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Cardinal George Pell found guilty of sexually abusing children as the Vatican loses any remaining moral high ground

Once a close aide to Pope Francis, former Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell has been unanimously convicted by a jury in Australia on five counts of historic child sex crimes, a verdict that is likely to land him in jail. The jury in Melbourne made its groundbreaking decision in December […]

Proof Trump Administration Is Guilty Of Silencing Julian Assange

Proof Trump Administration Is Guilty Of Silencing Julian Assange Above Photo: From Note: A good deal of this article focuses on the role of Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno. On February 20, 2019, Moreno announced that Ecuador will receive US$10.2 billion in international loans, which would interest rates of less than 5 percent and could be paid in terms […]

Former Insys CEO Pleads Guilty to Opioid Kickback Scheme

Former Insys CEO Pleads Guilty to Opioid Kickback Scheme January 10th, 2019 Via: Reuters: The former chief executive of Insys Therapeutics Inc (INSY.O) pleaded guilty on Wednesday to participating in a nationwide scheme to bribe doctors to prescribe an addictive opioid medication and has […]

George Soros Found ‘Guilty’ Of Criminal Insider Trading In France

Globalist billionaire George Soros has been found guilty of illegal insider trading in France, and has been issued a hefty $2.3 million fine.  Earlier this week, the UK’s Financial Times awarded Soros their “man of the year” award for funding open borders and advancing his globalist agenda. Just a few days later, he was found […]

Mueller Found Guilty Of Wiping Peter Strzok’s iPhone

Robert Mueller authorized the scrubbing of vital evidence from disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok’s iPhone, a new inspector general’s report reveals.  After Mueller’s special counsel’s office reviewed Peter Strzok’s text messages, all of the evidence was then swiftly deleted. reports: The Mueller team is specifically responsible for the scrubbing of the Strzok phone, while […]

Tormented into a guilty plea? Experts denounce US "miscarriage of justice" in Butina case

     Maria Butina’s only crime is that she is Russian, legal analysts told RT, attacking the US justice system for keeping her in solitary confinement until she admitted guilt to at least one of the many charges brought against her. “This is an utter and total miscarriage of justice,” retired CIA agent and whistleblower John […]

Months of torture-like conditions made Butina plead guilty to get home sooner – Lavrov

Speaking to the media in the Azerbaijani capital Baku, Lavrov said US prosecutors were deliberately trying to break Butina. “I can understand that woman, she is being kept in the harshest conditions, for many many months now she has been subjected to a kind of torture: they would make her go for walks at night, […]

Australian Court Finds Vatican Chief Guilty Of Raping Children

An Australian court has convicted the Vatican’s finance chief, Cardinal George Pell, of raping young boys in the 1990s.  After three days of deliberations, the Melbourne court handed down a guilty verdict Tuesday by a unanimous consent of the jury. reports: If the verdict is confirmed, it will be the highest-ranking condemnation of a […]

Gov. Jerry Brown Pardons Refugee Found Guilty of Murder and Robbery

California Gov. Jerry Brown has pardoned a refugee convicted of murder and robbery charges, as well as a Democrat former state senator convicted of felony voter fraud. Jerry Brown, California’s longest-serving governor, pardoned 38 people on Wednesday ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, and has now pardoned a total of 1,593 people during his terms. Brown’s […]

Liberal Immigration Lawyer Found Guilty Of Widespread Asylum Fraud

A liberal lawyer from New York has been found guilty of widespread asylum fraud after she was caught running a scheme to help criminal immigrants enter the U.S.  Andreea Dumitru Parcalaboiu was running a fraudulent immigration system that would allow dangerous criminals to be granted asylum in America by forging documents and fabricating their history. […]

Khmer Rouge leaders guilty of genocide

For the first time, two leaders of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia have been found guilty of genocide. Nuon Chea, 92, was the deputy of regime leader Pol Pot, and Khieu Samphan, 87, was head of state. They were on trial at the UN-backed tribunal on charges of exterminating […]

JPMorgan Chase Trader Pleads Guilty to Gold Manipulation, Turns State’s Evidence

November 12, 2018 By Clint Siegner Gold and silver investors got a rare bit of good news on the enforcement front last week. A trader from JPMorgan Chase pled guilty to rigging the precious metals futures markets. John Edmonds admitted to cheating the bank’s clients and plenty of other people naive enough to expect fair […]

IG Horowitz: 60 FBI Agents Guilty Of Taking Bribes From CNN & NY Times

Over 60 FBI agents took bribes from liberal media outlets, including CNN, The New York Times, NBC News and many others.  The bribes consisted of expensive dinners, NFL tickets, concert tickets, cruises and expensive vacations. The agents allegedly took a total of 300 gifts from the liberal news outlets. I guess we now know what […]

Instagram model guilty of savage road rage attack caught on dashcam (VIDEO)

Jones’ vehicle swerved around another vehicle to overtake it on the side of a busy road in Robina, on the Gold Coast in May. Dashcam video shows its driver got out of her car and approached Jones’ car when they were stopped at traffic lights. A brutal fight broke out between the pair, with Jones […]

Asian Sex Gang, Guilty Of Raping Underage British Girls, Jailed For 220 Years

An Asian sex gang, who raped girls as young as eleven in the UK, have been collectively jailed for a combined total of more than 220 years.  The Huddersfield gang plied their underage victims with alcohol and drugs before carrying out the horrific sex attacks, according to court documents. reports: The court heard evidence […]

The Van Dyke Guilty Verdict A Victory For Black Lives Movement

The Van Dyke Guilty Verdict A Victory For Black Lives Movement Above: Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of 2nd-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery. (Scott Olson/Getty Images) In an interview, Black Lives Matter organizer Aislinn Pulley explains why she sees the verdict as a step toward dismantling the systems […]

Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke Found Guilty Of Second-Degree Murder In Killing Of Black Teenager Laquan McDonald

A jury found former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of second-degree murder. He fired 16 shots that killed Laquan McDonald. Van Dyke was also found guilty of 16 counts of aggravated battery for each shot fired but not guilty of official misconduct. Judge Vincent Gaughan revoked Van […]

CEO Pleads Guilty to Selling Encrypted Phones to Organized Crime

In March, Motherboard reported that the FBI had arrested the CEO of Phantom Secure, a company selling custom, encrypted phones, and which allegedly provided them to high end organized criminal groups including the Sinaloa drug cartel. On Tuesday, Vincent Ramos, the CEO, pleaded guilty to running a criminal enterprise that facilitated drug trafficking, specifically through the […]

It could be Trump’s worst day, ever…Manafort guilty on eight counts and Cohen cuts a plea deal with the feds

The Ugly Truth ed note–all the various eks-purts, jeen-yussis, and prah-fits who deduced from the beginning that Trump was ushered into power by Djooz just because he has a ‘jooish’ daughter and has said nice things about Netanyahu, keep in mind that the author of this gloating piece, Jennifer Rubin– …Is a died-in-the-wool/marinated-to-the-bone-marrow Neocon warmonger […]

In Guilty Plea, Ex-Trump Lawyer Cohen Says He Made Payments at Candidate’s Direction

In Guilty Plea, Ex-Trump Lawyer Cohen Says He Made Payments at Candidate’s Direction August 21st, 2018 Via: Reuters: U.S. President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty in New York on Tuesday to campaign finance violations and other charges, saying he made […]

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