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Billboard celebrating Gaza’s heroic first responders outside Boston is taken down under pressure

This morning the billboard outside Boston celebrating Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar was taken down after three weeks over the highway, Richard Colbath-Hass reports. “We just found out today the billboard was taken down under pressure. The Palestine Advocacy Project is working on a response.” What follows is the group’s article about the billboard –Editor.  What […]

‘Hard as nails!’: Heroic 84yo Irish great-grandad fights off ‘shotgun-wielding’ raiders (VIDEOS)

Denis O’Connor, 84, was relaxing in Bar One Racing bookmakers in Glanmire, in the south of Ireland, at approximately 6:30pm on Saturday, when a gang of three masked and armed men burst into the establishment. Two of the raiders, armed with hammers, vaulted the shop counter while a third pointed what appeared to be a […]

Artists painting heroic mural of Ahed Tamimi on separation wall are arrested

Israeli border police forces arrested a Palestinian man and two Italian artists next to the Israeli separation wall in the southern occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem on Saturday evening. The artists, one of whom was identified as Italian citizen Jorit Agoch, have been painting a mural on the wall of imprisoned Palestinian teenager Ahed […]

Photos: Firefighters make heroic efforts to save people from Tehran fire

Concurrent with efforts to put out the fire, a group of firefighters were busy directing trapped residents to escape through toxic smoke, Maleki said, as reported by ISNA. The fire is suspected to be caused by sparks of the building’s power lines. Videos on social media showed flames outside of some windows and thick smoke […]

Sderot, “bomb shelter capital of the world”, not as heroic as Israel claims

The border town, “rained on” by Gaza rockets, is still the main plank of propaganda efforts to justify Israel’s vicious stranglehold on Gaza. Stuart Littlewood writes: CBN News has run a story with the headline Israel “Takes Diplomats on Tour along Gaza Border”, in which Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely, tells them it’s her duty […]

Heroic Russian firefighters revive ‘lifeless’ cat after tragic apartment blaze (VIDEO)

READ MORE: ‘Rainbow’ halos light up Brazilian skies following staggering celestial event (VIDEO) The emergency responders remain remarkably calm and professional as they carry out chest compressions and administer oxygen to the seemingly lifeless feline. All the while its visibly distressed owner pleads with them to continue treatment. Rescued from the blaze at a high-rise […]

CNN condemns heroic student who shielded others as a "liar" because he won’t parrot left-wing gun control talking points

(Natural News) Straight up: CNN is no longer even pretending to be a “news” network, and instead has gone full-blown Marxist in pushing as much agitprop as possible because, obviously, the commies who work there are pushing Americans toward civil war. Case in point: The Salem witch hunt-like “town hall” meeting the network […]

[WATCH] Heroic Employee Wrongly Accused Of The Crime He Helped Stop

The City of Decatur Police Department is doing an internal review of an investigation that led to the wrongful arrest of a former Verizon employee who helped stop a crime. The review comes after 11Alive’s Jennifer Leslie began asking questions about why an investigator relied on the wrong surveillance video as evidence against Omar Malcolm, […]

Heroic Palestinian Op.: Three «Israelis» Killed, 1 Injured in Northern Al-Quds

26-09-2017 | 11:03 Three “Israelis” – two security officers and a border guard – had been killed in the north of the “Israeli”-occupied al-Quds [Jerusalem] in a heroic Palestinian operation. “Israeli” Occupation Forces [IOF] said they had shot dead a Palestinian who they claim was responsible for the operation. The 37-year-old Palestinian had “arrived at […]

Heroic Vitalism

As we have seen, the idea of Aryan Hero Worship has been warped by the culture distorters, and so has our cognate idea of Aryan Heroic Vitalism. The need of our disoriented and demoralized folk for an infusion of Will from the latter concept is critical, and our blood enemies have tried – with diminishing […]

Heroic Holocaust denialist Ernst Zundel has Died

Heroic Holocaust denialist Ernst Zundel has Died Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer August 7, 2017 A true hero passed away over the weekend. Ernst Zundel died Sunday, according to his wife Ingrid. He was found unconscious by his sister Sigrid in his home in Germany. He was 78. Zundel spent his whole life fighting for the […]

Heroic Dog Finds and Saves Abandoned Baby Who Has Been Buried Alive

Our dogs do so many amazing things for us every day that we might not even realize. Even something as small as happily welcoming us home from work can make a complete difference in our mood – studies even show that having a pet can improve our overall well-being. But there are other times when our dogs […]

The Daily Shoah #89: Allahu Gaybar

The Right Stuff June 14, 2016 The Death Panel throw all production value to the wind and just do whatever for this second part (of 14!) of Episode 88! Commercial breaks ignored, the executive producer’s integrity questioned, his guidance ignored. The Narrative Clashes following the Orlando Alt Right Club Massacre are discussed throughout. Featuring a very […]

Ukraine wins Eurovision 2016 with politically-charged song (VIDEOS)

The song 1944 written and performed by Jamala, a Ukrainian singer of Crimean Tatar descent, was inspired by the story of her great-grandmother during the 1944 deportation of Crimean Tatars in the Soviet Union at the height of World War II. Jamala was victorious in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday, winning the international competition with 534 […]

Europe’s oldest forest is threatened by a beetle infestation – let nature take its course

Lucinda Kirkpatrick (TC) : Białowieza Forest is the kind of place you imagine from the Grimm fairy tales. Huge firs, oaks and ashes tower over you, woodpeckers and other birds call all around you and the guides who work there know the intimate history, and names, of many individual trees. The forest is home to […]

Jonathan Pollard reportedly to speak with Jewish leaders — who will congratulate him on job well done!: Zio-Watch, January 21, 2016

Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, explained in a press briefing on Tuesday why the Obama administration had settled for an Iranian pledge to help track the whereabouts of Robert Levinson, rather than his return as part of a prisoner exchange with Iran. “Now, as we mentioned several years ago, we have reason to believe that […]

MH17: Australia Say Russia Not To Blame, Evidence Tampered With

The official Australian investigation into the cause of the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17 have accused the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) of failing to provide “conclusive evidence” of what exactly destroyed the aircraft, and say that Russia did not shoot down the plane despite accusations to the contrary from DSB.  The senior Australian policeman investigating the MH17 crash, Detective Superintendent […]

Heroic young man sues TSA, airport after being illegally detained during peaceful protest of unconstitutional security protocols

Ethan A. Huff,Natural News Aug 21, 2011 Aaron B. Tobey, a 21-year-old University of Cincinnati (UC) student from Charlottesville, Va., is one heroic young man that is unwilling to roll over and have his personal and constitutional rights violated by the illegal US Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Recent reports indicate that following his illegal detainment […]

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