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UK COLUMN: Trump Gatecrashes UK, China Blacklisted, Greta’s Year at Sea

Trump’s state visit to Britain triggers a wave of protests in London, including from Mayor Sadiq Khan, meanwhile Trump’s trade wars escalate with both China and Mexico as globalization and NAFTA take a direct hit from Washington’s neomercantilist approach to international relations, including ‘Chinese blacklists. The West’s war on China isn’t confined to trade either, […]

Teen climate change campaigner Greta Thunberg to take year off school for US trip

The teen kicked off the hugely popular ‘school strike’ movement last year for kids to push their elders into taking a serious stand to tackle the devastating effects of climate change and safeguard their future. Millions of schoolchildren around the world have marched or held events as part of the movement. Thunberg, 16, told Swedish […]

Greta Thunberg: Youth Strike For Globalist Propaganda

Perhaps Greta Thunberg’s amazing global reach is understandable when we consider that Greta’s rapid emergence upon the World stage didn’t just ‘happen,’ but rather appears to have been carefully coordinated by grown ups. Her initial protest fortuitously coincided with the publication of her mother’s book. Greta’s mum, the opera singer Malena Ernman, worked with PR […]

‘We don’t have a future’: Greta Thunberg used to offer salvation, now she prepares us for doomsday

The teenager’s latest stop on the celebrity mortification tour – it recently included a one-to-one with the Pope – was the UK parliament, where she delivered her now-familiar public shaming. Only where once she spoke of deadlines, however unrealistic, there was an almost cathartic reveling now in the inevitability of the coming End of Days […]

Talk Nation Radio: Greta Zarro on Organizing a World BEYOND War

Talk Nation Radio: Greta Zarro on Organizing a World BEYOND War By Greta Zarro is Organizing Director at World BEYOND War. She has a background in issue-based community organizing. Her experience includes volunteer recruitment and engagement, event organizing, coalition building, legislative and media outreach, and public speaking. Greta graduated as valedictorian from St. Michaels […]

The Greta Garbo Mystery Is Finally Solved!!!

As this trend continues, the destruction of the traditional male and female gender roles will break down more and more. And as there continues to be more acceptance of this (and there is), we will start to see more acceptance in other areas (such as bestiality, pedophilia) – This is the true ultimate goal of […]

From Greta Gerwig to NYU, Israel has deep reservoir of cultural support in U.S.

Anyone who is fighting for the recognition of Palestinian human rights must concede that Israel enjoys a deep reservoir of cultural support in the United States. It’s really in the water, especially in cultural centers. For instance, this morning on WNYC, my public radio station, Brian Lehrer, a progressive host, interviewed the neoconservative Elliott Abrams about […]

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