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Mutual Aid In Public Housing Continues After Housing Authority Pushback

Mutual Aid In Public Housing Continues After Housing Authority Pushback Above photo: Community members hand out food donations in Douglas Homes. By Margaret Flowers. In early April, Baltimore City’s Housing Authority threatened Reverend Annie Chambers with arrest and eviction for distributing food to her neighbors at Douglass Homes, citing a policy barring non-government organizations from giving food […]

Wall Street Will Likely Be the Only Winners in the Pandemic Housing Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown it has precipitated is having a profound effect on the economy of the United States and the rest of the world. Roberto Azevedo, Director-General of the World Trade Organization warned that his projections predict an economic downturn and job losses more severe than those of the great financial crash […]

Cancel The Rents Activists Say Housing Is A Human Right

Cancel The Rents Activists Say Housing Is A Human Right There is a growing movement of people refusing to pay their rent whether they are not able to or whether they can but they are acting in solidarity with those who can’t. In this recession, tens of millions of people have lost their jobs. Support […]

Millions Unable to Pay for Housing Next Month, Rent Strike in NYC

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Why Housing Security Is Key To Environmental Justice

Why Housing Security Is Key To Environmental Justice Above photo: Dorchester Not for Sale in the annual neighborhood parade, June 2019. Cristina Eduardo, Dorchester Post. Housing is crucial for good health, but it’s not just what’s inside the home that matters. Since 2018, I can often be found at our local community center—listening, learning, sharing, and […]

U.S. headed for "unprecedented housing crisis" as mass evictions loom

(Natural News) The U.S. is on its way to what experts term an unprecedented housing crisis as a huge wave of evictions looms – and measures like temporary bans in some places aren’t going to help much in the long term. Princeton University’s Eviction Lab tracks eviction policies and trends at the […]

Forget Nursing Homes! Welcome Co-Housing, Communal Homes For Our Beloved Aging Friends

The Facts: TVision Insights was launched a few years ago, allowing companies to monitor TV watchers’ viewing habits. This means that they can watch you as you watch TV. The technology records where your eyes are looking, facial expressions and more. Reflect On: What happened to privacy? How are these companies allowed to role out […]

The Housing Crisis Is Intentional And Black Communities Are Fighting Back

“It was a nightmare, worse than pictures of a war torn or burned out riot area.” – Barbara Perry, a Durham, NC resident reflecting on returning to her neighborhood Horrified and traumatized, Black residents of Durham, NC surveyed the remains of their neighborhoods and businesses following the urban renewal of the late 1960s-early 1970s. The majority of […]

The UK has a housing crisis – and we need actions, not words to solve it — The Duran

It’s 2020 in one of the richest countries in the world, and hundreds of thousands of people don’t have a place to live… via The UK has a housing crisis – and we need actions, not words to solve it — The Duran Source Article from Hits: 25

Housing Starts Soar To Highest Since 2006 As Permits Plunge

Following October and November’s bounce in starts and permits, and despite solid sales and mortgage application data, analysts expected a mixed picture for housing data today (with growth in starts slowing and permits shrinking). However, the data was extreme to say the least with Housing Starts soaring 16.9% MoM (highest since Oct 2016) and Building […]

Freedom Rider: Solidarity With Moms 4 Housing

Freedom Rider: Solidarity With Moms 4 Housing Above Photo: From Black women in Oakland confronted the austerity regime head-on, by seizing the housing their families need. “Hopefully this tactic will spread and others will take the same action.” The four women in Oakland, California known as Moms 4 Housing  have been evicted from the home they seized […]

Homelessness and Social Dislocation Across Canada. If Housing Is a Right We Should Take It

In Toronto and across Canada, homelessness has reached proportions that no rational and just society would tolerate and it constitutes an emergency situation. The Trump Administration, seeing levels of destitution in California that are producing social dislocation, is preparing for a brutal crackdown on the homeless. We would do well to understand how close we […]

Grassroots Democracy And The Social Production Of Housing

Venezuela’s cities have given birth to a powerful social movement aiming at urban reorganization through self-governed assembly processes. Rigel Sergent is a spokesperson for a powerful tenants’ anti-eviction movement called Movimiento de Inquilinas (henceforth “Inquilinas”). That movement forms part of the Movimiento de Pobladoras (henceforth “Pobladoras”) which is a wide platform for urban struggle. Earlier […]

Man Who Grew Up In Poverty Gifts $12,000 In Toys to Kids at His Old Low-Income Housing Complex

(TMU) — For those who grew up in circumstances of poverty, it can be hard to break from what can often be a never-ending cycle. And for those rare few who do break from the cycle and succeed financially, it’s often tempting to never look back—let alone to give back to the poor community one […]

Housing Starts, Permits Rebound In October Despite Slump In Buying Climate

After last month’s surprising plunge in both Housing starts and permits, expectations are for a rebound (or slowdown in the collapse) and they did. Housing Starts disappointed, rising 3.8% MoM (+5.1% exp) against an upwardly revised 7.9% drop in September. Building Permits beat expectations of 0.5% decline, surging 5.0% MoM against an upwardly revised 2.4% […]

Chicago Teachers Demand Affordable Housing As Strike Begins

Chicago Teachers Demand Affordable Housing As Strike Begins Above Photo: Thousands of Chicago Teachers Union and Service Employees International Union Local 73 members march through downtown Chicago to demand a budget that funds their students and classrooms on October 14, 2019.MILWAUKEE TEACHERS’ EDUCATION ASSOCIATION VIA FLICKR More than 25,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) […]

Which Cities Have The Highest Risk Of A Housing Bubble?

Munich was deemed the city with the highest risk of a housing bubble developing in a recent survey released by investment bank UBS.  Other cities at risk include Amsterdam, Toronto, Vancouver and Frankfurt, placing two Canadian and two German cities in the top 7. Statista’s Katharina Buchholz notes UBS determined their risk index by looking at […]

A Bay Area Housing Solution With Worker Empowerment Built In

A Bay Area Housing Solution With Worker Empowerment Built In Above Photo: By Mark Hogan via flickr As housing crises heat up across American cities, the San Francisco Bay Area is experiencing an extreme disparity: in 2017, it added three times as many jobs as it did new housing units for those workers. To address this challenge, the […]

Housing construction plans government priorities: President Rouhani

In a meeting with Governor-Generals of Tehran, Qom and Alborz on Monday, Dr Hassan Rouhani listened to their reports on the three provinces in different sectors, emphasising the need for governor-generals to interact with people more closely and work to accelerate the resolution of their problems. He said, “Due to the sanctions, people are facing […]

San Francisco ‘tries everything’ to fight homelessness…except make housing affordable

   San Francisco is one of the wealthiest cities in the US, but its high housing prices and strict zoning have contributed to a homelessness crisis. The city has declared war on its rough sleepers – because housing them is too easy.​ The latest offensive in the city’s “war on homelessness” is sidewalk boulders – […]

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