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Gantz admits he doesn’t expect Netanyahu to honor premiership rotation deal

Defense Minister Benny Gantz has reportedly admitted to close confidants that he does not expect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make good on the rotation agreement that would see Gantz assume the premiership next year. According to an unsourced Channel 12 report Monday, Gantz met at his home the previous day with the core founding […]

Jews Honor Dwight Eisenhower With Memorial For His Help Promoting Their ‘Holocaust’ Narrative

“Shabbos Goy” Dwight Eisenhower was instrumental in helping the Jews push their anti-German atrocity propaganda both during and after the war, and for that effort he is finally being “honored” with a memorial designed by Jewish post-modern architect Frank Gehry: There’s a story about Dwight D. Eisenhower that has become the stuff of legend. After […]

Hirono Calls on Senate to Honor Ginsburg’s Last Wish — No Replacement Until a New President

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) called on the U.S. Senate to honor Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying wish not to be replaced until after the next presidential inauguration on Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In.” NPR reported Ginsburg’s final words spoken to her granddaughter Clara Spera: “My most fervent wish is that I will not […]

America Treated Russia Dishonorably; The Criminals That Run America Have No Honor.

Sunday, April 13, 2014 337 We treated Russia badly. A letter to Putin. This blog:  1.  Former US ambassador in Moscow tells us that we treated Russia badly. 2.  German intellectuals send a letter to Putin, offering excuses for EU behavior.  1) Former ambassador to Russia, Jack Matlock, show us that the end of the Cold […]

Kyiv rabbi makes history with Ukraine parliament honor

Kyiv rabbi makes history with Ukraine parliament honor – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement Hits: 9

Pompeo: We’ll honor Israel’s military edge, but are reviewing arms sales to UAE

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized on Monday that America was committed to maintaining Israel’s military superiority in the region while appearing to hint at an impending deal by which the Trump administration would provide the United Arab Emirates with advanced fighter jets. “The United States has a legal […]

‘My Great Honor!’ Trump Tweets in Sharing Video Calling Him the ‘Most Pro-Gay President in American History’

WASHINGTON — “My great honor!!!” were the words of President Trump in re-sharing a video on Thursday that characterized him as “the most pro-gay president in American history.” The video was released by Log Cabin Republicans, a homosexual lobbying Republican group, and recorded by Richard Grenell, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany and current special presidential […]

Indian man victim of ‘honor killing,’ furious locals accuse police of turning blind eye

Kevin Joseph, 23, was dragged out of his relative’s house in the southern state of Kerala the day after his wedding to 21-year-old Neenu Chacko. He was abducted, along with one of his relatives, with the latter eventually set free by the abductors, according to The Hindu.  Joseph was found dead in a canal on […]

Howard Zinn: Whom Will We Honor Memorial Day?

Published on June 2, 1976 in the Boston Globe and republished in The Zinn Reader with the brief introduction below. Memorial Day will be celebrated … by the usual betrayal of the dead, by the hypocritical patriotism of the politicians and contractors preparing for more wars, more graves to receive more flowers on future Memorial Days. The memory of […]

‘A Badge of Honor’: Steve Bannon Tells National Front in France, ‘Let Them Call You Racists’

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The Federal Government Now Pretends to Honor MLK After Trying to Destroy Him

By Carey Wedler On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a national holiday approved by the federal government, it’s important to remember how that same federal government viciously targeted the beloved activist and orator. Just days after he gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington D.C. in 1963, the FBI declared […]

Israel issues BDS blacklist against 20 organizations– ‘badge of honor,’ Munayyer says

The Israeli government has finally published its BDS blacklist, which would prevent entry to Israel– known for months to be in the works. It includes 20 organizations that support the Palestinian-led, nonviolent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) resistance movement against the occupation — including U.S.-based organizations American Muslims for Palestine, CODEPINK, the U.S. Campaign for […]

Zionist Group Awards Trump its Highest Honor: ‘No President Has Done More’ to Promote Zionism

Renegade Editor’s Note: I do not like when Israel is criticized as an “apartheid” state, since this is basically saying, “they are just as bad as those evil South African Whites.” Perhaps these people simply do not know the True Story of Whites in South Africa. Why not just call Israel the terrorist state or […]

War on Men: 18-Year-Old Honor Student Could Get Life in Prison for Having Sex with Drunk Thot

Eric StrikerDaily Stormer June 22, 2017 No (((feminist))) will ever address the biggest war rape in history (Soviets against German women in WW2). They’re also silent about black-on-white actual rape. That’s because feminism is not about empowering women, it is about alienating white men so that white women can be raped by […]

‘Honor killing’: Bedouin woman ‘murdered by relatives,’ body burned in Israel

Hanan al-Bahiri went missing on May 3 after speaking on the phone to her mother on the way home in the town of Lakiya. Her mother, Dalal al-Bahiri, contacted the police, prompting a search. The woman indicated her suspicion of Hanan’s uncle and two other relatives, Haaretz reports. The victim’s uncle, Younis al-Bahiri, 45, his […]

Honor Juneteenth By Closing The Racial Wealth Divide

Above Photo: Khalil Bendib / Even over 150 years after slavery, black families still lag centuries behind whites in household wealth. On June 19, 1865, Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas. They carried some historic news: Slavery had finally and completely ended, they declared. All of America’s enslaved people were now free, some two and […]

Dr. Duke and Eric Striker Honor the USS Liberty 50 years after Israel Terror, Comey Hearing & Zio push for War on Iran!

