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Excluding Havana, Washington bans all US flights to Cuba

Announcing the decision in a tweet on Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the action would “prevent the Castro regime from profiting from U.S. air travel and using the revenues to repress the Cuban people.” “Today, I asked [Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao] to suspend scheduled air service between the U.S. and all Cuban airports, […]

Ottawa Goes To Havana To Talk Venezuela. Returns Empty-Handed

A reading of the news release from the Ministry indicates that there were no tangible results aside from a statement that the two foreign ministers had “different perspectives on the crisis in Venezuela”, having agreed to disagree, and that “senior officials would stay in contact and continue to exchange views”. If Ottawa’s intention was to break the […]

Russian Warship Docks In Havana As Kremlin Sees New Cuban Missile Crisis

At the very moment a Russian warship has docked in Cuba — a mere one hundred miles off the American coast, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has slammed US build-up of its weapons systems in Europe by invoking comparisons to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.  Ryabkov made his comments early Monday, the same day the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, […]

Cuban institute marks Iranian New Year in Havana

IRNA – The Cuban Institute for Friendship with the People (ICAP) in Havana has marked in a ceremony the Iranian New Year, Nowruz. The event was held Monday evening with the attendance of diplomatic and cultural officials, including Asian, European, Arab and African envoys, the Cuba Muslim society, Iranian residents and those interested in the […]

WORLD WAR 3 is NEAR!!! | END TIMES – What they don’t tell you (2016)

I made this video to awakening the public about the new world order and world 3 that is about to come. For several years there has been slow remnant of war in … source Add To The Conversation Using Facebook Comments Source Article from Related Posts Man, Woman Burned to Death after Bandits Hurled […]

Brussels Attack: Implications of Alleged ISIS Links

Tony Cartalucci (NEO) : Just days after arresting French-born Belgium national  and terror suspect Salah Abdeslam in Brussels, a coordinated terror attack unfolded in the very same city, killing at least 28, and injuring many more. NBC News has already  announced that European officials are linking the attack to ISIS, though it is unclear whether or not […]

Two phases in the War on Cash

     Back in 2008, I began warning of increasing capital controls that we would see in the future, as a component in the decline of Western economies (Western in the broad sense, including Japan, Australia, etc.) Along the way, it occurred to me that, at some point, governments might collectively attempt to eliminate paper currency […]

Che Guevara’s daughter refuses to attend Pope Francis mass in Cuba

The mass will take place in Revolution Square in Havana, which is adorned with a huge mural of the iconic guerilla leader, Ernesto “Che” Guevara. “The CPC (Communist Party of Cuba) asks us militants to go to mass, to go to meet the Pope. That is as a task from the party with which I […]

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