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The Official 9/11 Explanation is The Greatest “Coincidence Theory” Ever

Madhava Setty, MD, CE Waking Times On September 11, 2001 I was completing my last year of training as an Anesthesiologist at the University of Pennsylvania. That morning I, like many of us, sat transfixed for hours watching the continuous television coverage of the events that were unfolding in New York and Washington D.C. I […]

The Greatest Mass Murderers of all Time were Jews, says Jewish Columnist

The Greatest Mass Murderers of all Time were Jews, says Jewish Columnist Chris Rossetti · 31 August, 2019 4 Important admission needs wider publicity. In 2006, a remarkable article — and admission — appeared in the Israeli news source Ynet News. Titled “Stalin’s Jews” and written by Jewish columnist Sever Plocker, this piece confirmed the […]

Jewish Pundit Dubs Trump “Greatest President For Jews and Israel In The History Of The World”

In a recent Newsmax TV show, jewish host Wayne Allyn Root, a rabid supporter of President Trump, made some hyperbolic claims about the President’s popularity which have raised some eyebrows: “I happen to be Jewish by birth and 75% of all Jews vote Democrat, and they don’t like Trump,” Root said Tuesday. “This is the […]

UK’s Johnson says he wants to make country ‘greatest place on Earth’

New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson channeled US President Donald Trump at his debut in parliament Thursday, saying he sought to make the UK “the greatest place on Earth.” Johnson also called the current Brexit deal negotiated with the EU “unacceptable” and set preparations for leaving the bloc without an agreement as a “top priority” […]

The Greatest Political Psyop of the Decade & Most Dangerous, too

    The AOC Psyop Where Pedogate and Crowngate intersect the insidious New World Order agenda State of the Nation With the advent of the Internet, the entire planetary civilization has shrunk tremendously, as it continues to by the month. Given the rapidly increasing number of digitally connected users, the World Wide Web of information […]

Watch Live: Fed’s Powell Explains Why He’s Cutting Rates In ‘Greatest Economy Ever’

With the Fed’s critical July meeting – where equity bulls hope to see the central bank deliver the 50 bp cut to the Fed funds rate that President Trump has demanded – just weeks away, Fed Chairman Fed Powell will sit for his biannual testimony before Congress this week, starting with the House Financial Services […]

Google, UChicago Sued In "Greatest Heist" Of Patient Health Data "In History"

Authored by Ethan Cai via Campus Reform, A former University of Chicago medical patient filed a class-action lawsuit against the University of Chicago and Google, claiming that the University of Chicago Medical Center is giving private patient information to the tech giant without patients’ consent.  About two years ago, the university medical center partnered with Google with […]

Actor John Voight says Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln

Hollywood actor Jon Voight has hailed Donald Trump as the greatest US president since Abraham Lincoln for making all the right moves, much to the delight and disgust of Twitter. Voight trended on Twitter after posting his two-part video endorsement of Trump addressed to “My fellow Americans,” in which the film star commended the president […]

"Treat It as Your Greatest Patriotic Duty Not to Go to War"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes A listener of the Adam Green show “Know More News” has corresponded with me. He tipped me off to the work of Grzegorz Braun: I was struck by this man’s talk on two significant points. First, he asserts that Chabad Lubavitch is creating sovereign zones within sovereign nations, States within States. The […]

New discoveries about one of the greatest artists in history: Experts have determined that Leonardo da Vinci was ambidextrous

(Natural News) For the longest time, experts believed that the great Leonardo da Vinci was a southpaw. But recent research by Italian scholars indicated that while the Renaissance master was born left-handed, he eventually became ambidextrous – proficient in the use of either hand with equal skill. The announcement came from the Uffizi Gallery, located […]

Bob Hawke: the greatest sell-out of Aboriginal peoples

Amidst a flood of mainstream media, one Aboriginal leader has identified Bob Hawke as the greatest sell-out of Aboriginal peoples. That leader is none other than the highly respected Professor Gary Foley. In a 2013 essay, Foley detailed the ways in which Hawke presided over the systematic destruction of the Land Rights movement which was […]

Ideals that won victory are still the greatest of ideals (by George Galloway)

On May 9, 1945, Hitler’s fascism was finally crushed amongst the rubble of Berlin and the “thousand-year Reich” came to a mercifully premature end. The death blows were struck, overwhelmingly by the Red Army and the ghosts of 27 million Soviet citizens who it carried on their shoulders. In the words of Winston Churchill, the […]

Lyme Disease: The CDC’s Greatest Coverup & What They Don’t Want You To Know

Lyme disease, do you have it? If you did, you probably wouldn’t know – unless you’re one of the chronic sufferers that have had to visit over 30 doctors to get a proper diagnosis. Lyme disease tests are highly inaccurate, often inconclusive or indicating false negatives. Why? Because this clever bacteria has found a way […]


    Operation Talpiot is the back door data pipeline from your computer/cell phone to Israel. Everything you communicate electronically is stored and analyzed by Israel. This includes all computers, business and military, as well as the power grids in all countries. In addition, the Bolshevik Israelis-Russians are stealing American Technology. Please download and distribute this […]

With release of Muller report, the greatest political scandal and media hoax ever has finally unraveled

(Natural News) With Attorney General William Barr’s release of a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on “collusion” between then-GOP candidate Donald Trump and Mother Russia, in which Mueller cleared the president ‘officially,’ the greatest political and media hoax in the history of our republic officially came crashing down. […]

5Ggate: The Greatest Criminal Conspiracy in U.S. History…

    …Perpetrated Against the American People by the Government-Corporate Complex No one can deny the effects that the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) has had on the United States of America. President Dwight D. Eisenhower aptly warned the world what would inevitably develop when any nation commits itself to a perpetual war economy. Or, maintains such […]

Humanity’s greatest enemy the Jew

Humanity’s greatest enemy the Jew   Related Posts Just 100 Companies Will Sign Humanity’s Death Warrant Only 100 companies will sign humanity’s death sentence. That’s it. One hundred corporate boards filled Four Funerals and a Wedding – A Brief History of the War on Humanity Julian Rose, Contributor Waking TimesHere, in the village of Stryszow […]

Pelosi downgrades Israel from ‘greatest political achievement of 20th century’ to just ‘one of the greatest’

This must be progress. Nancy Pelosi spoke at the Israel lobby group AIPAC today and said: As I have often said, the founding of the state of Israel was one of the greatest political achievements of the 20th century. That’s not true. House Speaker Pelosi has on countless occasions called Israel THE greatest political achievement […]

Fake news media one of the greatest health threats of 2019… lying media propagandists literally making people physically ill

(Natural News) Have you ever read a story in the news that made you physically ill? For some people, this has been happening more often than usual lately – and it’s not horror stories of evil pedophiles making people’s stomachs turn this time. Instead, it’s the blood-thirsty mainstream media, doing its best […]

Threat of Nuke Was With Russia Greatest In 50 Years

Geopolitical expert Stephen F. Cohen says that the threat of nuclear war with Russia is the greatest it has been in over 50 years as a result of President Trump not being able to talk properly with Vladimir Putin due to the Russiagate allegations. Speaking with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night, Cohen, author of […]

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