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"Biggest Humanitarian Horror Story Of The 21st Century": Up To A Million Refugees Trying To Flee Idlib

The ongoing final battle for Idlib could unleash the biggest refugee exodus the nine-year war has seen, United Nations officials are warning.  Recent statements from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs puts the latest wave of civilian displacement since December 1 at 700,000.  Turkey’s Erdogan is now petitioning the US and NATO to […]

Watching through your hands: The scariest horror movies of all time, as seen by science

Any list of best movies is sure to be controversial – just ask the people who run the Oscars. But this one is brought to you by science – based on a study by a team of neuroscientists at the University of Turku in Finland, published this month in the scientific journal NeuroImage.  First, they used […]

Animal cruelty horror: Heartbreaking end for helpless dogs at puppy farms exposed

Mr Abraham revealed the harrowing end for dogs at puppy farms. Speaking to, Mr Abraham said: “For the last time we’ve seen an influx of ex-breeding dogs coming into the rescues in Wales. “Specifically friends of animals Wales which specialise in taking in abandoned puppy farm dogs and dogs that can’t be sold such […]

Members of Argentine Delegation in Bolivia Tell the Horror They Recorded (Coup Repression)

“They opened Pandora’s box and hatred came out,” they write. Government Minister Arturo Murillo publicly threatened them: “Be careful, we are watching you.” “This government has unleashed a huge racial hatred. They opened pandora’s box and a thousand demons came out who are expressing themselves in situations of profound violence,” says jurist Luis Arias, one […]

Halloween, Horror and Hormones : Why Being Scared is Good for You

October 28th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World It’s nearly Halloween – the perfect time of year for ghost stories, ghouls, monsters and things which go bump in the night. It’s not just for kids, either; there are plenty of adults who enjoy some serious spine-tingling and who chill out by […]

Passengers look on in horror as their plane’s engine CATCHES FIRE prior to boarding (VIDEO)

The Asiana Airlines engine caught fire during refueling prior to takeoff. No one was injured in the incident and the passengers were evacuated from the gate area as a precaution.  Eyewitness video from the scene shows firefighters tackling the blaze as burning fuel drips from the aircraft’s engine onto the tarmac. The fire reportedly broke […]

MEDICAL HORROR: Genetic sequencing of common vaccine finds entire male human genome from aborted human baby… "a complete individual genome" with abnormal, modified genes… 560 genes linked to cancer

(Natural News) Vaccines are routinely formulated with aborted human fetal cells known as MRC-5 and WI-38. The CDC openly lists some of the vaccines that use these “human diploid” cells, including Twinrix (Hep A / Hep B), ProQuad (MMRV) and Varivax (Varicella / chicken pox). FDA-published vaccine insert sheets such as this […]

‘Every day brings fresh horror stories from a Black Mirror hellscape’ in America’s liberal run states and cities where homeless veterans survive by eating the trash of billionaires

(Natural News) Over the last several years, we’ve published numerous stories on ANP about the complete collapses of Democrat-run cities across America and we get more evidence of that today in this new story over at Biz Pac Review that Whatfinger had linked to on Wednesday which reports a staggering number of Americans are now fleeing […]

Is Democracy Now silly??????????#DemocracyNow Horror at MCC: “Gulag” Conditions at NYC Jail Were Known for Decades Before Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Hits: 15

LA Horror Story: More Parents Horrified Over 5G Cell Towers Near Schools

July 16, 2019 By B.N. Frank There’s a lot of information and misinformation being reported about health risks from exposure to 5G technology.  So if you can only remember one thing about 5G and health risks, this would be it: The telecom industry has provided NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe. If you can […]

SHOCK, HORROR: Poll Finds Strong Majority Support For Declaring A Climate Emergency

SHOCK, HORROR: Poll Finds Strong Majority Support For Declaring A Climate Emergency Above Photo: ProSession/Flickr In five countries —  Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK and Switzerland  — an impressive 382 local government authorities covering more than 33 million people have recognised or declared a climate emergency. And now polling conducted in Melbourne shows that a sizeable majority in that […]

Elliott Abrams: A Human Rights Horror Show in Three Acts

Elliott Abrams: A Human Rights Horror Show in Three Acts By Brett Wilkins | CounterPunch | February 1, 2019 Last Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Elliott Abrams would once again be returning to government, this time as President Donald Trump’s special envoy to help “fully restore democracy and prosperity” to Venezuela. Abrams, 71, is best […]

Attending school while Palestinian: brief (horror) stories from the last 6 weeks

Israeli forces prepare to demolish a school in Hebron, West Bank on 11 July 2018 [DonnaBaranski-Walker/Twitter] Children in occupied West Bank schools are attacked and traumatized on a regular basis, as a matter of official policy. These are stories from just November and ten days in December (subsidized by American tax dollars).  compiled by If […]

USA, A Nation Transfixed In Horror By Toy Bombs While Destroying Lives With Real Ones

Media headlines have been dominated for the last two days by the news that pipe bombs are being sent to Democratic Party elites and their allies, a list of whom as of this writing consists of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, George Soros, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Robert De Niro, […]

Blackstone Intelligence Network: #2 – The Horror in Omaha – Out of Darkness Into the Light

Blackstone Intelligence Network: #2 – The Horror in Omaha – Out of Darkness Into the Light Blackstone Intelligence There exists a terrible scourge that infects not just the United States, but the whole world – a global network of human trafficking operations, some of which are controlled by rogue elements inside the Central Intelligence […]

A Pennsylvania AMI Smart Meter Survey Reports Horror Stories

By Catherine J. Frompovich Pennsylvanians literally have been screwed figuratively by their state legislature and legislators regarding the totalitarian approach and mandate to retrofitting health-harming utility [electric, natural gas and water] AMI Smart Meters, specifically through committee procedural actions of soon-be-retired PA House Consumers Affairs Committee Chairman, Robert Godshall, whose son, Grey, works […]

Add This Horror Story of Teacher Charged $109K After Heart Attack to Long List of Reasons US Badly Needs Medicare for All

Drew Calver’s daughters visit him at the hospital in April 2017 after his heart attack and resulting emergency surgery. (Photo: Courtesy of the Calver family)   Adding yet another horrifying anecdote to the ever-growing list of reasons the United States urgently needs to transition away from […]

Former Yazidi sex slave recalls horror of meeting her ISIS rapist in Germany  

After fleeing captivity in Iraq, Ashwaq Ta’lo thought she was safe in Schwabisch Gmund, a picturesque market town in the foothills of Germany’s Swabian mountains, near Stuttgart. That changed one night in February, when Ashwaq was returning home from school and a car pulled up beside her. A short-bearded man stepped out and took off […]

South Africa Farm Seizure Horror: List of White Farmers Facing Expropriation ‘Exposed’

South Africa’s government has been accused of drawing up a list of almost 200 farms it allegedly wants to seize from white farmers South African president Cyril Ramaphosa recently unveiled plans to allow white people’s land to be taken without compensation. Now a lobby group claims to have obtained a list of 195 farms “identified […]

Living through Gaza’s horror from afar

Shahd Abusalama 10 August 2018 Palestinians inspect the rubble of a building following an Israeli air strike on Gaza City, on 9 August. Mahmoud Khattab APA images From the emergency room in Lewisham Hospital in London on Wednesday evening, I called my parents to inform them of a sudden allergic reaction I had to something […]

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