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RCF: Ramzy and Zarefah Baroud on Gaza’s History of Resistance (WATCH)

October 22, 2020 Ramzy and Zarefah Baroud discuss Gaza’s history of resistance. (Photo: video grab) By Rachel Corrie Foundation The Gaza Strip has been made into an Israeli combat zone with the decided aim of crushing Palestinian resistance. Israeli weapons, most of which are courtesy of Washington, have for, at least, 14 years turned Gaza into […]

Israeli history channel latest victim of YouTube’s anti-Nazi purge

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NFL Observes ‘LGBT History Month,’ Celebrates ‘National Coming Out Day’

NEW YORK — The National Football League (NFL) has been observing “LGBT History Month” throughout October, airing homosexual advocacy content on its NFL television network, publishing an op-ed on its Pride website and releasing a video PSA for “National Coming Out Day” in support of players who announce their inclination toward the sin of homosexuality. […]

Based Putin: “Re-writing History of the Holocaust is Immoral”

Putin bends over backwards to elevate and protect the “chosen” criminal Bolsheviks who tore apart Russia and tortured, enslaved, and mass murdered its population. You have to turn on CC for the translation. [embedded content] Hits: 0

FBI: The Most Corrupt Law Enforcement Agency in Recorded History Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) has fired off a Saturday letter to FBI Director Chris Wray demanding answers over the agency’s handling of Hunter Biden’s laptop. According to the letter, after Johnson released his a report on Hunter Biden’s activities abroad which raised “counterintelligence and extortion concerns,” Johnson’s committee was contacted by […]

There has never been a safe or effective vaccine in the history of the death sport of vaccine development, until people realize this, they will never emerge from their cocoons of denial, and become the solution to mankind’s current dilemma | Gates | Fouci | The Truth About HIV and AIDS | The Fourth Industrial Revolution

John Hall – Vaccines Cause Diseases They “Prevent”OCTOBER 16, 2020 AT 11:19 AMHenry Makow “the violence of mechanized warfare had claimed 20 to 25 million victims while the Spanish Flu killed 50 to 100 million worldwide. There are extremely good reasons to believe that the “jab” was the cause of the disease…” “… We […]

Vaison-La-Romaine Whispers History Around Every Ancient Corner

The historic French region of Provence is famed for its beauty, culture, and relaxed lifestyle. One of the most beautiful and ancient towns is Vaison-la-Romaine, with both Roman and Medieval heritage. The Long History of Vaison-la-Romaine Excavations have shown that there was a settlement at the site since at least the Bronze Age. In the […]

AMAZON: The Biggest Joint CIA-Corporate Covert Operation in U.S. History

State of the Nation Just like Walmart was used to take over the American retail industry after it was incorporated in October of 1969, Amazon was actually established to completely dominate the Internet-based retail industry, which it has successfully done. As of January 31, 2019, Walmart has 11,348 stores and clubs in 27 countries, operating […]

History Will Show No Mercy for Arab Traitors to Palestine – Hamas Leader

By Staff, Agencies Head of Hamas resistance movement’s political bureau Ismail Haniyeh has once again condemned the US-brokered deals that the United Arab Emirates [UAE] and Bahrain signed last month to normalize ties with ‘Israel,’ warning that history will show “no mercy” towards the Arab states that betrayed fellow Palestinians. In an interview with the […]

The Dark History of Bayer Drugs – i-Lawsuit DANGEROUS DRUGSGENERALTHE DARK HISTORY OF BAYER DRUGS I-LAWSUIT Bayer is a major pharmaceutical and chemicals company that was founded in 1863 by Friedrich Bayer and Johann Wescott in Barmen, Germany. The company is one of the largest makers of aspirin products, and enjoys a strong presence in diabetes medications, birth control and other consumer […]

Pinkerton: October Surprises in U.S. History

Another October Surprise So now we have our “October Surprise”—at least one of them. The news that President Trump has tested positive for Covid-19, has been hospitalized, and released, throws the remaining weeks of the presidential campaign into an even more uncertain kind of uncertainty. In the next few days, and for the rest of the campaign season, […]

Did God destroy the walls of Jericho? A brief history of Bible literalism

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Hi-tech Metal Furnace of the Negev Alchemists Incinerates History

Evidence of a “leap forward” in metallurgy has been discovered at a 6,500 years old site in Beersheba in the Negev Desert of southern Israel. This story begins in 2017 when archaeologists in Israel excavated 6,500-year-old copper smelting workshops, which were powered with the earliest-known metal furnaces. This kind of advanced metal furnace replaced the […]

Ratings for Far-Left ‘Woke’ NBA Finals Plummet to Worst in TV History

Viewership for of the NBA finals have suffered the worst ratings crash in the league’s entire TV history. The ratings plummeted for both Game 1 and Game 2 of the “woke” NBA Finals between the L.A. Lakers and the Miami Heat. Game 1 of the Finals on Wednesday was a huge ratings disappointment for the NBA, despite […]

Black history demands a year.

Hell! Why not?We have 10 000 years of history, we can give them just one year, since they do not have their own. Also 2020 is not the best year to have on your record….. Hits: 13

The Worst “Miscalculation” in Human History?

