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Watching The Hawks – Women in Film, the Hospital, and the Government

Dark Politricks is a site dedicated to investigating the dark side of politics including corruption, propaganda, the police state, war on terror, the intelligence services and their misdeeds, false flag attacks and much more. The site also promotes free speech, internet freedom and justice for all people. For an overview of my beliefs and political […]

Elmhurst Hospital in NYC is a COVID Death Camp

COVID-19, the GREAT STUPOR, has come upon us. “This hospital is like a third world country.” [embedded content] Vernon Coleman explains the politics of C-19 [embedded content] Please also visit FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblrRedditStumbleUponDiggemail

Images Of Elderly Veterans Being Mistreated At The VA Hospital Go Viral On Facebook

America has been fighting Zionist wars since the beginning. Today we see how these war veterans, who thought they were honoring their country by fighting against a fictitious enemy, are being treated like cattle (aka Goyim). Do their lives matter to anyone? Of course not! They were brainwashed to go to war, and now […]

Charity for Syria? Holding ‘Hope Hospital’ Accountable

Steven Sahiounie 21st Century Wire Too often we see reports in the western mainstream media about Syria which are distorted and hardly resemble the reality on the ground. What’s worse however, is when misleading stories are used to extract money from unwitting western audiences. The Guardian published a ‘feel good’ story about a Syrian refugee […]

Infected EBOLA carriers escape quarantine hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo

(Natural News) A new and growing Ebola outbreak is hitting the Democratic Republic of Congo, and additional concerns have been raised as three infected people escaped their quarantine hospital, potentially infecting countless others. The three patients had been quarantined in the northwestern city of Mbandaka, a port city with a population of […]

A.I. Takes Over Hospital Jobs In London, Implantable Smart Devices In Soldiers, And Growing Organs

By Aaron Kesel University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and the Alan Turing Institute aim to bring ‘game-changing’ benefits of artificial intelligence to NHS patients and replace some workers, The Guardian reported. The tasks traditionally performed by doctors and nurses, from diagnosing cancer on CT scans to deciding which A&E patients are seen first, […]

City Slaps Burn Victim with Violation for Not Mowing Lawn While He Was in the Hospital

By Rachel Blevins Dallas, Texas – A homeowner who was severely injured after a natural gas explosion destroyed the heating unit in his home and left him with second-degree burns, was threatened by the city that he could face fines because he was not able to mow his lawn while he was in […]

London Hit By Acid Attack Spree: Three Rushed to Hospital In Morning Horror

Police were called to Kingsland High Street in Dalston just after 5am this morning after the men sustained injuries. The victims, aged 17, 22 and 27 were hit with a “noxious substance” according to police. No arrests have been made yet in connection with the incident. There has been an […]

Khan’s London: Lead Surgeon Says Hospital Like Afghan War Zone, Two More Killed Overnight

Hospitals in Mayor Sadiq Khan’s London resemble those in a war zone, a senior surgeon working to save victims of the capital’s surging violent crime wave has said. The shock comments made Thursday morning come after two more men were killed overnight, a couple of days after another night of violence saw a boy, 16, stabbed to […]

Alfie Evans Murdered By Lethal Injection So Hospital Could Harvest His Organs

Baby Alfie Evans was executed by lethal injection by doctors at Alder Hey hospital in order to illegally harvest his organs, according to multiple reports.  The nasty truth is that having virtually killed poor Alfie from multiple vaccines, hospital staff then conspired to accelerate his death to continue a decades-long organ harvesting program. reports:Alfie […]

Hospital With Shady Past Forcibly Removes Alfie Evans From Ventilator – But He’s Still Breathing…

Next Story The parents of Alfie Evans, a little boy from Liverpool, are having tremendous difficulty taking their son home after doctors seem to be laying down controversial claims about the child being brain-dead.  Alfie supporters will descend upon Buckingham Palace for a mass Protest and Prayer Rally. The Main Event at Buckingham Palace for Alfie […]

RT visits hospital seen in Douma ‘chemical attack’ video, talks to boy from footage (VIDEO)

Hassan Diab, 11, appears to be the trembling boy seen in the video of the aftermath of the alleged chemical attack in the Eastern Ghouta city. The footage was circulated by mainstream media after being posted by the so-called Douma Revolution group on Facebook.  The organization was one of those, along with the controversial White […]

#Douma First Western Journalist In Syrian Hospital Which Treated “Chemical Weapons” Victims Explains What REALLY Happened

Forget what the Syrian government or the Ruskies say. The first Western journalist has interviewed doctors at the hospital in Douma, Syria which supposedly treated chemical weapons victims and is announcing what really happened. In the following 1-minute clip, award-winning journalist Robert Fisk – writer for Britain’s Independent for almost 30 years – explains that the […]

Poisoned Russian double-agent Skripal recovering at hospital

nsnbc : Former Russian spy and double-agent Sergei Skripal is no longer in critical condition, reports staff at the hospital treating him Friday. Skripal […]

Israeli forces arrest 14-year old Palestinian burn victim in hospital

Violence / Detentions — West Bank / Jerusalem Details of arresting the child Asad Al-Din Abulhawa from inside Al-Maqased Hospital Silwanic 22 Mar — Israeli occupation forces arrested 14-year-old Asad Al-Din Ibrahim Abulhawa from Al-Maqased Hospital in the village of Al-Tur, despite having severe burns in his back. Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer, Khaldoun Nijem, […]

