physics, the melting point from steel and much more. Based on the initial marketing package, this latest film, which is due for release this September in 2017, […]

The David Duke Show: Kikeservative Jonah Goldberg Demands Dr. Duke Must Never be Allowed Freedom of Speech

David Duke April 29, 2017 Today Dr. Duke talked about the open attack on his right to free speech. Just days after YouTube made Dr. Duke’s videos (including the tribute to his late dog) unviewable in most of Europe, National Review Senior Editor (((Jonah Goldberg))) has questioned Dr. Duke’s right to lecture […]

Zionist Cuckservative Jonah Goldberg Demands Dr. Duke Must Never be Allowed Freedom of Speech! The Goyim Know Why!

Download Today Dr. Duke talked about the open attack on his right to free speech. Just days after YouTube made Dr. Duke’s videos (including the tribute to his late dog) unviewable in most of Europe, National Review Senior Editor (((Jonah Goldberg))) has questioned Dr. Duke’s right to lecture on campuses. He brought on British activist […]

Sex Pistol John Lydon: Blowing whistle on Jimmy Savile got me banned from BBC

John Lydon says many young girls taking part in Top of the Pops in the 1970s told him about their encounters with Jimmy Savile but were too afraid to report him themselves. Photo / AP When comedian Ronnie Corbett died in March he was mourned by millions, none more surprising, perhaps, than […]

The banality of evil as captured in a selfie

The Christian Peacemaker Team Palestine, a faith-based organization in Hebron that supports Palestinian-led, nonviolent, grassroots resistance to the Israeli occupation, published the photo above with the following description: While these three men were detained at the checkpoint yesterday afternoon, Israeli soldiers stood by and started taking selfies. Two of the men were detained for over an […]

David Rockefeller Says Conspiracy About ‘One World Order’ Is True

He is part of a family dynasty whose name is associated with America and has become legend. His grandfather John D Rockefeller who died in 1937 was the founder of Standard Oil and the world’s richest individual. The name Rockefeller has been associated with wealth, power, politics, finance, diplomacy, philanthropy, marijuana prohibition, aliens, UFO’s and […]

BOMBSHELL: Cruz Cheating Scandal Rumors NOT Linked To TRUMP, Here’s Who’s REALLY Behind It…

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has been in the spotlight for allegations of having numerous adulterous affairs and Cruz has pointed the finger at Donald Trump for starting the ‘rumors.’ But nothing could be further from the truth. Trump had nothing to do with it. In fact, the rumors were started by the […]

Portland’s socially responsible investments committee recommends putting Caterpillar on city’s ‘do-not-buy’ list

The following press release was sent to us by Occupation Free Portland: Portland’s Socially Responsible Investments Committee (SRIC) voted – 4 in favor, 2 opposed – at its March 17th meeting to recommend that City funds should not be invested in Caterpillar, citing concern that Caterpillar Corporation violates a number of the City’s socially responsible investment […]

Eagles of Death Metal Singer: Paris Attacks Were An Inside Job

The singer of the Eagles of Death Metal band issued a bombshell statement on Thursday, claiming that the Paris attacks were an inside job. The singer says he saw security guards at the Bataclan club show signs of having foreknowledge the attacks were going to take place before the audience arrived. Jesse Hughes said he felt uneasy whilst […]

Hackers Battle Islamic State Online with Humor

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals November 25, 2015   In the battle across social media between Islamic State (IS) and hackers, the group Ghost Security Group (GSG) have shown that fighting terrorism can be an amusing job. GSG have replaced IS propaganda online with an advert for Prozac. […]

Israel approves stop-and-frisk just as Mayor de Blasio arrives in solidarity

The news rom Ynet: Government approves new ‘stop and frisk’ authority for police New legislation allows police to conduct physical search of person and their belongings without probable cause; rights group: Law is selectively enforced against Arabs. The [Israeli] government approved a bill on Sunday allowing police to conduct searches without probable cause, as tensions […]

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