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Jewish Press Explains Why There Just So Happens To Be So Many ‘Jews Behind The Coronavirus Vaccine’

Jewry is obviously concerned that every time a new COVID vaccine is mentioned in their news outlets there seems to be a Jew ‘behind it’ and promoting it — so to pre-emptively stave off any ‘baseless’ antisemitic ‘conspiracy theories,’ the Jerusalem Post has published an article to reassure the public that it’s all just a […]

This is what happens when a candidate dies withdraws!

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB The dates to note here are:November 4, 2020: announcement of the election results December 14, 2020: balloting by the 538 members of the Electoral College (Note: To win, a majority of 538, namely 270 electoral votes, is needed.) January 3, 2021: the new Congress convenes January 6, 2021: opening […]

What happens if a US presidential candidate exits the race?

WASHINGTON (AFP) — A US presidential nominee has never died or had to withdraw from a White House race this close to an election. But President Donald Trump’s hospitalization for coronavirus just a month from the November 3 vote has raised the question of what happens if such an event should occur. Trump is 74 […]

Here’s what happens with the investigations the Israeli army launches when it kills innocent Palestinians

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This is what happens if the POTUS election is not concluded by January 6th.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is warning Democrats of an exceedingly rare scenario where the House may need to decide the presidential election in January.  Jose Luis Magana/AP KELSEY SNELLNPR House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is warning Democrats that they must win the majority, not just of the House of Representatives but a majority of each […]

“Let Me Explain What Happens Next…”

Austrian PeterThe Burning Platform A reader recently wrote me a long letter on how he feels about all this ‘Plandemic’ stuff.  I thought it would be good to share it as there is so much in it which rings bells of truth for me; from Austrian Peter. “I’ve just woken up after reading ZeroHedge late […]

What Happens When We Defund The Police

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‘What Happens If Julian Assange Dies In A British Prison?’

‘What Happens If Julian Assange Dies In A British Prison?’ Julian Assange appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court via video-link on Friday, August 14, 2020. Seen to those in attendance through two flat-screen monitors placed at either side of the west London courtroom, the WikiLeaks founder and former editor patiently sat through the proceedings in which […]

If You Touch The Roof Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue and Breathe, This Happens To Your Body

If you have trouble falling asleep, it can be the worst. When you are laying in bed for hours, tossing and turning, hoping and praying that sleep will come. You look at the clock and countdown how many hours you have to sleep before your alarm goes off. A good night’s sleep makes all the […]

Watch What Happens when ONE Jew Says He Support Palestinian Rights..

They must take after their Israeli racist cousins? Jewish activist have been kicked out of an Illinois synagogue for supporting Palestinian rights. Check out the faces of hate when they lash out at this brave person. Such malevolence from people who always proclaim they’re peaceful. He came damn close to getting mugged by his fellow […]

E-Waste, Plastic, and More! “The Story of Stuff Project” Exposes What Happens to Discarded Stuff

By B.N. Frank For 11 years, The Story of Stuff Project has been producing and posting videos about what happens to all kinds of discarded stuff. They recently released their first feature-length documentary film, The Story of Plastic. Plastic pollution is everywhere we look, smothering our oceans and poisoning communities around the world. Meanwhile, Big […]

Biosphere 2: What happens when you seal eight people in a giant bubble?

   WE “BIOSPHERIANS” knew living together for two years in our enclosed mini-world would be a challenge. Imagine sharing 2193 meals with the same seven people. We entered as friends, but feared the stress of isolation. We hoped for paradise and braced for hell. Indeed, disaster was never far away. We faced accumulating carbon dioxide […]

How They Do It, How it Happens and How It’s Done–IDF vet gets death threats after she’s falsely accused of killing Gaza medic

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A View from the Rubble of Sana’a: What Happens When an Airstrike Hits Your Street

SANA’A, YEMEN — The late morning sun conspired with a cloudless blue sky to frame the Al Tahir commercial district here in a shimmering champagne glow. With the noon hour approaching, swatches of life unfurl like images in a Diego Rivera mural: Al Qasr Street begins to swell with cars, courier trucks and bicycles, while […]

What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Gluten?

