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What would a British revolution look like – and how would it happen?

Neil Davidson (TC) : In the days after Britain voted to leave the EU, a febrile, volatile atmosphere took hold. Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, the Parliamentary Labour Party began an attempt to unseat its left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn, and the pound hit an all-time low. For a moment, it seemed that fundamental change was […]

Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU … and What Its Replacement Will Look Like

4th July 2016 By Ben Guest writer for Wake Up World Have you noticed how hard the controlled “alternative” press are working to convince you that the NWO globalists/banksters are frightened by the BREXIT result? Have you seen headlines like: “Globalists rattled” (The Drudge Report)… “Brexit signals the end of the New World Order” (Breitbart)… and “Globalist Bankers sent into mass […]

Congress Leaves Without Giving $1.1B for Zika Because of Abortions

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   The Republican-controlled House proposed a Zika bill called a “disaster” by Senator Bill Nelson. He explained that the bill steals $500 million “in healthcare funding [from] Puerto Rico, [and] limited access to birth control services” that would prevent the spread of […]

Cambodian PM Backs China’s Call to Settle South China Sea Dispute in Bilateral Talks

nsnbc : Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen said on Monday that Cambodia will not support the upcoming ruling over territorial disputes in the South China Sea by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, and that Cambodia supports China’s call to settle the disputes through bilateral negotiations. The statement comes amidst growing tensions in the region […]

Split Among 9/11 Commissioners: Saudi’s Involved, Release 28 Pages

Print Friendly Above Photo: In their joint statement last month, the chairman and vice-chairman of the commission suggested they agreed that there might be danger in releasing the full 28 pages of the congressional report. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images Saudi officials were ‘supporting’ 9/11 hijackers, commission member says First serious public split revealed among commissioners over […]

American Power Under Challenge

The sledgehammer was also wielded elsewhere, notably in Libya, where the three traditional imperial powers (Britain, France, and the United States) procured Security Council resolution 1973 and instantly violated it, becoming the air force of the rebels. The effect was to undercut the possibility of a peaceful, negotiated settlement; sharply increase casualties (by at least […]

Family Of Drone Victim FOIA Suit Under FOIA, As Obama Denies Civilian Deaths

Print Friendly Above Photo: By Jenna Pope A Yemeni man who lost two civilian relatives in a drone strike has today filed an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the Obama Administration.   The appeal in Jaber v Obama comes as Obama officials issue fresh denials of discounting foreign lives, telling the Guardian “it is […]

The End Of The American Empire

Print Friendly Above Photo: From I’m here to talk about the end of the American empire. But before I do I want to note that one of our most charming characteristics as Americans is our amnesia. I mean, we are so good at forgetting what we’ve done and where we did it that we can […]

Arizona Becomes Ground Zero in Fight Over Secret Political Spending

Arizona’s Republican-controlled legislature voted Tuesday to dismantle the state’s strict campaign-finance disclosure rules, a move critics say will unleash a flood of undisclosed political spending in an election already increasingly dominated by “dark” money. The fight over the Arizona bill…has pitted good government activists against deep-pocketed corporate donors and political groups underwritten […]

After Friedrichs Victory, Labor Has A Lot Of Work To Build Their Movement

Print Friendly Above Photo: Demonstrators supporting unions hold up signs outside the US Supreme Court on the day it heard arguments in the case of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, January 11, 2016. (Photo: Zach Gibson / The New York Times) The US labor movement should celebrate narrowly escaping a US Supreme Court ruling that would have […]

FDA Bombshell: Vaccines Cause Autism

The FDA have openly admitted for the first time that vaccines cause autism, in a revealing document on their website.  The document shows an insert sheet for the Tripedia vaccine, and explicitely states that the vaccine may cause “idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea“. […]

Florida’s Turkey Point nuke pollutes Biscayne Aquifer, Biscayne National Park

Contaminated water originating from the cooling canal system at Florida Power & Light’s (FPL) Turkey Point facility is reaching Biscayne Bay, threatening South Florida’s drinking water supply and Biscayne National Park. The findings and analysis by the Miami-Dade County Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM) were released by Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s office late […]

Is Google Scared Of Boston Dynamics’ Robots? May Sell Company

Boston Dynamics, the robot and military artificial intelligence creator that has made waves over the past two years due to its release of videos depicting more and more advanced robots. Some of the more recent videos had people comparing the Google-owned company to “abusing” the robots in their films, which, some joked, would lead to a […]

BREAKING: Leaked Video EXPOSES This SICK Thing Marco Rubio Does In Florida

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– A video has emerged which show how Marco Rubio voted on some anti-gun legislation and let’s just say, he’s NOT a happy Cuban. While establishment Republicans are mounting a MAJOR assault on Donald Trump, they are seemingly getting behind Rubio. Senator Ted Cruz has been exposing Rubio’s record on gun control […]

