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Joe Biden Erects Concrete Security Wall Around White House — But Leaves US Border Wide Open

Joe Biden Erects Concrete Security Wall Around White House — But Leaves US Border Wide Open The Gateway Pundit / Jim Hoft The Biden administration built a concrete security wall around the White House this week. It is not clear yet why they believe the construction of the concrete wall is necessary. Via Conservative Treehouse. […]

The Pandemic Of The Injected: As The COVID Narrative Implodes The White House Doubles Down On Lies

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Email | RSS Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (1/12/22). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for […]

Ted Cruz: GOP May IMPEACH Biden If They Win Control Of House Again

A CNN correspondent noted how Joe Biden appeared “confused” throughout an entire interview as he repeatedly mistook COVID home tests for anti-viral pills. The comment was made in reference to Biden’s 20 minute interview with ABC’s David Muir, during which the president attempted to defend his response to the pandemic and complaints that people in […]

White House Sending Jill Biden to Comfort Kentucky Tornado Survivors

First Lady Jill Biden will travel to Kentucky on Thursday alongside federal officials to meet and comfort those most impacted by the deadly tornadoes that tore through the state last month. “First Lady Jill Biden and Deputy FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] Administrator Erik Hooks will travel to Bowling Green, Kentucky where they will join Governor Andy […]

White House wants war between Vaxxed and the Unvaxxed

In an exclusive interview with the media, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) said the White House wants to create class warfare amongst vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans in order to generate turmoil and maintain power, but it’s “not going to work.” “I don’t think that that’s an American thing. I don’t think everyday Americans are seeing two sets of […]

New Zealand Pastor Says Police Broke Into His House, Confiscated Firearms & Ammo

New Zealand Pastor Says Police Broke Into His House, Confiscated Firearms & Ammo A New Zealand pastor explained in a video how the state’s police broke into his home and confiscated his licensed firearms and ammo over a neighbor complaint. The pastor named Kyle Bromley walked around his home showing how intruders had searched […]

Cook Political Report Projects GOP Is Favored to Win House Majority in 2022

Ratings released by the Cook Political Report on Thursday show the Republican Party has the edge in the upcoming 2022 midterms. The Cook Political Report is a nonpartisan, independent newsletter that analyzes national political trends and elections. As it stands now, the GOP needs to net five seats in the midterm elections to regain control […]

California man arrested on way to White House with rifle, ‘hit list’ compiled from TikTok

A California man was arrested last week in Iowa after telling police he was driving straight to the White House “to kill persons in power” and was found with an assault rifle and body armor, according to federal court records. Kuachua Brillion Xiong, 25, of Merced was pulled over for driving aggressively on Interstate 80 […]

Protesters in Australia set Parliament House on fire

» The Hounding of Julian Assange Leaves Honest Journalism With No RefugeToday at 1:33 am by PurpleSkyz » How we can allow doctors to speak freely about what is really going onToday at 1:27 am by PurpleSkyz » Before you rely on Mainstream Media read ThisToday at 1:18 am by PurpleSkyz » Columbia study: True U.S. COVID vaxx death count around 400,000Today […]

CBS White House Reporter: Democrats Need Migration Bill for 2022 Midterm Election

Democrats will lose the 2022 midterm election unless they try harder to pass immigration legislation, CBS’ top political reporter Ed O’Keefe claimed on December 26. “The problem for Democrats going into next year is if they expect to be able to turn out the kinds of people that they need to win congressional elections and […]

War on Yemen has entered its final stage: Al-Bukhaiti on Club House البخيتي لـ”كلوب هاوس” الميادين: حريتنا من حرية فلسطين.. والحرب دخلت مرحلتها الأخيرة

28 Dec 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen Al Mayadeen Net The member of the Political Council of Ansar Allah confirms in an interview with Al Mayadeen’s Club House that military operations will continue until the liberation of all Yemeni lands. Al-Bukhaiti on Club House: Our freedom and sovereignty in Yemen is part of the freedom and […]

WATCH: NYPD Rookie Who Gave Lt. Lap Dance Feels ‘It Would Have Stayed In-House’ if Man Did It

The rookie New York Police officer, who was seen in viral video giving her lieutenant a raunchy lap dance at the 44th’s precinct’s Christmas party, says she feels “it would have stayed in house” if a man had given the dance. “I feel like just because mainly, I’m a female dressed the way I was, being […]

White House Decorated With Touching Christmas Message ‘YOU WILL DIE’

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The nation’s capital grew even more festive as the White House unveiled its facade lit with a resplendent light display spelling out the touching message, “YOU WILL DIE.” The holiday message of light and hope comes at a dark time for our nation, as millions of Americans have chosen to ignore scientifically rigorous government […]

It’s Official: New White House Dog To Be Named Karl Barx

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Move over, Chairman Meow! The Biden family has brought an adorable puppy into their family, and have decided to name this “pawesome” pal Karl Barx, after the brilliant economist Karl Marx, who inspired many of Biden’s policies during his flawless first year as President. “We are so happy to welcome Karl Barx into our […]

White House Confirms Biden Slated to Deliver Speech on ‘Risks Posed to Unvaccinated Individuals’

President Biden is slated to deliver a speech on Tuesday targeting unvaccinated Americans, White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed during Monday’s press briefing. “This is not a speech about locking the country down,” she said during the presser. “This is a speech outlining and being direct and clear with the American people about the […]

