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Giant model bids to raise money for Spanish healthcare workers

A giant figure depicting a frontline healthcare worker was unveiled in central Madrid on Friday as part of efforts to celebrate and raising money for health care workers in Spain. “Supersanitario” depicts a female health worker in scrubs, wearing a cape and has an ‘S’ on her chest. Smaller versions of the figure are being […]

Were Asclepian Centers Powered By Magical Ritual or Holistic Healthcare?

Doctors the world over take the Hippocratic oath swearing to do no harm to patients. In doing this, to quote the words of the oath itself, they “call upon Apollo the physician and Asclepius, Hygeia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses as witnesses, that [they] will fulfil this oath and this contract according […]

‘The system’s collapsed’: Doctors’ alarm over COVID’s impact on healthcare in Madrid

“The system has already collapsed,” said Madrid-based paediatrician Natividad Gil García. “In the next two weeks, if we continue like this, it will definitely sink.” Gil does not hide her despair over the crisis that primary health care is suffering in Madrid, the worst-affected region in Spain with over 175,000 COVID-19 infections since the beginning […]

Reclaiming Public Health: The Communalist Healthcare Model

Above photo: New York City nurses and other hospital professionals protest dangerous working conditions and a change in sick leave policies during the Covid-19 pandemic on April 17, 2020. Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images. The pandemic has exposed the failures of hierarchical, profit-based healthcare systems — but social ecology offers a model to democratize public health. […]

Corporate Sugar Daddies & How To Fix The Healthcare System

Corporate Sugar Daddies & How To Fix The Healthcare System Above Photo: Screenshot/Youtube Between federal and state subsidies, government welfare and ecological fallout, we pay corporations two, sometimes three times over under the guise of boosting the economy. Predictably, however, the only things boosted are corporate profits, income inequality and ecological disaster.” Corporations are getting […]

The Tail Wagging the Dog: Death Categorization Drives Healthcare Decisions

Next Story By World Mercury Project Guest Contributor Joy M. Fritz, posted here with permission. I work with doctors, coroners and the local county registrars every day to create death records. It’s what I do for a living and I wanted to share my thoughts on the mortality rates being thrown around on mainstream and […]

Cost of Healthcare in the U.S. vs. Outcomes

Cost of Healthcare in the U.S. vs. Outcomes March 15th, 2018 Your what hurts? Via: JAMA: In 2016, the US spent 17.8% of its gross domestic product on health care, and spending in the other countries ranged from 9.6% (Australia) to 12.4% (Switzerland). … […]

Obesity epidemic driving up healthcare costs across America

(Natural News) A report from NewsWise reveals that while the obesity epidemic in America remains a problem, there is little to no data concerning its economic impact on each state. However, recent research spearheaded by John Cawley, a professor of policy analysis and management at Cornell University, offers a closer look at how the different states are influenced […]

Gaza healthcare sector on verge of collapse

Palestinian ministry of health in Gaza repeated warning on Monday that healthcare system in besieged Strip is on verge of collapse due to sever lack of electricity and fuel needed to operate generators. Ministry Spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said: “Today, electricity generators stopped working in three additional healthcare centres… due to the lack of fuel.” Prior […]

Amazon, Berkshire and JPMorgan Forming Healthcare Company Focused on ‘Innovation Not Profits’

21st Century Wire says… Is this the future of healthcare in America? You can bet data mining and ‘giving up privacy for lower costs’ will be central tenets of this new technocratic healthcare venture. The key figure heads in this deal are none other than Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffett, and of course, the Amazon Washington […]

Trump admin to let healthcare providers OPT OUT of abortions, transgender surgeries for religious reasons

(Natural News) Step by step, President Donald J. Trump and appointed members of his administration are restoring constitutional principles, implementing rational policies, and reintroducing freedom throughout America, such as the right to opt-out of doing something you find morally repugnant or objectionable. Up next in the president’s quest to de-regulate our lives and uncouple us […]

Nurses and Healthcare Workers Across the U.S. Are Refusing Mandatory Flu Vaccines

The Truth Behind Flu Shot Mandates for Healthcare Workers by Claire Dwoskin, Founder, Childrens Medical Safety Research InstituteSpecial to Health Impact News When you are sick, injured or just need a check-up, you trust that your doctor is giving you valid, conflict-free, evidence-based advice on what is best for your health. The last thing you […]

Healthcare services in Gaza to collapse soon due to Israeli siege

After 11 years of strict Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip and intentional procrastination of Palestinian Authority (PA) to take up its responsibilities in Gaza, healthcare services to collapse in days. Shelves of the Palestinians ministry of health in the Gaza Strip are almost empty as hundreds of medicines ran out months ago. “The Israeli […]

Guest Writer: Healthcare in Gaza: Is there any hope left?