Just when you thought the coronascam couldn’t get any stupider, along comes a new curveball. Take that, conspiracy theorists! Now Trump has the ‘rona! So when your 74-year-old, obese, out-of-shape God Emperor dies of the COVID, even you crazy anti-maskers will swallow the COVID fear porn and submit to the Great Reset, right? (The true […]

THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC: How it has triggered ‘the biggest tort case in world history’

Dr. Fuellmich announces an International networkof lawyers will argue the biggest tort case in world history. by Hsaive VIDEO:  Kary Mullis Speaks To Misuse Of PCR (1993) 10/3/2020: Attorney Reiner Fuellmich presents comprehensive overview of how the fake PCR test was adopted as the standard for Covid-19 “diagnosis” and how Germany’s Green Party persuaded the […]

Book Review: “On The Judgment Of History”

Book Review: “On The Judgment Of History” Above photo: ‘All shall be equal before the law’ graffiti in Cape Town, South Africa. Ben Sutherland/Flickr. Long past due. Scott McLemee reviews Joan Wallach Scott’s On the Judgment of History. The scene in Charlottesville, Va., three years ago — the Confederate flags, the tiki-torch Nazis, the lethal use of a […]

The history of Sukkot, once the most important Jewish holiday of all

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Prehistoric Spanish Massacre Rewrites the History of War in Europe

A study of victims of a Spanish prehistoric massacre is providing researchers with new insights into the evolution of warfare. Archaeologists have found evidence of a sacked settlement and the brutal slaughter of most of its inhabitants, including women and children. The Spanish prehistoric massacre evidence changes the view that large-scale warfare was introduced into […]

Lapa do Picareiro Cave Findings Rewrite History of Human Migration

Archaeological excavations at the Lapa do Picareiro cave in Portugal have revealed Palaeolithic stone tools that are rewriting the history of the settlement of Europe by modern humans. The find proves that Homo sapiens arrived in the west of Iberia some 5000 years earlier than once thought. The dating of the site’s artifacts, from approximately […]

The Top Ten Ancient History Podcasts You May Not Have Heard

There are podcasts on every subject these days. Even the ancient world has been brought into the modern one through this medium. If you are looking for another way to learn about the past, check out this list of some of the top contenders of ancient history podcasts. Whether you want a new option to […]

The Little Ice Age and Its Giant Impact on Human History

The Little Ice Age is a period tentatively defined as running from the 13 th/14th to the 19 th century in which the northern hemisphere of Earth endured a limited but substantial cooling period. Now please be forewarned, the Little Ice Age (LIA) should not be confused with the Medieval Warm Period, or the Last […]

Highest Illuminati Defector In History: ‘Rothschilds Rule The World With Druid Witches’

A “Grand Druid Council” of 13 “Witches” control the Illuminati, and meets eight times annually on the “Witches’ Sabbaths” (incl. Halloween) when millions of occult practitioners engage in orgies, which sometimes involve human sacrifice. My source is John Todd (Collins), the highest Illuminati defector in history, a Witch High Priest, a member of the Council of Thirteen, […]

As Holocaust awareness declines in US, youth make art to preserve fading history

As the Claims Conference for Materials Claims Against Germany released disturbing new research about the state of Holocaust memory this week, the New York-based Olga Lengyel Institute (TOLI) deployed the artwork of teenagers to preserve Holocaust memory. The U.S. Millennial Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Survey demonstrated the spread of lies and distortions related to the […]

Abyssinia and the Ethiopian Empire: The Ancient History of a Struggling Nation

The Horn of Africa is a region with a unique identity and vibrant history. Close to the Arabian Peninsula, it always stood out from the rest of the African continent. Today, the Horn of Africa is home to the modern nations of Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, and Somalia, comprising some 115 million people. Throughout centuries of […]

Scientific American endorses a presidential candidate for the first time in its history: Joe Biden

Scientific American, a popular and prestigious science magazine many famous scientists have contributed articles to in the magazine’s past 175 years in business, has just endorsed a presidential candidate for the first time in its history.  Earlier this week, the editorial board wrote they are “compelled” to endorse Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the […]

The Little-Known Sordid History of Psychiatry

September 18th, 2020 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Dr. Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist, has written more than a dozen bestselling books on psychiatry and the drug industry. He’s frequently referred to as “the conscience of psychiatry” because he’s been able to successfully reform the psychiatric profession, abolishing one of the most harmful […]

National Geographic Rewrites Viking History To Cleanse It Of Its Dangerous Appeal To ‘White Supremacists’

The first Jewish Editor-In-Chief of National Geographic, Susan Goldberg, has decided to put the iconic Vikings in her Marxist cross-hairs, by enlisting a group of like-minded radical writers and academics to deconstruct the traditional “dangerous” image of these Aryan warriors and recast them as something more palatable to her Jewish sensibilities: In popular imagination, Vikings […]

George Floyd riots cost insurance companies as much as $2 BILLION – more than any in HISTORY, industry claims

The property destruction from the riots that followed Minneapolis police’s killing of George Floyd was the worst in the history of insurance, with claims costing insurers up to $2 billion, according to an industry group’s report. The tidal wave of arson, vandalism, and other property crimes that swept across the nation in the aftermath of […]

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