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Four Men Found Guilty of Paying LA Homeless People For Signatures on Ballots and Voter Registration Forms

Trash lies beside makeshift shelters as disease and filth reach epidemic levels in Los Angeles. Four Los Angeles men have admitted to paying hundreds of homeless people cash and cigarettes in exchange for forged signatures on ballot petitions and voter registration forms in LA’s notorious Skid Row district.  Despite pleading no contest to one felony […]

Will Illuminati Use Homeless to Dispossess Us?

  June 2, 2018 “The organization conducting Starbucks’ racial sensitivity training, The Perception Institute, receives “generous” contributions from globalist kingpins George Soros and the Ford Foundation. With campaigns such as “Black Male Re-imagined,” The Perception Institute aims to put an end to accusations of discrimination after a Starbucks worker called police on two black customers. However, with […]

Homeless Man Travels Across The Country and Picks Up Every Stray Dog He Sees

A man and his 11 dogs began a journey across America with nothing other than a bike, a cart and a sense of family. Now, more than 2,000 miles later, the family is still going strong and they finally have a home to call their own. In 2001, Steve first joined the many other humans […]

‘Love thy Neighbor’–Slumlord Jewish brothers paid millions by city of New York for sheltering homeless in filthy apartments

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Los Angeles: “Guest Houses” in Backyards — For Homeless People

Los Angeles: “Guest Houses” in Backyards — For Homeless People April 11th, 2018 Via: Los Angeles Times: “Not in my backyard” protests helped block homeless housing in Temple City, delayed it in Boyle Heights and, last month, killed Orange County’s plan to relocate homeless […]

Baltimore Police Robbed Homeless People and Resold Confiscated Heroin and Ecstasy Back on the Street

Baltimore Police Robbed Homeless People and Resold Confiscated Heroin and Ecstasy Back on the Street April 4th, 2018 Via: Daily Mail: It was a case that would rock Baltimore to its core. An elite police squad robbing its own citizens, stealing thousands of dollars […]

Church Allows Homeless To Sleep Overnight, Gives Them Blankets

Nearly 15 years ago, St. Boniface church in San Francisco began opening their doors for homeless people in need of shelter. The effort was started by Father Louis Vitale of the church, and community activist Shelly Roder, in 2004 and is known as The Gubbio Project. Hundreds of people each day pass through the church, […]

Senate Candidate Raising Money To Buy Guns For the Homeless So They Can Defend Themselves

March 17, 2018 By John Vibes A candidate for Senate from Michigan named Brian Ellison is raising money to buy pump-style shotguns for the homeless. Ellison says that homeless people have the right to defend themselves just like the rest of us do, and they are victims of violence more often […]

Germany Admit They Gave Homeless Teenagers To Known Pedophiles

Germany has been forced to admit that welfare authorities routinely handed over young homeless teenagers to known pedophiles as part of a sickening social experiment.  Under the ‘Kentler Experiment’ in the 1970’s, Berlin’s city-state government financed a secret pedophile foster programme in order to better understand pedophilia. reports: Starting in 1969, Berlin welfare authorities handed […]

Los Angeles: How Can a Place with 58,000 Homeless People Continue to Function?

Los Angeles: How Can a Place with 58,000 Homeless People Continue to Function? March 1st, 2018 How Can a Place with 58,000 Homeless People Continue to Function? Answer: With favelas and airmobile paramilitary forces. Most Americans couldn’t identify Brazil on a map, but the […]

World Renowned Chef Opens 5 Star Restaurant To Feed The Homeless & Fight Food Waste

Next Story Finally, thanks to the internet we are becoming aware of just how much food is being wasted on a regular basis. Supermarkets are throwing out astronomical amounts of unsold food that is actually perfectly fine to eat. When the amount of homeless people who don’t always have access to food, and the many […]

L.A. County’s Homeless Problem Is Worsening Despite Billions from Tax Measures

L.A. County’s Homeless Problem Is Worsening Despite Billions from Tax Measures February 19th, 2018 Build the sprawling San Angeles favelas with autonomous construction drones! No? Via: Los Angeles Times: Los Angeles County’s homeless population is increasing faster than the supply of new housing, even […]

Trump’s New $24 Million Fridge Will Cost Taxpayers Enough to Feed Every Homeless Person in DC for a YEAR

By Matt Agorist Washington, DC — When Donald Trump was seeking the office of President, he frequently criticized the taxpayer dollars wasted on Air Force One. Trump even called for the canceling of the Boeing contract to construct a new fleet. However, like most of his promises made on the campaign trail, his since […]

Queen Elizabeth Asks Police To Arrest ‘Homeless Vagrants’ Ahead Of Royal Wedding

Queen Elizabeth has ordered British police to arrest and detain homeless people around London, ahead of the Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.   According to activist comedian Russell Brand, Buckingham Palace want to clear the homeless from the area surrounding the wedding so as not to embarrass the Royal Family when millions of […]

Homeless Camps Along Santa Ana River in Orange County

Homeless Camps Along Santa Ana River in Orange County January 19th, 2018 Via: ZeroHedge: <!– –> One Response to “Homeless Camps Along Santa Ana River in […]

