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Elizabeth Warren’s Support for Bolivia Coup Consistent With Other Hawkish Foreign Policy Positions

Massachusetts Senator and Democratic Presidential nomination frontrunner Elizabeth Warren endorsed the recent U.S. backed military coup d’état in Bolivia Monday. Warren’s statement carefully avoided using the word “coup,” and instead referred to the new government of Jeanine Añez as an “interim leadership,” effectively validating the new administration. The Bolivian people deserve free and fair elections, […]

Hawkish Shocker From Fed’s Harker Inverts 2s10s Curve, Sends Stocks Tumbling

Moments after yields tumbled across the curve following the first contractionary US Mfg PMI print in a decade, which sparked concerns about a recession in the US, bond traders were whipsawed by comments from (non-voting) Philly Fed president Patrick Harker, who in an interview with CNBC said that he doesn’t see any need for further […]

Trump: I ‘temper’ Bolton’s hawkish instincts

Trump: I ‘temper’ Bolton’s hawkish instincts   Source Article from Hits: 35

Uruguay Boots Hawkish Ex-Foreign Minister After He Calls for Bombing Venezuela

Luis Almagro is the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), whose tenure is best defined by the quasi-evangelical zeal with which he has condemned and sought to delegitimise the Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro. On 15 December, Uruguay’s Frente Amplio (Broad Front) government announced it had finally had enough after Almagro had advocated Maduro’s removal […]

Facebook Partners With Hawkish Atlantic Council, a NATO Lobby Group, to “Protect Democracy”

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA – Facebook is hoping that a new alliance with the Atlantic Council — a leading geopolitical strategy think-tank seen as a de facto PR agency for the U.S. government and NATO military alliance – will not only solve its “fake news” and “disinformation” controversy, but will also help the social media monolith […]

White House firings signal Trump’s most hawkish era yet on North Korea and Iran

The Guardian | Julian Borger: The end, when it comes to a job in the Trump administration, can be messy and brutal. The secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, was fired while returning from a gruelling Africa tour not long after the death of his father. When he complained through an aide about the summary manner of his […]

Trump to ‘Rejoice in Grandiosity’ in Beijing, but will a Hawkish Turn Follow?

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‘EU is in process of collapsing on itself’ – Marine Le Pen to RT (EXCLUSIVE)

READ MORE: Brexit poll: Almost half of Europeans want own vote on leaving EU “The two pillars on which it’s founded – Schengen and the euro – are in the process of crumbling,” Le Pen told Marie De Douhet of RT France in an exclusive interview. “So they’re in a sort of mad downward spiral in […]

FBI informants act as ‘honeypots’ to entrap 21yo ‘ISIS sympathizer’

The target of the FBI’s operation was Khalil Abu Rayyan, a Michigan resident. When he met an undercover informant by the name of ‘Ghaada’ online, he quickly became enamored with her. A relationship began, and the two even talked about marriage, children and the future. But the online relationship ended when Ghaada called […]

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