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Researcher Strikes Back in Epic Twitter Storm After Hillary Clinton Says Google Research Had Been “Debunked”

By Sean Walton Renowned psychologist Robert Epstein blew the lid off Big Tech’s censorship and voter manipulation during his July Senate testimony, and now he’s shifting focus to the woman who gained the most from the scam in 2016. .@HillaryClinton, whom I have strongly supported for many years, told blatant lies about me today. As […]

Hillary Clinton’s Body Count

Hillary Clinton’s Body Count Subject: Scary — or par for the course?  Clinton’s Hit List??? Can somebody kindly explain these “coincidences” . . . ? Vince Foster Former Whitehouse counselor & colleague of Hillary Clinton. Died of a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled a suicide. Ed Willey Clinton fund raiser. Found dead, deep in […]

Hillary Clinton To Hold $50,000 Per Plate DNC Fundraiser To Begin 2020 Presidential Campaign

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Obama told Biden advisers not to let the former Veep ‘damage his legacy’ in his 2020 presidential run    Former President Barack Obama and Joe Biden have an extremely close relationship, but that Here’s how the Democratic presidential candidates reacted to Israel barring Ilhan Omar […]

What happened when she ‘supported’ Libya? Chinese media roasts Hillary Clinton over Hong Kong

“@HillaryClinton has called for support of the rioters in Hong Kong. Let’s see what happened when she ‘supported’ Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq,” the People’s Daily tweeted. The accompanying video shows clips of Hillary Clinton throughout her tumultuous political career, advocating for wars and foreign policy positions that have led to the deaths of hundreds of […]

Overstock CEO Turned Over Docs To DOJ ‘on FBI’s Russian and Hillary Clinton Probes’

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne delivered to the Department of Justice a number of documents, including emails and text messages, in April, regarding both the origins of the Russian investigation, and an FBI operation into Hillary Clinton with which he was personally involved during the first months of 2016, according to a U.S. official who spoke […]

Mariah Carey Celebrates Meeting ‘President’ Hillary Clinton

Pop star Mariah Carey posted a tweet Monday to celebrate meeting Hillary Clinton, whom she referred to as “President Clinton.” Liberals just can’t face reality and move on from 2016. The five-time Grammy Award-winner was among the famous faces — including Bill and Hillary Clinton — who attended Barbra Streisand’s Madison Square Garden concert on […]

Putin: Hillary Clinton ‘Does Not Respect the Will of the Voters’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Hillary Clinton of not respecting the will of the American voters. In a recent interview with Hollywood producer Oliver Stone, Putin dismissed claims that Russia interfered in the 2016 election – pointing out that Russia has been used an excuse by Democrats for the last three years in order […]

Wikileaks: Hillary Campaign Monitored News About Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign staff routinely monitored the news for associations between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, according to previously published WikiLeaks emails. A cache of hacked emails show Democratic National Committee (DNC) staff internally circulating stories and social media posts tying Epstein to Clinton. Bill Clinton came under fire last week for failing to […]

Crowd Loudly BOOS Crooked Hillary And Bill Clinton at Billy Joel Concert

Bill and Hillary Clinton were loudly booed at a Billy Joel concert in New York Thursday evening at Madison Square Garden. Shortly after Billy Joel dedicated a song to his “good friends” the Clintons, en eruption of boos spread through the audience. Maybe the public are disgusted at Bill Clinton’s shameless attempts to distance himself […]

Bill and Hillary Clinton booed at Billy Joel concert

   “Initial cheers turned to boos from the audience” It’s official: Bill and Hillary Clinton are pariahs in the Democratic Party. If the low ticket prices ($10) for their book tour appearances didn’t already demonstrate that, then maybe a crowd booing them at a Billy Joel concert will. According to Fox News, the famous former […]

Hillary Clinton Posts Instruction in SPANISH to Help Illegals During ICE Raids

Hillary Clinton has tipped off illegal immigrants on how to legally deal with impending deportation raids by ICE agents. The former Secretary of State took to Twitter on Thursday, urging people to share Spanish-language guidelines on how to conduct themselves during the raids. “Por favor comparte (please share)” Hillary posted, attaching the Spanish instructions to […]

Hillary Clinton Drops out of Cybersecurity Event Due to ‘Unforeseen Circumstance’

Hillary Clinton has pulled out as keynote speaker for an upcoming cybersecurity conference due to an “unforeseen circumstance.” The former Democratic presidential nominee was due to attend the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit on October 9-10, where she had agreed to engage in a Q&A with FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia about the “geopolitical landscape and its […]

Hillary Clinton Broadway Play Closes Early Due To ‘Low Ticket Sales’

The “election drama” Broadway play “Hillary and Clinton” is shutting down one month early due to a lack of public interest resulting in low ticket sales, according to the Hollywood Reporter. According to multiple reports, the play cost over $4 million to produce but the project failed to attract the interest of the public and ticket sales were not […]

Hillary Clinton’s Controversial Younger Brother Dies

Hillary Clinton’s ‘controversial’ younger brother, Tony Rodham, died on Friday. He was 64. “We lost my brother Tony last night,” Clinton wrote on Twitter. “It’s hard to find words, my mind is flooded with memories of him today. When he walked into a room he’d light it up with laughter.” “He was kind, generous, & […]

RUH-ROH! Trump Calls Pro-Hillary Meghan Markle “NASTY”

President Trump has slammed pro-Hillary supporter Megan Markle as a “NASTY” woman in a bombshell interview with the British press. Trump sat with reporters from The Sun newspaper before his scheduled trip to London next week. Trump is set to make his first ever state visit to Britain, where he will meet with Queen Elizabeth […]

Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Launch ‘Feminist Production Company’

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are set to put an end to the golden age of television by launching a new “feminist production company.” God help us all. “The family hopes to use film and television to influence culture and society now that Hillary Clinton is out of politics. They plan to focus on stories by […]

NXIVM Whistleblower Claims Hillary Clinton, Gillibrand Involved in Sex Slavery, Trafficking, and Satanism

A whistleblower from the notorious NXIVM sex cult has come forward to share the depths of the evils that took place within the organization. Frank Parlato is a former publicist for the cult, and, during an exclusive interview with The Campaign Show with Patrick Howley, revealed the identities of some of the corrupt politicians involved […]

Sex Trafficking Cult Members Donated to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign to Buy Her Political Influence

By Chris Spargo for It seems that Hillary Clinton may have unknowingly played a large role in the racketeering charges that Nxivm founder Keith Raniere is currently facing in court. Court documents filed by the US Attorney’s office prior to the trail detail how multiple members of he cult – including all five of […]

Nxivm Elite Sex Cult Had Schumer’s Financial Records and Hillary’s Emails

Officials at the NXIVM elite sex cult procured confidential “research” files on top D.C. politicians such as Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, according to reports. With prosecutors in the trial of cult leader Keith Raniere planning to introduce evidence on NXIVM’s deep opposition reserach files on its political enemies including Roger Stone, documents from the […]

Whistleblower Tells All, Claiming Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and Other Prominent Democrats Are Involved In Human Trafficking, Sex Slavery & Satanism

 A former publicist for the infamous sex cult NXIVM has come forward as a whistleblower to tell all that he knows about the evils he witnessed while working for the group – and perhaps more importantly, to reveal the identities of some of the corrupt politicians who were also involved. During an exclusive interview on The Campaign Show […]

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