Clinton Foundation Received Subpoena from State Department Investigators

Investigators with the State Department issued a subpoena to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation last fall seeking documents about the charity’s projects that may have required approval from the federal government during Hillary Clinton’s term as secretary of state, according to people familiar with the subpoena and written correspondence about it. The […]

Six OPEC members plus Russia now open to emergency meeting

     Oil prices have whipsawed back and forth over the past two weeks, largely due to the rise and fall of expectations that OPEC might call an emergency meeting. Comments from several Russian oil executives and government officials sent oil prices surging at the end of January. Then prices retraced their gains when officials from […]

Bill to End Operation Choke Point Clears U.S. House of Representatives

A bill seeking to bring an end to Operation Choke Point, the government program launched in 2013 that seeks to disconnect certain businesses from the banking industry, got a boost this week as H.R. 766 passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 250-169. The vote comes nearly a year to the […]

Stores ransacked across East Coast as citizens stockpile chemically-laced foods that are far more dangerous than any blizzard

About the author:Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is the founding editor of, the internet’s No. 1 natural health news website, now reaching 7 million unique readers a month. In late 2013, Adams launched the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, where he conducts atomic spectroscopy research into food contaminants using high-end ICP-MS […]

Looking Towards the 7th Congress of the WPK

Konstantin Asmolov (NEO) : In anticipation of the new Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which will take place in 2016 for the first time in over 30 years, we hear a lot of assumptions as to why Kim Jong-un needs this Congress and what is expected. We will present our forecast, while also explaining […]

Fast-Food Workers Plan Wave Of Strikes For 2016 Primaries

Print Friendly Starting with strike to coincide with Democratic debate in Charleston, workers launch 2016 initiative to push candidates on both sides of aisle to support $15, union rights Nationwide –Fast-food workers announced Friday that an unprecedented wave of strikes and actions calling for $15 and union rights will hit this primary season to hammer home to candidates […]

American Dental Association threatens manufacturer of mercury detection equipment to stop talking about toxic levels of mercury in dental offices

(NaturalNews) The American Dental Association (ADA) is the leading proponent for installing mercury-based fillings into the mouths of millions of people. The ADA states on their website that, “Dental amalgam is considered a safe, affordable and durable material that has been used to restore the teeth of more than 100 million Americans. It […]

In 10 Months, This Cafe Has Fed 10,000 People With 20 Tons Of Unwanted Food

Amanda Froelich, GuestWaking Times The social cafe prepares delicious meals from products discarded by supermarkets, independent grocers, and food banks. Patrons may also ‘Pay As They Feel’, so no one ever goes hungry. Are you aware that in the United States, nearly 40% of the food produced is tossed into the trash? As it makes […]

BOMBSHELL: This MASSIVE Police Cover-Up Over Muslim “Refugees” Just Exposed… SPREAD THIS

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – As you know, many European cities are reporting Muslim refugee mobs sexually assaulting young girls and women. So much for “peaceful migrants.” On New Year’s Eve in Bielefeld an “aggressive sex-mob” of 500 men forced their way into a nightclub and attacked several women, reports Bild. In Baden-Wurttemburg four Syrian asylum seekers aged […]

‘Tell it not in Gath’: Ari Shavit and silencing Breaking the Silence

Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Ashkelon, lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised exult. — 2 Samuel 1:20 English Standard Version Soldiers who serve in the Territories witness and participate in military actions which change them immensely. Cases of abuse towards Palestinians, […]

110 journalists killed in 2015, mostly in ‘peaceful’ countries

(NaturalNews) 2015 was a dark year for journalists around the world. Heeding the call of confrontation, journalists are standing directly in harm’s way, doing very important work in a time of extremes. What’s most shocking is that journalists are becoming targets not only in war zones, but also in countries that were once […]

URGENT ALERT — ‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

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First real $20k hoverboard can fly 6 mins & takes 6 hours to recharge (VIDEO)

While Back to the Future II fans might finally rest after acquiring the Romanian company’s creation, their new state of the art technology comes with a heavy price-tag of around $20,000. Marty McFly fans might also be disappointed with Arca Space’s hoverboard, that looks more like a flying mattress rather than hardware Tony Hawk would […]

Christian Watchdog Sues NOAA in Big Push For Climate Change Denial

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals December 23, 2015   Judicial Watch (JW), a Christian conservative organization founded by Larry Klayman who is also a long-standing member of the Council For National Policy (CNP), have announced they are suing the Obama administration in order to obtain documents from the […]

Ain’t it the truth! US strikes on Syrian civilians as bad as San Bernardino terror attack

     Last week, 14 innocent people lost their lives in San Bernardino, California. While shocking, Daniel McAdams points out that occurrences which are rare in the United States are far too common in the Middle East – and often the result of American bombs. The shooting that claimed the lives of 14 people in California […]

China Doubles Down on Clone Wars: What’s in Your Burger?

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals November 30, 2015   Tucked away in Tianjin, China, a 14,000 square facility is being constructed by Boyalife for the purpose of cloning cattle in order to meet the country’s high demand for beef. So far Boyalife has invested $313 million into the […]

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