White House: Joe Biden ‘Not Trying to Scare People,’ Will Warn Unvaccinated Likely to Die

The White House on Monday previewed another speech from President Joe Biden scheduled for Tuesday that would warn unvaccinated Americans of the dangers they face without getting the coronavirus vaccine. “For those who choose to remain unvaccinated, he’ll issue a stark warning and make clear,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday, previewing the […]

White House Tells Unvaxxed Americans to Prepare to Die: ‘You’re Looking at a Winter of Severe Illness and Death’

This has to be one of the most insane statements ever made by any White House in American history. White House COVID Response Coordinator tells unvaccinated Americans to be prepared to die: “You’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death.” — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) December 20, 2021 Biden himself read off nearly the […]

Corruption Benefits Speaker of the House Pelosi to the Tune of $114 Million Dollars

WHO PELOSI REPRESENTS: BY TYLER DURDENTHURSDAY, DEC 16, 2021 – 09:05 AM House speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is worth $114 million and just 2 months ago was railing about how capitalism has “not served us well” and “needs improving” is all of a sudden a bold advocate for free market economics. All it took was potentially taking […]

House progressives, climate coalition demand end to ‘fossil fuel handouts’

Progressives in the U.S. House of Representatives and a coalition of 140 advocacy groups this week ramped up pressure on Senate Democrats to serve people and the planet, not polluters, with the climate provisions of the Build Back Better Act. The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) statement and coalition’s letter came amid reports that Senate Democrats may delay a vote on […]

Most American homeowners are ‘house poor’

Above Photo: In addition to more jobs, people have been renting out their homes and drawing from savings accounts to pay their bills. (ljubaphoto) 40% of them have taken second jobs to afford a mortgage, survey says. During the pandemic, Americans scrambled to buy homes. Now they’re struggling to afford to stay in them. In […]

Evidence of Fresco Painting Uncovered at Library House in Pompeii

Recent restoration work in ancient Pompeii has uncovered evidence that work was being carried out at the Library House, or Casa della Biblioteca , when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, reports Archaeology News Network . First excavated as early as in the 18th century and then again in the 1970s, this Library House in […]

White House Enlists Major News Orgs To Generate More Positive Spin On Inflation, Supply Chain Crisis

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are approaching basement territory and there are warning signs of a possible looming catastrophe at the ballot box for Democrats in the 2022 midterms, with voter concerns sitting squarely on uncertainties about the U.S. economy on issues like worsening inflation, the continued supply chain crisis, and the gloomy jobs outlook. But […]

US House of Representatives votes to ban imports from China Xinjiang province over forced labour

The United States’ House of Representatives has passed legislation to ban imports from China’s Xinjiang province due to concerns about the forced labour of the persecuted Uyghur Muslims. In the vote held at the House of Representatives yesterday, its members overwhelmingly voted 428-1 in favour of the “Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act,” which would ban […]

Legislation to improve Social Security bought to House

House Democrats and other progressive groups are currently urging Congress to focus on legislation that would strengthen Social Security.  The piece of legislation, led by Congressman John B. Larson, entitled “The Fierce Urgency of Now—Social Security 2100: A Sacred Trust” has 5 main key points:  Increases Social Security benefits for seniors who need it now! […]

Biden White House spoofs the Kremlin

US President Joe Biden (R) and aides talking with Russian president Vladimir Putin, December 7, 2021 This must be a rare occasion when Russian President Vladimir Putin during his 18 years in the Kremlin came out second best in an encounter with an American president. And it had to be at the hands of President […]

FBI: ‘SICKENING’ Child Rape Photos Found in House Where Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew Stayed

A 2019 FBI raid on VIP pedophile ring boss Jeffrey Epstein’s New York home, where Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew were guests, unearthed a collection of child rape photo’s. According to disturbing testimony given in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, FBI Special Agent Kelly Maguire revealed that during a July 2019 raid, hundreds of images of […]

White House Flags Art Industry for Money Laundering While Permitting Hunter to Sell Art to Anonymous Buyers

The White House flagged money laundering in the art industry on Monday as a point of corruption while allowing Hunter Biden to sell his artwork to anonymous buyers for as much as $500,000. The first report of its kind named the United States Strategy on Countering Corruption is geared towards exploring the ways and means “government officials abuse […]

Jeffrey Epstein Visited Clinton’s White House 17 Times

Newly obtained documents show that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein visited the Clinton White House 17 times, including twice in one day on three separate occasions. Bill Clinton welcoming Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in the White House / The Sun “Epstein, who died in 2019, visited Bill Clinton at the Executive Mansion over the course of […]

HR 550: House Passes Bill To Fund Federal Vaccination Database

Even a blind person could see that the only purpose to track vaccinations is to identify the unvaccinated. Technocrats have turned the unvaccinated into an enemy that must be dealt with by physical means. Today that could be fines, quarantines and criminal records. Tomorrow, it could mean mass expulsion and even genocidal purging. Tyranny never […]

Pelosi’s Majority Crumbles: Democrat House Transportation Chair Peter DeFazio Will Retire

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee chair Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR), who has been a part of the ongoing infrastructure talks, is calling it quits on the House of Representatives and will retire after his current term in Congress. “With humility and gratitude I am announcing that I will not seek re-election next year. … It’s time for […]

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