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McDonald’s International Sued for Global Sexual Harassment Conspiracy

Whether you know it or not, your delicious breakfast McMuffin is the result of systematic sexual abuse. It looks like McDonald’s is finally going to face the music after running a global molestation conspiracy for decades. The Guardian: An international coalition of labor unions has filed a complaint against McDonald’s, alleging systemic […]


[Editor’s Note: I have known Frank Martin and Helen Michell for 22 years now and have worked with them on different issues to do with native sovereignty, Residential School abuse and basic human rights issues. Both Helen and Frank are hard core, dedicated activists who have given their adult lives to the struggles […]

The White Racist Male Harassment

Clown World clean up after the monkeyshines. LIKE MOST spiritually healthy Whites I enjoy pouring estrogen drink into my gaping maw while watching the Liberia Ball and soiling myself. But have you ever stopped to think where the magical kosher nitwit nectar with the weird little “U” on the bottle actually comes from? Probably not, […]

OSCE condemns harassment of Russian agency journalists in Turkey amid reported detention over ‘professional activity’

Three Sputnik employees were confronted in their apartments in Ankara on Saturday night by groups of angry people who accused them of being traitors to the country. Nobody was hurt in the altercations, but after they turned to the police to investigate the incident, they went missing and have not been heard from since. Sources […]

Legendary opera star Placido Domingo accepts ‘full responsibility’ for harassment allegations, after MeToo pressure mounts

In a statement delivered through Europa Press outlet, Placido Domingo acknowledged “full responsibility” for the allegations of sexual misconduct that surfaced last year. “Although it was not my intention, no one should ever feel that way,” the opera singer pointed out. READ MORE: Innocent until proven guilty? Not for Placido Domingo: Americans race to condemn, […]

Atzmon: Hope for an End to Intimidation, Harassment and Bullying

By Gilad Atzmon On Thursday night, the Jewish charity, Campaign Against Antisemitsm (CAA) declared that it would “be selecting a number of future dates on which to picket the 606 [jazz] club over its decision” to present a jazz performance by yours truly. With this threat, CAA crossed the line. This time it wasn’t just […]

Palestinians reel from violent harassment during Jewish celebration in Hebron

More than a dozen Palestinians, including a baby, were injured over the weekend in the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, when tens of thousands of Jewish pilgrims descended on the city and many became violent. According to local reports, extremist Israelis wreaked havoc on the city, verbally harassing and physically attacking Palestinian residents […]

McDonald’s workers sue over sexual harassment, ‘toxic’ work culture

McDonald’s Corp was sued on Tuesday by workers in the US state of Michigan who accused the American fast-food chain of allowing pervasive sexual harassment to flourish at its restaurants nationwide. The proposed class action lawsuit filed in a Michigan state court accused McDonald’s of lacking policies to address sexual harassment, failing to train […]

Trump Announces He Is Leaving Sh*thole New York Due to Democrat Harassment

President Trump has been relentlessly harassed and abused by Democrats in New York since winning the presidency in 2016. Angry far-left politicians from New York city have been very vocal about their loathing and hatred of conservatives and Trump. Former New York state Attorney General Letitia James promised after her election victory in November 2018 […]

5 Targeted Individuals Expose Shocking Electronic Harassment and Torture

Targeted Individuals (TIs) are those who the Government (via the Military Intelligence Complex of agencies) has picked out to harass, assault and attack – with advanced forms of invisible electronic weapons. This is the new form of 21st century mind control. Some targeted individuals have connections to the military (e.g. come from a military family) […]

Family says child with autism accused of sexual harassment for hugging another child

   A 5-year-old Tennessee boy with autism is punished for hugging. School officials at East Ridge Elementary School say he was over stepping boundaries. His family says he didn’t know any better. “I was sick to my stomach because first of all don’t you understand he’s a 5-year-old,” Summery Putnam, the boy’s mother, said. “He’s […]

Court overturns decision to clear former top cop of sexual harassment

The Tel Aviv District Court on Monday overturned a lower court’s decision to clear a former Jerusalem police chief of sexual assault, fraud and breach of trust charges. Nissan Shaham was convicted of indecent conduct in April 2018 for kissing a junior officer, but was acquitted of one count of sexual harassment, five counts of […]

Police open probe into repeated harassment of attorney general

Police opened an investigation Wednesday into alleged harassment of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit. A police statement said the “repeated” harassment occurred in recent days, but did not elaborate further. “At this stage we cannot go into the details,” the statement said. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition by email and never miss our top […]

Organizer Of Google Sexual Harassment Walkout Leaves The Company

One of the organizers of last November’s massive Google walkout, Meredith Whittaker, has left the company. Her departure, first announced over Twitter by a Google software engineer, was confirmed by the company.  Today is @mer__edith‘s final day at Google. Watching her experience as a whistleblower at Google and a victim of retaliation cannot signal good […]

Anti-Palestinian activists guilty of harassment

Asa Winstanley Activism and BDS Beat 19 June 2019 Jonathan Hoffman and Damon Lenszner harassing boycott activists. (InMinds) Two infamous anti-Palestinian activists in London pleaded guilty to charges of harassment and threatening behavior on Wednesday. Jonathan Hoffman, a former leader in the Zionist Federation, and Damon Lenszner changed their earlier not-guilty pleas in exchange for […]

China issues travel alert for US, warns of ‘harassment’ of its citizens there

In a statement cited in Chinese media on Tuesday, the country’s foreign ministry and its US embassy claimed Washington used the powers of its agencies – like home interviews and immigration checks – to “harass” Chinese travelers. It urged citizens to respond “actively and appropriately” in future to such actions and to raise their safety […]

Harassment And Intimidation Of Colombian Peace Activists “Lazos de Dignidad”

Harassment And Intimidation Of Colombian Peace Activists “Lazos de Dignidad” Above Photo: From The Alliance for Global Justice is concerned about harassment and intimidation that is being experienced by Colombia’s legal collective Fundación Lazos de Dignidad (FLD – Links of Dignity Foundation). Over the past months, collective members have faced a home break-in and […]

Hypocrite Hirono Under Fire For Covering Up Sexual Harassment Scandal

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, who told all men to “shut up” during the Kavanaugh smear campaign, now faces her own sexual harassment scandal. Hirono is under fire for ignoring women who were being emotionally and verbally abused by a male flight instructor who taught at a flight school Hirono created when she was lieutenant governor. […]

India’s #MeToo: Minister accused of multiple sexual harassment files defamation lawsuit

     An Indian minister has slammed allegations of sexual misconduct leveled at him by at least 10 women as “lies” and has filed a lawsuit against the first one who accused him of harassment. Junior Foreign Minister MJ Akbar, 67, filed a defamation suit against journalist Priya Ramani after she publicly accused him on Twitter […]

TSA Bosses Covered Up Internal Sexual Harassment; What Does That Mean For The Public Cases?

By Aaron Kesel The Transportation Security Administration, the agency always fingered for groping allegations of passengers boarding airplanes, has reportedly had bad bosses for quite some time who covered up internal sexual harassment, fueling the culture. House Republican investigators alleged in a new report that officials covered up sexual harassment, including one senior official who […]

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