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‘Beyond Horrifying’: New Jersey Cops Investigate Dead Pig Placed Outside Rabbi’s Home During Shabbat

The town of Lakewood, New Jersey. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Police in New Jersey are investigating an apparent hate crime after the carcass of a dead pig was left on the doorstep of a rabbi’s home in the town of Lakewood. The sinister incident occurred this past Saturday, as the local Jewish community was observing Shabbat. […]

See the Horrifying Ingredients in AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine

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Songbird – Michael Bay Movie About Horrifying 4th Year of COVID Lockdown

Is this another case of “predictive programming” showing us exactly where we are headed? Something tells me mask-promoting (((Hollywood))) is not trying to really warn us about government overreach. [embedded content] 00 Hits: 0

Satanic illuminati Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture

April 27, 2019 There is a Greek saying that a fish rots from its head downward. If this article is correct, then our political leadership is far more rotten than we can ever conceive.  Warning: These accusations that Presidents sexually exploit children will cause cognitive dissonance. But the idea is consistent with the notion that our “leaders” […]

UK Accidentally Admits use of Horrifying, Organ Rupturing Weapons in Syria

At the beginning of the month (May 2018) the British Ministry of Defence seemingly on accident revealed for the first time that they are unloading horrifyingly inhumane, thermobaric weapons out of drones onto the people of Syria: and it wasn’t even in this recent April 2018 escalation of tension, but last year. They […]

Horrifying Testimonies Prove You Have Been Lied To About Eastern Ghouta

April 12, 2018 By Bas Spliet During my time in Damascus, I got the opportunity to talk to several civilians from Eastern Ghouta. Their testimonies, totally ignored by the mass media, tell a horrifying story of starvation, withholding of food and medical aid, rape, and the imprisonment and murder of innocent […]

Commuter drops into metro escalator in horrifying CCTV

The incident reportedly happened during rush hour on February 27 at the Ayazaga Metro station in Istanbul. Turkish media report that the victim, Mehmet Ali Erik, was trapped under the metal steps for an hour before he was freed by firefighters. READ MORE: 2 golden escalators, 10 aircraft, 500 limos & 1200 luxury rooms: Saudi […]

Chaos is a certainty: The lack of preparedness among city people is truly horrifying

(Natural News) Most people who live in cities are stunningly unprepared for almost any kind of disruption, and the situation has grown far worse in recent years. Although I usually stay out of large cities, I just finished some travel that took me through several cities (and a few suburban areas, too), […]

How a female software engineer uncovered the horrifying left-wing cult of censorship and bullying that pervades the tech industry

(Natural News) Marlene Jaeckel, an Atlanta-based scientist and software engineer who specializes in the development of various technologies for Google and Apple platforms, recently participated in a panel at the Social Media Neutrality Panel at the Newseum in Washington D.C. Jaeckel sat alongside a number of prominent conservative figures, including Jim Holt […]

Horrifying New Study Shows People Willing to Hurt Complete Strangers Just to Obey Authority

TFTP| For the state to make war, it must convince the populace that killing other people is just and necessary. Many different rationalizations have cropped up over the millennia – from controlling resources to exterminating races to “fighting terrorism” – but murdering strangers requires a particular obedience to authority. Fifty years ago, psychologist Stanley Milgram […]

The Las Vegas Killings: The Horrifying Truth You Are Not Being Told (Video)

This is the website of Lasha Darkmoon, an anglo-American academic with higher degrees in Classics who lives and works in England. You can read more about Darkmoon here. Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Horrifying Moment Tigers Are Fed A Live Donkey At The Zoo

A Chinese zoo has been publicly criticized after feeding a live donkey to a pack of hungry captive tigers. Horrified tourists looked on as a group of zoo staff members pushed a live donkey into a tiger enclosure, only to witness them tearing the animal apart thanks to their natural hunting instinct. You can watch the disturbing […]

Horrifying Human Animal Hybrids Shown In Disturbing Video

A compilation video of ‘Transhumanism’ science lab experiments has surfaced online. The terrifying video shows creatures with a combination of human and animal DNA. It is claimed that the movement intends to improve the human species using science and technology. Max More, a philosopher and founder of the Extropy Institution, said, “The way we are is […]

Microwave dinners made with horrifying ingredients: Human hair, meat glue, processed sugars and more

(Natural News) Microwave ready dinners have gained greater traction over the years due in part to the convenience they offer amid the bustling lifestyle of today’s generation. In fact, data from the National Food Survey revealed that reliance on ready-made meals significantly increased since 1970s in the U.K. alone. Another survey from showed that […]

