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Little girl shares heartbreaking video of her dog’s death and says goodbye for him..Will Make You Cry

Today was a hard day. We said goodbye to our best friend, our oldest family pet and our family’s protector for the last 15 years. It was also a very sweet and tender day as we got to celebrate his life and give him thanks for all he has done for our family’s happiness. Polar […]

Heartsick Soldier Clutches His Dying K9 Partner As He Says His Final Goodbye

Shawn Johnson and his 14-year-old K9 partner, Vvalerie, served in the Army, side by side overseas in Iraq until her retirement in 2015. Johnson then adopted her, and she got to spend the last four years as a normal dog, enjoying her new, relaxing civilian life in Little Rock, Arkansas. “I could not be more […]

BY THE LIGHT OF A BURNING BRIDGE A Permanent Goodbye to the United States

[Following upon the heels of Christopher Bollyn, investigative journalist for American Free Press, who recently was beaten and incarcerated in the USA this article by Michael C. Ruppert is further confirmation that Fascist America is well on its way to becoming the dangerous threat many have predicted for years. Ruppert’s courageous stand here […]

‘Goodbye, hello’: German FM waives goodbye to Brits, warning they have to follow EU rules to retain single market access

While cheering the fact that the British decision to part ways with the EU is finally getting an orderly implementation, Maas said his nation expects the relationship with the UK “to be as close as possible, even after Brexit”. The minister delved into security and political issues where the two parties can benefit from close […]

Firefighter Says Emotional Goodbye To His Therapy Dalmatian

During our lifetime we get to meet many animals and people. We create connections and get close to some of them, but only few of those acquaintances turn into our friends who are meant to stay by our side forever. For a firefighter named Aaron Salkill such friend for life was a Dalmatian whom he […]

"Goodbye Asset Inflation" – Marc Faber Fears Funding Chaos Contagion From Repo Markets

Faber wrote in his Monthly Market Commentary for October, under the title : THE THREAT TO ACADEMIC FREEDOM AND TO THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF OPINION IS A MENACE TO LIBERTY, The historian Niall Ferguson recently wrote an article entitled: A message to all professional thinkers – we either hang together or we hang separately. […]

Goodbye communism, hello turbo-capitalism & regime change wars: Unfulfilled hopes of 1989

On Sunday September 3, 1989, I set out from Britain to spend three weeks on the European continent. It was a historic date, because fifty years earlier, on that very same day World War II had broken out. Little did I know that tumultuous political changes would be occurring in 1989 too. I took the […]

"It’s Time To Say Goodbye To The Rally In Everything"

Authored by Wes Goodman, Bloomberg macro commentator It was nice while it lasted but the “Rally in Everything” inspired by the dovish Federal Reserve is likely coming to an end — thanks to the dovish Federal Reserve. U.S. bonds and stocks have climbed together for most of 2019 as expectations for Fed easing led yields […]

Goodbye Dollar, It Was Nice Knowing You!

Over the past two years, the White House has initiated trade disputes, insulted allies and enemies alike, and withdrawn from or refused to ratify multinational treaties and agreements. It has also expanded the reach of its unilaterally imposed rules, forcing other nations to abide by its demands or face economic sanctions. While the stated Trump […]

Goodbye Middle Class: The Percentage Of Wealth Owned By The Top 10% Just Got Even BIGGER

The middle class in America is being systematically eviscerated, and it is getting worse with each passing year.  As you will see below, one new study has found that 10 percent of Americans now own 70 percent of all the wealth.  Once upon a time, the United States had the largest and […]

Goodbye, Guaidó

Goodbye, Guaidó Above Photo: From The aggression of foreign powers gives revolutionary people the opportunity to raise their political consciousness and self-esteem, increase their willingness and culture of resistance and test their ability to defeat powerful enemies. They are either strengthened in the face of intervention, or they are defeated by intervention and counterrevolution. The […]

Goodbye To The Dollar

Goodbye To The Dollar Above Photo: From The inept and corrupt presidency of Donald Trump has unwittingly triggered the fatal blow to the American empire—the abandonment of the dollar as the world’s principal reserve currency. Nations around the globe, especially in Europe, have lost confidence in the United States to act rationally, much less lead, in issues […]

Goodbye darkness, my old friend: Russian startup wants to place luminous ads in low-Earth orbit

StartRocket aims to use a formation of tiny cube satellites to create programmable displays in the night sky in a low-Earth orbit of 400-500 kilometers (248-310 miles). Each satellite would have a single collapsible sail to reflect the light of the sun, forming a single pixel in the giant nocturnal display measuring 50 square kilometers […]

Goodbye Capitalism? How Collaboration Outperforms Competition

The Facts: We live in a society that teaches competition at every level, from school all the way up into our adult lives. But are we missing something? It’s clear that a society based on cooperation rather than individual success and competition will help us. Reflect On: Why are we always taught to compete? Why […]

Watching The Hawks – CNN Finally Discovers The War In Yemen & We Say Goodbye To Kofi Annan

Watching The Hawks – CNN Finally Discovers The War In Yemen & We Say Goodbye To Kofi Annan Watching The CNN has established that the deadly airstrike in Yemen on August 9th was in fact with weapons made by Lockheed Martin. Longtime secretary general of the United nations Kofi Annan dies at age 80. […]

Watching The Hawks – Goodbye Infowars, Hello Media Censorship

Watching The Hawks – Goodbye Infowars, Hello Media Censorship Watching The A number of prominent social media and video platforms removed all content by InfoWars Alex Jones, citing hate speech and inciting violence among other reasons. DC Metro union workers refuse special service to white nationalists (AKA white supremacists) coming into DC to rally. […]

Say Goodbye to ‘Dry July’ and Hello to ‘Flawless August’

Phillip J. Watt & Nicole L. Maclean Waking Times This article was written just after the ‘Blood Moon’ eclipse began in Australia on July 28, 2018… For some people it is just an astronomical event when the moon is imprinted with the earth’s shadow from the sun, and for others there is astrological symbolism and […]

‘Threat to Americans’: AT&T, Time Warner Merger Consolidates Media PLUS Goodbye Net Neutrality

A judge has just ruled that AT&T can acquire Time Warner. The Trump administration opposed the merger while the justice department has sued to block it. The merger unites one of the nation’s largest telecom providers with a media giant. Mike Papantonio, host of America’s Lawyer, breaks down the threat to Americans with […]

Watching The Hawks – Goodbye Net Neutrality & Hello Human Trafficking

Watching The Hawks – Goodbye Net Neutrality & Hello Human Trafficking Watching The A new survey from Notre Dames Mendoza College of Business shows that a loss of local newspaper watchful eyes leads to a decline in government efficiency. Net neutrality has officially been repealed by the FCC, so enjoy our show online while […]

Goodbye Monsanto; Hello Bayer On “Steroids”

By Catherine J. Frompovich Oh, how prognosticating words about Monsanto apparently have come true! And people say there’s nothing to astrology! Moneywatch published online on June 5, 2018, “As Bayer Monsanto merger closes, a toxic corporate name to be retired” not quite five years after I published the article “GMOs: What Do The […]

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