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In Venezuela, Reactionary Guaidó Humiliated By Assembly Defeat

The article below describes Juan Guaido as a “ridiculous” figure who has failed five times in attempted coups in Venezuela and now has been defeated in his attempt to continue as president of the conservative National Assembly.  The US coup with their puppet Guido has become a tragic comedy. US media reporting on what occurred […]

De Niro: Trump Needs to Be Humiliated, “I’d like to See a Bag of Shit Right in His Face”

Anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro wants someone to throw a bag of shit at President Trump’s face in order to “humiliate him.” The foul-mouthed star was interviewed by left-wing documentary director Michael Moore on his podcast “Rumble with Michael Moore.” De Niro was asked to talk about his favorite topic – President Donald Trump. Trump […]

Humiliated Johnson will inflict one of the biggest parliamentary bloodbaths in history

…from Press TV, Tehran – First published … September 04, 2019 – How can a man who has disunited his own party in just a few months keep the UK United? Boris Johnson has wiped out his own majority. The British Prime Minister suffered a humiliating defeat on Tuesday as parliament, including 21 members of his […]

British tourist said to admit she made up gang rape since she felt ‘humiliated’

The British tourist who had claimed she was a victim of a gang rape in Cyprus has revised her testimony to say that the sex was consensual, explaining that she filed the complaint against 12 Israeli teenagers because she felt humiliated after they filmed the act without her consent and booted her from the hotel […]

India Humiliated Zarif By Sending Him Back To Iran Empty-Handed

By Andrew Korybko Source Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif was desperate for India to offer his country some relief from the economic component of the US’ Hybrid War on the Islamic Republic but was humiliatingly sent back empty-handed by his hosts after being told in non-committal terms that New Delhi will only decide on this issue […]

Soros Humiliated After Attempt To Rig Hungarian Election Fails

Billionaire George Soros has suffered a humiliating blow after failing to rig the Hungarian election and stop anti-globalist Viktor Orbán from winning.  After pumping millions of dollars of his own money into the Hungarian election, Soros failed to stop Orbán winning a landslide 70% of the vote. reports: Viktor Orbán is known as an “anti-globalist” painted […]

Palestinian Women Are Harassed, Beaten And Humiliated At Checkpoints. Here Are A Few Of Their Stories.

Palestinian Women Are Harassed, Beaten And Humiliated At Checkpoints. Here Are A Few Of Their Stories. THE FORWARD – Since 1967, about 40% of the Palestinian male population has been detained by Israel. With their men in jail, Palestinian women are left to continue surviving and ensuring the well-being of their families. From confronting increased Israeli violations to earning […]

Ron Paul Interviews Julian Assange,”The CIA Has Been Deeply Humiliated”

Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) Having blasted the Trump administration for their hypocritical flip-flop from “loving WikiLeaks” to “arrest Assange,” Ron Paul made his feelings very clear on what this signals: “If we allow this president to declare war on those who tell the truth, we have only ourselves to blame.” Today […]

CIA “Deeply Humiliated”: Ron Paul and Julian Assange in New Interview

4/28/17 A timely interview between libertarian former Presidential candidate Ron Paul and Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange is making the rounds online. Assange was recently in the news after the new Director of the CIA suggested he was a hostile enemy working on behalf of foreign governments. Nearly a week […]

NY Settles with White Student

The New York school district being sued by a white former school pupil for refusing to prevent racially-motivated attacks has agreed to settle out of court rather than go to trial. The decision by the Long Island Brentwood School District to settle without even posing a defense is being widely interpreted as an attempt […]

Origins of the Islamic State (ISIS): Who is Behind “Al Qaeda in Iraq”? Pentagon Acknowledges Fabricating a “Zarqawi Legend”

Author’s note This article was first published by Global Research on April 18, 2006. In the present context, an understanding of the historical origins of the ISIS is required. Abu Musab Al Zarqawi was the alleged mastermind behind Al Qaeda in Iraq which is at the origin of the Islamic State (ISIS). Until recently the Islamic State was referred to […]

Banksy’s bold statement on Syrian refugees

World-famous British artist Banksy made a bold statement about refugees in his latest artwork depicting Steve Jobs, the visionary CEO and cofounder of Apple, spray painted on a wall near “The Jungle” refugee camp outside the port city of Calais in northern France. Simply titled “the son of a migrant from Syria” on his website, a close-up of […]

FOX’s Geraldo Rivera humiliated by OWS crowds

  RT October 10, 2011 Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Tweet about it Email   Print this page. Comment Rules 19 Responses to “FOX’s Geraldo Rivera humiliated by OWS crowds” They should let Geraldo into the Fed to check the vaults, he won’t find anything in them either. Geraldo may have […]

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