Dr Munir Ravalia Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, who have been under strict Israeli blockade for 11 years, are suffering of the severe lack of all basic needs with healthcare on top of them. The World Employment Conference in 1976 proposed that the satisfaction of basic human needs is the overriding objective of any […]

Healthcare Fraud Confirmed AGAIN: A System In Need Of Immediate Overhaul

By Catherine J. Frompovich California seems to be a place where innovation regarding health issues never seems to be lacking, especially when it comes to scams, fraud, and Big Pharma interests, e.g., vaccines! The latest boondoggle—actually a “fraudulent operation”—involved the most unfortunate denial of “care to thousands of patients – most of them […]

Ban Ki-Moon Urges US To Shun ‘Powerful Interests’ & Adopt Universal Healthcare

The former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon called on Americans to pass universal health coverage at a speech in New York City on Tuesday, marking a dramatic intervention of world leaders into the US healthcare debate. Ban called on the US to stop “powerful interests” from prioritizing “profit over care” as part of a global delegation pushing […]

As We Predicted: Trump to Sign Rand Paul Healthcare Plan

As We Predicted: Trump to Sign Rand Paul Healthcare Plan Trump joins forces with Sen. Paul Kit DanielsPrison Oct. 10, 2017 President Trump will allow Americans to buy healthcare across state lines, which is a plan spearheaded by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). The president will likely sign an executive order this week that will […]

Abortion Must Be Protected With Universal Healthcare

When Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) partnered for an overflowing health-care town hall in Michigan over the August recess, they shared more than a stage. The veteran lawmakers are leading the charge in Washington for universal health coverage. More than 1,000 people packed the meeting that turned into a “rallying cry […]


WHY do most Americans live from paycheck to paycheck? WHY does our Congress vote against Americans 99% of the time? WHY does is our Media is full of LIES & PROPAGANDA? SOLUTIONS: A new SET of Constitutional Amendments Required to Cover the Following Twelve Issues: #1 Require all employed or elected to our government to […]

Amazon found to be running a "secret lab" to exploit healthcare profits via medical records

(Natural News) When thinking about the online giant Amazon, a quote from the old animated television series Pinky and the Brain comes to mind. Pinky asks Brain, “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?” to which Brain replies, “The same thing we do every night Pinky – try to take over the world!” […]

How Governments, Food Companies, Big Pharma, Media and Healthcare Operators Keep Us Fat and Sick

How Governments, Food Companies, Big Pharma, Media and Healthcare Operators Keep Us Fat and Sick July 27th, 2017 If you thought the Military Industrial Complex was something… Via: The Drs. Wolfson: These numbers clearly reveal a U.S. economy totally dependent on the healthcare system. […]

‘Obscene’: 70 Top Healthcare CEOs Raked In $9.8 Billion Since 2010

“The median household income in 2015 was $56,515, which the average healthcare CEO made in less than a day.” While the Senate GOP’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been denounced as potentially devastating to the poor, the sick, women, people of color, children, and those with pre-existing conditions, a new analysis published Monday finds that no matter […]

Trump Gives Update on New Healthcare Bill – May be Last Chance to Fix Obamacare

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John McCain Screws Up Healthcare Vote – But He Might Die!

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 16, 2017 Mitch is a big guy. Leave the big decisions to Big Guy Mitch. I’m almost as bored of Obamacare Repeal Saga as I am of Russian KookQuest. However, I am extremely interested in the possibility of John McCain’s death, at which point I will have a […]

US Healthcare Comes In Last Among Wealthiest Nations

House Speaker Paul Ryan speaks during a news conference at the Republican National Committee Headquarters on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 8, 2017. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite) No, in turns out, the United States does not have the “best healthcare system in the world.” In the midst of a deeply unpopular attempt by the Republican Party to pass […]

Negligence, Underfunding Destroying Federal Healthcare Plan For Native Americans

Liz DeRouen, 49, left, gets her blood pressure checked by medical assistant Jacklyn Stra, right, at the Sonoma County Indian Health Project in Santa Rosa, Calif. (AP/Eric Risberg) MINNEAPOLIS — The Indian Health Service (IHS), the federal service legally responsible for providing medical care to approximately 2.2. million tribal members is under scrutiny for failing […]

Top 8 reasons the fight for a new "healthcare bill" is all a Ponzi scheme for Americans investing in more dangerous chemical medicine choices

(Natural News) One hundred years ago in America, there was hardly a case of cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. All of those “diseases” are really just disorders (since they’re not contagious), most of which happen to be preventable and curable with an organic, plant-based […]

America the Only Developed Country Without Universal Healthcare

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The Big Picture – The GOPs Phony Choice on Healthcare

The Big Picture – The GOPs Phony Choice on Healthcare By The Big On tonights Big Picture, Thom talks with Hyun Lee about North Korea and what it could take to create lasting peace on the Korean peninsula. Then in the Big Picture Rumble, Thom talks with Scott Greer and Doug Christian about the […]

Which Completely Screwed Up Healthcare Bill Do You Want?

By Jon Rappoport You can have Obamacare. Or you can take the current Republican re-do. Have you read it? Do you know exactly what’s in it? Of course not. I can tell you this. Every possible healthcare bill has the same flaw. It’s called death. I’ll explain in a moment. But first I […]

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