9 Charged With Feeding Homeless In California

Nine activists with the advocacy group Break the Ban have been charged for feeding the homeless after a California city passed a law banning the charitable act following a massive Hepatitis A outbreak. The activists’ were arrested and charged with misdemeanors after they handed out food in Wells Park in El Cajon, California, San Diego […]

If they’re willing to get registered, homeless people will soon have access to free vending machines for necessities

(Natural News) Many of us can simply go to the store when we run out of essentials and stock up. Even the store being closed isn’t an obstacle; we can even go online and have items delivered to our doorstep, whether it’s groceries or a $1,000 smartphone. While homeless people can’t dream of such luxuries, […]

Homeless in Brussels receive portable cardboard tents to get through winter (VIDEO)

“There are 2,600 people living in the streets of Brussels,” Xavier Dupont, spokesperson for a volunteer association, told Ruptly on Friday. The new tents are given to people who fail to find housing at the shelter and are forced to sleep rough. “Cardboard makes a good thermic isolation, and we also give plastic sheets to […]

City Tells Man To Stop Sheltering The Homeless from the Cold or They’ll Take His House

By Matt Agorist Chicago, IL — In the land of the free, if you try to help someone from freezing to death in subzero temperatures, you can and will be arrested and have your house stolen from you by state agents. A good Samaritan in Chicago is learning the hard way about the […]

City Spends $8,700 On Boulders To Prevent Homeless Camping

It was recently reported that the city of San Francisco spent $8,700 installing large boulders under overpasses to prevent homeless people from setting up camps. There were numerous homeless encampments in the area until they were recently forced out of the area, and now the City’s government is doing everything they can to keep the […]

SPCA Hypocrites Now Using Robots to Scare Away Homeless People

December 14, 2017 By Truthstream Media Activist Post Editor’s Note: The lack of compassion displayed by the government toward the homeless is already on the rise. But it goes beyond government, and has sadly begun permeating throughout society. Now it appears that the anti-human agenda will have a new way to eradicate all […]

Animal Shelter Tried to Use Security Robot to Scare Off Homeless People

Animal Shelter Tried to Use Security Robot to Scare Off Homeless People December 14th, 2017 Via: The Verge: An animal shelter in San Francisco has been criticized for using a robot security guard to scare off homeless people. The San Francisco branch of the […]

Robots Are Being Used to Shoo Away Homeless People in San Francisco

The San Francisco branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has been ordered by the city to stop using a robot to patrol the sidewalks outside its office, the San Francisco Business Times reported Dec. 8. The robot, produced by Silicon Valley startup Knightscope, was used to ensure that homeless people didn’t […]

Internet Has Raised $400,000 For Homeless Man Who Gave Woman His Last $20

Next Story Just last month, a 27 year old woman named Kate McClure found herself driving down a New Jersey road close to midnight when her car ran out of gas. As her initial response was to get back on her way, but instead she decided to walk to the nearest gas station. But then, […]

Study Reveals More Than 300,000 People Are Now Homeless In Britain

More than 300,000 people are now sleeping rough in Britain after the number of people losing their homes soared in the last year, a study, by the housing charity Shelter has revealed. The study found that 307,000, or one in every 200, people are now homeless. Shelter highlighted how local authorities are struggling to find affordable homes for […]

Community Members Defy El Cajon Ordinance Against Feeding Homeless

Above Photo: From Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. “We call it ‘Break the Ban,’” said Mark Lane, a 1989 San Diego State alumnus and the primary organizer of the event. On Oct. 27, the […]

Activists Arrested In Atlanta For Feeding Homeless Without A Permit Before Thanksgiving

By Aaron Kesel The Sunday before Thanksgiving Atlanta police handed out tickets to activists feeding the homeless in a clear display of disregard for its hungry citizens simply because activists didn’t have a food distribution permit. Atlanta, which is in Fulton County, has long had a policy requiring organizers of such efforts to […]

Homeless Read Mean Tweets from People Who Don’t Appreciate their Good Fortune

Vic Bishop, Staff WriterWaking Times How do you help the homeless in a society where those who have it all don’t even appreciate it? Homelessness in the U.S. and Canada has skyrocketed in recent years, much of it caused by skyrocketing housing prices in our largest cities.  The divide between the haves and the […]

Crackdown on charity: Helping the homeless is becoming a crime in America

(Natural News) In what is perhaps one of the most disgusting examples of the old saying no good deed goes unpunished, the city of Malibu, an upscale southern California liberal enclave, allegedly told a local church to stop feeding the homeless. The United Methodist Church in Malibu serves about 100 meals every Wednesday night and has […]

Is America Becoming A Police State Where Churches Can’t Feed The Homeless And Kids Can’t Set Up Lemonade Stands?

Is America Becoming A Police State Where Churches Can’t Feed The Homeless And Kids Can’t Set Up Lemonade Stands? Michael SnyderEnd Of The American Dream Nov 14, 2017 What would you do if authorities ordered your church to stop feeding the homeless? And what would you do if your 5-year-old daughter was ordered to get […]

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