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Jewish Media Group Bonnier (Hirschel) Control Media In Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, UK, Germany, Poland, etc.

America Is 70% (230.6 Million) Christian, 1.9% Judaism, 1% Islam. TV Programming 96% Jewish Owned, #1 Enemy Is Islam, Which Judaism Invented (read more) By Mosaisk The TV Station LNK, is owned by the Jewish Bonnier family, based in Sweden. Bonnier is a taken name; originally the family was named Hirschel. Not only is the […]

Soros-linked political pressure group Avaaz joins forces with MSM to purge climate skeptics from YouTube

Published on Avaaz’s website, the left-leaning non-profit group released a report on January 16 that claims YouTube is profiting by broadcasting misinformation to millions of people by giving climate denial videos too much prominence. The report is an undisguised intimidation campaign, as not only does it list major advertizers who are running ads on videos that […]

Women’s group says parties pushing female candidates to ‘the back benches’

A women’s advocacy group on Thursday criticized the dearth of top female candidates in the upcoming national elections, accusing political factions of relegating them to the back of the bus. Of the eight parties forecast to enter the Knesset in the March 2 elections, only Labor-Gesher-Meretz has two women among its top five candidates, while […]

J Street the sole major Jewish group to back House vote on Iran war powers

WASHINGTON — Progressive Middle East advocacy group J Street was alone among major American Jewish organizations to support a House resolution this week to limit US President Donald Trump’s Iran war powers. The US House of Representatives approved a measure Thursday asserting that Trump must seek approval from Congress before engaging in further military action against […]

Arrest of Israeli activist shows extreme-right group working with the state

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ruled on Tuesday that Jonathan Pollak, an Israeli anti-occupation activist who was arrested this week after refusing to appear in court over a private prosecution filed against him by an extreme-right group, will remain in jail. Pollak was arrested Monday at the Haaretz building in south Tel Aviv where he works. […]

Islamist group Al-Shabaab attacks military base in Kenya that houses US & local troops

The attack was on Camp Simba naval base in Manda Bay in Lamu County on Kenya’s coast, bordering Somalia. Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia told the Daily Nation local newspaper that “heavily armed” militants stormed the compound at 4am local time. Witnesses heard gunfire coming from the base Photos and videos circulating on social media allegedly […]

Everybody freaks out when a group of feral hogs tries to eat a Texas woman, but humans kill MILLIONS of pigs every year just to eat their flesh

(Natural News) A 59-year-old woman in Texas was recently devoured to death by a mob of feral hogs, sparking outrage over the out-of-control wild hog populations in the Lone Star State and elsewhere. Even though humans consume millions of pigs’ worth of pork every year, it’s not okay for these same swine […]

Entangled Humpback Whale Pleads For Help – A Group Of Heroes Step In And Help

When humans and animals get together and do their best to understand and support each other, great things can arise. This video of a group of heroes who stepped in for a whale in need restores our faith in humanity. The brave volunteers, among which James Moskito, braved the freezing temperatures and ignored the fact […]

Head of UK Israel Lobby Group Announces Gov’t Plan To Ban Boycotting Israel

JERUSALEM — Following the results of the recent UK election, the victorious Conservative party has now declared their intention to make it illegal for public institutions in the country to support non-violent boycotts of the state of Israel in any capacity.  On Sunday, the UK Special Envoy for post-Holocaust matters, Lord Eric Pickles, gave a […]

Group That Sued LAPD Over Controversial Data Policing Programs Claims Victory

Group That Sued LAPD Over Controversial Data Policing Programs Claims Victory Above Photo: Jamie Garcia, left, and Hamid Khan of the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition speak out at a Los Angeles Police Commission meeting in July 2018. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times) The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, a grassroots advocacy organization, claimed a major […]

Soros Group Persuades 6 GOP Governors to Open Floodgates to MORE Refugees

A George Soros-linked group has lobbied six Republican Governors to open the floodgates to more refugees. A pro-mass immigration organization partially funded by the billionaire globalist convinced the GOP leaders to increase the number of asylum seekers allowed to enter their states. President Donald Trump is continuing to slash refugee admissions for the Fiscal Year […]

Group of Muslims beat & rob Christian street preacher in Norway, threaten to kill him if he does not convert to Islam

Roar Flottum was preaching and praying for the sick in Trondheim when he was approached by four Muslim men. According to Flottum, the group asked him to come pray for a friend who had injured his foot. Instead, they led him to a secluded backyard and then pushed him down a cellar staircase. After beating […]

Jewish children’s advocacy group: ‘Aliya being used by child sex offenders’

Jerusalem Post Israel News Jewish children’s advocacy group: ‘Aliya being used by child sex offenders’ Watchdog groups claim pedophiles who immigrate can live in communities with children nearby and even get jobs at schools. By BENJAMIN DUKAS AUGUST 15, 2017 05:58 Police at the scene of a crime in Rameh in northern Israel (photo credit: […]

A US human rights group is being sued by pro-Israel organizations over an alleged connection to ‘balloon terror’

The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) is the target of a $90 million lawsuit that accuses the group of engaging in environmental terrorism. The legal action was brought forward by the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) and 12 Americans citizens who live in Israel last month. Although they’re identified as the KKL-JNF in […]

Ukraine Fires Burisma Prosecutor; Transfers Case over to Soros Group Linked to CIA ‘Whistleblower’

The Ukrainian prosecutor in charge of investigating the Burisma case and the Biden crime family has been fired, according to reports. CD Media reported on Wednesday that Ukraine transferred the responsibility of the investigation away from Konstantin Kulik and over to the Soros-controlled National Corruption Bureau (NABU) – the very same group that worked to […]