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Israeli Forensic Police Investigator Helps Solve Bible-era Mystery

Research on ancient writings in Israel may have solved a long-standing Bible-era mystery. Researchers have shown that literacy was much more common than previously assumed among the ancient Hebrews . This has important implications for the history of the compilation and writing of the Bible . Solving this Bible-era mystery also involved the unique skill […]

How glutathione recycling helps support a strong immune system

(NaturalHealth365) Threats to health – including exposure to environmental toxins, heavy metals, EMF radiation, bacteria and viruses – seem to be everywhere these days, highlighting the need for a strong, efficient immune system. And, with 80 percent of the immune system located in the gut, it’s easy to see that immune health and gut health […]


Joe Biden has said: “Trump may believe tweeting about law and order makes him strong – but his failure to call on his supporters to stop seeking conflict shows just how weak he is.” [embedded content]….. Operation Gladio type of violence. Web results Joe Biden and a girl? Biden is ahead in the polls. However, […]


Jacob Blake, holding a knife. Joe Biden says that Trump sees the unrest in Wisconsin as “a political benefit” for his reelection campaign. Biden: Trump Sees Wisconsin Unrest as ‘political Benefit’ Jacob Blake, an AfricanAmerican ‘was shot in the back during an arrest by police officer Rusten Sheskey.’[5][6] ‘He is expected to remain paralyzed from the waist down.’[10] This led […]


[embedded content]… If the election were held on 26 August 2020, the latest polls suggest this outcome in the electoral college: 298 Joe Biden DEMOCRAT 119 Donald Trump REPUBLICAN Tiffany Trump and Naomi Biden. All in the same gang? However, the latest Zogby Analytics poll  has Trump’s approval at 52%. Trump pops to 52%: ‘Best […]

A.I. helps businesses recover from the lockdown – And can Nissan take on Tesla?

As the UAE opened its doors to tourists, Dubai carefully hosted its first major conference since lockdown. Titled “Artificial Intelligence Everything” the conference was attended by some heavy hitters from across the region, keen to find out how AI can help companies bounce back post-lockdown. Euronews asked delegates how their customer landscape had changed and […]

COMMENTARY: Bilderberg 2018 – New Tech Helps Oil The Wheels Of The Global Elite

This year’s Bilderberg conference has begun in Turin, and as well as billionaires and bank bosses the attendees include four prime ministers, two deputy prime ministers, the Nato secretary general, the German defense minister, the king of the Netherlands and the indefatigable 95-year-old Henry Kissinger. Like Kissinger, Bilderberg shows no signs of slowing down or […]

Hacker Breaches Securus, the Company That Helps Cops Track Phones Across the US

A hacker has broken into the servers of Securus, a company that allows law enforcement to easily track nearly any phone across the country, and which a US Senator has exhorted federal authorities to investigate. The hacker has provided some of the stolen data to Motherboard, including usernames and poorly secured passwords for thousands […]

Russian bank helps Venezuela defy US sanctions on cryptocurrency

According to Associated Press, Russia’s Evrofinance Mosnarbank has become the first international financial institution so far willing to back the petro after US authorities warned potential investors over related risks. Investors who registered with Venezuela’s government and downloaded the petro’s wallet software were invited to buy the cryptocurrency by wiring a minimum of […]

5 Ways Meditation Helps the Mind and Body

Wes Annac, Contributor Waking Times We don’t hear as much about the physical benefits of meditation as we do the spiritual. Fortunately, the scientific community is interested in it and has done a fair amount of research on it. Scientists don’t see it as something that will enlighten you or fuel a spiritual journey; […]

Damiana: The Herb That Helps Reduce Anxiety, Boost Sex Drive and Address Impotence

May 4th, 2018 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Damiana has been used to help boost sexual drive and lower stress levels, but it can offer more than just that. Studies today are now focusing on the other health benefits of damiana and how it can function as a potential stress aid for people […]

Media’s ‘anti-Russia’ narrative actually helps Soviet strategy

By Timothy Fitzpatrick April 14, 2018 Anno Domini President Vladimir Putin and Russia could not be more pleased with the Western media’s handling of “Russian collusion” in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The message from the mainstream media is clear: Russia helped Trump and the Republicans regain the White House as part of Russia’s reform […]

NWO ALERT: Petro-Yuan Helps Russia & China Dump US Dollar in Oil Trade

China launched the Petro-Yuan on Monday which will negatively affect the US Dollar. Since it would be impossible to build a global New World Order without the world’s most populous nation, the globalists decided to use America’s markets, jobs and wealth as bait for luring the insular Chinese into the fold. And in […]

How "Russiagate" helps the Israel lobby

Ali Abunimah Lobby Watch 6 March 2018 Ever since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 US presidential election, the Democratic Party establishment has held tightly to the belief that her shock defeat was not the result of her and their shortcomings, but rather due to a nefarious Russian plot to “hack” the election in “collusion” with […]

Nebraska Law Now Limits ALPR Data, Helps Block National License Plate Tracking Program

