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CIA Partners with Google, Amazon and IBM in Latest Big Tech Procurement Drive

By Raul Diego Source The vaunted “17 intelligence agencies” that comprise the U.S. intel community will be sharing a network of private-sector cloud computing service providers which includes Microsoft, Google, Oracle, IBM, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of a 15-year contract said to be worth tens of billions of dollars. AWS currently holds the sole […]

CIA Partners With Google, Amazon And IBM

Above photo: The Central Intelligence Agency flag is displayed, partially cast in a shadow. David Goldman | AP. In Latest Big Tech Procurement Drive. The military industrial complex is returning to its roots as the CIA turns to big tech to maintain control and rebuild the war economy. The vaunted “17 intelligence agencies” that comprise […]

Google Planning to Link Israel, Saudi Arabia as Part of Optical-Fiber Cable Project: Report

Illustrative. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. i24 News – Google is planning to connect Israel and Saudi Arabia with optical-fiber cable as part of a larger internet infrastructure project, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. According to the report, the link would be established as part of a major backbone line connecting Europe with India. The 8,000-meter-long cable […]

Google Earth Lead Developer Believes World Is Flat

Google Earth Lead Developer Believes World Is Flat September 26, 2017 newsstaff1113 Comments   CA – Greg Oikinson, 29, of Palo Alto has been a senior developer at Google for seven years. He in in charge of strategy and operations at Google Earth. Leading a team of 10 engineers, Wilkinson is tasked with overseeing the general […]

The Google Archipelago

November 20, 2020 By Jimmie Moglia for the Saker Blog During the cold war the West called dissenters those Russians in the USSR who voiced their complaints against the system. A definition – ‘dissenter’ – which, processed through the lexical grinding machine of the CIA and associates, was actually stripped of its original meaning to […]

Ruling Class Fear that Britons Are ‘Misusing’ Google to ‘Learn About Conspiracies’

Home » Europe, Manipulation, Social » Ruling Class Fear that Britons Are ‘Misusing’ Google to ‘Learn About Conspiracies’     A self-serving report by the jewish New York Times writer Seth Stephens-Davidowitz claims that about 170,000 Google searches with “antisemitic content” are made every year in the UK – around ten percent of which involve […]

Google and Facebook give unique insight into how US election is being fought online

The US presidential election – more than any other before it – has established a battleground online. The role of social media companies in monitoring content has drawn controversy from both Republicans and Democrats, especially given the alleged foreign interference in the 2016 election. But data from global tech companies, such as Google or Facebook, […]

Five Times Google Was Caught Red Handed on Bias and Censorship

Could Google swing an election? A string of leaks over the past four years suggests the tech giant has gone above and beyond to suppress conservative, independent media and the Trump movement. Twitter has attracted much attention in recent weeks for its brazen, highly visible acts of censorship, including the ongoing censorship of the New York […]

Google Play bans third-party app for YouTube alternative BitChute

Wake Up To The Truth October 29, 2020 By Tom Parker Alt-tech is increasingly being blocked from the Google-controlled Android app store. If you’re tired of cancel culture and censorship subscribe to Reclaim The Net. Google Play has booted a third-party app for BitChute, one of the most popular free speech focused YouTube alternatives, from […]

Watch Live: Senate Hearings on Big Tech Election Interference with Google, Twitter, Facebook Execs

The Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing Wednesday about big tech’s election interference and censorship practices. The hearing will start at 10:00 a.m. Eastern on Wednesday, titled, “Does Section 230’s Sweeping Immunity Enable Big Tech Bad Behavior?” The hearing seeks to determine if Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act grants big tech companies […]

‘Joe Biden Corruption’ Trends on Google – But Google Whitewashes Autocomplete Suggestions

Interest in allegations of corruption against Joe Biden, as well as his alleged ties to Burisma, spiked in the month of October according to Google trends, with more people searching for the topics than ever before. But unlike other search engines, Google fails to display search suggestions  such as “Joe Biden corruption” and “Joe Biden […]

Antitrust Suit Against Google

Justice Department action is likely the beginning of a prolonged fight that could reshape Big Tech By Allen St. JohnOctober 20, 202019 SHARES Google’s overwhelming dominance in online search is coming under attack from the federal government. The Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, calling the tech giant “a monopoly gatekeeper […]

US files landmark antitrust case against Google

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States Justice Department on Tuesday sued Google for abusing its dominance in online search and advertising — the government’s most significant attempt to protect competition since its groundbreaking case against Microsoft more than 20 years ago. And it could just be an opening salvo. Other major tech companies including Apple, […]

Google whistleblower tells Project Veritas that search engine ‘skews’ results in Democrats’ favor

    An alleged program manager at Google Cloud has said the search engine monolith is “playing god” in the US political scene, skewing results to benefit Democrats, according to an undercover interview captured by Project Veritas. In footage published on Monday, the conservative media watchdog shared around eight minutes of an interview with a […]

Google ‘Whistleblower’ Admits Search Engine ‘Skews’ Results In Favor Of Democrats

