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‘I am Libya’: 24-year-old artist Shefa Salem re-imagines Libyan history

What does it mean to be Libyan? How to reconstruct a sense of belonging for the country and its people, starting from the deepest roots of Libyan culture, while preserving diversity? These are the questions that artist, Shefa Salem, is grappling with for her first solo show I am Libya, which took place a few […]

Biden admin set to proceed with largest offshore oil & gas lease sale in U.S. history

An offshore drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Rob_Ellis / E+ / Getty Images In two days, the Biden administration will oversee the largest offshore oil and gas lease sale in U.S. history. The sale will make more than 80 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico available for drilling, HuffPost reported. That’s an area larger than the state […]

From Frescos to Manga: The Ancient History of Comic Books

Debuted in 1825, The Glasgow Looking Glass – later renamed The Northern Looking Glass – was a satirical publication which lampooned the fashions and politics of the time. The Glasgow Looking Glass included most of the elements of a modern comic, such as images with captions which tell a continuous story, as well as speech […]

The Suppressed History of ‘jewish’ Crimes Committed on German Soldiers in WWII

The Suppressed History of Crimes Committed on German soldiers in WWII by Wilfried Heink Published: 2012-03-25 The following essays are based mostly on “Verbrechen der Sieger. Das Schicksal der deutschen Kriegsgefangenen in Osteuropa” (Crimes of the Victors: The Fate of German POWs in Eastern Europe, Druffel-Verlag, Leoni am Starnberger See, 1975). It begins with a […]

Preserving Memories Through Time: The History of Post Mortem Portraits

People and cultures around the world have always understood death – the unavoidable part of everyone’s existence – in a multitude of ways. Some saw it as a gateway to a new life, while others viewed it as enigmatic and unexplainable. But more than anything, the living sought ways to preserve the memory of the […]

The 5 Most Terrifying Initiation Rites in History

Being a full-fledged member of any society was an important thing in many of the world’s oldest cultures. To be a part of the community, of the tribe, or the family, is one of the strongest human needs. Because those that are left ostracized and unaccepted, will suffer hardships and possibly death. But in remote […]

From Tattoos to Elongated Skulls: A History of Body Modification

Since emergence of humankind, people have been fascinated by art. They began by painting intricate pieces upon cave walls, and then carved statuettes and symbols out of stone and antler. Soon after, they began transferring art to their bodies. Chieftains, shamans and fierce warriors wanted to stand out from the crowd, to present themselves as […]

Poll Shows Kamala Harris Is ‘Most Loathed VP in Recorded History’

It’s official: Kamala Harris is literally the most loathed Vice President in U.S. history. According to a USA Today poll, Harris’ approval rating is historically low at 28 percent, lower than any vice president in recorded history. “The closest comparison – which involves slightly different methodology and margins of error – would be former Vice […]

Company That Paid Largest Health Care Fraud Penalty in History Claims Its New COVID Drug Cuts Hospitalization, Death by 85%

Never forget: Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History: American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and its subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn Company Inc. (hereinafter together “Pfizer”) have agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice, to resolve criminal and civil liability arising […]

Bringing History to Life: Immense Pictish Fort is Reconstructed in 3D

Scottish archaeologists have released a mind-boggling 3D reconstruction of the largest royal Pictish fort ever discovered. Burghead Fort was the largest settlement of northern Picts in what is today Scotland, located on a promontory in the Moray Firth at the modern village of Burghead. According to, in the 19th century archaeologists unearthed the foundations […]

Mass Media: A History — Course Notes

Corbett • 11/02/2021 Following are the course notes for the students of my Mass Media: A History course at Renegade University. If you aren’t part of the class, you can sign up at any time. All of the lessons are recorded and are available for viewing at any time. Sign up here: Or Corbett […]

Bran Castle, Better Known As Dracula’s Castle, Has A Long History!

Bran Castle is a medieval castle located in Brașov County, Transylvania, Romania. The castle was built during the 14th century, though an earlier fortification stood in the area during the preceding century. Over the centuries, Bran Castle was used for various purposes, but fell into disuse in the late 19th century. During the 20th century, […]

Juden Raus! One Thousand Thirty jewish Expulsions Throughout History

THE COMPLETE LIST OF THE ONE THOUSAND AND THIRTY JEWISH EXPULSIONS IN HUMAN HISTORY 1,200 B.C. – Egypt  Jews Expelled for having leprosy and causing various seditions/rebellions throughout  Egypt, including helping the Hyksos gain and maintain power; Jews venomously deny this  basically because it refutes the mythology in their Old Testament; Egyptian historian Apion  (1st […]

Either way, history will judge you

An Open Letter to the Global Media by Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate Vanessa Nakate (R) cries after her speech as Greta Thunberg comforts her during the opening plenary session of the Youth4Climate pre-COP 26 event. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP 26, is scheduled to be held in the […]

Jon Voight Has a Long History With Movers & Shakers; Here He is Portrayed As the Asshole He Is

[embedded content] Randy TurnerEndocrine is the real name of the drug which is produced by glands in the brain. Adrenochrome is a slang or street name for the combination of Endocrine chemicals and plant based drug/chemicals created by the CIA in the MKULTRA program. I first heard the name from Jon Voight when Reagan molested […]

A Distributed Capacity for Violence: A Brief History of Weapons Technology and Political Power

The Constitution contains a powerful set of ideals and a wise system of governance, based on a deep reading of classical and medieval history as well as Renaissance philosophy. However, none of this matters if no system of force is in place to keep and defend the Constitution. Ultimately, this what the 2nd Amendment is about: A distributed […]

Rebel Capitalist: Global Elite Deep Dive… What Is Their History, Motive, and True Plan?