By Michael Maharrey Yesterday, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts signed a bill into law that puts limitations on the storage and sharing of information collected by Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs) by law enforcement in the state, and places significant roadblocks in the way of a federal program using states to help track the […]

Syria – U.S. Traps Itself , Commits To Occupation, Helps To Sustain Astana Agreement

Syria – U.S. Traps Itself , Commits To Occupation, Helps To Sustain Astana Agreement Above Photo: Joe Piette/ Flickr The Trump administration policy in Syria is finally coming into daylight. It has decided to permanently separate north-east of Syria from the rest of Syria with the rather comical idea that this will keep Iranian influence […]

ISIS Helps US Keep Military’s Foot in Philippines’ Door

December 7, 2017 By Joseph Thomas Current US ambassador to the Philippines, Sung Kim, recently congratulated the Philippines’ armed forces and the US military for their successful completion of KAMANDAG, a joint military exercise held for the first time this year. The US embassy in the Philippines on its website noted that: KAMANDAG, which will […]

Cannabis as a preventative: Studies show it helps guard against cancer, neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis

(Natural News) While it seems like there’s no end to the debate about the legalized use of cannabis, even health experts can no longer deny that marijuana lets individuals enjoy certain medical benefits. Several studies have proven that cannabis is a preventative medicine that can reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, and certain […]

Chinese boost helps develop Pakistan’s sea port in Gwandar into major international hub

nsnbc : Chinese financial and construction efforts contribute to developing Pakistan’s Gwandar sea port, located at the Arabian Sea, into one of the world’s […]

New Montana Law Limits ALPR Use, Helps Block National License Plate Tracking Program

By Michael Maharrey Tomorrow, a Montana law that limits the use of Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs) in the state goes into effect. The new law will also place significant roadblocks in the way of a federal program using states to help track the location of millions of everyday people through pictures of […]

Russia: Britain Helps To Empower ISIS, Not Defeat Them

Russia has slammed Britain for not only refusing to help defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq – but for also actively aiding and abetting the terrorist regime.  The Russian Ministry of Defense scolded claims made by UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon that Britain has made a “major contribution” to defeating ISIS. reports:  “As we […]

Satanic Verses: Dark Web Helps Decode 17c Letter Penned By ‘Devil-Possessed’ Nun

Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione was writing letters at the convent of Palma di Montechiaro on August 11 1676, when she claimed that Lucifer was attempting to lure her into serving evil reports La Stampa. She then wrote a note that included a variety of symbols and languages including Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic and Runic. In […]

Cop Helps Daughter-in-Law Grow Weed, Then Reports Her

Download your free copy now. Source Article from Hits: 9

Dr. Duke Exposes the Zio-Tyrant Efforts to Silence Us on YouTube & the Internet – Helps Us in the Battle of the Ages!

Download Today Dr. Duke addressed the unprecedented attack from the Jewish power structure on pro-white voices on the internet, including himself, the Daily Stormer, and Stormfront. For instance, Google has changed its algorythims to make it difficult to do search for David Duke videos. Youtube has disable the “share” function on David Duke videos. Of […]

Gold-Backed Scholarship Helps Students Cope with Runaway Tuition Inflation

By Activist Post A major national precious metals dealer has just opened its gold-backed scholarship fund for 2017 applicants.  Funds will be awarded to students who understand that gold is money and are able to clearly articulate the many failures of the inflation-creating Federal Reserve System. Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals […]

India helps Afghanistan with anti-Pakistan conspiracies: Paki Foreign Minister Asif

nsnbc : Pakistan’s newly-appointed Foreign Minister Khwajah Mohammad Asif has claimed that India supports Afghanistan in hatching anti-Pakistan conspiracies. The statement comes against the backdrop of […]

Anonymous Bulgaria Leaks Massive 10GB Of Data: “Silk Way Airlines Helps Terrorists”

July 24, 2017 By Aaron Kesel Anonymous Bulgaria has leaked 10 GBs of data that suggests Azerbaijani Silk Way Airlines is involved in a billion dollar illegal weapons smuggling operation throughout the Middle East for at least the past three years according to the leaked documents reported by Middle Eastern reporter Dilyana […]

The Diet That Starves Cancer & Helps Reverse Diabetes: Backed By Science

Next Story “Everyone has a physician inside him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is […]

Why exiting the Paris Climate Accord helps America’s poorest

(Natural News) President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord was applauded in some quarters, but it was met with a lot of derision from the left. This is a rather curious reaction for a group that claims to be concerned about the economic welfare of our nation’s poorest inhabitants. […]

Imam at Virginia Mosque: ‘Partial’ FGM Helps Prevent ‘Hyper-Sexuality’ in Women

Imam at Virginia Mosque: ‘Partial’ FGM Helps Prevent ‘Hyper-Sexuality’ in Women Breitbart June 7, 2017 WASHINGTON, DC An imam at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, has reportedly stated in a video posted to the mosques YouTube account that he believes Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) prevents hyper-sexuality in women and endorsed the cutting […]

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