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Demand For Madagascar’s Coronavirus Remedy Grows Across Africa despite WHO Warnings

Several countries in Africa are placing orders for Madagascar’s plant-based COVID-19 remedy, despite warnings from the World Health Organisation that its efficacy is unproven. WHO said the product had not been tested in line with international standards. Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina and the country’s Institute for Applied Research launched the remedy Covid-Organics (CVO), launched at […]

Nations debate easing lockdown as economic hardship grows

AP — Facing rising unemployment and with many of their citizens struggling to make ends meet, governments around the world are wrestling with when and how to ease the restrictions designed to control the coronavirus pandemic. Mandatory lockdowns to stop the spread of the new virus, which has so far infected more than 2.2 million […]

400 March And Rally To Tax Amazon As Momentum Grows Against Any State Ban On Taxing Big Business

STATE SENATORS REBECCA SALDAÑA AND BOB HASEGAWA JOIN GROWING LIST OF POLITICIANS PUBLICLY OPPOSING PREEMPTION On Sunday March 1, 400 community members marched from the Cal Anderson Park fountain to the Amazon corporate campus as part of Seattle’s Tax Amazon movement. Against the backdrop of the Amazon Spheres, speakers talked about why there is such […]

With Grenell Appointment, the Israel Lobby’s Foothold on US Intelligence Grows Even Stronger

Last week’s appointment of U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell to the post of Director of National Intelligence (DNI) received criticism from both sides of the political divide, mainly for his lack of experience and history of outspoken and partisan political statements. Much more overlooked, however, are Grenell’s ties to the powerful American pro-Israel lobby and […]

Race division grows as "academics" downgrade whites to an inferior species: Dartmouth to host racist forum about how to figure out white people "in their natural habitats"

(Natural News) A grossly overweight, self-proclaimed “expert on whiteness” is planning to host an “academic” forum at Dartmouth University in early February entitled “What’s Up with White People?” that, as its name implies, will openly demean and insult people with fair skin as being members of some type of second-class species. According […]

Anti-Semitism grows in Jewish communities in New York City suburbs

MONSEY, N.Y. (AP) — For years, ultra-Orthodox Jewish families priced out of increasingly expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods have been turning to the suburbs, where they have taken advantage of open space and cheaper housing to establish modern-day versions of the European shtetls where their ancestors lived for centuries before the Holocaust. The expansion of Hasidic communities […]

American support for impeaching Trump grows to 45% over Ukraine scandal: Poll

Nearly half of Americans believe US President Donald Trump should be impeached, a figure that increased by 8 percentage points during the past week as more people learned about allegations that Trump pressured Ukraine’s president to find damaging information about his top Democratic political rival Joe Biden, according to a new poll. The Reuters/Ipsos […]

‘Frustratingly cruel’: Farmer fury grows over New Zealand government’s climate change plans

   Condemnation of the Government’s plans to address climate change is growing within the rural sector with claims stock would have to be culled to reach the proposed targets. The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill will create a legally binding objective to limit global warming to no more than 1.5°C with a net […]

As the Israel lobby in the US weakens, its UK counterpart grows more fearsome

For decades it was all but taboo to suggest that pro-Israel lobbies in the United States like AIPAC used their money and influence to keep lawmakers firmly in check on Israel-related issues – even if one had to be blind not to notice that that was exactly what they were up to. When back in […]

US trade deficit with China grows to a record and it’s likely even worse than the data show

China announced Monday that its 2018 trade surplus with the United States was its largest in more than a decade, despite the tariff war initiated by President Donald Trump against Beijing. China’s surplus with the U.S. grew 17 percent from a year ago to hit $323.32 billion in 2018, according to government […]

100 Year Old Chinese Woman Grows Horn In Her Forehead

An elderly Chinese woman has stunned her family and fellow villagers by growing from her forehead a horn than resembles a goat’s. Grandmother Zhang Ruifang, 101, of Linlou village, Henan province, began developing the mysterious protrusion last year. Since then it has grown 2.4in in length and another now appears to emerging on the other […]

Chinese-Style ‘Digital Authoritarianism’ Grows Globally

Chinese-Style ‘Digital Authoritarianism’ Grows Globally November 2nd, 2018 Via: AFP: Governments worldwide are stepping up use of online tools, in many cases inspired by China’s model, to suppress dissent and tighten their grip on power, a human rights watchdog study found Thursday. The annual […]

Evidence Grows of Meddling by Netanyahu Government in UK Politics (#Corbyn)

Nazareth, Israel: Has Israel been covertly fuelling claims of an “anti-Semitism crisis” purportedly plaguing Britain’s Labour Party since it elected a new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, three years ago?That question is raised by a new freedom of information request submitted this week by a group of Israeli lawyers, academics and human rights activists. They suspect that two […]

#OccupyICE Movement Grows Momentum In Colorado

#OccupyICE Movement Grows Momentum In Colorado Above Photo: From Centennial, CO – On the morning of Thursday, August 2, 2018, after sustaining an #OccupyICE encampment vigil for almost four days, eight advocates blockaded the two main driveway entrances to the ICE Denver Field Office. Using PVC pipes to connect their arms, the eight participants, […]

Martin Fire burning northeast of Winnemucca, Nevada grows to 164,971 acres

     The Bureau of Land Management says the Martin Fire has expanded into Elko County. It was last reported at Monument Hill going towards the Desert Road Reservoir, and is currently threatening several homes and other pieces of land in its path. The Martin Fire is burning about 48 miles northeast of Winnemucca and has […]

Amber Rudd quits as Home Secretary as immigration crisis grows

Amber Rudd quits as Home Secretary as immigration crisis grows Live updates from the UK government and resignation of our Home Secretary. Amber Rudd quits as Home Secretary as immigration crisis grows “It is bitter sweet. Rudd had to go to go because of her performance and because of her denials of the targets. […]

Resistance Against The Mountain Valley Pipeline Grows

Resistance Against The Mountain Valley Pipeline Grows Tree Sits Launched on Family Farm in Franklin County Franklin County, VA – In the farmlands of Franklin County, a new stand against the Mountain Valley Pipeline has begun. Three tree sits loom directly in the path of the pipeline’s destruction, making it impossible to clear the way without […]

The American idiocracy grows when merit-based hiring is deemed racist

     As individuals, we want the best doctors treating and operating on us, the best pilots flying the airplanes we board, the best engineers designing the bridges we cross, the best scientists inventing and bringing to market the medicines and potions we ingest. Yet the American Idiocracy is moving to equate merit-based institutions with institutionalized […]

Authorities look for new ways to CRUSH food freedom as interest in food independence grows and raising poultry becomes more popular

(Natural News) Over the past few years, raising poultry has become immensely popular in the United States – more popular than it has been in quite some time. Naturally, given the power-hungry nature of those who claim to represent us, the government is continuously looking for ways to regulate this growing trend […]

As Facebook Grows Cold and Stale, Young Users Flock to New Platforms

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA — Is social media giant Facebook headed for the same ignoble fate as its now-extinct predecessors, Friendster and MySpace? The prospect of the reigning social media champ’s demise shouldn’t be exaggerated, but recent data digital market research company eMarketer suggests that the platform’s popularity is reaching a point of stagnation among younger users, […]

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