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Going Underground – Potent Whisper – "The Rhyming Guide to Grenfell Britain"

Going Underground – Potent Whisper – “The Rhyming Guide to Grenfell Britain” Going Underground with Afshin Amidst new claims of Tory social cleansing in one of Britain’s richest neighbourhoods – activist poet Potent Whisper performs from his new book “The Rhyming Guide to Grenfell Britain”! LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi […]

Going Underground – Ep. 571: Emma Dent Coad MP on Grenfell Injustices & Chris Kutarna on Theresa Mays Visit to China

Going Underground – Ep. 571: Emma Dent Coad MP on Grenfell Injustices & Chris Kutarna on Theresa Mays Visit to China Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we speak to UK Labour MP Emma Dent Coad about who she thinks is behind the fire that claimed the lives of nearly 100 of her […]

The Ghosts of Grenfell – The Night our Eyes Changed

21st Century Wire says… Activist and outspoken Hip Hop artist, Lowkey, has recently produced a haunting new track dedicated to the “Ghosts of Grenfell”. Lowkey does not shy away from confrontation with the ruling classes that he believes to have contributed to the tragedy that struck deep into the heart of London on the 14th […]

Grenfell Tower Survivors Accuse Government Of Huge ‘Cover-up’

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have accused the government of a huge cover-up in their failure to report the real number of people dead and the real cause of the fire. According to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council (RBKC), 80 people were killed in the fire – a number far smaller […]

UK COLUMN: Brexit Backsliders, Ukraine in NATO, BBC Terror, Grenfell Numbers, Uber Ethics

A powerful news broadcast yesterday covering Parliament’s new ‘Brexit Backslider’ phenomenon, NATO tries to absorb the Ukraine, BBC Panorama’s links to Terrorist organisation in Syria, the police claims of low Grenfell numbers, and the ethics of Uber, and much more… UK Column co-anchor Mike Robinson and 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen with this week’s news round-up. Watch: .READ […]

UK COLUMN NEWS: NATO Weapons Trafficking Hub, UK’s New AUMF, Grenfell Tower Updates

Today we reveal a massive NATO-based international weapons trafficking hub run out of Baku, Azerbaijan supplying conflict zones worldwide including terrorists in Syria, UK Tory MPs now lobbying for a ‘Authorisation of the Use of Military Force in Syria to respond to chemical attacks, and US now asking to share a ‘No Fly Zone’ with Russia […]

Grenfell Tower Eye Witness: “There’s 600 People in that Block, We Saw Them on Fire”

GlobalResearch| Nearly three weeks after the Grenfell Tower inferno, anger is growing in the surrounding Lancaster West housing estate in North Kensington. The callous treatment of survivors by council authorities and the Conservative government, the state’s cover-up of the death toll and its failure to press criminal charges against those responsible are fuelling protest and indignation. […]

British Judge: Grenfell Tower Fire Caused By ISIS Bomb – Media Blackout

British judge Michael Shrimpton claims that an ISIS bomb making factory at Grenfell Tower was responsible for the fire that claimed the lives of 500 people.  According to Shrimpton, an ISIS cell had been operating in the tower block and were aiming to target the Queen’s Trooping The Colour on Saturday, June 17. reports: Ever since […]

House of Cards, The Grenfell Tower Fire & Ordo Ab Chao

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Grenfell Disaster: Why The Fire Regulations Failed

David ScottUK Column Why did the fire regulations desert the residents of Grenfell Tower? Politicians talk of the horrors of deregulation, and look to use this spectre to pin the blame for Grenfell on their opponents. This is understandable, for it is in their interests to have more regulation and more control over society; all […]

Britain: The Grenfell Disaster and the Limitations of Public Inquiries

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‘Absolute fiasco’: Kensington council shuts down Grenfell meeting after journalists demand access

     The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s first cabinet meeting since the Grenfell disaster descended into chaos on Thursday, when a high court allowed journalists into the chamber. The council had barred the public and survivors from attending. The meeting was branded an “absolute fiasco” after Tory council leader Nicholas Paget-Brown took the 11th […]

The Grenfell Tower Blaze stands as a monument to Tory UK austerity measures

The Grenfell Tower Blaze stands as a monument to Tory UK austerity measures By Dark Politricks I am writing this one handed as I currently have a broken right arm which really makes it hard to blog at the moment, however after another sleepless night of watching YouTube I thought it necessary to at least […]

