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Coronavirus could be the best thing to happen to Hollywood

Lots of industries have been affected by the worldwide pandemic of the coronavirus outbreak, but none as high profile as the entertainment industry. Whether it be celebrities like Tom Hanks or Idris Elba testing positive for the virus, or major studio productions getting shut down “indefinitely” due to worries of exposure, it has become clear […]

Hollywood Celebs Demand President Trump Resign Over Coronavirus Response

Hollywood celebrities are joining forces and demanding that President Trump resign from office as the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen around the world. Far-left Star Trek actor George Takei started the campaign on Twitter on Wednesday, demanding: “The president needs to resign.” Shortly after demanding Trump’s resignation, a tsunami of blue tick Hollywood liberals jumped […]

Evil Hollywood Ho Vanessa Hudgens Scoffs At Coronavirus Victims, Just Wants to Go Shopping

Vanessa Hudgens is some kind of Hollywood harlot. Just listen to this, folks. Watch this video on YouTube That’s right, like, this coronavirus thing is like so annoying… like people dying is like kinda inevitable like get over it… like. Holy shit! This chick is a bonafide retard. And she’s hit the wall hard as […]

Top 10 Homeless Actors Who Became Hollywood Stars

We all know the struggle each one has to go to make it to the top in a glamorous industry. Some are born with a silver spoon and nepotism favors them to gain entry into Hollywood. However, there are famous personalities whose story is rags to riches. Here is the list of Top 10 Homeless […]

Hollywood movie peasants like me are the real victims as coronavirus time bomb ticks off film after film

Let me start off by saying that I have no idea if the fears around coronavirus are justified or hyped, but I do know they are having a devastating effect upon the film industry.  Hollywood is facing a potential $5 billion loss due to coronavirus. As a worker in the movie business, the news around […]

Hollywood’s Sandra Bernhard: There’d Be None of This Coronavirus ‘CHAOS’ If Hillary Clinton Was POTUS

Hollywood actress Sandra Bernhard declared Friday that America would not be experiencing the current coronavirus “chaos” if “rightful president” Hillary Clinton was in charge. “listen my wonderful lady we blew it this country hangs its head in shame you are our rightful President and none of this chaos would be happening under your watch, thank […]

Top 10 Hollywood Actresses Earning More Than Their Male Colleagues

The man achieves success with his hard work and efforts of many years. For reaching a greater height of success, it is very important for the man to choose the field in which he is skilled. Every person has its own interest and talent in a particular area which if he seeks, no one can […]

Oh Yes, Please Coronachan, Shut Down Hollywood

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 12, 2020 O, America. Where hast thou gone? Coronavirus truly is a gift. Deadline: Citing California public health officials, Governor Gavin Newsom Wednesday night said that gatherings of more than 250 people should be postponed or canceled across the state until at least the end of March. […]

Corey Feldman Just Named The Hollywood Men Who Allegedly Raped Him & Corey Haim

Corey Feldman recently premiered his new film, ‘My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys’ where he finally publicly named names. A project that was three years in the making finally premiered March 9th, 2020, commemorating the death of his best friend Corey Haim. In the documentary, 6 people were accused of abusing him as well […]

Cashing in on cancel culture: ‘The Hunt’ proves Hollywood is mastering marketing self-pity using Trump

“The most talked about movie of the year is one no one has seen yet,” announced a recent trailer for ‘The Hunt,’ revealing a new release date for the horror flick as March 13. A poster for the film giddily says the same thing, while also including the original release date for the movie — September […]

Corey Feldman Pledges To Name 6 Hollywood Pedophiles Tonight

The Facts: In a recent lawsuit, the CDC admitted in federal court that they have no studies, evidence or science proving that vaccines don’t cause autism. Reflect On: Why did they lie for years about this? Why did they conduct a massive media campaign shaming those that questioned vaccines? Why did they invent the term […]

Vulture Capitalism, Jews — and Hollywood, Part 2

by Edmund Connelly THE BIG SHORT. Did things get any better in 2015 when the star-studded film The Big Short came out? Definitely not. Here we had Brad Pitt, Steve Carell, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling — goys to a man — acting out the script of the book of the same name by best-selling […]

Vulture Capitalism, Jews — and Hollywood, Part 1

August 1996 Cover of Moment Magazine by Edmund Connelly JUST BEFORE Christmas, TOO contributor Andrew Joyce came out with a very courageous and informative account of the damage various Jews have done through their activities at the upper end of the Western economic system in an area often labeled “vulture capitalism.” I will build on […]

Hollywood Celeb Winona Ryder Says Trump Has Made Life a ‘Mind Boggling Nightmare’

Hollywood celebrity Winona Ryder attacked President Donald Trump and his administration while promoting new HBO series The Plot Against America, saying that the past few years have been like “a mind boggling like nightmare” for her. Ryder, who was convicted of shoplifting thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a Saks Fifth Avenue store in 2002, told Variety at […]

Hollywood Celebrities Announce Plan to Damage US Economy To Defeat Trump

Hollywood celebrities are calling for an “economic shutdown” that will “slow the economy down” to the tune of $238.2 billion per day in a desperate effort to damage President Donald Trump’s re-election prospects. “I hope for a recession to get rid of Trump. Sorry if that hurts people,” HBO host Bill Maher explained. Patricia Arquette […]

Hollywood Jews: Pure Bloodlust and Hatred for White People

IN THIS video clip, we see Jewish actor Josh Radnor with a Black child actress read out “ways to find a Nazi in everyday life,” and one method was given twice, and emphasized by a pretended “correction” — and that was to simply find White people. In the context of this alleged “drama,” “finding a […]

‘Spellcheck for Bias’ is Hollywood’s admission it’s putting forced representation over quality

What started as a campaign for inclusion has manifested into a Trojan Horse to divide Hollywood by race and gender. A Trojan Horse that is called Progressive check-boxing – the art of casting or awarding television & movies based on intersectionality over quality. Birthed from the outrage of #OscarsSoWhite and intensified during the #MeToo era, […]

BOYCOTT: Bolshevik Controlled Hollywood Movie Studios Implementing “Diversity Bias” Tool To Ensure American Children Indoctrinated Into The Cults of Homosexuality, Transgenderism and Extermination of Mankind

Paul Joseph Watson | – February 20, 2020 Major Hollywood studios are set to use a new tool that scans movie & TV scripts and flags up any examples where “diversity” is not portrayed positively in a chilling new development that has echoes of Soviet realism. Called ‘Spellcheck for Bias’, the tool was developed […]

New ‘Purity Test’ Tool to Scan Hollywood Scripts For ‘Diversity Bias’

Major Hollywood studios are set to use a new tool that scans movie & TV scripts and flags up any examples where “diversity” is not portrayed positively in a chilling new development that has echoes of Soviet realism. Called ‘Spellcheck for Bias’, the tool was developed by the Davis’ Institute on Gender in […]

Corey Feldman To Release Documentary On The ‘Biggest Problem In Hollywood’ – Pedophilia

The Facts: Child actor Corey Feldman recently released a trailer for his upcoming documentary “(My) Truth: The Rape of Two Corey’s” that is set to expose his experience with pedophilia as a child actor in Hollywood. Reflect On: For years this problem has continued, and does today. How does it continue to happen with so […]

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