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Man Arrested For Violating Quarantine In Hawaii After Posting Photos To Instagram

By John Vibes A man from New York was arrested in Hawaii last week for violating the state’s mandatory two-week quarantine that tourists were expected to comply with. 23-year-old Tarique Peters was caught after posting photos to Instagram which showed him outside of his hotel room before he was allowed to leave. A press release […]

Tourist Arrested in Hawaii After Snitches Report His Beach Photos Posted on Instagram

It is now clear that part of the plan in enforcing this brutal new tyranny in America is to make it so absurd that it is difficult to even process. People cannot voice opposition to something that they are incapable of even comprehending. CNN: A tourist from New York was arrested in […]

Diver Was Swimming in Hawaii When a Dolphin Swam Up to Him Begging for Help

I wonder whether humans would ever become conscious of all the damage they cause to the wildlife and the creatures living in the seas and the oceans with their careless behavior. A bottlenose dolphin found itself wrapped around a fishing line and a hook stuck into his body. Having no chance of getting out of […]

The dead bodies are starting to pile up in America as New York, Hawaii and North Carolina beg FEMA for "Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams" (DMORT)

(Natural News) America is about to be flooded with dead bodies from the coronavirus epidemic that’s now burning its away across the nation. With over 68,000 confirmed infections and over 1,000 confirmed deaths already in America, the nation is on track to see at least 100,000 coronavirus deaths in the coming months. […]

Hawaii and Maryland both declare state of emergency as U.S. coronavirus infections explode to 226… air traffic lockdown coming soon

(Natural News) There are now 226 confirmed coronavirus infections across America, meaning my projections over the last two weeks have been overly optimistic. In truth, the coronavirus epidemic in America is exploding faster than I feared. (It seems like only yesterday that Trump was confident there were only “15 cases” in America […]

Golden Rule, The Peace Boat, In Hawaii And Going Beyond

Golden Rule, The Peace Boat, In Hawaii And Going Beyond Sixty-one years ago in 1958 the Golden Rule and her intrepid crew sailed from Los Angeles to stop U.S. atmospheric nuclear weapons from being exploded in the Marshall Islands.  Under orders from the U.S. government, the Coast Guard stopped the boat in Honolulu and arrested the captain and […]

Fresh snow reaches mid-level of Hawaii mountain

   Maunakea and Mauna Loa got a fresh dusting of snow and ice overnight, and webcams show the frozen precipitation reached as far down as the mid-level area. A light layer of snow could be seen at the “MK Visitor Center” cam at Halepohaku, commonly referred to as the Mid-Level area. The spot, located at […]

Winter storm drops snow on Haleakala, Big Island summits, Hawaii

   A deep cold front dropped snow on the summits of Haleakala on Maui, and Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on the Big Island, resulting in snowcaps on Hawaii’s three tallest mountains. The National Weather Service in Honolulu had those summits under a winter storm warning through noon Friday. A dusting of snow fell on […]

Now in Effect: Hawaii Law Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession, Expunges Some Criminal Records

By Michael Maharrey HONOLULU, Hawaii (Jan 13, 2020) – A new Hawaii law that decriminalizes marijuana possession and creates a process to expunge the records of certain marijuana offenders is now in effect. The new law takes another step toward nullifying federal cannabis prohibition in effect in the state. Twenty Democratic representatives sponsored House Bill […]

Storms bring snow to Hawaii Island summits

   Tuesday’s stormy weather produced a brief snowfall at the summits of Mauna Loa and Maunakea. Most of the snow melted within a few hours. A webcam USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory webcam caught a glimpse of the snow on Mauna Loa’s Mokuʻāweoweo Caldera from the northwest rim. On Maunakea, several observatory webcams recorded the event. […]

Cannabis Might Reverse Heart Failure, University of Hawaii Study Finds

The Facts: New research is showing that TRPV1, a cannabinoid receptor found abundantly in the heart may be key in slowing down and potentially even reversing heart failure. Reflect On: With so many medical applications and the potential to treat and even cure a wide variety of diseases, why has there been such a lack […]

October snow falling on Mauna Kea summit in Hawaii

   Building instability and moisture are resulting in extensive fog, ice and high humidity at the summit, forecasters say. Ice and snow can already be seen on observatory webcams. Ice is starting to cover the summit of Mauna Kea on Tuesday afternoon. Observatory webcams show snow and fog surrounding the telescopes at the 13,000 ft […]

Maui Wowie! No 5G Drone Over Hawaii!!!

By B.N. Frank In July, Activist Post reported about efforts to stop a huge 5G drone from being flown over Hawaii. Congratulations to Dr. Debora Greene and members of for making it happen: Yes, it’s true! The Research Corporation of the University of Hawai’i (RCUH) on Friday withdrew its Use Determination Application from the […]

Hawaii Becomes 26th US State To Decriminalize Marijuana

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times Mid-2019, Hawaii became the 26th state to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. After the bill became law, Hawaii Governor David Ige cautioned that decriminalizing the herb doesn’t mean the state is prepared to legalize recreational use of cannabis. Under the new law, people caught with marijuana will no longer face a […]

Giant 5G Drones are Being Planned for the Skies Over Hawaii then the World

Dr. Debra Greene PhD, Take Back Your Power Waking Times Massive football field sized drones flying in the stratosphere, beaming down toxic 5G radiation into the earth, into the ocean, into our homes, into our bodies. Sounds like something out of a science fiction nightmare. But if the sponsors of the HAWK30 program, tech giant SoftBank of […]

Was Hawaii’s ‘Nuclear False Alarm’ a Psychological Operation?

The notorious “duck and cover” drill was performed on two generations of Americans, and with documented psychological implications (Image Source: Nuclear Secrecy) Endure over the span of nearly 50 years during the Cold War era. By now, it is extremely well-documented just how US government agencies and the military would routinely subject the public to […]

After 9 Days Of Protests Hawaii Governor Finally Visits Sacred Mauna Kea

UPDATED: The governor finally visits the mountain on Day 9 of massive protests against the Thirty Meter Telescope construction. Hawaii Gov. David Ige wants Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim to take the lead on negotiating with opponents of the planned Thirty Meter Telescope who are engaged in a massive protest to prevent its construction on Mauna […]

Hawaii Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession, Expunges Some Criminal Records

Michael Maharrey, Guest Waking Times Earlier this month, a bill to decriminalize marijuana possession and expunge the records of certain marijuana offenders became law without the governor’s signature. The new law takes another step toward nullifying federal cannabis prohibition in effect in the state. Twenty Democratic representatives sponsored House Bill 1383 (HB1383). The new law decriminalizes possession […]

Scientists ‘Thrilled’ to Report Hawaii’s Coral Reefs are Making a Miraculous Comeback

Elias Marat, TMU Waking Times Let’s face it – doom and gloom have become par for the course when it comes to reports about the state of Mother Earth, with stories detailing a warming climate, extreme weather events, and the extinction of various species taking over headlines with tragic regularity. Unusually, the damage to the […]

Marriott Hotel Workers Strike Spreads To Hawaii

Marriott Hotel Workers Strike Spreads To Hawaii Above Photo: Unite Here Local 2 members strike in front of Hotel St. Regis in San Francisco on October 4, 2018. (CBS) More than 2,700 hotel workers in Honolulu and Maui walked off the job on Monday, joining Marriott workers who began striking last week in the San Francisco […]

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