Derrick Broze sits down with journalist Whitney Webb for a discussion on a number of topics, including the CyberPolygon exercise, her article on Wellcome Leap, tips for being prepared for supply chain disruption and power outages, and her thoughts on Counter-Economics. Source

New Research Rewrites History of Egyptian Mummification Process!

There is new research to show that the ancient Egyptians started using their complex mummification process a good 1000 years before previously believed. This startling revelation will be made in National Geographic’s new season of its documentary series called ‘ Lost Treasures of Egypt ’. The mummy that is behind this discovery was found in […]

Own Your Own Piece of Ancient History – Buy an Iron Age Hillfort!

Incredible as that may sound, it’s no less than the truth. What’s on offer for a guide price of £100,000 ($138,000) is a freehold on Hembury Fort Cross, a multivallate Iron Age hillfort with 38.8 acres (0.16 km2) of woodland thrown in, in the English county of Devon. A ‘multivallate’ hillfort is a well-defended settlement […]

29 Skeletons Found in Peru Rewrite History of Wari Culture

Archeologists excavating at an ancient temple site in northern Peru have discovered the remains of 29 bodies buried over 1,000 years ago. Having been discovered so far from their traditional territory these skeletons are causing something of a stir and they could help rewrite the history of the Wari culture. The Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum in  […]

A history of art & innovation: the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG) celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Considered the Oscar of watchmaking, the event enables enthusiasts to look back at previous winners of the Grand Prix de l’Aiguille d’Or, the most coveted award in the competition. Alongside these watches, which go on display from October 23 to November 14 at […]

The Fascinating History of the Greek Orthodox Community of Bangor, Maine

Members of the Greek community of Bangor, Maine visiting their ancestral village of Vamvakou, Greece in 1949, including Nikos Niarchos, a member of the Niarchos shipping family, on the left. Credit: Public Domain The small but thriving Greek community in Bangor, Maine has a rich history that dates back to the 1890s. The history of […]

The True History Behind “The Last Duel” – A Tale of Trial by Combat

Medieval chivalric duels were undoubtedly the most thrilling events of the time. The last vestige of the ancient gladiatorial fights, knightly duels were a true display of the skill with arms and chivalrous honor. But these duels were also a veritable aspect of the medieval judicial system , whereby two feuding knights could choose to […]

New Ancient Middle Eastern Chronology Unlocks Hidden History Of Egypt and Mesopotamia

In the academic study of the ancient world, chronology or timeline is of the utmost importance. This is especially true for the ancient Middle East. When events in Egypt are to be correlated with events in Mesopotamia, the single most important factor is the selection of the right chronology among all the possibilities, for if […]

Matt Amodio’s History-Making Run on TV’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Ends

NEW YORK—All good things must come to an end and Matt Amodio’s historic run on “Jeopardy!” did just that on Monday’s show, leaving the Yale doctoral student with 38 wins and more than $1.5 million in prize money. Amodio failed to answer the Final Jeopardy! clue correctly and came third on Monday’s show, his streak […]

A Complete History of Depopulationist Corporation BAYER

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch From Bayer AG is a chemical and pharmaceutical giant founded in Barmen, Germany in 1863 by Friedrich Bayer and his partner, Johann Friedrich Weskott.  Today it has its headquarters in Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It trademarked acetylsalicylic acid as aspirin in 1899. It also trademarked heroin a year earlier, then […]

Breaking the News: How the First Media Moguls Shaped History

I’m sure you’re familiar with the old adage that “you are what you eat.” Well, here’s a similarly important observation that you probably weren’t told as a child: you are what you read. Or, to put it in terms that the “Netflix and chill” generation can understand: you are what you watch. This should be […]

The Rise and Fall of Man: The Long History of Impotence Causes and Cures

Male impotence, commonly known as erectile dysfunction, is known today to have many causes, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, post-prostatectomy procedures, neurological or psychological problems. For millennia, humans sought out cures for this debilitating and embarrassing condition.   In contemporary society, ensuring the strength of a man’s prowess has proven to be a very lucrative business […]

Hope For Labor At The End Of History

Above Photo: Richard Rorty, Cornel West, Steve Fraser, Eric Foner, Ira Katznelson, Manning Marable, Betty Friedan, George Rupp, Patricia J. Williams, Joshua Freeman, and John Sweeney. Columbia Archives. Amid the bleak political landscape of Clinton’s America, a 1996 summit of union organizers and intellectuals proved a surprise success. It also showed the weakness of left […]

Biggest Federal Reserve Scandal and That’s Much of What Federal Reserve Real History Contains

The Biggest Federal Reserve Scandal –American Consequences “Following revelations that Federal Reserve officials made trades in financial assets while the Fed was taking extraordinary efforts to ‘stimulate’ the economy, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell ordered a review of the Fed’s ethics rules. While these trades appear problematic, they pale in comparison to the biggest Fed scandal […]

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