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Portraits Of Houston’s Black Urban Farmers

Portraits Of Houston’s Black Urban Farmers Above photo: Ivy Wells brings farming and the love of plants to the Sunnyside neighborhood of Houston, Texas. Here, she assists a customer at one of her pop-up plant sales. Texas is home to more Black farmers than any state. The USDA’s Census of Agriculture estimated in 2017 that of the […]

142 Fully Vaccinated People in Houston Test Positive for COVID-19

More than 140 people in Houston have tested positive for COVID-19 more than two weeks after being fully vaccinated against the virus that causes the disease, health experts in the Texas city confirmed. According to data provided by the Houston Health Department, the number of Houstonians who were infected with the coronavirus after being fully […]

Houston Synagogue Files Federal Lawsuit Claiming City Violating its Religious Rights

Downtown Houston, Texas skyline. Photo: David Daniel Turner / Wikimedia Commons – A synagogue in Houston has filed a federal lawsuit against the city claiming that it is violating its right to free exercise of religion by denying the right to worship in a residential neighborhood. In a court filing last week, TORCH: Torah […]

Houston police shoot 1-year-old child in the head while pursuing robbery suspect

While shooting at an armed robbery suspect, a Houston police officer fired his gun into a vehicle occupied by a one-year-old boy in the backseat. The child was shot in the head and has remained on a ventilator for at least 10 days. Around 11:30 p.m. on March 3, Daisha Smalls stopped at a Chevron […]

Six More Houston Cops Involved In Deadly Drug Raid Are Now Facing Criminal Charges

While guns were recovered, no heroin was. Indeed, no evidence of drug dealing was recovered — just personal amounts of marijuana and cocaine. The informant that supposedly made the heroin buy never existed and the supposed result of this controlled buy was actually heroin pulled from an officer’s squad car. All of Goines’ lies led […]

Alex Houston, CIA ASSET “Having Anal Sex With a Small, Very Young, Frightened Black Boy”

Cathy O’Brien says that she and her daughter, Kelly, escaped from Project Monarch when Mark Phillips came on the scene. He says he worked with Alex Houston on a big business deal involving Hong Kong and China. However, he was subsequently told by a representative of the Chinese Ministry of Defence about Houston’s background and […]

Breaking: At Least Eight Killed in Houston-Area School Shooting

Officials say a suspect is in custody; shooting took place early Friday morning at Santa Fe High School At least 8 people are dead in a Texas school shooting, according to a law enforcement official. The perpetrator, believed to be a student at the school, is now in custody. More details will be reported as […]

Local News Warns of a Fourth Snowfall and Geoengineering for Houston

Terence Newton, Staff Writer Waking Times  The weather is doing some unusual things this year, and there is no consensus on what is bringing about such dramatic changes to our climate. Is it global warming, climate change, ocean warming, or maybe geoengineering? The gulf port city of Houston, TX, the fourth largest city in the […]

Houston breaks annual rainfall record set in 1900 with 73.51" of rain so far this year

     As of Tuesday morning, Houston had received more rainfall than in any other year on record – with nearly three months left in 2017 to add to that total. George Bush Intercontinental Airport received 1.46 inches of rain overnight, the Houston/Galveston branch of the National Weather Service announced, pushing its annual rainfall total to […]

Houston Prepares To Be Sprayed By Bee-Killing Chemicals To Fight Mosquitoes

On Thursday night over 600,000 acres of Houston will be sprayed with controversial chemicals with the potential to kill millions of bees and potentially harm the local population. Houston area health officials are working with the U.S. Air Force to conduct an aerial spraying operation on Thursday night in an attempt to fight a possible influx […]

Massive FEMA Graves Caught On Cam In Houston Texas?

Massive FEMA Graves Caught On Cam In Houston Texas? A homeless man claiming that he isn”t going to any of the Houston homeless centers because they’re not letting people back out again and are actually killing the homeless? A CNN talking head discussing how Houstonians will have to deal with a New World Order? What […]

Toxic Waste Sites Flooded in Houston Area

Toxic Waste Sites Flooded in Houston Area September 3rd, 2017 Via: physorg: Long a center of the nation’s petrochemical industry, the Houston metro area has more than a dozen Superfund sites, designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as being among America’s most intensely contaminated […]

Houston’s flooded toxic waste sites pose a public threat, says EPA

     At least 13 toxic waste sites, all contaminated with petrochemicals, acid compounds, solvents and pesticides, experienced flooding as a result of Hurricane Harvey, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The number of affected sites was tallied by the EPA, which assessed 41 superfund sites using aerial images. Last week three trailers, each of […]

Dog Found Alone on Bus at Houston Convention Center Turned Mega-Shelter

A German Shepherd was found alone inside a crate on a bus transporting Hurricane Harvey flood evacuees to Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center which has been transformed into a mega-shelter temporarily housing more than 8,000 displaced residents. Harvey, as rescuers are affectionately calling the sweet, apparently healthy German Shepherd, was found sitting calmly inside a […]

