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Would-be Hitler assassin and Holocaust survivor Henry Wermuth dies aged 97

A Holocaust survivor who once attempted a solo mission to kill Germany’s Nazi wartime leader Adolf Hitler by derailing his train has died in London. Henry Wermuth was 97 when he passed away from organ failure on May 19, the Times of London reported in an obituary. He had recently recovered from a suspected bout […]

Fake Holocaust Survivors: Dario Gabbai

‘David Dario Gabbai was born on Sept. 2, 1922, in Thessaloniki, a city in Greece that had a community of 50,000 Sephardic Jews. The Jewish population was so essential in Thessaloniki that the port was closed on the Sabbath. His parents, Victor and Rosa Beraha Gabbai had four children. Dario was sent to an Italian-themed […]

‘Going to hell for laughing’: British man’s TikTok video about Holocaust victims’ tattoos makes jaws drop

The video was uploaded on April 28 and has now found its way into headlines, with the Jewish Chronicle calling it “openly antisemitic” in a scathing report. It’s just a few seconds long and shows a “Jewish guy” getting into a taxi, where the driver asks him his name. The passenger rolls up his sleeve […]

What Does Alfred Rosenberg’s Diary Say About the Holocaust?

Alfred Rosenberg by Hadding Scott ALFRED ROSENBERG’S diary, spanning Spring 1936 to Winter 1944, disappeared after the war (stolen by Jewish prosecutor Robert Kempner) but was rediscovered in 2013. The diary, touted by Henry Mayer of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as “the most revealing Nazi documents ever found,” turns out (as reported by CODOH’s […]

In major gaffe, US envoy MISTAKES Holocaust victims for Crimean Tatars… and he is NOT the first to do it

James S. Gilmore III, the United States Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) decried the Soviet displacement of Crimean Tatars from the peninsula at the height of the Second World War, in a recent Twitter publication. “On May 18, 1944, [Joseph] Stalin deported nearly 200,000 Tatars from Crimea, and we […]

Signs of the SECOND HOLOCAUST are upon us, as Trump prepares US military to force vaccinate every American at gunpoint with untested, unsafe COVID vaccine before 2021

(Natural News) As Trump names former GSK pharma executive, Moncef Slaoui, as his lead henchman for “Operation Warp Speed,” he also prepares the military to go door-to-door and force-vaccinate Americans at gunpoint with a highly experimental vaccine that contains a tracking chip. That’s just one step away from the US government tattooing […]

America, Israel and the New Holocaust (2011)

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor (August 9, 2011) VT: There are times I think working at Veterans Today is almost worthwhile.  The hours are long, most of the work boring and the pay non-existent.  We are singled out on enemies lists by both Jewish and White Supremacist/Neo Nazi groups for “hate pages,” many addressed to […]

Once and For All: Historian Ursula Haverbeck Destroys the 6 Million Jewish Holocaust Lie on German MSM TV

Commentary from : In one of the most amazing events to occur in occupied Germany since the second world war Historian Ursula Haverbeck made history in a defiant interview in which she openly trashed the very basis of the lie upon which all modern European social democratic states have been built. The […]

Holocaust Deprogramming Course – a Radical Press public safety announcement

Holocaust Deprogramming Course – a Radical Press public safety announcement by admin on May 6, 2020 HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE Source Article from Hits: 17

Jewish Man Who Emigrated From Germany BEFORE The Start Of WWII Considered ‘Holocaust Survivor’

One might intuitively think a “Holocaust survivor” is a Jew who actually spent time in a German concentration camp, but apparently any Jew who emigrated from Germany even prior to World War II and managed to “survive” the war in a country that the Germans didn’t even occupy now qualifies as a sanctified “Holocaust survivor”: […]

American Holocaust

Lyndon Johnson signing America’s death warrant, the Immigration Act of 1965 by Douglas Mercer AMERICA, WITH its “making the world safe for,” its “rugged individualism,” its utopianism, its paper creation, its “shining city on a hill,” its “dedicated to the proposition,” its “nation of immigrants” — America, with its missionary zeal, its “manifest destiny” — […]

Israeli Historian Discovers ‘6 Million’ Holocaust Figure Was Invented at Zionist Conference In 1944

Adolf Eichmann BOSTON UNIVERSITY’S director of the Elie Wiesel archive, Bar-Ilan University’s Institute of Holocaust Research historian Joel Rappel has discovered the origin of the infamous “6,000,000” number: a 1944 meeting of Zionist pioneering organizations in what is now known as the state of Israel.  For years, supporters of the Holocaust narrative have held that the number first appeared […]

An Open Letter to all Truth Deniers & Holocaust Believers By Arthur Topham

[Editor’s Preface: What sparked this open letter to those who still believe in what historical revisionist and author Arthur R. Butz called ‘The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry’ (the title of his 1976 book that demolished forever the mythological basis for what, in my […]

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we deserve to be more than just ‘Jews’

There is a book in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office that explains a good deal about his worldview, and particularly the way he views the Jewish people, his approach to Holocaust Remembrance Day, and his response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The book, “And Every Single One was Someone,” published in 2013 by Rabbi Phil […]

Anti-Semites break into virtual Holocaust memorial hosted by Israeli embassy

Virtual vandals on Monday evening disrupted on online Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony organized by Israel’s embassy in Germany by shouting anti-Jewish slogans, displaying photos of Adolf Hitler and pornographic images. The incident triggered angry responses from officials in both countries and Israel said it may ask police to investigate. On Monday evening, Israel’s embassy in […]

Stories of Holocaust survivors told in animated shorts

There are many ways to remember the Holocaust, whose official day of remembrance is marked in Israel on Monday night, April 20, and Tuesday, April 21. Students at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), an arts college that focuses on technology, design and visual art, continued this year to make animated shorts about the Holocaust, […]

Traumatized By Holocaust Propaganda U.K. Jews See ‘Swastika’ On Councilman’s Hot Cross Buns

Non-stop Holocaust propaganda appears to be causing Jews in the U.K. to suffer from a derangement syndrome where they’ve become convinced that a councilman in Portsmouth who made a batch of of hot cross buns actually ’emblazoned’ one of them with a poorly executed ‘swastika’: A Conservative councillor in Portsmouth has been suspended by his […]

Again behind doors, Holocaust survivors relive past traumas in coronavirus era

OAK PARK, Illinois (AP) — For Olga Weiss, the order to stay at home is about much more than simply locking her door to the coronavirus. It has awakened fears from decades ago when she and her parents hid inside for two years from Nazis hunting down Jews in Belgium. “It is almost an echo […]

Woman Who Survived Holocaust Then Came To America Tells Joy Behar To STOP Defending Illegal Immigrants

It has become a tiresome cliche on the left. President Trump is the new Hitler. His immigration policies are the new Holocaust. His supporters are all Nazis. But is there any truth in these overused talking points?  ‘The View” co-host Joy Behar is no stranger to these cliches. The ABC talk show welcomed Holocaust survivors […]

Family of Holocaust survivor mourns over the wrong body

(JTA) — The family of a Brooklyn grandfather performed funeral rites for the wrong body due to a mix-up — but their upset turned to satisfaction for helping out a stranger with no one to grieve his loss. Moshe Grunwald, a Holocaust survivor who was the nephew of the Alter Tzelemer rebbe, the head of […]

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