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Seven Ways To Tell If Your Oregano Oil is Truly Wild High Mountain Grown & Safe

The Facts: A study published in The Lancet Planetary Health Journal titled “Urban greenness and mortality in Canada’s largest cities: a national cohort study” reveals just how beneficial living close to or within nature can be. Reflect On: How much time do you spend in nature? If you’ve ever experienced living in both a downtown […]

Italy’s Top Court Legalizes Home-Grown Cannabis for Personal Use

(TMU) — In a landmark ruling, Italy’s Supreme Court has decriminalized growing small batches of cannabis at home for private use. In the latest interpretation of laws governing the growth of narcotic plants, the judges decreed that “small amounts grown domestically for the exclusive use of the grower” should be exempt from criminal prosecution. The […]

Six Graphs Showing Just How Much the Government Has Grown

By Ryan McMaken Federal spending and federal taxation in the United States set new records in 2019. And the federal budget deficit swelled to more than a trillion dollars. Europe is in the middle of an enormous spending binge. But apparently hard-core laissez-faire libertarian purists have taken over the world’s governments. At least, that’s the […]

CEO Compensation Has Grown 940% Since 1978

What this report finds: The increased focus on growing inequality has led to an increased focus on CEO pay. Corporate boards running America’s largest public firms are giving top executives outsize compensation packages. Average pay of CEOs at the top 350 firms in 2018 was $17.2 million—or $14.0 million using a more conservative measure. (Stock options […]

Cell Based Meat, Grown in a Lab! No Slaughter Necessary

What is lab grown meat made from? A growing number of startups are producing meat in a lab, sparing animals from slaughter. They want to bring cell-based beef, poultry, pork and fish to your plate. But they face scrutiny from consumers, regulators and food-safety advocates. Can we say …..Yummy? Via Associated Press: <!– […]

Trade War Nightmare Could Destroy American Bridal Grown Industry

Bridal gown and special occasion trade organizations are divorcing from President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” trade war, claiming, the 25% tariff hit list on $200 billion of Chinese imports will affect materials used to make wedding dresses, could threaten the entire industry into extinction. The 25% tariffs on bridal attire would skyrocket costs, damage […]

China Puts U.S. Soybean Farmers On Alert, Bans Import Of U.S. Grown Soybeans

June 1, 2019 By Mac Slavo China is responding to the United States’ trade war by banning the import of soybeans grown by U.S. farmers into the Communist country. American farmers have been officially warned that they and the American consumer will suffer under this trade war and fare much worse than the Chinese government. […]

911 Research for Grown Ups

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Hits: 37

911 Truth for Grown ups Ryan Dawson on 911 BS

911 Truth for Grown ups   Source Article from Hits: 88

Certified Naturally Grown – An Alternative to the USDA National Organic Program Certification

The Facts: Vaccines can trigger autoimmunity with a laundry list of diseases to follow. With harmful and toxic metals as some vaccine ingredients, who is susceptible and which individuals are more at risk? A new study shows what they do to our immune system. Reflect On: With so many scientists and publications emerging showing multiple […]

UK Gov’t Confirms ‘Child’ Refugee at English School is Grown Man

An investigation into a Muslim asylum seeker posing as a 15-year-old boy at an English school has concluded he is actually a fully grown man in his 30s. The man was placed in the Stoke High School in Ipswich, Suffolk, after entering the United Kingdom illegally and claiming asylum, with the Home Office accepting that he […]

Lab-Grown Kidney Organoids Sprout Brain and Muscle Cells

By Aaron Kesel Lab-grown organs have been observed suddenly sprouting cells belonging to brains and muscles, leaving scientists bewildered, reported. The miniature kidneys, made using test tubes and beakers in a laboratory, failed to behave the way they were expected to according to scientists. Instead of growing into different kinds of kidney cells, they formed into brain […]

Lab-Grown Mini-Brains Spontaneously Produced ‘Human-Like’ Brain Waves for the First Time

Neuroscientists from the University of California San Diego observed spontaneous electrical activity that resembles human brain waves in a lab-grown “mini-brain” for the first time. They hope this breakthrough will allow researchers to study the early stages of brain disorders like epilepsy in infants, which is usually difficult or impossible due to the […]

Surprise, surprise: Lab-grown mini-kidneys unexpectedly develop brain & muscle cells

Reporter spammed by would-be organ donors after writing about Indian kidney trade The test-tube grown miniature kidneys, or kidney organoids, are made from stem cells that are encouraged to develop into clusters of specific kidney cells. Scientists hope that the process could one day treat people with kidney diseases. However, recently published finding discovered that […]

Childhood Obesity Rates Have Grown 10-Fold Over Last Four Decades

By Christina Sarich Just a few decades ago, obese children and adolescents were practically unheard of. Adult obesity rates have also grown spectacularly, with more than 300 million cases of clinically obese people in the world. A new study reveals an alarming revelation, however, that children have experienced a 10-fold increase in obesity over the last four decades, with millions expected to struggle with […]

Gene-Edited ‘Super-Crops’ to be Grown in UK for First Time

Gene-Edited ‘Super-Crops’ to be Grown in UK for First Time May 29th, 2018 Via: Telegraph: Gene-edited super-crops are to be sown in Britain in a European-first after scientists exploited a legal loophole. The Government has quietly approved the farming of gene-edited (GE) Camelina oilseed […]

America’s Treatment of Palestinians Has Grown Horrendously Cruel

On May 14, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin smiled for pictures in front of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Big day for Israel,“ Donald Trump tweeted. “Congratulations!“ Meanwhile, just miles away in Gaza, Yazan Ibraheem Mohammed Al-Tubassi lay dying after repeatedly being shot by […]

Harmful compounds from GenX, PFOA found in vegetables grown near a Dutch facility, similar to North Carolina

(Natural News) GenX contamination is not just an American problem. The potentially toxic chemical compound found in the groundwater around the Chemours plant in Bladen County, North Carolina has also been discovered in vegetables in the Netherlands, reported a Lafayette Observer article. In a video conference call with the North Carolina Science Advisory Board, a […]

Could Lab-Grown ‘Clean’ Meat Be a Prelude to Soylent Green?

Cultured tissue, harvested without killing any animals, could allow scientists to grow meals’ worth of products with just a handful of starter cells. Meat grown in a laboratory could be on restaurant menus by the end of the year, one manufacturer has claimed. In vitro animal products, sometimes referred to as “clean meat”, are made […]

Greener AND more nutritious: Tomatoes grown with half the water have the same quality plus higher concentration of carotenoids

(Natural News) Farmers are constantly trying to figure out how they can conserve water without sacrificing the quality of their crops, so a new discovery from University of Seville researchers will be welcome news. According to their findings, cherry tomatoes that are grown with half the amount of water that is normally […]

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