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Stunning Consensus Emerges: Fed May Announce Launch Of QE In Just A Few Hours

It was back on August 6, in an article titled “Forget China, The Fed Has A Much Bigger Problem On Its Hands“, where we explained why in response to the coming dollar funding shortage and liquidity crunch (we warned about this month’s repo crash over a month ago), we first said that Fed will likely […]

Second Ballistic Strike in 24 Hours, Badr 1 Targets Najran Regional Airport

News – Yemen  Rocketry Force of the Army and Popular Committees on Friday targeted Najran Regional Airport by a ballistic missile, Badr 1. It is the second operation in which the army targeted the airport, and the fourth operation targeting the Saudi depth within 24 hours. The Armed forces spokesman Brigadier Yahya Sare’e said in […]

Odessa gunman was sacked hours before going on shooting spree – report

The shooter, Seth A. Ator, was fired from his job with a trucking company mere hours before he opened fire at a state trooper when pulled over for failing to signal a turn at around 3:17pm local time on Saturday, the New York Times reported, citing police sources. Without disclosing the company’s name, the sources said […]

KFC Debuted Plant-Based ‘Chicken’ & Sold Out In 5 Hours

The Facts: Colorectal cancer has increased by 51% in Americans under age 50 since the mid-1990s. Researchers suggest that “early life exposures may be contributing to the rise. Glyphosate is heavily linked to this form of cancer. Reflect On: How did our federal health regulatory agencies ever approve something so dangerous and damaging to human […]

New Video Emerges Of 6-Ton Russian Drone That Can Stay Aloft For 24-Hours

The Russian Ministry of Defense has unveiled new footage of a 6-ton unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), capable of flying long-duration missions for 24-hours.  Dubbed the Altius-U drone, it can conduct a wide variety of reconnaissance missions for 24-hours at a time. A 1-minute video was posted on […]

Epstein Spent Hours Locked in Private Room With Young Female Visitor Before His Death

By Emma Fiala An attorney who had visited Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) said Jeffrey Epstein spent at least two hours alone in a private room with a young woman the day after he was reportedly taken off of suicide watch. The private room is reserved for inmates and their attorneys. According to Forbes, the attorney, […]

24 landslides in 24 hours caused by incessant rainfall across the Indian state of Kerala – 22 killed, 22,165 moved

   Kerala, which is been hit by incessant rainfall, witnessed 24 landslides in the last 24 hours spiking the death toll to 22 on August 9, 2019. Nearly 22,165 people have been shifted to relief camps. Heavy rains have been battering the coastal state since August 7 and have thrown normal life out of gear. […]

27 inches of snow in 72 hours hits ski areas of New Zealand

   There have been some big snowfalls in New Zealand over the past few days, transforming conditions after a slow start to the 2019 ski season there. Ski areas have posted accumulations of up to 70cm in the past few and base depths have reached 3 metres (10 feet) at one area, the deepest in […]

"That Was One Of The Most Manic 36 Hours Of Trading In My 18 Year Career"

WHO SHOT WHO IN THE WHAT NOW?! Well that was one of the most manic 36 hours of trading I have ever witnessed in my 18 year career President Trump has again changed the market calculus—and thus investors (myself clearly included) are now forced to adjust their views on the monetary policy path from here, […]

A Man Died Just 48 Hours After Contracting a Flesh-eating Bacteria from Waters in Florida

Each summer, as the waters along the U.S coastline, heat up, cases of flesh-eating bacteria become prevalent. These parasites can act quickly and may be deadly. While there are many different types of flesh-eating bacteria, in many cases Vibrio vulnificus is at fault. This bacteria can be contracted by exposing a wound with contaminated water […]

Snapshots of humanity that add up to one great truth — Help us meet our goal with just hours left

In May, Mondoweiss shared with you a report about the Palestinians who travel across multiple checkpoints every day. Most coverage of the checkpoints focuses on the main arteries separating Israel from the West Bank. Yet dotted across the West Bank, smaller internal roadblocks and checkpoints are a much more frequent obstacle for Palestinians — who […]

Drag Queen Admits He’s ‘Grooming Next Generation’ in ‘Story Hours’

A drag queen who helped organize a “Drag Queen Story Hour” for Louisiana preschoolers admitted the event’s purpose is “the grooming of the next generation.” “I am not there to push any kind of agenda,” Dylan Pontiff, a gay man who helped organize a “Drag Queen Story Hour” event at Lafayette Public Library, told the […]

No Iranian drone shot down by US forces, aircraft flew over Persian Gulf for hours: IRGC chief

The chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has roundly dismissed as a “big lie” American officials’ claims that US forces may have downed more than one Iranian drone over the Persian Gulf, emphasizing that the Islamic Republic has not lost any unmanned aerial vehicle. “I, hereby, announce officially that no drone belonging to […]

26 killed in hours-long al-Shabab hotel siege in Somalia

The death toll from a hotel attack in Somalia rose to 26 on Saturday with victims including Kenyans, Tanzanians, Americans, a Briton, a Canadian as well as prominent Somali politicians. A presidential candidate for upcoming regional elections was also killed in the siege in Kismayo city that was carried out by al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab, Jubbaland President Ahmed […]

Tesla Loses European Chief And VP Of Engineering Hours After Former Manufacturing Head Lands At Lucid Motors

Two more Tesla executives have left the company, marking the third and fourth high profile departures announced over the last month. The company’s head of European operations, Jan Oehmicke, is reportedly leaving for a rival carmaker about a year after being lured away from BMW to work at Tesla, according to The Street. Oehmicke was hired last […]

#Iran #SaudiArabia #FalseFlag Iran False Flag? The Duran Streamed live 3 hours ago Saudis Suggest Iran-Backed Houthi Rebels Responsible For Tanker Attack

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts #Iran #Trump #Drone The Duran Live: E39. Mixed SignalsThe Duran Streamed live on Jun 21, 2019Contradicting news headlines claim that Trump ordered srikes against Iran, while at the same time calling off those very strikes. What is Trump aiming to do with the Iran? Neocons […]

Floods and landslides hit 3 departments of Guatemala – up to 14 inches of rain in 24 hours

   Guatemala National Coordination for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) reported that severe weather including heavy rain and strong winds affected the departments of Alta Verapaz, Petén and San Marcos from 03 June, 2019. The heavy rain caused a landslide in Cobán, Alta Verapaz and flooding in Sayaxché, Petén after a river overflowed. Flood waters also caused […]

How Many Hours Of Work Does It Take To Buy The S&P?

Via Global Macro Monitor, How expensive is the S&P?   Loaded question but thanks for asking. Macro Metrics Here at the Global Macro Monitor, we lean toward macro metrics to get a sense of the historical valuation of the stock market and heavily discount — no, entirely dismiss — the “this time is different”  nonsense to […]

Mexico’s President Asks Trump for Meeting HOURS After Tariff Announcement

Just hours after President Trump announced he will be imposing 5% tariffs on Mexican imports over the migrant crisis, Mexico’s president Lopez Obrador sent Trump a letter requesting a meeting to work towards a solution. “Mexico’s President Lopez Obrador asks Trump to have U.S. officials meet with the Mexican foreign minister in Washington on Friday […]

Deadly floods and landslides hit South Africa, 9 inches of rain in 24 hours – Death toll reaches 60 – UPDATE

   Heavy rain in South Africa has caused flooding in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape Provinces. Further heavy rain has been forecast. Oribi Gorge in southern KwaZulu-Natal recorded 234mm of rain in 24 hours to early 23 April, according to weather services provider, Africa Weather. Port St Johns recorded 189mm of rain and Durban […]

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