Holiday Inn Refuses to Allow Houston Family Fleeing Floods to Bring Dogs Inside

At a time when hundreds of thousands of families are without homes and struggling to survive in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, one Holiday Inn franchise isn’t budging on their “no-pets” policy, refusing to offer shelter to a family’s three dogs. On Sunday evening, New Territory, Texas resident Gillian Parker got the call that a mandatory […]

While Osteen’s Megachurch Was Closed, Houston Mosques Open Doors To Flood Victims

Houston televangelist and pastor at the Lakewood megachurch Joel Osteen has been largely MIA from the response to Hurricane Harvey, which devastated Southeast Texas over the weekend. He’s come under fire for shuttering his taxpayer-funded, former NBA arena church to those seeking refuge, dubiously using “flooding” as an excuse — even though plenty of images show […]

Media blasts Melania Trump for wearing heels to Houston disaster zone. At least she WENT to support Hurricane victims

After First Lady Melania Trump appeared on TV Tuesday morning boarding the plane to visit flood victims in Texas, the left put her on blast for wearing high heels: What those lobbing criticism seem to have forgotten is that then-First Lady Michelle Obama was engaged in politicking while Hurricane Sandy pummeled the east coast. According […]

Why this former Clinton campaign staffer found this Houston rescue very problematic

     Our friends at Twitchy have been monitoring social media, as they usually do, for the wild and the wacky from the Left. In the case of the major hurricane slamming Houston right now, not even life or death situations can prevent progressives from being triggered. Logan Anderson worked on Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign […]

“Surreal” Before and After Photos of Houston Underwater Are Going Viral

(ANTIMEDIA) — “This image and the forecast of what is still to fall…. This is surreal,” said Matthew Sitkowski, senior editor at Weather Channel, who tweeted this photo of Houston’s East Loop at Market Street on the I-610. This image and the forecast of what is still to fall…. This is […]

Thousands of Water Rescues Underway as Catastrophic Flooding Hits Houston

Source: ANTIMEDIA After evolving into a Category 4 storm from a tropical depression in a few short days, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday night near Rockford, Texas, where it stalled for hours, unleashing sustained winds of over 140 mph and torrential rain. As the storm inched inland, the slowly reducing intensity of […]

Houston Police Officer Arrested in Prostitution Sting

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Houston Startup Plans to Store Wind Energy Underground

Houston Startup Plans to Store Wind Energy Underground July 8th, 2017 Via: Houston Chronicle: Texans have long stored oil, natural gas and other forms of energy in underground salt caverns, so it’s only natural that a Houston startup wants to store wind energy there, […]

[WATCH] Naked Man Armed With Bug Spray Slaps Houston Officer

HOUSTON — Video captured the bizarre moment a naked, pesticide-wielding man slapped a police officer at a Metro stop in Houston. The wild encounter started when 49-year-old Keith L. Dean attempted to spray two officers with a can of pesticide he stole from maintenance workers on June 6, police […]

Video Shows Houston Officer Kicking Suspect After Shooting Him

Cell phone video obtained by KHOU 11 News Friday captures the moments a Houston police officer kicked a man he had just shot. The video led a grand jury to indict former HPD officer Bruce Johnson for how he handled a burglary suspect he caught at his own home. […]

How to Party in Houston

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Join Azzmador and Vanguard Texas at the Daily Stormer Houston Blitzkrieg THIS SATURDAY!

AzzmadorDaily Stormer June 5, 2017   This Saturday, June 10th, 2017, will be a day for the history books! In response to the announcement by antifa that they will be demonstrating at the statue of Sam Houston in Houston, Texas for the purpose of agitating for its removal (due to the fact […]

Someone Please Meme the Blacks Into Renaming Houston “No Limit City”

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 23, 2017 I told you guys that if you took down Confederate monuments, they would just start going after “anyone who owned slaves,” which is effectively every major figure of import in American history before the Civil War. Sam Houston was governor of Texas from 1859 to 1861, […]

Houston: Baboon Lives Matter Hoots and Hollers for Reasons Yet to be Determined

Goy Orbison Daily Stormer May 23, 2017 If only the police didn’t drug test and do background checks. Then everything would be perfect! As I reported previously, Houston was recently declared the most vibrant hell-hole in the United States. The Jewsual suspects and their minority minions seemed to jump for joy in […]

A civil servant missing most of his brain challenges our most basic theories of consciousness

Not much is definitively proven about consciousness, the awareness of one’s existence and surroundings, other than that it’s somehow linked to the brain. But theories as to how, exactly, grey matter generates consciousness are challenged when a fully-conscious man is found to be missing most of his brain. Several years ago, a 44-year-old Frenchman went […]

Astronomers have found water outside solar system on coldest brown dwarf known to science

     The coldest brown dwarf known to science has also become the first place where researchers have found water beyond our solar system. For the first time astronomers have discovered water outside of the solar system in the the coldest place in the galaxy – a brown dwarf planet known as WISE 0855 which has […]

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