Horrifying Video Shows Multiple Cops Kick, Taser, Crush Mentally Ill Man Until He Died

Reno, NV — Surveillance footage, released to the Reno Gazette-Journal through a public records request, shows the terrifying final moments of 35-year-old Justin Thompson, a man in the midst of a mental breakdown. For 30 minutes, nearly a dozen Washoe County Sheriff’s deputies took turns kicking, tasering, insulting, and crushing the wind from […]

$1 trillion budget deal confirms America’s horrifying swamptopian future, hopelessly beyond the zenith of reform or reason

(Natural News) It’s over for America. The “hail Mary” Trump revolution has been suffocated by a hoard of spineless, incompetent corporate prostitutes known as “Congress.” The $1 trillion spending bill now nearing final approval in Washington D.C. proves beyond any doubt that Washington cannot be fixed by Washington. It is beyond reform… and beyond the […]

Netherlands says calls to boycott Israel allowed under freedom of speech

“Statements or meetings concerning BDS are protected by freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, as enshrined in the Dutch Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights,” Koenders said during a debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the Dutch parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee in The Hague. He was answering questions recently posed by Green […]

Photos: Leader receives Korean President Park

What Iran’s first non-oil trade surplus means for its economy TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s non-oil balance of trade turned positive in the past Iranian year, which ended March 19. The $916 million… Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Turkish court overturns 275 verdicts in alleged Ergenekon ‘coup plot’ trial

The high court found a number of contradictions in the case, which was launched back in 2007 against people including ex-army chief Ilker Basbug, politicians and journalists. The court found flaws in the investigation, trial, collection of evidence and fair hearing for the accused, the Anadolu news agency reported. According to the court’s ruling, “There […]

A 5-Year-Old Peruvian: World’s Youngest Mother

Into the hospital at Pisco (Peru) came a tired, ragged Indian woman from the foothills of the Andes. She led by the hand a shy little girl, scarcely three feet tall, with chestnut braids and an enormously bulging abdomen. Pointing to the frightened child, the Indian woman begged Surgeon Geraldo Lozada to exorcise the evil […]

Cyprus Blocking Evil Merkel Conspiracy with Turkish Terrorists

Daily Stormer March 16, 2016 I don’t think Cyprus actually has the power to shut it down, but at least someone is saying something. euronews: Cyprus said on Tuesday it won’t back any acceleration of negotiations for Turkey’s EU membership, jeopardising an accord between the EU and Ankara. The EU wants to finalise a deal […]


In this case, Donald Trump’s call to audit the Federal Reserve is dead on correct.  Most Americans don’t realize this, but the Federal Reserve has far more power over the economy than anyone else does – including Barack Obama.  Financial markets all over the planet gyrate wildly at the smallest comment from Fed officials, and […]


In this case, Donald Trump’s call to audit the Federal Reserve is dead on correct.  Most Americans don’t realize this, but the Federal Reserve has far more power over the economy than anyone else does – including Barack Obama.  Financial markets all over the planet gyrate wildly at the smallest comment from Fed officials, and […]


A primary goal of Los Angeles County’s child welfare system is keeping kids out of lock-up. In this pursuit, the county took a surprising step: It used a predictive analytics tool as part of a program to identify which specific kids might end up behind bars, says Pacific Standard magazine. The process wasn’t […]


As we progress even further into our future, it is becoming evidently clear that extraterrestrial life does in fact exist. Earlier last May, activists, political leaders, researchers, and other high ranking agency/military personnel have testified to extraterrestrial anomalies in front of several formed United States members of congress. The official documentation released by dozens of […]

Marine Vet Told He Can’t Wear His Cap In Drivers License Photo, That’s When He Sees 2 MUSLIMS…

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– When Marine veteran Alex Morales went to a California DMV to renew his drivers license, he was told to remove his hat before having his picture taken. The veteran immediately noticed some Muslim men having THEIR pictures taken with with turbans on their heads. So he refused to remove his USMC hat! […]

Fukushima in a patch? Cancer industry wants patients to wear radioactive patches as ‘radiotherapy’ treatment

(NaturalNews) Scientists from the University of North Texas have tested out a new radioactive bandage for the treatment of a relatively non-lethal form of skin cancer. The researchers presented the results of the small-scale trial at the 2015 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting and Exposition in Orlando in late October. The […]

The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You

  Cracked September 22, 2011 If there’s one thing in the world the food industry is dead set against, it’s allowing you to actually maintain some level of control over what you eat. See, they have this whole warehouse full of whatever they bought last week when they were drunk that they need to get […]

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