Final Grenfell Tower Death Toll Won’t Be Known Until 2018

According to the UK’s Metropolitan Police, the final death toll of the Grenfell Tower disaster will not be known until next year. At least 80 people are now known to have died in the fire on June 14., but an official figure will not become clear until 2018 as police carry out their investigation. However residents […]

Forensic Analysis of Fake Trapped Woman on the 23rd Floor in Grenfell Fire Hoax

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GRENFELL TOWER: Boris Johnson Gives Millions to Fake White Helmets in Syria, Makes Savage Cuts to London Fire Service

Not the White Helmets. Fire fighters observe a minutes silence for the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.  Vanessa Beeley says… An appalling crime was committed by a member of the UK, US, EU and Gulf state multi-million-funded White Helmets on the 21st June 2017, one week after the Grenfell Tower tragedy shocked London to the […]

Grenfell Tower Fake Fire Started by London Firemen and Pyrotechnicians

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London’s Grenfell Tower: Neglect, incompetence and contempt for the poor

By Graham Peebles Charred, lifeless and brutal, the hollowed out remains of Grenfell Tower in west London scream of the human agony inflicted when, on 14 June, the building became an inferno. While there are various theories about what triggered the fire, what is clear is that this disaster was not an accident. It was […]

Evacuation Pictures of Grenfell Tower Fire Prove it is a Hoax

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Hard Proof of Crisis Actors and Fake Grief in Grenfell Fire Hoax

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The Man in the Window Hoax of the Grenfell Fire Catastrophe Scam

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Grenfell Tower Fire: Agreeing with Liberals for the Wrong Reasons

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BBC Predicted Grenfell Tower Disaster In 1993 Drama

An old 1990’s BBC drama called House of Cards features a storyline that bears a startling similarity to the Grenfell Tower fire that left hundreds of people dead. In the show, which was originally aired in 1993, a gas explosion occurs in a poor run-down tower block in London, killing 70 people. At one point […]

UK police considering manslaughter charges in Grenfell Tower fire investigation

     The fire that swept through Grenfell Tower in West London last week started with a faulty fridge freezer, and the outside cladding failed safety tests, police say. Speaking to reporters at Scotland Yard, Metropolitan Police Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack confirmed the force will consider manslaughter charges as part of its inquiry into the Grenfell […]

GRENFELL: Poor People Sacrificed on the Altar of ‘Regeneration’

Will anyone be held to account over the mass casualty event last week in West London? David Lammy, MP for Tottenham (North London), believes that the Grenfell Tower fire should be considered “as a crime” and that prosecutions may be in order. He delivered an emotional speech to the House of Commons about a close […]

UK COLUMN: Serious Questions About Grenfell Tower…

Exactly how many survivors were there from the Grenfell Tower fire last week in West London? Roughly how many died? Normally these sort of figures are not difficult to determine in the aftermath of any other major incident, but for some strange reason, UK authorities are not able to provide this information – and what’s […]

‘Why is nobody reporting the real death toll?’ Grenfell Tower survivors ask

On Monday, police confirmed 79 people are known to have died in the fire. Of these, just five have been formally identified, while the other 74 are missing, presumed dead. Authorities have always said the figure could rise much higher, as the tower block was able to house up to 600 people. […]

Grenfell Tragedy: Woven Into the Fabric of Neoliberal Britain

Daniel Margrain21st Century Wire  Back in January, 2016, former Tory Prime Minister, David Cameron announced in the media his intention to demolish some of England’s worst council estates and “rebuild houses people feel they can have a future in”. The key motivating factor that underlined Cameron’s decision was not a genuine desire to improve the quality […]

Episode #190 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘The Grenfell Effect’ with Mike Robinson, Miles of Truth, Basil Valentine and guests

Episode #190 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes this June 18th, 2017 as guest host Patrick Henningsen brings you this week’s LIVE broadcast on the Alternate Current Radio Network… LISTEN LIVE ON THIS PAGE AT THE FOLLOWING SCHEDULED SHOW TIMES: 5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12am PT (US)This week we deliver another LIVE […]

UK Government Covering Up 500 Dead In London Grenfell Tower Fire

The British government in collusion with the mainstream media have covered up the deaths of hundreds of people who died as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire. According to a local resident, the more than 500 people unaccounted from Grenfell Tower are actually dead. reports: London Police Commander Stuart Cundy told reporters on Saturday that 58 people […]

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