An alleged program manager at Google Cloud has confirmed that the search engine giant is “playing god” when it comes to US politics and the election. In an undercover interview captured by Project Veritas, the whistle blower admitted that Google was skewing results to benefit the Democrats. RT reports: In footage published on Monday, the […]

Video: Google Whistleblower Tells Veritas Search Engine Is ‘Skewing Results’ To Benefit Democrats

A person who claims to be a program manager at Google Cloud has told investigative journalists with Project Veritas that the search engine is intentionally manipulating results in order to benefit the Democrats and to hinder President Trump’s campaign. Ritesh Lakhkar, who identified himself as a technical program manager at Google’s Cloud service, made the […]

According to Google a ‘Happy White Woman’ Has a Black Man

Google is run by jewish supremacists who are doing everything in their power to further the White genocide agenda. For a while people have been showing how doing a Google image search for terms related to White people brings back some telling results. For example, if you search for “White history” you will see a […]

Google Contractor Moving Work From Pittsburgh To Poland To Bust Union

Pittsburgh, PA -Today the NLRB charged Google Contractor HCL with moving work from Pittsburgh to Poland, citing that the move was a way to bust the newly formed Pittsburgh Association of Tech Professionals. The NLRB Region 6, based in Pittsburgh, charged HCL with breaking labor law and refusing to negotiate a bargain in good faith with the […]

Google must negotiate pay with publishers for content, French court rules

Google must negotiate payments with French publishers to use their news content, an appeals court has ruled. The tech giant has been ordered to discuss remuneration for news agencies if they reshare content, photos, or videos online in Google search results or on Google News. The long-awaited decision by the Paris Court of Appeal confirms […]

Google Tries to Burn LBRY . . . But LBRY Fights Back

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube Jeremy Kauffman joins us to discuss LBRY, an open-source, decentralized protocol that is helping creators share video content peer-to-peer through the LBRY app and Today we talk about the newly-launched LBRY web portal,, […]

Why does a Google search for ‘Jewish baby strollers’ yield anti-Semitic images?

JTA — The Google results are shocking: Do an image search for “Jewish baby strollers” and you’ll see row upon row of portable ovens — an offensive allusion to the Holocaust. Google says it’s looking into the search results and wants to improve them, but according to researchers, the results may not be an accident. […]

Why do Google and Apple maps recognize illegal Israeli settlements, but not Palestine?

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00 Hits: 2

Google, Facebook, Neuralink Sued For Weaponized AI Tech Transfer, Complicity To Genocide In China

381 Shares This is the most significant and important lawsuit of the 21st century, and it impacts the entire world. CEO’s and Founders Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Sandar Pichai are also named as defendants along with their companies. CASE SUMMARY FACTS Endangering Humanity with the misuse of Artificial Intelligence, Complicity […]

Australia to amend law making Facebook and Google pay for news

The author of proposed Australian laws to make Facebook and Google pay for journalism said Thursday his draft legislation will be altered to allay some of the digital giants’ concerns, but remain fundamentally unchanged. Australia’s fair trade regulator Rod Sims, chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, said he would give his final draft […]

Google ‘Geofence’ Warrants Keep Locking Up Innocent People Who Were In Proximity Of A Crime Scene

Months ago we detailed an incredibly scary and Orwellian tool in the local police arsenal known as a “geofence warrant”. As described at the time it’s essentially a virtual dragnet over crime scenes where police request to sweep up Google location data drawn from users’ GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connections from everyone who happened to be near a […]

Italy launches investigation into Apple, Google, and Dropbox over cloud services

Italy’s competition authority has opened an inquiry into Google, Apple, and Dropbox over their contracts for cloud computing services. The investigation follows a number of complaints alleging unfair commercial practices by the tech giants. “The proceedings relate to alleged unfair commercial practices and the possible presence of unfair clauses in the contractual terms and conditions,” […]

Google caught Censoring Search Results that criticize Black Lives Matter

    Google’s automatic search suggestions for ‘Black Lives Matter’ reveal a strikingly positive image of the movement, with almost all negative references appearing to have been cleansed from the automated results. As protests and riots swept the nation following the death of George Floyd in May, Google searches for ‘Black Lives Matter’ spiked a […]

See No Evil: How Google Keeps You From Viewing BLM-critical Content

If the elites don’t want you seeing certain information, ask yourself why. Unlike other search engines, Google’s autocomplete feature will not generate negative suggestions for the term “BLM,” according to Breitbart News. As a matter of fact, typing the phrase “BLM” into the Google search box only returns the single suggestion of “BLM Israel,” rather than […]


Posted on August 22, 2020 by uprootedpalestinians 21.08.2020  South Front The Euro-Atlantic establishment and global corporations seem to be so terrified by SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence that they stop at nothing to suppress SouthFront’s voice and damage our work. On August 21, Google unilaterally disabled SouthFront’s official Google AdSense account claiming that it “was found […]

Exposed: YouTube, Google & Facebook Blatant Censorship Tactics

The Facts: A recent study has emphasized how effective vitamin C may be for COVID-19, and how effective it is for viral infections in general. They also recommend nutritional interventions given the history of vaccine failure for viral infections. Reflect On: Why is published peer-reviewed research being labelled as false? Why are ideas presented in […]

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