Download Today Dr. Duke and Daily Stormer journalist Eric Stricker discussed a variety of issues, starting with the vicious Israeli false flag attack on the USS Liberty, killing 34 America sailors. They then went on to talk about the hearings in Washington where the Senate Intelligence Committee is questioning former FBI Director Comey about the […]

Dr. David Duke and Rev. Dankof Honor American Veterans and Prove that Israel has made Terroist Attacks against the USA & is an Enemy not an Ally!

Download Today Dr. Duke honored the sacrifices made by American servicemen, even as he acknowledged that we would have been better off not fighting most of the wars that they were called to fight in. The two massive world wars in the Twentieth Century were completely unnecessary and America’s involvement was largely engineered by Jewish […]

School Finally Releases Explanation Why They Wouldn’t Honor Student At Graduation Who Died

When a student at a North Carolina school died during the school year, her classmates and family expected the school to pay tribute to her life during the graduation. But William G. Enloe Magnet High School did not deem her worthy enough of a tribute. They shunned the deceased student who died tragically in 2016, […]

Trump receives Saudi Arabia’s highest civilian honor

The Hill– Saudi Arabia King Salman placed the King Abdulaziz al Saud Collar around President Trump’s neck on Saturday during a ceremony in the country’s capital. The gold medallion is considered the kingdom’s highest civilian honor. Trump received the medal during a ceremony at the Royal Court in Riyadh shortly after he arrived in Saudi […]

Trump Deletes Tweet Saying It Was ‘An Honor’ With Palestinian President

President Donald Trump shakes hands with with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas during their meeting in the Oval Office of the White House, Wednesday, May 3, 2017, in Washington. (AP/Evan Vucci) A tweet posted on U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal account on Wednesday saying it was “an honor” to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was removed […]

The surveillance state cannot protect against lone-wolf attacks

     While French police are yet to connect the dots in the latest terrorist attack to hit the European country, the truck massacre in Nice demonstrated that encroaching electronic surveillance doesn’t protect from lone wolf attacks, a former MI5 agent told RT. The terrorist attack at a Bastille Day celebration in the sea resort claimed […]

Russian revolution icon, cruiser Aurora, makes spectacular comeback in St. Petersburg (VIDEO, PHOTO)

The once formidable 116-year-old battleship returned to its permanent anchorage in downtown St. Petersburg under its own power, fully operational once again, accompanied by tugboats that secured the armored vessel’s passage through the narrowly opened drawbridges along the Neva River. Thousands of viewers lined both riverbanks in the wee hours of Saturday morning to witness […]

ISIS Burns Alive 5 Civilians On Treason Charges

Captured Jordanian pilot Muath Safi Yousef Al-Kasasbeh was burnt alive in a cage by ISIS militants, January 3, 2015, Al-Raqqah, Syria. An ISIS village court in the Tal Abta region of Nineveh province in Iraq sentenced five civilians to death on charges of treason. The militant court carried out the sentence using the gruesome execution method […]

London: Monkeys Rallying in Support Killing Humans in America

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 10, 2016   Blacks in London are rallying in support of Black-on-White terrorism in America. Because of course. Daily Mail: Black Lives Matter activists forced the closure of Oxford Street as they protested against the killing of African Americans by U.S police. Hundreds of marchers gathered on the busiest shopping street […]

Terror Attacks Shake US-Backed Baghdad Regime

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Black AIPAC activist working to undermine Cornel West on Palestine

Rania Khalek Lobby Watch 29 June 2016 I went on the Benjamin Dixon Show on Tuesday to discuss a letter said to have been signed by 60 Black politicians across the country urging the Democratic Party’s platform committee co-chairs to uphold one-sided pro-Israel positions. You can watch the video of the interview above. […]

SOTT FOCUS: Police State Roundup! What’s with cops and sex crimes, killing dogs & terrorizing kids while they’re at school?

     Disturbingly, an officer given the label of ‘Officer of the Year’ in 2011 was convicted of multiple crimes involving sexual exploitation of minors. Michael Edwin Harding, pictured above, worked in Fort Pierce, FL as well as Port St Lucie before accruing enough disdain from fellow officers and the prosecutor’s office to be charged and […]

Putin gives grave warning to Romania and Poland against installing NATO’s ABM missiles, "no one is listening"

     On Friday, May 27th, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin again said that American President Barack Obama lies when saying that the reason America’s anti-ballistic missile (“ABM”) or Ballistic Missile Defense (“BMD”) system is being installed in Romania, and will soon be installed in Poland, is to protect Europe from Iranian missiles that don’t even exist […]

Global opposition to Israel good omen: Iran

Iran has welcomed the growing wave of international opposition to the Israeli regime’s continued illegal settlement construction in the occupied Palestinian territories. “The Islamic Republic of Iran… sees the intensification of global opposition to this (Israeli) regime’s illegal and inhuman actions including settler outpost construction as a good omen and calls for international action for […]

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