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times The word “gluten” has become such a buzzword in recent years, most likely because of the sudden popularity of the gluten-free diet that’s been endorsed by famous personalities. Before you consider trying this diet, read this page first to learn about gluten, and how it can negatively impact your […]

What Happens When pro-Trump Christians Weaponize the Bible

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This Is What Happens To Our Stomach Receptors When We Eat Junk Food

Next Story Have you ever felt super full after eating a low-calorie meal, or still hungry after eating a calorie dense one? This has certainly happened to me; for example, one day last week I just ate carrots and drank a bit of cold-pressed juice and felt extremely full all day, yet the following day I had […]

Mrs Merkel Goes to Warshington. Nothing Happens. But That Means Something.

by Sergio Weigel for the Saker Blog May 11, 2018 When Angela Merkel had visited Trump in Warshington on April 27 nothing really happened. Both put a good face on things and declared a yawn inducing “unity despite differences”. Despite all the pressure Warshington had built up so thoroughly, the vassal did not rebel against his […]

How It Happens–Colombia Turning Israelis Away After criminal behavior of Israeli Tourists

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Redesigning Reality #026 – What To Do When Life Happens

Waking Times What do you do when things aren’t going your way and bad things just seem to keep on happening? Many times it feels like we recover from one setback just in time to find the next one standing at our doorstep. How do we move through the next challenge while we’re still […]

A Therapist Explains What Happens When People Try to Quit Psychiatric Meds

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times Trying to kick psychiatric medications is one of those rarely discussed problems with the modern psychiatric business. For all the informative and sleek television commercials and all the simplified explanations by doctors, when someone decides to get off these meds, the experience can be an utter nightmare. Writing […]

Cambridge Analytica Is What Happens When You Privatize Military Propaganda

Renegade Editor’s Note: The author appears to have something of an anti-White bias that emerges within his writing, but this is an important topic being covered, so I am posting this piece here anyway. By Adam Ramsay The Gulf War Did Not Take Place. This audacious claim was made by the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard in […]

Here’s What Happens In First Hour After You Eat A Big Mac

You’ve probably heard a lot about how junk food negatively affects your body. You’ve probably also heard about all of the studies carried out on fast food and the ingredients, chemicals and additives it contains. Nevertheless, when your stomach starts to rumble and you are dying for a quick bite, a Big Mac just seems […]

What Happens To People Who Meditate For The First Time

Next Story There have been numerous studies detailing what happens to the brain in long-term meditators, but what exactly happens to people who meditate for the first time? Sara Lazar, a Harvard researcher, has gained quite some notoriety detailing how the brain actually grows grey matter when people meditate. Other studies have shown that meditation […]

Study Shows What Happens To The Human Body When It Goes Just 10 Days Without Sugar

Next Story It has become increasingly common knowledge in recent years that sugar wreaks havoc on our health, leading to such prevalent and serious ailments as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. We are eating more sugar now than ever before, as almost all processed foods are laced with some form of the sweet […]

What happens the day after Trump pulls out of the Iran deal

The Washington Post | Josh Rogin: While the public debate rages over President Trump’s threat to pull the United States out of the Iran deal, actors both inside and outside the U.S. government are planning for what happens the day after the United States exits — a scenario that looks increasingly likely. Officials and lawmakers are nearly […]

Next Time You’re At A Party, See What Happens When You Ask Someone This Question

Next Story You’re at a party and you have a drink in your hand. You’re well dressed, the lights are dim, and music is lightly playing in the background. Your friend walks up to you, gives you a hug, and asks how you are doing. You catch up. A couple of minutes later one of their […]

The Special Ed Epidemic: What Happens When They Age Out of School? Part 3 of 4.

Next Story By Sheri A. Marino, MA, CCC-SLP, from WMP Partner: Focus for Health WMP Note: In this 4-part series, World Mercury Project partner, Focus For Health,  examines the special needs epidemic and its effects on schools, the US economy, life after age 21 and the many theories that point to potential causes of the explosion of […]

This Is What Actually Happens To Our “Recycling” (Video)

Next Story Everyday we produce waste, in our current society, it’s almost impossible not to. Many of us make an effort to recycle our recyclables, but unfortunately much of that still ends up in the trash. There are also a lot of countries that don’t recycle at all so all of the waste – all […]

What Happens to Our Brain When We Experience Complete Silence

Christina Sarich, Guest Waking Times “Silence is the perfectest herault of joy. I were but little happy if I could say how much.” – Shakespeare The word noise comes from a Latin root word meaning, “pain,” or “distress.” Noise is something we’ve become accustomed to, even if we are keenly aware of its ability to cause multiple forms of anguish. Even […]

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