Minister: Iran to lease private hospital in Azerbaijan

News.Az– Iran will lease a private hospital in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Minister of Economy Shahin Mustafayev said at the 12th meeting of Azerbaijan-Iran joint intergovernmental economic commission held in Tehran. ‘Health cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iran continues successfully. Azerbaijan intends to lease out one of private hospitals in Baku. I’m sure it will happen in a […]

Vanessa Trump, Wife of Donald Jr., Taken to Hospital After Exposure to White Powder

Donald Trump Jr.’s wife was taken to a New York City hospital as a precaution Monday after she opened an envelope addressed to her husband that contained an unidentified white powder, police said. A preliminary test indicated the substance wasn’t dangerous, police said. U.S. President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Vanessa Trump, 40, opened the letter addressed […]

Gaza’s largest hospital suspends surgeries due to cleaners’ strike

Al-Shifa Hospital, largest medical complex in Gaza Strip, announced on Sunday that it was suspending all surgeries due to a cleaners’ strike over unpaid salaries. “It has been decided to postpone all scheduled surgeries, including those for patients with tumors,” the hospital said, noting that the decision excluded “life-saving cases.” The medical staff at Al-Shifa […]

Israeli lawmaker tells BBC he’d put Ahed Tamimi ‘in the hospital’ by kicking her face

Israeli lawmaker Oren Hazan of the Likud Party was interviewed by the BBC on Wednesday, in a news report about Ahed Tamimi  titled “Is a slap an act of terror?”. Hazan opined that “a slap is terrorism” and described his response: “If I was there, she would finish in the hospital. For sure. Nobody could stop me. […]

Gaza Hospital Forced To Suspend Services As Fuel Runs Out

A hospital in the besieged Gaza Strip has been forced into suspending all services after running out of fuel for its generators. The dire power shortage continues to worsen the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian enclave. The hospital and a spokesperson for the health ministry said: “All health services provided at Beit Hanoun hospital were […]

Iowa Fast-Food, Hospital Workers Protest Gov. Reynolds

Iowa Fast-Food, Hospital Workers Protest Gov. Reynolds Above Photo: From Fed up with Gov. Kim Reynolds’ attacks on working people and their unions, local fast-food and hospital workers in the Fight for $15 took over the Iowa statehouse to protest during the governor’s Condition of the State address, stressing their commitment to defeating Reynolds.   […]

Single Payer Could Stop The Rural Hospital Closure Crisis

Single Payer Could Stop The Rural Hospital Closure Crisis Above Photo: In 2015, Novant Health made the decision to close down Franklin Medical Center, in Louisburg. Taylor Sisk. America’s rural hospitals are closing down at an alarming rate. According to the North Carolina Rural Health Research Program, there were seventy-two rural hospital closures between 2010 and 2016, close to […]

Lightning strikes twice: Thunderstorm rocks hospital again (VIDEO)

Severe thunderstorms hit Australian towns including Warwick, Toomwoomba, Dalby, Gympia and Gladstone on Monday and Tuesday. Images on social media show ominous clouds rolling over the southeast town of Warwick, where a lightning bolt caused damage to panels on the roof of Warwick Hospital. front of the storm rolling in hot #rain #hail #noshine #niceweather […]

Hospital admits they contributed to the opioid epidemic through unnecessary prescriptions: Now prescriptions are limited and addiction cases are down

(Natural News) In an effort to curb opioid use, the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital implemented the enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol in mid-2015. Under this, doctors can no longer impose narcotics on patients with impunity, and must make an effort to find and write prescriptions. Come 2017, and the results can already […]

Police Lock Woman Up In Mental Hospital For Throwing Bacon, and Calling Them ‘Pigs’

You may have heard about the story out of Massachusetts, where a woman threw pork at a police station. Lindsey McNamara said that she was only trying to “feed the pigs.” No one in their right mind could have believed she was doing anything other than insulting police officers. But the police testified in court […]

Cancer Researcher Found Dead In Hospital Bathroom

Cancer researcher Dr Miguel Crespo was found dead in a men’s bathroom on the eighth floor of an upper east side hospital on Sunday. He was 40 years old. Officials did not say that Dr. Crespo had overdosed initially, but within hours they said a cup was found near his body and that they now […]

Man Mistaken For Burglar Shot by Police Then Shackled to Hospital Bed and Barred From Seeing Family

After mistaking him for a burglar and shooting him twice, police charged Lyndo Jones with evading arrest, shackled him to his Dallas hospital bed and blocked family members from visiting him for six days. At first, Mesquite police erroneously called Jones, 31, a “burglary suspect” because of a 911 caller who’d spotted him in a […]

Two babies born in makeshift hospital amid Iran earthquake

IFP- Two babies have been born and a brain surgery performed in the Iranian Army’s makeshift hospitals in Kermanshah province since Sunday night when a magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit the country’s western areas. The Sunday earthquake has so far left at least 430 dead and over 7,000 people wounded, many of whom are being treated […]

Post-op patient disappears from bed, found dead two weeks later in hospital ceiling by renovation crew

     “All we wanted was for him to get help.” These are the words of a Kayamandi family in Stellenbosch, who say mystery surrounds the discovery of their 61-year-old relative’s body in a ceiling of an isolated area of the Stellenbosch Hospital. He had undergone surgery. Father of six, Teteteke Gqotsi, was found 13 days […]

Socialized health care system COLLAPSES in Venezuela… no more hospital beds, no matter how sick you are

(Natural News) It didn’t take long for the socialist experiment in Venezuela to give way to malnutrition, starvation and scarcity of hospital beds and basic medical supplies. It doesn’t matter how sick you are right now in Venezuela; you might have no option but to take makeshift treatment from the hospital floor. Women are giving […]

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