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Chris Hedges: The Politics Of Cultural Despair

Above photo: It is despair that is killing us, eating into the social fabric, rupturing social bonds, and manifesting in self-destructive pathologies. A Talk by Chris Hedges. The physical and moral decay of the United States and the malaise it has spawned have predictable results. We have seen in varying forms the consequences of social […]

Chris Hedges: Trump’s Barrett Nomination

Chris Hedges: Trump’s Barrett Nomination Above image: By Mr. Fish. All fascist and totalitarian movements paper over their squalid belief systems with the veneer of morality. The Christian Right is content to have the focus on Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett revolve around her opposition to abortion and membership in People of Praise, a […]

Chris Hedges: American Bloodlands

Chris Hedges: American Bloodlands Above photo: The body of Michael Reinoehl is taken away early Friday morning, Sept. 4, 2020, in Lacey, WA. Reinoehl was killed Thursday night as investigators moved in to arrest him after he had been suspected of fatally shooting a supporter of a right-wing group in Portland, Oregon, last week after a […]

Chris Hedges: ‘We Are In A Dangerous Time’

Chris Hedges: ‘We Are In A Dangerous Time’ When we last interviewed Chris Hedges in December, we spoke about the coming uprising and whether the left was ready for it. Now we are in the midst of a nationwide rebellion against police violence and lack of protection for workers, right wing violence is on the […]

Chris Hedges: ‘We Are In A Dangerous Time’

Chris Hedges: ‘We Are In A Dangerous Time’ When we last interviewed Chris Hedges in December, we spoke about the coming uprising and whether the left was ready for it. Now we are in the midst of a nationwide rebellion against police violence and lack of protection for workers, right wing violence is on the […]

Chris Hedges: How Corporate Tyranny Works

Above photo: A citizen of Guanta, Ecuador, shows a butterfly killed by oil pollution, in 2003. AP/Dolores Ochoa. Those, like environmental lawyer Steven Donziger, who fight the corporate control of our society on behalf of the vulnerable find the institutions of power unite to crucify them. The persecution of the attorney Steven Donziger is a grim […]

Chris Hedges: The United State’s Death March

Chris Hedges: The United State’s Death March Above image: Art by Mr. Fish/Original to Scheerpost. Regardless of the outcome, the election will not stop the rise of hypernationalism, crisis cults and other signs of an empire’s terminal decline. The terminal decline of the United States will not be solved by elections. The political rot and depravity […]

Chris Hedges: Building the iron wall of censorship

     Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, along with 18 members of the House of Representatives-15 Republicans and three Democrats-has sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding that the Qatari-run Al-Jazeera television network register as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The letter was issued after Al-Jazeera said it planned […]

David North, Chris Hedges and WSWS.Org on Organizing Against Internet Censorship

On January 16, 2018, the World Socialist Web Site hosted a discussion on Internet censorship, featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges and WSWS International Editorial Board Chairperson David North, moderated by WSWS reporter Andre Damon. The webinar explored the political context of the efforts to censor the Internet and abolish net neutrality, examined the pretexts used to […]

“Fascism in the Age of Trump” – Chris Hedges

“Fascism in the Age of Trump” – Chris Hedges Journalist, author and war correspondent Chris Hedges spoke at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy NY on November 10, 2017 on fascism and empire in the age of Trump. Watch on Posted in Analysis & Review, Civil Rights and Privacy, Ethics & Morality, […]

Chris Hedges: Our Ever-Deadlier Police State

Source: Chris Hedges via TruthDig None of the reforms, increased training, diversity programs, community outreach and gimmicks such as body cameras have blunted America’s deadly police assault, especially against poor people of color. Police forces in the United States – which, according to The Washington Post, have fatally shot 782 people this year – are unaccountable, militarized monstrosities […]

Elites “Have No Credibility Left:” An Interview With Journalist Chris Hedges

Above Photo: Lily Rhoads/ Flickr On Monday, WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North interviewed Chris Hedges, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, lecturer and former New York Times correspondent. Among Hedges’ best-known books are War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, The Death of the Liberal Class, Empire of Illusion: the End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle, […]

Chris Hedges = The Rules of (NONVIOLENT) Revolt

Click for Source Article by Chris Hedges on Truth-Out #1 Nonviolent disruption of the machinery of state = Terrified Authority suppresses with power MOVES by ZIO-MOB ruling elitists & their MSM to create an EVEN GREATER BACKLASH #2 Uprising & Revolution is usually ignited by the middle-class often college-educated (DEBT SLAVES) being denied opportunities to […]

Dr. Kelly Brogan: Homicide & the SSRI alibi

     What kind of a person would murder their own children? A sociopath, right? A deranged menace to society who deserves to be removed from society for life. What if I told you that this person could be you, just one psychiatric medication prescription away from who you are today. With a bottle of Seroquel […]

Memphis Police Officer Arrested And Indicted For Raping Woman On-Duty

Michael Smith, a now former Memphis Police Officer, has been arrested and indicted for raping a 26-year-old woman, along with a slew of other charges. Those charges include: rape by coercion, rape by force, rape of a physically incapacitated victim, rape of a victim unable to consent, sexual battery, official oppression, and lastly, official misconduct. […]

Chemtrails Infecting Everyone With Alien Biology

  ___________ This important video presentation was produced in two parts by Clifford Carnicom and Dr. Gwen Scott in circa 2008. Carnicom’s central message is to alert the audience that chemtrails are far more than for the purpose of atmospheric modification.  His research finds that the aerosols also contain bio-engineered filaments that are infecting the […]

Mass Mobilization To Stop The TPP Announced, As Text Is Released

Print Friendly A mass mobilization in Washington, DC from November 14th  to 18th has been announced to begin the next stage of the campaign to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  The TPP was made public 10 days from the actions. The protest, co-sponsored by 59 organizations, is being spearheaded by Popular Resistance and Flush The TPP […]

8 things learned from the Dutch MH17 report

Dutch investigators have published a much-awaited final report into the causes of the MH17 plane crash in eastern Ukraine, while Russian BUK producer Almaz-Antey has revealed the results of its experiments. Here are eight crucial points from both reports. The Dutch Safety Board (DSB) has been leading the investigation into the causes of the downing […]

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